Build & Design a Professional WordPress Website - Plugins | Part 2 | Robin & Jesper ✓ | Skillshare

Build & Design a Professional WordPress Website - Plugins | Part 2

Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing

Build & Design a Professional WordPress Website - Plugins | Part 2

Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing

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15 Lessons (2h 31m)
    • 1. Plugins Introduction

    • 2. How to Use Plugins

    • 3. Backup Your Website

    • 4. Secure Your Website

    • 5. Website Analytics

    • 6. Speed Up Your Website

    • 7. Improve Your Search Rankings - Setup

    • 8. Google Search Console Setup

    • 9. Improve Your Search Rankings - Posts

    • 10. Block Spam

    • 11. Contact Form

    • 12. Track Shorten Links

    • 13. Email Opt in Business Email

    • 14. Email Opt in Forms

    • 15. Image Optimization & Compression

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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of "Building Your First WordPress Website".

In this Part of the course we're going to continue setting up your Website from scratch using WordPress the NEW Gutenberg Editor.

We're going to go step by step and learn....

Plugins Introduction

How to Use Plugins

Backup Your Website

Secure Your Website

 Website Analytics

Speed Up Your Website

Improve Search Rankings Setup

Google Search Console Setup 

Improve Search Rankings Posts

Block Spam

Contact Forms

Track & Shorten Links

Email Opt-In: Business Email

Email Opt-In: Setup

Email Opt-In: Forms & Emails

Image Optimization & Compression

and... Remember to sign up for Part 3!

See You Inside the Course.


Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing


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1. Plugins Introduction: hi guys. And welcome to the plug ins section off the course now plug ins or one of the most important parts off your website. This entire section is going to be about which are the most important ones, how to use them and how to make sure that you get the most important plug ins for your website. But first, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's start from the very beginning, starting off with a plug INS introduction. So, first off, what are plug ins? Well, plug ins are basically APS for WordPress Now. When you have your phone, it has all of the basic functionality, like you can take someone you can call someone, you can do the basic things. But what really makes your smartphone smart or all off the apse in there Now with your website, it's the exact same thing. It's the plug ins that's going to be deciding what your website, actually it's about and how smart it's going to be. In other words, plug ins are APS for your website, and there's an app for everything, just like with your phone. Now, one of the beautiful things with plug ins is that you can create any kind of website with it. When WordPress first started up, they were just a blogging platform. But as things developed and ask plug ins developed suddenly you could turn your WordPress site into anything. Today, you can make your WordPress website into Vicky piteous sight into an e commerce. You can make it into a forum. You could make it into a highly customizable blood. You can make it into a social media platform. You can make it into anything. And all of this is thanks to plug ins because the application off plug ins are endless Now the main purpose off plug ins is to make things easier. A plug in just like an app is basically a piece off code, but chances are you don't know how to code. I don't know how to code, but there are fantastic developers out there who do, and when they do, they take this coast, they make them into plug in so that we don't have to do that. So basically what these plug ins do is that they make everything easier for us. If we wanted to turn our website into an e commerce, which I'm gonna show you later in the course how to do that? We need to know a bunch off coding and we don't. But because someone has developed a plug in for us, all we need to do is installed it plug in and basically we're good to go. We just need to do some basic set ups. That's not very hard to do at all. So we could summarize and say that the basic purpose off plug ins is to make things much easier for, You know, another thing that's very beautiful with plug ins when it comes toward press is that there are limitless installs. Basically, there are tens and thousands off plug ins out there, and you can install as many as you want. There are no limits to this, and basically all off the plug ins are for free. Whatever paid plug, and you can find out there most of the time, you can find it for free as well, which made this so potent because if there's a problem, there is a plug in is basically it's such a common saying on WordPress. There's a plug in for everything, but I also want to conclude with such an important point off steel, keeping it clean now. If you've been following along the previous section, we have already cleaned up our dashboard, and the purpose of cleaning up is to remove the clutter to make your WordPress site faster and also to make yourself more productive because there aren't going to be things everywhere. Tiding up is very effective. For that. I recommended you do the same with plug ins. Now the more plug ins you have doesn't necessarily mean that your website is going to be slower. But it's going to be harder to keep track off all of your plug ins and making sure that they are optimized for your site. So I recommend you to take a more minimalistic approach with plug ins and on Lee installed plug ins. When there is a need for them. Surely there's going to be needs, but make sure that you're not only installing plug ins because you might need one. I would recommend it to focus on the need. Okay, guys, so by now, you probably have a pretty good idea what plug ins are now. In the next lecture, we're going to go through how to install them and set them up. And then we're going to go through the most important plug ins for your websites, Such as how to back up your website, how to secure your website, how to find analytics for your website. I mean, these are things you don't want to be without on your site. Okay, guys. Great job. I'll see you in the next lecture. 2. How to Use Plugins: Now, before we move on, we're going to go through how to find, activate and actually use the plug ins. So if you've already used plug ins in the past, you know how they work. You can skip this lecture, but if you're completely new, let's go through it. So we are at the back end for website, and if we go to the left, we'll have a section called plug Ins. Now, in here we have three parts. We have the install plug ins. That's going to be the plug ins that we have installed. Right now. We're gonna go through this section, we have the add new plug in, and then we have the plugging editor and we're going to move on to add a new plug ins. I can show you how it works. The plug in editor That's the coding parts of we're not going to touch that will ever. We don't need that part. That's why developers do the coding and we're not gonna be poking around in there at all. So I'm going to click on Add new, and this is where you're going to be finding all of your plug ins and basically This is heaven when it comes to problem solving. If there's a problem, there's a plug in this. The mantra. So the first thing we see here is the featured section, and those are the most popular plug ins currently out there. And if we look up the tabs here, we currently have popular, which is gonna be the popular as well. The recommended the favorites and the premium and premium plug ins or the ones you're going to have to pay for. But generally you're not going to need to pay for plug ins ever. There are a couple of plug ins that may be worth paying for, but those air very few, and there's always gonna be free option Now if I moved to the right here, we concert for plug ins and like women's talking about early. Whenever there's a problem, there's a plug in. So I'm just going to search for Let's say I want social media buttons. I'm just gonna search for social media buttons. There we go now, before we move on and pick any plug ins, there are four things we always want to keep in mind before we install any form of plugging whatsoever, and that is going to be number one. The reviews. And this goes with anything. If you're gonna buy something, you install something. You want to know that it's good, and I prefer to go by the rating and the amounts off ratings off course that's gonna matter . And as we can see with this one, it has almost 4.5 1000 installs and five stars. That's amazing. So that's the first thing to look at now. The second thing to look at is the active installation. So something may have a really good rating, but very few active installations. And that's a warning sign. You want to know that it's popular and that is being used. Granted, there are a lot of great plug ins out there that doesn't have a lot of installs, my own preference. I don't like to take the chance with my Web site, and I recommended you don't either. So look for high active installations, preferably 50 to 100,000 plus and then this one last updated. You don't want something that hasn't been updated for a while for two reasons. One is probably not going to be working with your website, and two that's going to be leaving you vulnerable for hackers as WordPress pumps of new version, new updates, the plug ins need to update with them or they're gonna be holes in your website. Four hackers and we're gonna talk a lot about security in an upcoming lecture. And then finally, we have these untested with your version off WordPress assess right here that we always want to make sure that the plug ins were getting is compatible. Okay, now, if there's a new version coming out off WordPress and it's only been, say an hour and it is not compatible and I think that it's fine, just give it some time and it will be updated. But generally we always want to make sure that it is compatible. So I'm not going to be choosing this one now looking at this one instead, it has quite a lot off reviews. It has a lot off active installations. A great rating has been last updated three weeks ago, which is great, and it is compatible with our WordPress version. Okay, so if I want to check this out further, all I'm gonna do is click on it. So in here I get a bunch of more detailed information, right? If you ever wonder, what is this? Well, then they say description, so we can just read through it and see what it actually is. And then we also have installation how to install it. But since we're onward, friends is gonna be super easy. Don't have to worry about that. I'm gonna show you. That's why we're in this lecture. Then we have the frequently asked questions, which is great, especially if you have a plug in that it has some kind of common question. For example, if we're going to be making our website into an e commerce store is going to be a bunch of questions coming with that, a frequently asked question is great. And then a change log, meaning what have the updates been doing? If you're interested in that screenshots, this can be super important. I mean, right now it's important because I am looking at social media bottoms to add for the website or if you would be adding in a form off gallery or something for the design off your website, then the screenshots are going to be important But for some plug ins like and live a firewall and virus or a backup, then screenshot aren't gonna be quite as importance. And then we have the reviews. Now, before I install any plug ins, I always always read the reviews. Like I told you previously, I don't take any chances with my website. I don't think you should either. Always check it out. Make sure that it's working the way it's supposed to, especially looking at the latest reviews. Okay, so this is looking all good. Now I have two options. Either I can click on install now here, or I can just do it right away from this page. Just click on install. Once is installed, all we need to do is click on Activate, and once it's activated, it's already up and running by itself. So if I go to the upper left corner and I click on visit site and open that in a new tab, you're gonna notice that this plug in once we activated it, it's already started working by itself. It is down here now. Of course, this is not an optimal placement. These might not even be optimal. In the sign or anything. But if we go back, there's going to be something here called settings, and very often a plug in is going to show you where it installed itself. So by looking here, I already know that in the settings here, the ad to any plug in which we just installed will be dormant and waiting for us to click on. Now, some plug ins like WP forms and L a mentor. They put themselves into the lift dashboard here, but this plug in it went to settings. So all I need to do is go to settings and click on it, and here I can start changing things up. I can decide where I want the placement to be, how I wanted to be looking, this style, this size, everything and for each plug in there going to be having their own set off options for how you can customize it now in the upcoming lectures were going to be going through the most important plug ins, and I'm also going to be showing you what benefits are with them, what to be looking for in this type of plug ins and off course, how to install and customize them. So you don't need to figure this out on your own, all of the best, The most important plug ins. I'll show you how to use them. And finally, if you want to remove a plug in, all we need to do is go to plug ins, click on install plug ins and before we can remove anything we need to click on De activates here and once has been deactivated, we can click on delete and then okay, and then it's gone. So for the plug ins that you have in here, they might be slightly different for you if you have another theme or if you choose not to install with Blue Host. But anyhow, for now, we're just gonna leave these. And in the upcoming lectures, let's go through all the plug in step. We're going to install the most important and best ones. OK, guys, now you know how plug ins work, how to find, install and activate them. See you in the next lecture 3. Backup Your Website: Okay, guys, let's talk about backing up our website now. Why should you back up your website? Well, the number one reason would be Don't risk your business now, guys, everything you put into your website all of the time, all of the effort potential, all of the money, the business that you build up all off, that could go away in an instant. If something were to happen to your website, there is never a reason to be risking this. The number one plug in The most important thing to do when you have your website up and running is to back it up. Because the truth is mistakes can happen. And I'm not talking about mistakes necessarily from your part. Of course, they also happen. But for example, blue host can make a mistake. Some plug in developer can make a mistake or you could even be hacked. Even though you have a great security on your website, someone could be hacking blue host, for example, And in any one of these scenarios, your website iss at risk. And if your website disappears well, your business is gone and you have to rebuild everything from the bottom. Nothing is worth that. I strongly recommend that you get a backup for your website, especially knowing how easy it is and that it is free. So hopefully by now you'll be convinced to back up your website. It actually is the number one rookie mistake. People who don't back up their website and loose it. They never do that mistake again. So let's not do it at all. So I already have a backup plug in that I'm going to show you exactly how to install it, how to use it, how to back up, how to restore etcetera. But if you want to do your own research, I want to show you what it is that we're looking for in a great backup plug in. Now the number one thing is to have automatic backups. We want to make sure that it is backing up itself in set intervals that you can set depending on how active you are with your website. This is super important to always make sure that it is backed up in it's backed up to date . The second thing is you want to plug in that also can restore, so if you can save your backups. You want the same plugging to be able to restore whatever you have backed up and the third would be cloud options. Now, if there aren't cloud options to this plug in is going to have to save on this server. And if you remember, we choose from our blue host options are server size isn't that big because we're not gonna need it to be that big, but it's going to get filled up quite quickly. Ask your website growth, which also means that your backups are going to grow. But the great thing would having cloud options is that, for example, Google Drive at this time is offering 15 gigabytes off free space. All you need to do is sign up, and I think that's great because then we have a free plug in. We have free storage and we're all set to go. So, guys, let's get started. So we're going to start off the back end off our website and then we're gonna move down to plug ins and click on Add New. Now the plug in that will be installing is called up draft plus, so all you need to do is search for updraft. Plus in here is all tied together snow spaces, and you're going to get this call up. Dr Plus WordPress backup Plug in And, as you can see, remember how I told you how to check for which plug ins that are good from the bad? This one has a ton of reviews. It's extremely highly rated, especially for having this many reviews has over two million active installations. It's recently updated, and it's fully compatible. This is one of the most popular plug ins for WordPress, and for good reason. We're gonna click on Install now and then we're gonna click on Activate, and now it's activated. But we're gonna have to set this up ourselves. So what I want you to do now is go down to settings and then all the way down to updraft plus backups. And then we're going to start off by going to settings in here, and the first thing we're gonna set is our backup schedule. Now you can back up your files and your database or just one off them. I strongly recommend that you back up both because if something were to happen, you want to restore everything you don't want to have your website and off the post and then missing the pictures and all the files to it. So back up everything. Now, the question is, when it comes to the schedule, how often will you be working on your website? So let's say that you're posting something once a week approximately, then perhaps backing this up weekly would be a great option. But if you're using it daily and you're making quite major changes, you might want to go with daily, right? But for now, we're gonna set this to weekly and just assumed if we're going to be posting maybe once or twice a week and we're gonna have the automatic backups weekly Now I'm gonna show you how to back up manually ass. Well, we're gonna set both of these two weekly to the writer. We can see how many off these back after we want to retain. I think two is a good options in case something happens. We always have to to fall back on. We don't really need any more scrolling down. We also can choose our remote storage. Remember, I was talking about cloud options and the beautiful thing with Google Drive. If even if you don't have a Google drive, just go and sign up for one. Just go search for Google Drive and sign up there and then you can store these falls in there instead of the Web server that we have. So all I'm going to do is click on Google Drive here, right. It gives me a couple of options. First we can change the dry folder name. We're gonna have to use the premium version for that. I'm gonna talk a bit more about that later, but we don't really need to change the name anyhow. Updraft pluses. A fine name by me. Now, what you want to include in the files backup. We want to include everything. This has everything and all of the other directories as well. There we go. And then the final thing if you want to get an email whenever it has been backed up, and this can be a great thing to do because you always know the things are in place, that they are being backed up, especially if it's just once a week as well. So we're just gonna go ahead and click air chickens we're not gonna go through the experts settings. There's nothing in it for us there. This is gonna work perfectly fine. And then I'm gonna click on save changes, and then this part is going to pop up and it's going to ask us to authenticate with our Google drive so that it can start backing up there. So I'm just gonna click here, and then I'm gonna go ahead and log in, and then I need to allow updraft plus to see, edit, create and delete all of the Google drive falls. And this just makes sense. This is how it's gonna handle the files the back of first that is putting their I'm gonna go ahead and click on allow. And now to complete this, all we need to do is go down here and click on complete set up. And now we should be back in the back end of for website with this message that says success. You have authenticate your Google drive account with our name and then how much that it is using okay and off course. If you want to use another cloud option, that's perfectly fine. Now know also that some of the cloud options are going to be premium based, but we still have access to Google Drive. Or we could use Dropbox, for example. So just use one of them if the one that you would prefer is in premium value because at any rate, these are free to get in the back up are free to do now, as we can see, just by having installed this backup is already backing itself up. Right? And if it wouldn't be and we wanted to do a back up manually, all we need to do is go ahead and click on this button where it says back up now. And it's going to ask us what we want to include in this backup. And I recommended you include the database definitely the files to send this back up to the remote storage. That is the cloud that we installed and then go ahead. Anchalee, come back up now. Now, this last one we don't need to check. We don't need it to be deleted manually. Just click on back up now and then it's going to start backing up manually. So I recommend that you do these kind of backup whenever you have done any major changes to your website because this is gonna make sure that whatever happens, you always have this version off your website going now, even if you are doing like three posts a week or two posts a week on your website and it would crash or get hacked or something would happen to your website by restoring it in having it at a back of off once a week, you would still only lose maybe one or two post rather than losing your entire business. And that's huge, guys, that's really huge. And then when it's done, we get this message. Okay, so now the next thing I want to talk to you about is if we scroll down, we have something called existing backups down here, and these are the back up that we have done that one happen automatically. And then remember, I did one manually. So these are the ones now, if I wanted to restore this, if something had happened or if I installed a plug in an entire website crash and I just wanted to restore everything, then all I would need to do is go ahead and select the one I want and click on restore its that simple. Now, if you wanted to upload your backup somewhere else, there is a migration service that comes with this that's gonna cost you. You're gonna need to pay to do that. But there is a very easy way to go around this. Now, if you look at this, we have the backup data here. Now all we need to do is click on these and they're going to download to your computer. Okay, so just download these to your computer log in at the back end off the website where you want to upload these to and then click on upload backup files. It's honestly that easy. Okay, so we don't need the migration service. And finally, the thing I want to talk about is the premium version. It quickly come premium slash extensions. Here we can see what's included in the free version and what we're going to get in the premium version. Truth is, we're going to do more than fine using the free version. That's what we use. And that's basically all you need. But if you're not very technical and you start building up your business really, really big. I can recommend it. If you're gonna pay for any plugging guys, this is gonna be it. And the main reason is going to be the support you get. So if you're not for technical of yourself and you really want to protect your business here, you have built up a big, nice business. Then it's worth going Premium. I don't think that it's more between 30 and $90 somewhere. Go premium. Use their help line and support and make sure that you always always have your site backed up. But for now, we're perfectly fine going free. And you're gonna be fine with free for a long time. But once again, if there is something special in here that you really need, go ahead and upgrade. Okay, guys, before we move onto the next lecture, I really recommend that you follow all of these steps. You need to have your website backed up. I cannot emphasize this enough. It's so important. So fall of all of these steps and the next one is basically just as important to have. So guys see in the next lecture 4. Secure Your Website: Okay, guys, let's talk about securing your website now. When it comes to plug ins, there are two absolutely must have plug ins whenever you have any site up and running and number one is a backup plug in. The second must have is a security plug in for your website. Now, why should you need a security plug in? Well, listen to this crazy statistics per average small business website. There are 44 cyber attacks happening to that website at day, some website or having up towards 16,000 attacks a month. So it goes to say that the bigger that your business grows, the more prone is going to be two attacks now, even though we have a backup and were able to restore the website, should you be hacked, shoot something happen? There is still a very important reason to why we want to make sure that that never ever happens, and that is to protect your website data. So what is website data? Well, that is all of your personal information that might be on the website that is all off the your secure business information and perhaps even more sensitive. There's going to be all of your customers personal information that a hacker can get access to and potentially be releasing. Now, this is a really delicate situation, and the bigger businesses, the more sensitive it becomes. So we want to make sure that this never happens. And that's why we're going to make sure that our website is secure. So I already know a security program that I strongly recommend. I've been using it myself for a long time, has been used by a lot of people. It stood the test of time and it's super effective. But should you want to do your own research? These are the three most important things to be looking at in a great security plug him. Number one is a firewall. Now, a firewall is gonna make sure that no one gets access to your website or to your files so they can do any modifications. If they can't do any modifications to any files they can't implant in the mall where they can't do any hacking, etcetera, you always want to plug in with a great firewall in it. Secondly, you want the security plug and it's gonna be able to block eyepiece. What That means is that if there is any form of attempt off any attack off any planting off Mel, where On your website, then you want the security program to be blocking that I p address in other words, blocking that person from getting access to your site in any way again, I p is a personal address that each person has. This comes to your site. If you block it, they don't get access to your site at all anymore. So anyone who tries an attack will be blocked out. And then finally, the third thing is automated scans. You want the security plugging to be scanning every now and then at intervals that you can set yourself to make sure that there is nothing plant that there's nothing fishy going on, that you are all secure. So once we have installed this security as well, we're gonna have a backup. In case anything happens, you can restore it. And we're also gonna have security so no one can get access to anything. And these are the biggest pillars. The most important pillars, if you will, when it comes to plug ins for your website. So let's get started. So we're gonna go from the back end of our website and we're gonna move down to plug ins and go to add new. And now we're gonna go ahead and search for word fins. So all you need to do to find this plug in and search for the word word fence, it's together. It isnot with a space. And here we have it word from security firewall and malware scam. Now this has over two million active installations. And look at the rating it has received with this many reviews. It's incredible. It's been recently updated and it's completely compatible. I've used it for many years. It stood the test of time, and it has everything we need. So we're just going to click on install now and then we click on Activate. So one of the first things that we're gonna have to do is sign up with their email. And this is perfect because whenever it doesn t scans, finds anything or it even finds outdated plug ins or themes or something that needs an update, it's gonna send you an email. I'm just gonna go ahead and write my email in here. I don't want their newsletter. You might and I agree to their terms and then continue. We don't have a premium key. And honestly, we don't not at these points we're going to go with No thanks. Okay, so now it's installed. And if we look to our left, we can see that it has put itself next to the dashboard inside of the dashboard rather than going into the settings. So we're just gonna go ahead and click on word friends here. So once we get into word fans, it's gonna give us a tutorial. What we have here, how it works and just allow us to set some things up, which is great. We can go ahead and click on next and go through this to see exactly how this works. But in the end, this is still a plug and play plug in meaning. Once you have it in, it's pretty much ready to go. There's just one thing we need to do, and that is to scroll all the way up to the top, and you can see it is going to say to make your site as secure. It's possible. Take a moment to optimize the ward fence. Web application firewall. So we're gonna go ahead and do this right away, so I'm gonna kill it, Care to configure, and then we get a couple of options here. Just go with whatever is recommended. We're going to download the HT access as he backup file, and then we're going to click on Continue. Now the HD accesses a file that allows you to do modifications on your WordPress. So this is only keeping a backup copay shoot something happen and then it's done. It would just really come close. Super easy to do. It's all set up. And now you are secure on your website. Yeah, the back up. You have security. This is as good as it gets, guys. Now, before we move on, there's one thing I really recommend that you do, and that is to scroll down here and go to all options. And then we scroll down until we come to the firewall options and where it says brute force protection. So we're gonna click here and here we have something that says, Look out after how many log in failures. So this is currently set to 20 and I strongly recommend that you set this to something as low as five because you want to remember your password. And you don't need five attempts even to log in. But do you want to make sure that anyone who tries to gain access to your website they are going to be logged out and blocked? If they fail five attempts, right, you don't want to give them off towards 20 attempts to get into your website. So we're gonna choose this. Look out after Khomeini failures to five and then also look out to how many forgot password attempts also to five. They will go and then we're going to click on save changes. Perfect. Now, if we go ahead and click on the dashboard, we can see that there is a lot of options in here. There's a lot of things going on, and we even have statistics for how many total attack that are currently being blocked. And guys, these are not on your website. You're not having 4.5 1,000,000 attacks being blocked right now. Don't worry. This is the total amount of block in 24 hours the board fence is doing. But it goes to show how crazy many hackers there are out there and how many they're trying to or is going to try to, sadly, getting to your website as you grow your business. So security is super important. Now plug ins are going to basically, all the time, be free. But if you ever decide to pay for any plug ins, I strongly recommend that is going to be either the backup plug in and or this security plugging. Because these are your biggest core plug is the most important off them all. This is what keep your business afloat Now there are a lot of different things and options when it comes to word friends. Basically, you could make a course on it and go through it, and it would still take its time. But what you need to know is that everything is being protected right now. This is pretty much plug and play. Once you set it up, you are protected. Once you have this installed and set up. So great job. Finally, if you want to do a manual scan, all you need to do is go to the left here and click on scan is going to give you a nice tutorial is going to do that on everyone that you click on here, which is great. And then just go ahead and click on new start new scan. You might want to do this in the beginning. Once you have this install, then you're all good to go. Guys, you might want to check out the options, but this is already working by itself. Okay, Now we have the most important plug in installed. Let's move on to the next want see in the next lecture. 5. Website Analytics: Okay, guys, in this lecture, we're going to be installing a plug in That's going to allow us to get website analytics. Now, we're going to be using something called Google Analytics. You might have heard of it before. Or maybe it's completely new. So what it is, it's a Web service that allows you to track all off your visitors action on your site. Now, in order to do this, we're going to need a Google Analytics account, and I'm going to be providing the link in. The resource is all they need to do is enter it and sign up. And then I'm gonna show you how to install and get the analytics on your website. It's super easy. You just need to have a Google Analytics account signed up for. So why would you want to have website analytics for your website? Well, you wanted to provide actionable insights, and that's just a fancy way of saying you want to know what your audience likes. You want to see what they're doing, where they're going to what they're thinking, what they're buying, what, where they're going next. Everything. Everything your visitor is doing, you want to know about it. Now, Whether you having a store or a gallery or a blawg, you still want to know which is the most popular product, which is the least popular product, which are their favorite photo, which are the favorite post tutorials because this allows you to create more content that your visitors enjoy. And if you can create more content that your visitors enjoy or sell more products that your visitors enjoy your customers in this case, then you are going to be more successful with your website and with your business. So having an analytics is basically one of the keys off, getting into a relationship with your customers, understanding them and then providing a better service in other words, getting a better business. So I already have a plug in that we're going to be installing. That's by far the easiest. But once again, if you want to do your own research, these are the three things you want to have provided in a great analytics plug in. Now the 1st 1 is an effective dashboard, because when it comes to Google Analytics, you're gonna notice that asked you sign up for it. There is. It's own site with all of the analytics tools. It's very complicated is ah lot of in depth information in there, but the point is a lot of the time you need to go to your Google analytics in order to extract the information. I believe that a great plug and allows you to stay on WordPress. Check out the dashboard and get all of the information from their day to day information week to week, month to month, year to year. The more time you can spend on your website and start doing the things that actual builds up your business on your website, the better you're going to be with your time and energy Now. The second thing is, you want to have multiple track ings. You want to have a plug, and it's going to allow you in your dashboard to show events, tracking to show exactly what they're doing to show e commerce tracking to show the affiliate link track. And should you have that now, a great plug in a great Google analytics plugging is gonna allow you to see all of these things directly in your dashboard again so you don't need to go to the Google Analytics site and dive in there and scratched through all of the information you wanted to be provided to you straight away. And the final thing is that you wanted to be user friendly. Now, perhaps you an advanced user. If so, then this doesn't really matter to You can use it the way you want to, because you understand it. But if you're like me and you don't have any background when it comes to code and when it comes to analyzing in depth data, for example, then you want to have a plug in that simplifies this process for you and gives you all of the important information that you need without any off the hassle. So without further ado, we now know why we need a website analytics and I have a great one that we're going to be using. So let's go ahead and install it. So here I am at the back end off our website. I have gone to plug ins, clicked on add new same deal as before. Now what we're going to be doing is that we're going to search for Google analytics, and as you'll notice there's a bunch of different analytics. And once again, if you've used Google Analytics before, it's all fine. You can basically choose anyone because you know how to use it, but we're going to go with this one now. This is monster insights. Plug in four Google analytics And the great thing with this plug in is that it makes everything oh so simple. There's no need to be touching in the code. There's no complicated set up. There's no needing to go to Google Analytics. Dig down in order to extract the information. Everything is provided to you. Everything is set up for its super user friendly. And that is why I love this. It saves me so much time and energy. Now you'll notice that this is untested with my version of WordPress. And generally death would be a warning sign. But because this is such a big and popular plug in, and I know for a fact that this is working, we're gonna go and install this, And chances are when you're installing your monster insights, it's not going to be saying I'm tested now. If you have an install icon in here, then chances are you haven't been following along in the course from the beginning, which is completely fine. But if you have been following every step, you're gonna notice that it already says active. And that is because when we set everything up, this one was already included. And if we look to the upper left, you're going to see this. Please configure your Google analytics sitting a little notification that has been pestering us for a while. Well, we're finally gonna release him because this is already installed, and all we're gonna do is set up our Google analytics connected to our WordPress. And remember, guys, before you do this, you want to go to the resource and sign up for a Google Analytics account if you haven't already, and if you have one, then just use that. So we're gonna go ahead and click on Google Analytics settings there, which is gonna take us directly to the monster insights plug in, and then we're gonna go down and click on Connect Monster insights, and then we're gonna choose our account and then allow. And then you're gonna pick the profile and the view. And if you haven't used this one before, you're only gonna have one option for that. Now, there are several for us, but I'm gonna choose this one and then just click on complete connection. And there we go. It's connected. It was that fast and that effective. Now, if we go ahead and go to our reports in here, we're going to be getting all of this interesting information so that we can start tracking our visitors. Now, the first thing we have here is decisions. That is the amount of times that they were visiting your website, right? And then we have the page views. Basically, how many page views, How many clicks were getting on the different pages. So there's going to be, ah, lot of very useful information in here that we're going to be able to extract. We're gonna have the sessions. We're going to see the page views, average session, duration, the bounce rate. And if you don't know what that is, you can check out this exclamation mark it. Now, if you are further interested in how Google Analytics works because that is a huge topic, we're gonna have Google Analytics as an additional course that you can go ahead and check out if you want to learn more about it. What kind of information? You can extract, how it works, what it is, etcetera. So there we go. Now we have Google Analytics installed. Super fast, Super easy. We can read out all of the information in here, and of course, we can also go to Google Analytics and read it there. But the entire point of getting on E. C. User friendly plugging like this is so that we have all of the information in here already . Now, if you have any use for experience with Google analytics, you have much more freedom in choosing the plug ins because you can go more in depth in the plug ins and in the information and in the coding. But for us, when we want the user friendliness, simplicity and off the most important features, we're going to stick with this one for now. Okay, guys, let's move on to the next plug and see in the next lecture 6. Speed Up Your Website: So guys, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about speeding up your website now, in today's society, when everything is going so fast, we're used to such a high pace. We need to have a website that loads really quickly. Your visitors are not going to be patient and wait around for it to be loading. So here, we're going to be learning how to make your website faster. Why? If it isn't obvious already and also how it works. So the number one reason is why Well, the 1st 1 is self evident. It is for your visitors. They're not going to be patient. They're not going to be waiting around. Everything happens quickly. Your website need to happen quickly asked. Well, now another thing is actually for S e o search engine optimization. Now, the faster your website loads, the happier this search engines are going to be about it and rank you higher if you don't know what that means. Don't worry. In the next lecture we're going to be talking about a CEO and install a plug in for that. But for now, let's just know that the faster website is the happier visitors will be and the happier the search engines will be. So how do we speed up your website? Well, we're gonna use something called cashing and cashing is basically taking all of your big files on your websites such as the header such as the pictures, maybe possible videos, whatever it might be. There's heavy images way a lot of special. When you have a lot on your website, we're gonna take all of those, compress them into smaller sizes and put them in a so called cash. Basically, you're not gonna have everything load instantly. Instead, you're going to have your visitors save this cash on their computer so that they can pre load right. They don't have to download everything and make it appear. Rather, it will be saved on their computer and they can just appear much faster, which is going to be giving them a better experience. So that is what cashing is. And that is how you speed up your website. Now I already have a cash plugging off course, like always that I use myself. It's super easy, and I strongly recommended we're gonna install it and go through it. But if you decide to do your own research. Here are the top three things to look for. Number one is extra home page shakes Now. A lot of people usually are going to be spending a lot of time on your home page and likely even if you have a navigation and great navigation. People may be returning to your home page, so having a cash plug in that's gonna do extra shakes on your home page is going to be great to make sure that it's not slowly loading. Because if that part on your website is slow, then their experience is gonna be heavily deteriorated. And the next in number two, its content delivery network support. This is called C D and support, and basically it means that when someone visits your website, they're going to be loading the funds from where you have your files. For example, if you're using blue host and you have your fast in the US than wherever they come from, they're going to have to load the files, your images, your articles, the header, the videos, etcetera from the U. S. Now, what the CD and support does is that it takes all of your cash files and it puts it at different servers around the world. So, for example, if you are living in Australia and there is a cdn serving Australia, they will be downloading all off the files encounters of your website from Australia, which is going to load so much faster rather than downloading it from USA. Okay, so that is what the Cdn network is, and it's one of those things to make your website so much faster. I strongly recommend that you find a plug in the Hassett and the third thing is a pre load . Now, first time visitors coming to your website are first going to have to visit the website and then they will be catched. And of course, that means that everyone's first experience might be slow and that's no good. You want to have a plug in that has a pre load setting, meaning you can pre catch everything and then put it to your visitors. Even their first time experience will be great and fast. Remember hype a society or website. Our business need to match this. So now when we understand how to speed up our website and what it does, let's go ahead and do just that. So I am in the ad plug in section at the back end of for website. I'm gonna go to search plug ins and I'm going to search for WordPress super cash and looking to the left. Here it is, has a lot of installations. And even though it is not updated to its untested with the current WordPress, we can trust this one. This one is created by automatic, which is the same bunch of guys who helped create Ward President or and created wordpress dot com. So these are part of the program is for the platform that we're currently using. So this plug in has been around for a long time, and I expected to stay around for a long, long time as well. So we're gonna go ahead and install it and then just click on activate. And there we go. It's installed some now all we're gonna do It's move over to set things, which is where's recites and go to the bottom where it says WP super cash. And then it's pretty straightforward. All they're gonna do is click on catchy on and then update the status and now it will be on and working. So there are a couple of things that we want to set up in here. All you need to do is follow along with me. It's actually super easy. We're just gonna use the recommended settings. So first, let's move on to advanced in here. What we're gonna do is that we're going to remove this one. Don't cash pages for known users, which is great in case you're doing updates for frequent visitors than they and you won't be able to see those updates. So you don't want to catch the page for those known users. And then we have compressed pages so that they served more quickly to visitors, which is also great them or compressed the foster they're gonna load. We're just gonna go with the recommended settings here that just works great scrolling down . We have the super important setting. I was talking about earlier extra home page chicks. I'm gonna check that one s well, scroll down and click on updates status. And then we're gonna move into the Cdn and we're going to be enabling that support, right? And then we're gonna save the changes again and Let's move over to contents and in here you're gonna be able to see everything that's been cash, how heavy they are, how much there is. But there's nothing for us to do here. What we could do is that we could delete the cash, which we can also do from up above here. Should we want to reset it? Because we've done some major updates or just to test the speed, for example, they can all be deleted up here, and then we're gonna move over to pre load and here we're gonna setting So that the refresh preloaded cash fast. For every I like to put 1414 minutes because that's a day. So we're gonna refresh the preloaded cache files every day, right? So this is a standard setting, and I recommend you use it as well. Now we're gonna make sure that we have pre load activated by clicking here, and we're also going to go ahead and pre load tags and categories. Another taxonomists. Now we've gone through tags and categories already, and we will be making sure to be using those. And then we're going to click on save settings and Once we've done this, everything is set up its on and running and it's making your website faster. However, since we just recently started this website, there isn't going to be too much things on it. So you're probably not going to be noticing any improvement right now. But ask, just continue building your website, building your business, then you're going to be having a noticeable effect working in the background. We're just gonna make sure that we set this from the beginning so that your website is always as fast as it possibly can be. Now, if you want to test the speed of your website, what you can do is used. This age old tool is called Ping DM. So I'm gonna put this tool in the resource is as well. And all you do is that you write in your website in here and then you can test it from different places to see how fast it loads. So what you might want to do if you are unsure about this plugging for some reason is go over to plug ins in hair to your installed plug ins. Scroll down to your WP super catch deactivated test the speed off your website and then reactivated. Test the speed of your website and you're gonna see the difference. No, again, you're probably not going to see in the difference. In the beginning, your website doesn't have too many things. But as time goes, it's gonna be a huge difference. It's just one of these things we want to get right from the beginning. All some guys. I'll see you in the next lecture when we're gonna go through S E O, which is such a huge topic. See there. 7. Improve Your Search Rankings - Setup: Okay, guys, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about improving the search rankings off your website. In other words, your search engine optimization, which is going to be abbreviated as S e. O. Now I'm going to be talking about this more and more throughout the course, and this topic is so big that there's going to be an entire section dedicated to it. So what is search engine optimization? Well, basically, it is making your website in your content and everything on it as friendly as possible to the search engines. You want to appeal to the search engines so that Yahoo being and especially Google, is going to like your webs that imported high in the ranking? Let me show you an example. So I'm at Google and I'm going to write in my search term in here, also known as my keyword. So I'm going to be searching for complete Digital Marketing guide and then hit, surge. And now, if we have a look at this, the first thing that's popping up in the very top here is the complete digital marketing guy. 17 courses in one which is mine and Jesper is course on you to me. So in other words, we are ranking at the top for this keyword for this search term complete digital marketing guide and the purpose of improving your S e O is so to make sure that you are ranking as high as possible for the kind of keywords that you're using in Google. So, for example, because we have a course and a guide on digital marketing, we want to rank is highest possible for digital marketing guide and using complete because it is a complete guide. And because we're using you to me, which already have great seal and because off our landing page, because of the content in our course everything, our search engine optimization is great enough to be ranking number one. Now, However, if I remove a couple of words from here like complete and guide and I'm only searching for digital marketing, you're going to notice that we're not popping up in the top at all. We're not gonna be anywhere to be found whatsoever because we don't have good and off s CEO to rank for digital marketing. But we're ranking for complete digital marketing and guide. So this is what s CEO is and how it worked. And your mission is going to be to rank as high as possible with your s e o for your keywords. These are the key words this search terms. Let's head back. OK, guys, we're back here, So search engine optimization is such a big topic. We're gonna dedicate an entire section to it, so you don't have to understand everything right now, but you need to understand the basics. And also, we're gonna get a plug in this basically going to do and help you with most of the CEO features. So additional two ranking high. What's the benefit off CEO? Well, having great s e o first and foremost is gonna get you traffic Now, even if you have the greatest website in the world the greatest products, the greatest services, blood, whatever it might be. Unless you have traffic, you're not gonna have anyone that buys anything and you're not gonna have a business. So you need the traffic. So by having great ASIO, you're always going to be having a flow of traffic coming to your site for free. You could advertise off course, but this is free Automated traffic always coming into your website. Now, even if people aren't coming to your website just because you're ranking high for certain keywords, your brand is going to be appearing. So this is also a great and freeway off building brand awareness. So S CEO is one of the most important part when it comes to building your audience, getting awareness and creating your business. So we're going to get a plug in for this, and of course I have one in mind. I'm gonna show it. But if you want to do your own research, these are the three most vital things that you need in a S e o. Plug him. Number one is having a site map. So you want a plug in? That's going to create a site map for your website. A site map is basically when the plug and decodes your website into a map and explains to the search engine what? Your website. It's about which Urals means what where you have your navigations, how often it's updated, how important certain content is. For example, you want your home page to have a higher S CEO because you want people to land there generally or at your blood, etcetera. So it's site map is gonna make it easier for the search engines to understand your side and the better they understand your site them, more likely they are to rank you high. So this is by far the most important feature off all. You need to make sure that the search engines enjoy your site. This second thing you want to plug in to have is the ability to improve your content. Now, there are some plug ins for a CEO that's gonna help you with a site map. But it's not going to be helping you, right? Great content with high S E O value. So you're gonna want a plug in. That's gonna help you with that and make sure that everything you produce is search engine friendly. Remember, we're creating a business here, and since we're having a business, we need to rank high. When we rank high, we get traffic and then the circle is completed. Okay, this is how business works. So you want to have a plug in that helps you improve your content. Unless you're an expert, of course. But I personally want that help and then the third and final is a tool set. Now you want a plug in that's gonna have a multitude off feature. For example, you want a plug in that's gonna make sure that you don't have duplicate Urals because that's going to give you a Google penalty. Meaning they're going to rank you lower because they think you're trying to cheat the search engines You want a plug in that's gonna help you with canonical Urals. That means making authority of you aerials so that the search engine think that you are an authority on your subject and off course authorities needs to be ranked higher. So you want a plug in That's going to do this much S e o value for you as possible. In other words, on entire tool set. Okay, guys. So this is a quick run through off SL. We're gonna go much more in depth in it in a course later on in the course, let's go ahead and install the plug in to improve your search ranking. Improve your s e o. Okay, so here we are at the back end off our website. I've gone to plug ins, add new now I'm gonna search for plug ins. And what you want to search for is used. Why O A S t used. Okay, so this is going to bring up the by far most popular and in my experience, effective plug in. Now, check this out is a super high rating. Super many reviewers. Five million plus active installations compatible. Recently updated. This plug in is huge. I strongly recommend this one is by far the most effective I used. So we're gonna go ahead and install it, and then we're going to click on Activate so there would go. It's installed and it's activated. Now, the first thing we want to do is that we want to configure it so that it's activated properly and effective for your website. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is move up to the why up here and click on configuration Wizard. And then we're going to get started and configured the Yost s CEO. So click and configure Yost s CEO, and now we're going to get a couple of questions which is gonna help the plug in optimize it for our site. Now, the 1st 1 is Please specify if your site is under construction or already active. We wanted to be option A my side this life and ready to be indexed next. Because that's gonna make sure that you show up in the Google being any whole search rankings and then is what does decide represent? Now this is going to be representing me and Jesper. So that's a corporation Romania, Jesper LTT, and then we're gonna go next. And of course, you pick the options that fits youth. I'm only here to guide you through what they are and what they mean and how this set up works and we represent a company. And then we're going to write the name of the company, which is Robin and Jesper. Lt d. Now you can also provide an image off it if you want to, but it's not mandatory. It's not going to improve your S CEO if you do so and there were critical next and then for the social profiles, you really want to set all of these up? These are really important for us, you know, for your navigation and when you are hyper linking so that the search engines can recognize between your for example. Facebook Fan page or Facebook company Page and your website. But to save us some time. I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna go ahead and click on next, but you should set this up, and then it's a surgeon. Invisibility surgeon issued show post in search result es show pages. My templars in my library. Yes. You want to show everything in the search results, right? We want to be as visible as possible them or And the higher we rank, the better to just leave them a guest and click on next. Does your site have multiple authors know Next And now we're gonna go ahead and verify and integrate with the Google Search Council, which is something that's going to show the health off our website. This is really a big boost when it comes to S e o. And it's quick and fast to do So. What we're gonna do is that we are going to go and click on get Google authorization code so we can connect Google with Yost. We're gonna look into our account here, and then we're gonna click on allow, and all we need to do is go ahead and copy this code. Click on this square there and now it's copied. And then we're gonna go back here and we're gonna paste it in. There's a code and click on authenticate. And then we're gonna go ahead and click on next, and then we have in this part the website name. And this is important because the website name is going to be showing what is going to be looking like in Google. So we could have our website name here, for example, and then we could add a title separator. So what we're gonna want to do in here is decide which kind off separator we want to use. And the question is, what is a separator? Well, if you go ahead and you go to Google and you make a search, for example, I have searched for digital marketing article in here. You're gonna notice that there's a bunch off different results and what these results have is that they're showing the name of their blawg post at first here and then they have a separator. This is the separator. And then we have the name off the website and similarly there also using a dash it have the name off the page or off the article a separate and then marketer. And these guys e marketed. They're using a long dash and some are going to be using a wall s. Well, if we scroll down here, we have one. We have 10 reasons. You need digital marketing strategy and then a wall and then smart inside, which is the name off their website in their business. So what we're gonna want to do in here is right. Our website name, which is Robin and Jesper and then decide in our separator. And I really like the wall. I think it's a clean look. We're gonna choose the wall and click on next. And then if you want their newsletter, you can go ahead and sign up. I actually think the newsletters pretty good. They have some decent tips and tricks with Seo, but for now, we're not gonna do that. We're gonna call it coming next, and then they have a bunch of additional features here. They want to sell you something if you want to. Of course, you can go ahead and do that. But you don't need any of this. You only need this free version of the plug in, which is perfect. We're going to scroll down and click on next, and then we're all done and we can go ahead and click on close. The set up is complete. OK, guys, Now it's installed. The plug in is up and running. But if you notice during the install when we authenticate the Google Search Council, we got ain't no profiles warning. So if you check your notification, we have something. This is don't miss your crawl errors Connect with Google Search Council here because we didn't have a profile for that. Now, if you followed along the steps and you did have a profile and you connected with it, great, then you can skip the next lecture. But if you don't have a profile there, either then you're gonna want to go ahead and authenticated and set up your Google Search Council account. So follow me on to the next lecture, if over to have it skip the next lecture and I'll see you in the next next lecture. See you there, guys 8. Google Search Console Setup: Okay, guys, in this video, we're going to be setting up our Google Search Council account and connecting it to used. Now, if you already did that in the previous lecture, you can escape this lecture. But if you didn't have a profile, then we're going to go ahead and set that up now and then connected to Joost. So let's get started. We're gonna go ahead and go to search dot google dot com forward slash search dash council . Don't worry about this. I'm gonna put this link in. The resource is so it's much easier to access. So then you're gonna get to this screen, and we're gonna go ahead and click on Start now, and then we're gonna be prompted to sign into your Google account. So we're gonna do that now and then you're going to get to this page. And then there are two different ways to verify your website. Now, the 1st 1 is through dumaine verification, and that is simply you're gonna verify that you own your domain name. And our domain name is Robin and jesper, jesper dot com. That is the domain name. But you can also verify for a UL prefix, meaning that when people come to your website, they can come through www dot Robyn and and jesper dot com. Or it could also be that they have the https. It could look like that or it could be without the S. And it could also be without the double use. And it could also be the mobile version. So it's gonna look like this. So when you're signing up with the u. R l prefix, that means that you're gonna have to sign up all of these individually. The mobile version http https www without the W's etcetera. Now, if we sign up with the domain instead to show that we own this domain, we're going to get all of those prefixes automatically, and this is going to simplify the job for Joost a lot. Now, the difference is that here, you need to go into your host and very find through the DNS records. While here, you could just add a piece of code on your website, so this is a bit easier, but this is surprisingly easy. Anyhow, I'm gonna show you exactly how this works. So just right in your domain name dot com Nothing further just your domain name and then the dot com. Or if you off course, if you have the CEO that UK or something else you're gonna end of like that and then you click on continue. And now you're going to get a piece off code in here. So all you're gonna go ahead and do is click on Copa here, grab that coat and then you're gonna go to your domain name provider, and for us, that is Blue Host. We're gonna go ahead and log into Blue Host now. So here we are at Blue Host. We're gonna go ahead and log in, and then we're gonna go ahead and click on domains and then we're gonna go to the left here and click on Sewn Editor. So that's gonna take you to this part. Now, if you're not using blue host you're using, for example, you bought your domain name elsewhere. You can go to host gate or you can go to go dad in name cheap, wherever you bought it and just set it up. It's the same way to set this up, regardless for the verification. But if you went with Blue host and followed the course from the beginning. Just follow these steps. It's super easy. And then what we're gonna do is here at host record, where it says add DNS record. We're gonna write in our website name or our domain name Rather's, which is Robin and jesper dot com. We're gonna leave the detail and then type here. We're gonna change that to text and in here, the text value. We are just going to go ahead and click on a paste and then click on add record. And now you have successfully added records. If I scroll down, you're going to see that down here under txt, we have our record put a So you want to see this at sign here, which shows that you put in your domain name and then that this code is put in here. So the next step you want to do is that you want to go back and then click on verify. Now chances are that you're not going to get ownership very fight of right away, because it can take up towards a couple of minutes 10 15 afterwards, 24 hours. I've experienced both, actually, both the 10 minutes and the 24 hours it completely depends, but give it at least 24 hours and then verified, and then you should get to this part. With this ownership verified, which is perfect. All they need to do is click on Done. So now, if I go to the upper left in here and click on search property, we can see that we have our domain property in here. And if you want to find out more, you can just go ahead and click on Started to get a guide. But we're not gonna touch this anymore. We just wanted to verify. We're gonna go ahead and go back to the back in a far website and verify years, So let's go back. And here we are. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna check out this notification, and we're just gonna click on connect with Google Search Council here. So now when we get in here, we can see that we have a profile set up because that is a profile. We set up a Google search console so all that we need to do is go ahead and click on save profile. There were go setting saved. So if we go back to the why up here, there is no longer any notification. Perfect. So if I click on a CEO here and I get back, we can verify there's no notification. Everything is set up. There's no problem. We have set up or Google search consulates up and working. Everything is the way that should be perfect. Now you want to check out that there's no notifications in here, meaning there's no further problems. If there are just ask us in the Q and A and will help you out. But now you should be all set up. So let's move on to the next lecture and learn how to use this to further see in the next lecture. 9. Improve Your Search Rankings - Posts: Okay, guys. So by now in the general section off Joost, where we are, there should be no special notifications. Google Search Council should be all set up. You should be ready and running. Perfect. Now, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about how to use Yost to improve the search rankings off your posts. Now, the amazing thing with this plug in it, it gives you an additional bunch off features. Let me show you what I mean. So if you go to the lift and we go to post and just click there, we can see that there are a couple of additional things added onto the writer. Now, first off, we have the number of outgoing internal links in the post which gonna be collected for all of your post. And then we have the S e o score for each of your posts, and then we have the readability score for each of your posts. It's gonna show the title meta description and key phrase. Now, if you think this is too much clutter again, these options are adding the screen options. You can just go ahead and turn them off. So what do all of these mean Well, we're gonna go ahead and find out. So Kilic, under posted you have created and let's go into it. So now if we scroll down from the post that we made earlier on our blogger or article or however you wish to use it, we have added in a snippet hairpiece Yost eso directly into our post editor. So the first thing we get here is the snippet preview. So this is the way that is going to be looking when someone is finding you out on Google. So first you have the the title, which is digital marketing success in four steps. And then we got that wall remembered that we customized. And if you haven't, you can go back to Yo's down here and click on search appearance and set that up. And then we got this wall in Dennis's Robin and Jesper. So this is how we're looking in the search engines by now and below. There we have our slug. In other words, this post is that Robin and just adults come forward slash digital dash marketing dash success dash in dash four dash steps and then we have our meta description, which we right now don't have one. So what? We can do it? We can go ahead and customize these. Now, I think this title is perfect already, but I would like to do is edit this snippet. So all I need to do is just click on it here and I get this editor where can edit everything. So the first thing you're going to notice is that there is a bar down below here. Now, if this bar is green, that means that everything is going to be visible for the search engines when it pops up. If it's red, it means that there's too much text and everything isn't going to be visible. So the title looks great. This slug I would like to shorten it down because the worst that I want to rank for its this digital marketing success. And, for example, if I had a key word that I wanted to rank for and that was digital marketing success formula, I would go ahead and add a dash and right formula. Now, this is going to improve. Our S C O score is gonna make the search engines like us more for this search term. So depending on what your key phrases, you're going to want to edit your slug after that, and then we have the meta description. So what we can do here is that we can write our own Texas gonna summarize our post so we could right in here, you'll find the formula for digits on marketing success in just four simples steps. Are you making any off these mistakes? Come in and find out. So what I have done in here He said I have written a snippet so that people who are considering clicking on our link clicking on this post from Google to our side, they're going to get an incentive of what it is and why they should click now. Should I write too much text in here? And I would write blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, this is this one goes or wrench. Know what that means is that if we were Google like this and we had been searching for something, then this takes wouldn't be fitting in here. Do you notice these three dots? That generally means that there are more takes following, and you might not want that You might want to learn the mean with curiosity what comes next . But generally you want to do just like they have done here. You want to finish this snippet, make sure that it gets to the point, making sure that it is attractive and alerts in your visitors or potential visitors. Rather. So let's go back. So I'm going to remove all of the blah, blah, blah. It's green, it's perfect. And now we can click on close snippet. So that's the first thing we have in here. It's the snippet preview, and then we have something here called readability analysis. So if I click on here, it's gonna give me on analysis off how my post looks like. This editor is also added to the pages. You get the exact same thing for pages and posts. Now, the first thing we can see that there are the consecutive sentences. The text contains four consecutive senses, starting with the same word. Try to mix things up. So they're giving us an analysis of what I have written so far and how I can improve with four visitors but also first and foremost for the search engines. You don't want to be too repetitive. You can get a penalty for that. So if there's something here that you don't understand, like transition words, it says none of the scent of the contain transition words. All you need to do is go ahead and click on it and you're gonna be taken to their page, which explains exactly what it is, what it means and why it is important. So not only doesn't analyze everything you do and have, it also teaches you why it's important, why you need and how to get it is such an amazing tool to have in your repertoire. And then we get the good result, which is always great news. The Flesch reading ease past the voice subheading distribution, etcetera. So this is the readability analysis. Now, if I close this if I collected and I could weaken focus key phrase, we haven't freedom anything in here. But if you remember what I spoke about in the first video before we install this plug in, that is about a key phrase. Where do you want to rank now? I search When I showed you this example, I started for digital marketing, Success writes. So if I want to rank for these search phrase for this keyword that is also called, I would write in here digital Maher forgetting success because that would be the word that I wanted to rang for. And then I'm going to get a couple off tips down here in how to improve what I currently have and how to rank better for this keyword. Now the first thing we have this that there's no out bound links to a pair on this page. Outbound links means that there's no links, for example, to some other website to our own social media. There's no internal links, nothing linking to our all their pages, etcetera. And all of these things were going to go more in death in when we get to the S e o section . Remember, get this is a huge, huge topic. So we're gonna be talking much more about this, how to use it effectively and how to do it properly, step by step. But for now, Yost is gonna teach you so much, it's gonna help you greatly along the way. There's something you don't know what it is. Just click on it. And then again, we have what we can improve and then the good results. So the final tip I want to give you here is remember, each time you write a post or you creating new page, go ahead and write in your focus. Kiefer, it's no which focused key phrase that you want to use if you don't know what you're good from bad key phrase right now. Don't worry about that. We're gonna learn about keyword research in the CEO section later on in the course. But for now, use what you want to rank for what you think might be good to rank for. And then make sure that you have this focus key phrase in the title in the slug and also in the meta description in the snippet in here. So use use, use it properly. Go through the analysis, make sure that it's all agreeing. Click on the links off the things you don't understand. And then don't worry too much about this, because again, Guys s CEO is a huge topic and we are going to go through it properly in its own section. But for now, let's continue with the plug ins and move onto the next one. See, in the next lecture guys 10. Block Spam: Okay, guys, in this video we're going to be talking about and learning how to get rid off spam. So them bigger our website gets, the more spam we most likely are going to get. Unfortunately, that is how it looks like on the Web right now. But removing and blocking spam isn't too hard. But before we go ahead and learn that and which the best plugging for this is, let's talk a little bit about the benefits about blocking spam, even though I think a lot of the benefits are obvious already. But one of the benefits that you might not be thinking about is that you want to support engagement for your users. Now, even if you only have a little bit of spam on your website, some Commons here and there that is still going to claw your website and keep people from engaging in your website. Now you always want to support engagement for all of your visitors. Mawr comments, mawr clicking, etcetera, etcetera that more people do this Verrier business gonna be and growth and also it's going to be improving your S e O. Now it's also gonna help you stay out of trouble. Now remember, you're building a business here, And if someone put some spam or some bad link leading to something illegal, some maybe, you know, material that you're not supposed to be seeing that allowed to be seeing etcetera, then that's gonna be connected to your business. Maybe not legally, but in their mind, they're going to get a bad vibe off your business. So you always want to stay out of trouble as much as possible simply by blocking this type of spam. And, of course, I already have a plug in in mind. We're gonna go ahead and install that. But if you want to do your own research, here are the three most important things When it comes to a plug in to block spam, number one is that you want to have no visitor action, preferably at least minimal amount of visitor action on what I mean with that is that you want to have a little off this recapture as possible. You don't want your visitors to need to verify that they are human because it's going to take away from their experience. And if it gets too complicated, they're just not going to be commenting at all, So you want to keep that part as simple as possible while still being effective in blocking the spam itself. Now, the second point is that you want minimal database impact. Now you want a plug in. That's not going to be affecting your website and slowing it down too much. You want a plug in that you know, works, preferably that has stood the test of time that has gotten a lot of great reviews. The worst thing you can do is get great. Block it from spam. But stews lower for websites. Your deteriorating your users experience that way. And finally, we wanted to be effectively automated. In other words, you're gonna need to do as little work as possible. Basically, this plug and it's gonna be like hiring someone who's gonna manage all of the comments for you, the less work unit to put into this. That better. And these are the three things you want to look for when you're looking for a spam blocking plug in. But there is one spam blocking plug in the student test of time. They have great creators, and they have a huge amount of dollars reviews and positive rating. So we're gonna go ahead and download that. I'm using it myself. I've loved it for many years. Let's get started. Alright, guys. So here we are at the back end off our website. We're gonna go ahead and go to plug ins. Now, the funny thing is that with our blue host and with the theme that we haven't with the basic installation Off board press, we already have. The plug in installed is called Akkus Mitt. Anti spam. Now, should you happen to not have this, all they need to do is go to add new search for Akkus Mitt, and it's going to be popping up. This is huge. Now, this is by the same creators, which created wordpress dot com. They're called automatic now. They also created the plug, and we already installed called WordPress super cash. So we know that these creators are great. We know because they're connected to WordPress. They're always gonna be updated. And this is probably the biggest, oldest and right now, most effective plug in when it comes to blocking spam. So all we need to do is go ahead and click on activate. So now when it's activated, we're gonna go up here and set up our Akkus Mitt account Now with this plug and you're going to have to sign up to them in order to get your A P I key. That is the key that you need to end to here to allow this plug in to get access and moderate your comments on your website. Even though there is a sign up, which is a little bit of a downfall, this plugging is well worth. It is the most effective when it comes to blocking spam. So it is a tiny, tiny price to pay. So we're just gonna go ahead and click on get your A P I key and then we're gonna click on activate Akkus mitts and then we're going to scroll down. And here they have three different options and you'll notice the two of these costs and one of these are free. Basically, they're free, but they have the ability to offer a donation should you want to donate. But otherwise you can just get it for free and activated. So we're gonna click on get started with personal, and now this is where we have to create our account, which is gonna be for wordpress dot com just so you can use this plug in. But again, trust me, this is well worth it. Even though other plug ins don't need a sign up, this Blufgan is so good. We're gonna do that anyhow, So click on, create your account unless you have a wordpress dot com account. So let's go ahead and just sign up. And then when you're all done when you either have signed up or logged in, you should be taken to this page and don't worry about it. You're not gonna have to pay for anything. We're gonna go ahead and take this one click on it and drag it to the furthers left. Okay, so if you want to donate, you can, of course, increases in donate, but you don't have to do is a free plug in to use, and then we're just gonna go ahead and fill these out, and then we're gonna call it can continue with personal subscription, and then it says it looks like you're adding a site and they're gonna shake so that it is the right side, and of course it is So we just need to click on, activate this site and then you're all done. So your anti spam has been activated, so it should now be blocking and working in the background. That's the perfect thing with this, we know that it is working already. Now, one of the options you might want to check out is this one down below it says strictness. You can either silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam, so I never see it. This is a great option, the bigger your site gets because you're probably gonna get a lot of Commons, a lot of spam. Or you could go with always put a spam in the Spam folder for review. Now I recommend in the beginning you actually choose this option, because in the beginning you won't be having much comment at all. But as you grow your website, go ahead and ticket to the silence of discard the worst. So you become more strict with blocking the spam and then just go ahead and click on save changes. Another thing you might also want to activate especially fewer within the European region is to display a privacy and notice under your comment forums because this is gonna help you be transparent about using their information and also making sure that they allow it. You might want to accept this or not, depending on where you live and what your status with the privacy regulations. We're gonna talk more about privacy policy GDP or etcetera later on in the course. Now finally, if you want to check out the possible spam comments that has come in, all they need to do is go to the left here, where it says comments and then you can see in depending and in the spam. And either check these out and verify the ones that aren't spam or remove the spam manually again. This is Onley in the beginning, as you grow your website, I strongly recommend you completely automate this and make it more streaks. You never have to touch this, but it happens that regular comments do get marked as spam, but that's just the way it's gonna have to be. Sometimes in order to automate this OK, it's activated its installed great job seeing the next lecture 11. Contact Form: Okay, guys. So pretty much every plug in that we have installed so far has been mandatory in order to have an effective, safe, fast Web site that shows up in the search engines. Now, this next Blufgan that we're gonna install is going to be for your contact form. Now, you can create contact form without plug ins, but this is going to make it look so much better and be so much easier. So now we're going to start moving towards more effective plug ins That's gonna help us and make everyday use much easier. But these are not as mandatory as the ones we have just gone through. So let's go ahead and set up our contact US page with this new form. So we're in the back end of for website. We're going to go down to plug ins. And if you have been following the course from the beginning making every step as I have, then if you scroll down, you're gonna notice that you already have the WordPress forms light. So this is a contact form plug in, and it came with our theme. So this is gonna make it very easy for us. to make a contact form. And if you don't have this plug in pre installed and all you need to do is go over to add new search for WP forms. Lights, you're gonna find this plug in and just go ahead and download it. And then we're gonna go to the left Here, You see that? It's put itself in the left side of the dashboard in the sidebar, and we're gonna move down to all forms. So this is gonna be the interface for all of your contact forms. Now, in here, you're gonna be able to make multiple forms depending if you have multiple pages, four contact or if you would like to use this form for something else, even though their primal meant for a contact form. So what we're gonna do is go ahead and click on add new, and then we can go ahead and click on simple contact form. And then we're gonna right a name which is gonna be contact form, and then we can go ahead and click on simple contact form here and by clicking there, it's already gonna set up a nice looking easy contact form for us. So as we can see, here it is is already set up. Super easy, super effective. Now should you want to make this yourself? This is all dragon drop. It's super effective. So, for example, for this one for the name if I remove this one, okay? And I want to add a new one where they have to fill in their name. All I need to do is click on this one, drag it to the very top and release it. And then I'm gonna have the name in here. So it's all dragon dropping. These are the standard fields. So if you wanna have some paragraphs of text paragraph like it is here with this comment or message, you can just drag it in there and customized this little headline in here for them to write anything that they want or what you want them to write. And then I just click on the cross here to remove it and click on. OK, Now, all of these are standard fields. There are something here they call fancy fields, which is gonna be if they want to write in their past world for HTML for capture for rating , etcetera. But then you have to pay for the plug in. For our intents and purposes, we're gonna be all fine with standard fields all the way down. Interesting that they even have payment fields. But we're gonna be fine with this. Now, if you want to customize any of these, all they need to do its click on them and then we're gonna move over to field options. So right now it's s name. But for example, if you only wanted the simple version, we're just gonna be on Lee their first name. We could, for example, right first name, then all they would need to do is write in their first name. Now, I like it when they have the first and their last names. I'm just gonna write, name in here and then keep it at first and last. You could even have their middle name in there, and then we could write a description for the fields should we want to do that? But I think this is pretty straightforward with the name. We also have advanced options in here who want to increase a decrease the field size, and then there are some more advanced options that we're not gonna look it because these are all about coding and values and we don't need any of that. So this would be for the name. We also have the required if they have to fill in their name or not. So if I click this away, then they don't have to ride in their name in order to submit the form. But if I click on the required, then they're gonna have to feel this one in. So if I click on email, for example, same thing here, we could change the label. We could write anything we want to. We can also enable email confirmation. And what that means is that they're gonna have to provide their email twice just to confirm it. And then finally, we have common or message down here. Maybe we could just write in comment there for simplicity's sake. They will go comment, and we can also change the name. Right now, it says contact form and this is gonna be the form name that we set up earlier. We can change that and we can also give it a description. These air, the more general settings. So we have moved from field down to settings. Now there are more things we could edit here, for example, to submit bottom takes to submit bottom processing text and then CSS, which we don't really need to worry about. And now here is something interesting. This has something called anti spam Honey pots. Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe not a lot of websites nowadays to use something called capture or recapture, which makes you write in a piece of text or confirm that you are a human by clicking, for example, on pictures. And then you were asked to, for example, click only one picture that has a sign or the has a car. And this is to prevent spamming bots from writing to you on your website into your mail. Now, honey pots works a little bit differently. Honeypot is going to create an invisible field for the boss. What that means is, is going to create a field that we humans can see. But it is a piece off code in here that makes the but I think that that is a form that they're gonna need to fill out as well. So if the but feel that out, which they always do, because there are about then they are going to be regarded as a but and the message will not be submitted. They will be regarded a spam and they will be blocked. So this is quite futuristic at this point for anti spam, and also your visitors don't need to bother with Recapture. For example, people with dyslexia think it's a nightmare, and most people think it's a nightmare, to be honest. So I really recommend that he used his instead of recapture. And then we have dynamic fields population. And that is, if you would like to create a u. R l that would already pre feel some of these values. And I don't think we really need that. So we're gonna leave this from Blank, and then we have notifications, and this can be quite interesting. So, for example, the from name. You want to change that to Robin and Jesper, for example, and we might want to change some more things in here. So this is the notification. How it's gonna look like for them can go ahead and customize this. Finally, we have the confirmation. Now the confirmation is gonna be what happens when they have submitted. Right now it is at message, which means that they're going to get this piece off takes when they have submitted. We might run to write something like these. Thanks for contacting us. Will get back to you in 2 to 3 business days. For example. Maybe it will take your shorter, longer, maybe want to add some other additional information, maybe a picture it center. You could adding anything in here and that would be for message. Now, you could also show them a page to take them directly to one off the pages that we have created. Or we could take them to a specific U R L if we would want to do that. But for now, we're gonna go with message. So when we're all done with this, we're gonna go ahead and click on Save and just to have a look. If we go back to fields, we can see the way that the contact form is currently set up, and I think it looks great. I'm really happy with it. So we have already saved. I'm gonna click on embed here. So what you're gonna do is that you're gonna select all off this texting here. Right Click and then click on copy. Okay, press it down and then we're gonna exit here. Now we're gonna move over two pages, and then we're gonna go to our contact page. And what we're gonna do is that we're going to create a new block in here. We're going to search for short code. There it is and click on it and then just paste this code in here. There we go. Then we're gonna hit updates, and then we're gonna have a look at the preview. So I'm gonna click on the preview, and this is the way it turns out it looks perfect. I'm really happy with this now. There are a couple of things that I want to change. For example, I want to remove this side bar, and I would also like to make this a little more personal. So let's go ahead and do that right away. Now, for The sidebar we need to do is for the ocean. WP if you have it collapsed, just open it up by clicking here and go to content layout here and go to full with rights. And then what? I want to do is I want to add in a picture here off me and Jesper. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click in here, and then I'm gonna We already have image or would have searched for it. And then I'm gonna click on the media library and use a picture of us that I have used before. There we go and click on Select, and I'm gonna make it smaller center. It there would go. And I'm going to put this block on top like that, and I'm gonna create a piece off text down below for the heading. So I'm going to write something along the lines off. Hi. Please write your comment down in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. There you go. And then I'm going to click on updates, and then I'm gonna click on preview to see how it looks. So there we go. This is our current contact form. Now, the last change I would like to make is to center this piece a little bit more. But otherwise I'm super happy Now. We have the contact, they can write their name. They're e mailed their comments Hit Submit. We have the anti spam installed. Everything is set up. Great guys. Now, if you have followed along and set everything up just like I have, then I'll see you in the next lecture. If not, rewind the video, follow the steps, set up your contact page and then I'll see in the next lecture. Now, before we move on to the next lecture about the next plug in, I just want to emphasize that in order to receive any of these emails, it is so important that you move on to notifications in here in the settings notifications . And then this part was ascend to email address. You're gonna need to ride in your email address in here, and that is where all of the contact for sign ups and sendings will go into. It's gonna send into this inbox. Now, if you leave it as admin underlying email, then it's gonna use your admin email. But you also need to set up your admin email. And in order to do that, all you need to do is go over to the back end of your websites, move down to settings and then general and then here. You have your email address. Now Notice. This email address is used for admin purposes. This is your admin email address. So you're gonna have to set this one up, and I'm gonna set it up right now and then scroll down and heat save changes. So that means that you can keep this admin underlying Ely like this, and it's gonna send to that email address. But if you want to have a specific email that it's not your admin email, just write that one in there, and it's gonna end up to sending to that inbox for this form only. You need to change this for each and every form. Unless it is Theis standard admin email. Okay, guys, have you been following along? Great job. Fill up and do your form, set it at your contact page, and then we move on to the next lecture 12. Track Shorten Links: Okay, guys, in this lecture, you're gonna learn how to shorten and track your links. Now, the reason you're gonna want to do this is two fold number one. You're gonna want to track your links in order to know what works when you know what works , what your visitors air clicking on you can seem to do more off that material. And also, if you're into affiliate marketing, in other words, you're referring someone to a product or service and then getting a commission for it. You're going to want to track those links Now, the second reason you're going to want to track and short in your links. It's because you look more professional. Now when you are linking something, for example, to YouTube video, you don't want to display that you to blink rather for us. We're going to want it to say, for example, Robin and jesper dot com forward slash digital marketing tutorial rather than going to you to don't come forward slash and then a bunch of numbers. Now you have definitely seen a link shortening before, the most popular being the bit Lee link shortening. Now I have created a bit Lee Lincare for Robin and jesper dot com. So if anyone would go into this link, beat leaders, come forward, slash to UK and then just a code, then they would end up at Robin and jesper dot com. And the reason people are doing this is to cloak their links so they don't know all of the values and information that is in that, For example, if your affiliate marketing and you want to hide it, the problem with this is that a lot of spammers are using Bit Lee. So no one really trust clicking into a bit feeling because you don't know where you're gonna end up me included. So we're gonna sold this simply by using a plug in. There's unplugging for everything, guys. So we're gonna go through back and for a website, and we are going to search for pretty links Now. These are by far the biggest plugging when it comes to link shortening. I use it all the time. I think it's just great. And here it is short links by pretty links. And this is the best word princeling tracking plug in and I'm gonna have to agree. I think they've been around for 67 years already really stood the test of time. So we're going to click on install now and then we're gonna click on Activate. Great. So plug and activated, we can see this hair. Now we're gonna go to the lifter and down below. We're gonna have its own sections for pretty links. I'm just gonna go ahead and click there and in here you're going to see all off the links that you have created. You're going to see the amount of clicks they have if you have grouped them when they've been created and what the link is, And of course, the name you're going to give it. So let me show you how this works and how to use thes properly. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna click on add Pretty link, and the first option we have is the redirection. Now, the re directions. They're just numbers and might seem odd, but they're quite important to know because they affect the search engines. Now the 307 redirection means that you are redirecting people to another you area and that this is temporary. This is super important to know because it's temporary. That means that this search engines are not going to be ranking up that link because if they did and they find out that is temporary, you get a penalty and your ranking is lowered. So if it is temporary, we need to put it as temporary so that we don't get too much juice, if you will, for our S e O. Then we have 302 which is basically the same. There's a slight difference that it may. It's more vague that maybe more permanent, but I never used is I don't think you should care about it either. But the three year one is much more interesting because this means that it is a permanent redirection with permanent redirection. I mean that this link is going to stay like this. This is going to be the new original link. We're not going to reverse it back again. So if you're going to keep it like this and you know that you need to put it as three or one because then you can rank it up. We're gonna keep it a three or want to have the ability to change that length, and I'm going to explain to you why this is important in just a bit. And then we have the targeted you around. So, for example, let's say that I wanted to link to our digital marketing branding video that we made a block post about. Then I would go ahead, go to that video and I would go ahead and copy this your l go back and I'm gonna paste this in. Asked the targeted your l And then I get to decide how I want this link to be displayed. Now, this is the difference between Betley and using a plug in. As you can see, the link is going to be Robin and just dot com forward slash and then we get to decide the name. So we could say, for example, the digital marketing success because this is gonna help our s a o. Remember, that was the focus keyword When we did, the blood post is gonna help with this. S e O is gonna help it looking more professional and be more direct, showing exactly what it is about. So rather than having this when they click on the link or hover over, they're gonna get this instead looking much, much, much better and helping with your CEO. Then we're gonna give the title, and this title is internal. This is for you your eyes on Lee. So we're gonna write, for example, digital marketing, branding YouTube video. And then we could put some notes and the notes especially had. If you are doing any form off affiliate marketing, for example, okay, and then we have some advanced options as well. And now the 1st 1 would be, if you'd want to add them into a group, for example, it might be valuable to have a group for affiliate links. Might be valuable to have a group for YouTube videos, etcetera, etcetera for your own ice. And then we have been no follow, and the no follow is also important. It goes hand in hand with the redirect. The no follow. Make sure that Google and other search engines doesn't follow the link and rank get higher when people click on it, because the more people click on it, the better our CEO is now. If we put this as a permanent link change, then we could go ahead and remove the no follow and then we would have a so called do follow meaning we want the search engines to follow the link and rank it up because this link is going to stay permanent. It's not going to change, but for us we don't have to worry about this. We're gonna keep it simple on temporary and then no follows automatically checked in. We also have something called Para meter forwarding and this is advanced feature. I just want explain to you what it is, but we're not gonna use it. It basically means that if you have values, did you want to add into the link for example, your affiliate marketing? You wanna add in what your affiliate name is? What the affiliate product is the affiliate website and you want to change those values you could add in your own values to the link. No need for us to do that. If you're not an advanced yusor, don't bother with this one and then we have the tracking and we want to have the tracking. There are also pro options, but you're gonna need to buy for these and honestly, I have never used to pro options. I have only used a light version, the free version. And I think it works amazingly well. So there would go and then we're just gonna go ahead and create it. So now we have our first link in here now the beautiful thing. Like I showed you earlier. We get to see the link click if we have a group when it was created and the way that link looks like. Now, the amazing feature with this is that once you started using this link in a bond shop different post, for example, and you notice that, well, all of the links to this certain video I want to update this video. But I don't want to go through, you know, 200 post and change all the links manually. You can go over here where it says edit, click on it and then you can change the targeted U R L, Which means that you will have changed the video for all of those post using this link. And that's an amazing feature. It's gonna say you so much time and hassle. So you get to track your links. The link looks much better, much more professional and trustworthy, and you have the bulk option later on to manage them all at once. If you want to update something now, remember, this could be a YouTube video affiliate. Link on article Could be anything that you, over time want to update in that post, you get to update them all at once. So for us personally, what we would like to do is to go back and create a new pretty link and then add targeted u R L to R, for example, digital marketing course. Now we want the links to be looking like this. That is the targeted euro and then Robin just before we're slash digital dash marketing. It's important that you use a dash here when you're working with the links, not the success. There we go. So we wanted to look like this when they are being linked to our course because we don't want to give out you dimmest links. We want to give out our own links to look much more professional when we are directing and also improve our S e o. So that is for us personally. Now have a look at what you are linking your service your product and download freaky links . Start customizing them so that you later on can use them. Okay, guys, great job. Download this plug and it's super useful. And I see you in the next lecture. 13. Email Opt in Business Email: Okay, guys, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about email opt ins What they are, how they work. And then we're also going to prepare for them by creating a business email. But first thing is first, what is an email? Often, guys, you've definitely seen them before. Let me show you. So I am a Pat Flynn smart passive income website. And if I just scroll down a little bit, I get this thing that says, Want the inside scoop joined 150,000 plus active members in the SP I community. All you need to do is sign up with your first name and your email address, and then you can subscribe. This is an E mail, often, so he is asking you to often with your email so that he can reach out to you doing email marketing. And you can email market anything. Your latest content, your latest product, your latest, whatever it is newsletter, etcetera, etcetera. And it is an incredibly powerful type off marketing that you do. So I strongly recommend that you put email often on your website, and I'm going to go through why in just a second Now this is an email often form. There are more types as well. If we look at Tim Ferriss, for example, now just going into his website, I get this sort off pop up, and this pop up is an email open as well, and he is giving me an incentive to join here. He's saying five morning rituals that help you win the day and it says no things. I'm not interested or unlock the list. And if I could weaken, unlock the list, he's gonna ask me to subscribe to his email. So I get this morning rituals. He gets my emails. Suddenly I'm on his email list. He can market to me and I get whatever continent interested in from him win win. But it's such a clever way you need a reason to sign up with your email, but this is an email up then. So if I go to his website and I scroll down, you can see that he has more incentives for me to opt into his emails because it's that important here. He's offering his fi bullet Friday, which is his newsletter. If I scroll down just a little bit here, he has another email often in Hiss sidebar. Will you get 11 Simple must use APS and tools, so there are a lot of different ways to use email often on and a lot of different ways to have your visitors opt in. But let's learn a little bit more about email opens, how they work and why you would need them. So the primary usage off on email Upton is to build your email list. Now your email list is basically everything. If you can have all of your customers and visitors in your email list or as many as possible, then you have a possibility to always contact them. Got a new product, will write to them, gutting you some news that you want to share right to them. Build that relationship with your customers. Get into in contact. Do marketing, released new content, offer discount, Do everything you can to improve the relationship with your customers, turned them into long term customers. And you have a very steady and stable business. So you want to build your email is because no matter what happens with your business online offline website, whatever it would be your email list states and you can always reach them with whatever you want. When it comes to marketing when it comes to selling, he's one of the fundamental blocks off building a business. It's huge. Now, in order to create email open forms, we're gonna need to create a business email. And the reason for that is, if you have, for example, Gmail, that you're using right now, then most inboxes is going to consider Gmail as spam. So you're not gonna be able to write to a lot of people and reach out to them with your newsletter with your latest content with your marketing, etcetera, etcetera, because you're using some form of commercial may like Outlook or Gmail. So what we're gonna do in this lecture is go ahead and create a business email. And the reason that a business email works is because they use something called It's Simple Mail transfer protocol. You're probably going to hear this more time. It's called S M T P and basically what it is. It is a team of protocol that removes all of the extra features that could be used to add, for example, malware or some sort of dirty business that could infect people's computers. It goes down to the very basic. And because of these, this spam filters and all of the virus Fielder's really enjoy this simple protocols. This is why it's one off the best to do email marketing and use for email often so you can do your newsletter, your marketing content, release everything through this. So this kind of service is where we're gonna sign up our email with and create or email business for. So what are you gonna use your email is for? Well, we have already touched on it. We're gonna use it for newsletter, maybe once a week, maybe once a month. For example, we're gonna use it to release your latest content, your latest updates, your latest product, whatever it is or just bring out some sort of value. Connect with your customers, your visitors deep in that relationship, and this is how you have happy customers and improve your business. If you can get 1000 people to become long term customers to your business, you're gonna have a very stable long term business to come and earn greatly as well. Do you really want to make your customers long term and improve the relationship. And the great thing with email marketing not only has stood the test of time is one of the most effective forms, together with messenger marketing ways to reach out to people and market. And not only that, it's the type of free marketing as well, because they will be on your email list. So, guys, if you are serious about your business, build your email list. I hope I have convinced you already. One of the biggest rookie's mistake is starting up your business and not having your email list. And now, while there are a lot of different services such as male chimps, which you're gonna hear about later, we are going to get started right away, building our email list and starting off with a news letter. Okay, guys, So let's start off first things first. We're gonna go ahead and create our business email. Okay, So in order to create our business email, we're gonna do that through Blue Host because when we signed up to Blue Host, we actually got the opportunity to receive five free email addresses. If you don't have blue hosts, I'm going to be putting up some other sources where you can sign up front email address for free. That's also going to use the SMTP Protocol. But if you've been following the course from the beginning, we're gonna use Blue Host. So all we're gonna do is go ahead and click on Logan and then we're gonna go down to email and office, and then we're gonna scroll down to where it says basic E mail, right. Set up basic email and connect with your domain. So all you need to do is click on, See Options is gonna take you to the section off your host called the C Panel. Now, the C panel contains a lot off advanced features that we generally don't need. It is also the access to all of your website storage files. But what we're gonna do is go ahead and create our email, and I'm also gonna show you how to access the email there. Now, if you want to log in here quickly and look into the sea panel, all that you need to do is go to the browser and right in your domain name, which is Robin, and just don't come for us. Then make a forward slash and right see panel and then hit. Enter. By doing this, you're going to get access to your seat panel. Now, in order to lug in here, you're gonna need your user name and your password. And if you don't know your use your name, just go to your email and check out the email that Blue Host wrote to you when you signed up for their hosting service. You're gonna have the user name in there, so just go ahead and copy paste that use her name right in here, and then use your password and then Logan. And then once we're in here, all we're gonna go ahead and do is scroll down until we go get to email and then click on email accounts. And in here, we're gonna go ahead and click on create. As you can see, we have five available and zero that's been used. We're gonna click on create, and then we get to choose our own evil, and it's gonna be at Robin and jesper dot com. So we might want to use info at Robin and just be dot com contact at Robin and jesper dot com. Anything you would like for this? We're gonna use contact. There we go. And then I'm just gonna enter my password clearly a strong password. And then I'm going to scroll down and we get a storage space included in this and you don't get to have more than 100 because we have the basic is subscription. So we're just gonna go with 100 megabyte? I mean, that's a lot of space for your email. And as your business grows, we can expand the plan. That's not gonna be a problem. Once you start generating some revenue and then we scroll down and then I'm just gonna go ahead and click on Create. So perfect. Now it's created. Now we have a business email. How awesome is that? If you want to go ahead and check out your email, all you need to do is log into the sea panel, go to email, you're gonna get right in here and then click on check email and in here you're going to get three different options where you want to check your email. All of these air using SMTP you can go in hoard Round Cube or Squirrel Man and honestly, these air just different looks, so it doesn't matter. I just prefer to use round cubes. I'm gonna click on this one. And here we are, Here we are in our new business email. Now I can strongly recommend it. You go ahead and bookmark this page to get an easier access. But, guys, if you want to know how to get all of these business emails as SMTP emails which we need to do our email opens an email marketing. I can show you how to redirect those from this service to your Gmail and then send from Gmail, but still have it transferred from your business mail and ask your business mail. Okay. All you need to do is hook up this server to Gmail and everything will be sand an intake. And by these SMTP Protocol. But it's gonna appear on your Gmail if you're interested in that than stick along and I'm gonna show you how. If not you want to use. This is a business email. You can move on to the next lecture and I'll see you there. So I see that you're still here. Let's go ahead and learn how to do that. So what we are going to do, we're gonna go ahead and move over to our Gmail. Now, whether using outlook or some other email services, these work pretty much the same. And it's an easy thing to do, and all we're gonna do is move over to the writer and click on settings and then go to settings. And then we're gonna click on accounts and imports, and then we're gonna go downward says, add a mail account. So let's go ahead and click there and then I'm gonna add the email address, which is contact at Robin and Jesper Dots. Come and I'm gonna click on next, and then we're gonna go ahead and click on next again. We don't need to connect anything with Gmail. If I were gonna click on next and here, we're just gonna go ahead and log in once again with the Logan that we just created, asked our business email. I'm gonna go ahead and write that and then you get a couple of more options in here and none of these are important. But you might want is to label the incoming message with these contact that we have so I'm gonna press that one in, and then I'm gonna go ahead to add account, and then they're gonna ask me, would you like to also be able to send mail as contact at Robin and desperate? Come And yes, that is basically why we're here to retreat and send from Gmail, but still using it as contact that Robin in jest but outcome. So we're gonna go ahead and click on next and accept that, and then we'll get to enter some information here. We want to be named Robin and Jesper. The email address will be contact at Robin and jesper dot com going to click on next, and then we get to log in once again, It's all about security, right? And don't worry about these extra features. Such a sport in the secure connection, Thiel s just leave them as default and then click on add account. So now they're going to send a verification code to our business. Email Albany to do is go to it and retrieve it. So I'm gonna go back to the web, mail our business mail check themed books, and here we go. Here we have the male. I'm gonna enter it. And then in the very top here we have the confirmation code. I'm just gonna selected right click copy it. Go back and I'm gonna paste it in and click on Verify. Okay, guys. Awesome that we're all done. If we look to our left, we can see that we know Have contact at robin ingested dot com as our own tab to the left in our Jima's. If I click there, I can see all of the emails that's coming to our business email. Now, here we have the Gmail confirmation and I could even go ahead and write a new message in here. So let's compose one, and I can choose where I wanted to be from either contact at Roman Just don't come or our original dear police and at Gmail. So in this way you can keep your business email, which we need with the SMTP Protocol to not be spam filtered. You can also make sure that you have all of your business separate emails in one place for your own mental organization and then reply to them all in one, please, using Gmail rather than having to log in the same thing work for out longer and the other service. Great job guys follow these steps because they are mandatory. In order to start setting up your email, opt ins forms on your website. So do this, and then we move on to the next lecture and start adding the forms to our website. See you there. 14. Email Opt in Forms: Okay, guys, great job making it this far. We have our business email and we have set up mail Poet. Now, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about forms and emails, basically, how you captured those subscribers and how to send the emails to them. Inform off newsletter latest content, etcetera. Before we move on, there are a couple of things I want to show you, and the first thing is stealing the settings. That is the sign up confirmation. Now the sign of confirmation is basically, when they subscribe, they're going to have to go to their email and then click on a link to confirm their subscription. This can be turned off, but the benefit of having this is that you have a more dedicated subscribers list. If you turn this off, it's easier for visitors to subscribe, but it's quite easy to have a full email is that's not gonna do you any good in just waste space and a lot off these services. They start costing money when you reach a critical number. Usually that's not a problem, because when you have a lot of subscribers, you're already making a good revenue. But keeping your email is clean from the beginning is highly recommended. So I just want to make you aware of this, that there east on a sign up confirmation enable I recommend you to keep it enabled. And then just to change the from and reply to here, I'm gonna go with Robin and just for here again. And I actually like this The most obvious, very basic Confirmed your subscription to Robin and Jesper and then the content. Hello. Welcome to a newsletter. For example, if you have a newsletter or if you have something else and then confirmation, but is the male poet page and then just save settings and we have advanced features here as well, but there is nothing in here we need to do so without further ado. Let's start talking about fourth and emails. Now when you have someone who subscribes to you, they are going to be added into a list. Now, if you remember previously when we were at the basics in the basic settings in here and we had this subscribe in comments right and we had that user will be subscribed to the Selous . My first list, that is the basic list and we activated this and we had a guest admit your mail only. So they have the possibility. Well, what we're gonna do in preparation is go over to lists, and then we're gonna change the name off this list, and we are going to call it comments subscribers. The reason that we are doing this is because you want to know where a person subscribed. Right now, we're gonna know that this person subscribed from the common section. We can see how affected the Upton is, meaning that they actually subscribe there. And also we can start separating our subscribers. So I'm gonna make another list here as well. And when we get more in depth in this, I might want to make, for example, a blogger list. I might want to make a digital marketing list, a Shopify list, etcetera, etcetera to be a specific as possible because you don't want to send, for example, digital marketing material for people only interested in Shopify. So this is just getting clever from the beginning and putting segregating your audience into their own interests. You send them the correct content. That's how you keep them as well. And keep them happy. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead up here and click on add New and we're actually going to call this side bar and then we can have a description here as well. And this is only for our eyes. People who subscribe through the sidebar for what? So what we're gonna do here is that we're actually gonna go ahead and create a form that they will be able to sign up through to be added to this list, and we're gonna make sure that they are added to the sidebar list. So we know where they came from, remember? So we're gonna move over here to the left side and move over to forms. And what you have here in the beginning is a GDP are friendly form, and that's just the basic foreign people can sign up, and they also notify you off how their information is used. If you don't know what GDP or is, it stands for general data protection regulation. And it's a European law that basically says that you have the right to your own information . It doesn't apply for Americans. Obviously, you don't have your own rice here. or information, at least not at this point by law. So when you have European visitors, it's super important that you make them aware off this so that they accept that you will be using their information or you're actually breaking the law. And this is still quite sensitive. But you want to comply with the law always. So this is a basic form. But I want to show you how you make the forms yourself. So all you need to do is go up to forms and click on Add new. And then this is the basic form builder. It's super simple. Now if we go move down where it says Fields, we're gonna be able to add in different fields in here. So, for example, let's say that I want them to add their first name. Then I just click on it and I dragged in here and it's so simple and fast. And then I can click on edit display and I can change the label. For example, I could use right name or police right in your name or anything I want, but I'm gonna keep it simple with first name, and then is this field mandatory. Yes, they will not be able to subscribe without putting the first thing. They also have something that says display label within input. So if you look to the left, you can see that it's his first name on that. Stop here. If you put display label within input as yes and then done This is gonna pope in inside off the label. It can give a pretty clean look, and it's gonna make the whole opt in box smaller. So if you want to edit that for the email one as well, just click on edit display and then display label within input. Yes, and it works the same for all of this. If you want a list selection, you can drag that one in here as well. Let's say that we want a last name to We're gonna put that in the middle. We're gonna go to edit display. We're not gonna make this mandatory, but we're gonna have the label within input done. There we go. And then we have the subscribe button, which we can change as well. We could write like subscribe. Now we're subscribed to us. Anything we want and then I'm gonna click on Done. There we go. Now, if I moved to the top once again, we're going to go through all this and move to settings. We have something. This is this form as to subscribe to these lists. And we already prepared one that said sidebar because we're gonna put this form in our sidebar. So everyone who signs up through this form will be put to our sidebar list. So I'm gonna go ahead and select that, and then you get to choose what happens after they submit. They could either be shown the message, check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription or have them sent to a page. I really like this options. I'm just gonna keep it like that. And then we have the form placements in here, and I'm gonna show you how to add these to decide for. But I want you to know also that if you click on short code here, you get this little piece off code and we already know how to use the short codes, right? You go to the Gutenberg editor, you make this block and you search for short code, and then you cook PM paste this one in here. So that means that you could create a new form that says contact, for example, And put that for in your contact page, All you need to do is create a block and put in this short code super easy, super effective. But we're gonna actually use the widget patient. I'm going to show you that in a second. So before we move on, we're going to give this a name. I'm just gonna call this side bar form and I'm going to click on Save. There we go. So what I'm gonna do now is that I'm gonna go to appearance here in the left, off the dashboard, and I'm gonna move over to widgets. So now if you scroll down here in this widget area, you're gonna find something that says male poet 34 I'm just going to click on it and drag it suit. It's up there and put it wherever I want to. Let's say that I want to put it below recent post. I'm just gonna put it There sits between recent posts and the Facebook like box, and then we can decide on the title right now it's a subscribe to our newsletter or we could write something else, and then we get to decide which form. First we have the GDP or friendly form. We're gonna use the sidebar form and then click on Save. So if I go to the upper left visit site and I opened that in a new tab and then I navigate to Blawg, which actually uses the sidebar and scroll down, we can see that here is our form, so people are now able to sign up. So if I write my name here, Robin, let's say I write my last name, too. And then I'm gonna write like that and that I'm gonna hit. Subscribe. So check your inbox Respectful to confirm your subscription. Awesome. So we would have to go to our email to do that. But what I want to show you with this is that if you go to male poet and you move over to subscribers, you're going to see that we just had someone who subscribe, and that's me and that the status is unconfirmed because I haven't gone into my email you to confirm this. So in the subscribers area, you're gonna find everyone who has subscribed to you, which is very useful. You can click on the person as well, and then you can ride in additional information about the, like the first name last name. There's no reason to do this whatsoever. I never access anyone personally, but here, you're gonna have all of your subscribers. And this is what I love so much with male poet that you can do everything in here. Okay, now, one final thing before we move on. If we go back to forms in here and we check out the GDP are friendly form, we can see the 30 say, texted that says we keep your data private and share your data on Lee with third parties. That makes this service possible. No, What you might want to do is go ahead and copy this text. Right click copy it and then go back to your own form. The sidebar form in here Go in, go to fields and then just at a custom text or HTML put it at the bottom. And then you might want to add in this text in here because of the G d. P R. Regulation. Now we're gonna talk more about GDP or later on, and make sure that your entire website is GDP are safe and confirm. But for now, this is a great thing to do, even though we haven't created our privacy policy page yet, So I'm just gonna remove this reader privacy policy. And when we created, we can go back and edit this and then click on done and save. So our form is working. It's up. It's on our side bar and we have connected a listers. We know where they're coming from. Now let's move over to the e mails, guys. So what we are going to do is go ahead and go to male poet and go to e mails. Of course, this is the beauty off the program. You get subscribers, so you're gonna be able to market to them. Now, in here, you're gonna notice there are three different types who have newsletters welcome emails and post notifications. So if I go ahead and click on add new up here, you get to see that we have newsletters which sends them a newsletter and you get to set a frequency where you want them to receive the newsletter we get to create a welcome male a latest post notification and we could also do for well commerce. But we don't have commerce. We're gonna go through later on in the course. So the beautiful thing with male poet is that it's very easy to use because they help you out a lot. There's a lot of guides in here, but I still want to show you how this works. So if you go over to welcome male, for example, and you click on set up, then the first thing you get to do is choosing. When is this welcome? Email sent, right. And you wanted to be someone so much subscribes to the list and then you want to decide which one is going to get this welcome, male, Because again, if you set up a specific one for digital marketing, you're gonna want to set a different one for Shopify, for example, or for some other business course that we have. It's gonna be the same for your services and products. So you segregate that you make the newsletter there welcome the latest content super specific. And then when it's gonna be sent hours, days, weeks later or immediately. I'm gonna go with immediately and then click on next. Now this is the next thing here that I absolutely love with Male Port is the different templates that's come with it. So in here you can choose any off the templates to begin with, and it's just simple. Dragon dropped to edit them. So let's say that I go ahead with this one. We can click on a preview to check it out, or we could just go ahead and select it and start editing it if we like what we see. So everything here is incredibly intuitive. Dragon drop and we can change everything. So, for example, up here you can put in your own logo, your own brand, your business logo or we could just click on it. We get the settings to the right and click on Select Another Image and let's say that we want to use a picture of me and just burn. We're gonna click on that one select image. Here we are now, this is a tad too big, so I'm gonna change this up. So I'm going to scroll down and then click on this one. Hold it and make it smaller. There we go. So we just added the first part. Now we could add all of the text in here. We could make it into anything we want to. We want to add something specific piece of ticks with click on it would drag it in and we drop it. And you're right. You're texting here. If you want to remove it, all you need to do is click on this and then delete Super intuitive Super easy. Now, for example, in order to get someone's email address, you might want to use something called Elite Magnet. Now it elite magnet is basically when you're offering them something for their email address. So in your form, you might want to write. If you subscribe, just we're gonna offer you our top five tapes for digital marketing success. Well, if they're going to subscribe to us, we're gonna have to offer them that pdf with the marketing success formula that we're offering. So in order to do that, we might want to have this get started here, But, um, and we might want to change the takes to download the success formula. For example, maybe other, the smallest doesn't go that big, but you get the point. And then we would put a link to download a pdf either somewhere else or you put it up on your own website, so it's extremely intuitive. You can just designed this completely by yourself. And if there's something you don't like, you want to make it simpler. You start by removing things, and then finally, this is so important down here. There's something that says your address line. Now you need to ride in your address. This is super important for two reasons. Recent number one. It's actually required by law when you're doing email marketing to provide your business address, right? And if you don't have a business address used to write your own address and number two, If you don't write the address in here, you are going to get caught by spam filters so they say, super important. Don't miss out on this. And finally, here a swell click on these. Just set up your social media, and in no time you're going to be having an awesome welcome mail. Now, before we end this, I want to show you one more thing. So let's say that we were all happy with this. All we would need to do is go up and click on next. And here you get to write the subject line, and this is sensitive. You want to it to be something that's gonna captivate your audience. For example, here is your top five tips. Strategies for these are marketing success or whatever this that you are offering, or just high if you're not offering anything hi and welcome to and then your website, but something to captivate them and then send this welcome email when this is the one we set up before the sender and the reply. Tosia all basic and then we click on Activate Now. The important part is that you set the correct subject, so let's check out the other options as well. So if we go back to email and we click on add New, we can also do something that's called latest post notifications. So if we go ahead and set that up, we can actually send out our latest post to them at a certain frequency. Let's say we want to send them out weekly on, say, a Monday at 12 a.m. We click on next. And then once again, we get to decide one of these beautiful templates. Let's just select this one and you're gonna notice that in here there's something that says today's top story, which is just a basic text, has been added to the template, and it's gonna show the latest post this is super cool. Now, if you would like to add your own latest post, all you would need to do let's just delete this one. For now, that all you would need to do is click on this one. This is automatic latest content and then dragged in here, and then you're going to get the latest content that you have displaying in a super handy feature to have Now, in here, if you click on it and get the settings, you could include MAWR, for example. Let's say that you have six posted you want to show, and now we only have one anyway, so I'm not gonna make a difference. But you could show us many post that you want in here or include certain tax. Remember how we segregated digital marketing people with business people? You could choose one off those in here like business or digital marketing super handed, super useful. Now you could also be adding in selected post by clicking on this one, dragging, eating and then selecting the post. It's gonna display in the line here and selecting the ones that you want to add again. We only have one. But everything in here is extremely intuitive. Play around with these used to template and then set up. First of all, you're welcome. Then set out your latest content and then finally go and check out the newsletter, and then you will have set up and started building your email list. Awesome job, guys. Now let's move on to the next lecture. And don't skip out on this one. Don't just move onto the next one. Follow these steps. It's actually very easy and so important that you get this right from the beginning. Follow these steps and I see in the next lecture 15. Image Optimization & Compression: Okay, guys, in this lecture, you're going to learn how to optimize and compress your images. Now, your first question might be Why would I want to do that? Well, the reason for that is that when you start getting ah, lot of images on your website and you're going to want images for your design over time with your blog's post with your articles or used to design overall, this is going to be slowing down your website. Now, images carry a lot of extra information more than just the picture itself. What we're gonna do is go ahead and grab a plug in. That's going to strip the image off all of that extra information so it takes up less size . Basically, there's gonna be less for your visitors to load when they see the pictures, which is gonna make your website faster. A faster website like would learn with the catch is gonna make for much happier visitor better visitor experience and happy search Indians, right? Google is gonna love this. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get started. Now we're gonna go to the back and off our website like we always do plug ins add new And now we're gonna search for SMUSH. Now this is a huge plug in. It's been around for a long time, and it's very effective is one of those wonderful plug ins that's just plug and play. So we're gonna go ahead and click on Install now and then we're going to activate, and now it's been activated. So let's go ahead and check it out. So let's go to the left and then move down to where we see Smush and we're just gonna click on it now, straight off the bat here. This plug in is already working whenever you're up loading any new pictures now is going toe automatically be compressing those images, making the smaller and optimize them right. So this is just plug and play. It's wonderful. And also, by the click of a single button, we can optimize all of the images that we already have on our website and Intermedia Library. Okay? And they also offer a set up for you here. But you're gonna not gonna need for now because I'm gonna be your set up basically, So I'm gonna skip this, set it up later. So while this is just plug and play. I still want to go through how this works and what it does for your information. Now the first thing we have here is the bulk smushed Now bottom. If I click on this button is going to be compressing and optimizing all of the images that I have right now. And since I have 25 images in the media gallery is going to be optimizing and compressing all of them. Now, since we're using the free version, we can only do 50 at a time and 50 at a time. That's still great. You don't have to pay anything for this plug in. If you use the premium version, you can do a lot more at a time since we're getting started. And since it's going to be optimizing all of the images that we put in, we're not gonna need any premium version. But if you install this on the website that had maybe 10,000 images need optimization, it can be a hassle to go back and optimize them 50 by 50 all the time. So, for our sake, this is more than perfect. Now, if I scroll down, there are a couple of things in the settings. We don't need to do anything. I just want to explain what they do. The first thing is that we have the automatic smush. So basically, it's always going to be optimizing everything, optimizing and compressing them. And what I mean would compressing them. I'm gonna show you in just a second. Scrolling down. We have something says, stripped them off the meta data. And the major data is going to be all this unnecessary information, such as where the picture was taken when the picture was taken. Information about the picture, etcetera. We don't need that kind of information when we upload a picture on our website. So all this extra information is just gonna take up additional space, which the visitors needs to load, and they have no use off since they're not going to have access to that information anyway , So we're gonna have this activated now. We don't want to activate image rece icing for design purposes. We want to resize them and do that ourselves. And then there are a bunch of pro features in here as well. Now we don't have any usage off these pro features There's one thing I want to talk to you about, though, and that is the PNG and JPG now. Earlier on in the course I told you about PNG being a optimal file tie for your website because it has a much better quality. And it does now. With better quality comes bigger size and slower loading times. So Jay Picked does have its place when you are using images. But if you're going to be using, for example, a header, you want to have that header in PNG because you want to display a nice image of the head of that's going to be catched. But if you're going to do blood post and the images are not the most important part of the blood post, you could go with JP to make your website faster. Needless to say, if you're a photographer or having any of these super important images, you're going to want to use P N G. And with the compression, there's gonna be lost less quality. That's one of the feature off the free version. When it's using the compression, there's no loss off the quality off the images whatsoever. In the Pro feature you can make the loss bigger. Meaning you can make the quality off the images. It's like the worst. It also means they're gonna be drastically smaller in size. But we don't really want that. We want to keep the images nice. Good looking. So now we have installed it. We have just much the images. We know how it works, and this is gonna be plug and play. So what this is going to do when you upload an image besides your stripping it of meta data ? Is it going to be changing the resolution off the images? In other words, if you haven't image, this air is, let's say, 2000 times, 1000 pixels. But all you need is 800 times 600 pixels. Then it's still gonna be the same size off that image when you uploaded. But you're not going to be using all of that quality size. So what smart is going to do is optimize it and put it into the quality so that there's no loss of quality. But the size is going to be smaller right now. If this is all Greek to you, don't worry. Just know that this works this is making your website faster and I love it. I've been using it for a while, and I strongly recommend that you just keep this, leave it on so that when you build up your website, this is gonna have a drastic effect over time, constantly optimizing, making sure that your works I never get slow. Great guys, let's move on to the next lecture. See there.