Build Better Brands - simple tools for success | Nigel Reyes | Skillshare

Build Better Brands - simple tools for success

Nigel Reyes, Creative Director at Agency-R

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Build Better Brands Intro

    • Brand Process Basics

    • The Brand Audit - Part One

    • The Brand Audit - Part Two

    • Brand Audit Tools

    • The Brand Platform

    • Bonus - Client Case Study

    • Outro


About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to craft better brands from the outset by following a few critical steps before any design work begins.

We first break down the branding process into its basic steps and then focus on helping you to get the most out of the preliminary information-gathering phases.

Students will learn about some easy-to-use tools they can adapt to their needs and put them to use in the class project.


  • We tackle the importance of the Brand Audit 
  • Provide tips on how to run a Brand Lab or Brand Workshop with staff or clients
  • Advise on key areas of research to fully understand and define a brand

Finally, we show you how to create a simple Brand Platform which will become the launchpad for the design and creative work. The platform combines all of the findings and insights into a framework that summarises the core values and characteristics of the brand. 

Tools and methods shown are based on tips and techniques that we use at our agency but suitably adapted to the needs of small companies, start-ups and freelancers.

Some basic prior knowledge of the Branding Process is an advantage, but not essential to follow this course.





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Nigel Reyes

Creative Director at Agency-R

Creative Director & Senior Consultant at Agency-R, a global branding consultancy focusing on SMEs, Technology Start-Ups and Brand Education.

Previously Director of Marketing & Communications in the Airline, Aerospace, Retail and Start-Up sectors.

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