Build Armatures (Toys) for Stop Motion Animation

Marlena Martin, Animator, Artist, Educator

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9 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • What are Armatures?

    • Supplies

    • Spine

    • Torso and Legs

    • Arms and Hands

    • Feet (Revised)

    • Head

    • Finished Armature


About This Class

In this course we will be creating an armature (puppet) for stop motion. Stop motion movies are a hit with moviegoers of all demographics. We will be creating an armature that you can use in your own projects. This course is budget friendly and all supplies needed are under $20. This introductory course will get you creating puppets in no time. It's fun and easy and you'll enjoy every step of the process.


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I homeschool and wanted to teach my kids how to do stop motion shorts. I was pretty nervous about showing them how to make the puppets. After watching this class, I'm super hyped. I plan on showing them the videos and walking them through each step. This is a fast and easy way to begin a very highly skilled art. My only beef with this course is that some of the supplies that are seen later, are not discussed in the supplies lesson. However, there weren't many additions. I did remember having to get a nut and bolt, pipe cleaner, quick stitch glue, etc. However none of the items cost a lot.
Makes it very easy and approachable. Great class!
Kristy Lankford

Illustrator, artist, and art teacher!





Marlena Martin

Animator, Artist, Educator

Marlena is a character animator, artist and educator. She enjoys teaching and helping students reach their full artistic potential. She has a BS in Computer Animation and enjoys photographing nature and all series of Star Trek except Enterprise.

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