Build An Esty Shop Using A Very Simple Inventory System | Desarie Anderson | Skillshare

Build An Esty Shop Using A Very Simple Inventory System

Desarie Anderson, Cash Flow Management

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2 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1 - How To Use The Spreadsheet


About This Class

  1. If you sell products on or offline, this class is perfect for you
  2. Your business is 100% dependent on inventory, which means your profits are 100% tied to how you manage your inventory.
  3. Bad inventory management = bad profits
  4. Good inventory management = good profits
  5. In this class, you will learn how to use the accompanying spreadsheet to
    1. Determine the quantity of inventory you have in stock (do I need to restock)
    2. How to determine your total inventory at cost value
    3. How to determine your total inventory at retail value
    4. How to determine your total net profit in the inventory you have already invested in based on your current inventory level
    5. Your total sales tax value based on your current inventory level and your sales tax rate
  6. You will also be able to play with different profitability scenarios based on your current and future inventory levels
  7. You can do all of this with the spreadsheet I will be using to teach this class.  The spreadsheet is also part of your assignment download.





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Desarie Anderson

Cash Flow Management

I am originally from London, England but currently live in Atlanta, GA with my husband David.

I always joke that I have had the distinct pleasure of using both the left and right side of my brain. I owned and operated a hair salon for over 17 years (Right side), and now I own a small Tax and Accounting practice (Left side). So you can get your hair cut & colored and get your taxes done all in one visit.

I graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Accounting. I am...

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