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Build: ADVANCED Website To Compare Product Prices"exclusive"

Monopoly Business, You Can Do It.

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20 Lessons (1h 53m)
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About This Class

The most practical and profitable domain of monopoly are: this is the domain that I am going to explain to you, and this domain is known as Affiliate marketing, or Commission Marketing, but in our case a little different, and we can call this difference of excellence and uniqueness of others, and that See that we take product descriptions "automatic or manual" from international sites, such as; "EBay, Amazon, AliExpress ...." and many more, and we put it in our site in order to compare their prices, to motivate the visitor to buy the cheapest and the best through our site, and then we take a profit rate of the price of the product ranging between 10% And 15%, for example, if someone buys a product for $ 100, it will take a commission of between $ 10 and $ 15, besides we will link the site to google adsense and aliexpress ads, so that all the companies we will link to our site for comparison and Profit.


The difference between commission marketing by comparing prices and veral content and adsense:

There is a very big difference is that the price comparison site has many sources of income and at the same time, means taking your money from eBay, Amazon, Adsense, Ali Express Ads,Walmart Ads, and many others. And only one source of income, to and is only airsoft, and always be subject to lock your account for no reason, and if you close your account you collapse psychologically, and become inaction and lethargy, and this is normal, but in the field of price comparison, there is no harm if closed Your account in Adsense, because you have the entries from many companies, and here lies the secret in the aesthetic of this domain.


Why should I register for this course?

The question is easy and the answer is that this domain is still new to many people and I took this course to familiarize you with his vast cache, which I still discover some of them to the limits of writing these lines so be ready to enter the world of finance from its widest doors.


The names of the companies contracted with in this session are as follows:

  1. Partner eBay AND developer eBay

  2. Amazon associates AND Amazon aws

  3. portals Alixpress

  4. affiliate Walmart AND developer Walmart

  5. Viglink

  6. Link Share

  7. Kelkoo

  8. Flickr

  9. Zanox

  10. Pepper jam

  11. Click bank


    The theme and plugins that you will get for free are as follows:

    • REHub - Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme 61$

    • Content Egg - all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites 51$

    • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress 48$

    • Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin 89$

    • WordPress Contact Form Plugin — Ninja Kick 21$

    • WP Bakery Page Builder

    • Revolution slider with 6 unique layouts

    • Advanced Product Filter plugin

    • MDTF – filters and specifications for posts

    • RH Frontend PRO (frontend submit),

    • RH Buddypress member Types (for advanced Buddypress Member types)

    • RH Link Cloak for hiding and changing offer links. Supports also user submitted links

    • RH Woo Tools (set of unique Tools for Woocommerce)

    • RH Brand logo (automatically assign brand logo for Post images)

    • RH Gif (use animated images for Featured image)

    • WPAI Post addon. Bulk import deals and coupons from xml, csv

    • WPAI CE addon. Bulk import product comparisons in Content Egg plugin


      The names of companies that you can contract with, but we did not address them in this session:

      1. Admitad

      2. affiliatewindw

      3. bolkom

      4. City ads

      5. CJ link

      6. Envato

      7. Udemy

      8. gdoslon

      9. flipkart

      10. freebase

      11. lomadee

      12. skimlinks

      13. ozon

      14. tradedoubler


1. 1: Hello everyone. Welcome back. This is another video we'll show you where can buy. Ah hostin on Lee for Ah $4. So Goto Hospice So let's go slash Charlotte Dash Holson! That's html on Dscheer. All down. Onda selects this by now. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 24 7 c panel by now. After that's puts here Ah, your demand them that's is your Ah you buy from Ah friend. Um, after that, whether out on a stock that's and use verifying your dumb in selection, it will use May existence Nice on this section selects $2252. Click here. Uh, sorry, Contini hair. We will puts a coupon three years. Hopefully that scoop to read wits this price Ah, from ah to 1000 $4. This is the ship s press. You will get for three ah, years off all sin. After that shakeouts on the boy, it's using PayPal or ah, or discarded like Visa or MasterCard or America Express. So after that, you will receive an email important email gone in. Ah, all necessary things like ah ah, Logan on photo see panel on the name servers and some ah other information den. On the next video, I will show you. Oh, you can, Ah, link hotel link dominant to your house using C panel. And also install as s L certificate on the many other shoes. Thank you, Fortune. Goodbye. 2. 2: Hello everyone. Welcome back. This is the first video about awfulness marketing using compartment prices eso on this video I will show you how you can get Ah hominem for free. Ah, from this sites My daughter's friend on that come so Logan as ah, Facebook or a Google Then click services resistor A nude woman Well, moments Nice fund your Nudelman. We will put her entitlement them like Ah, calm going Push up mass check availability Nice. This is the extensions for free dot TK m l g k c f And this is for ah, that's come or dot net. That's, uh Argh! So we're really gets this. That's g A gets it Now check in, if that's is available. Nice. Selects it and shake out Very nice at this place. We will share in the period from Ah, three months. So 12 months. Nice compact shop does G k G A continent. They're nice at this page. You must Ah, In order to complete this process, you must complete your ah, other arrests and first last name and the zip code and the other shoes. So I have read and I agree with that term conditions complex order. That is nice. We will get our, ah, dumbing them. So if you have some difficult off our ah, you want the domain name using does come extensions extorts extension. Ah, you must go to GoDaddy. Good. That is best platform for ah boy in ah, dominant for ah shippers price you will get. That's for maybe $2 or three. So at this moment, I will be at the next video God, right? 3. 3: Hello, everyone. And welcome back. This is another video, and I will show you how you can link your dominant, um, to your to your host. So ah, after your saving your, um, participants email that's is contained a lot of important information about how to look into your C panel under named servers. So click here. Manage damage after shoes. Your domain name dash faster. That's M l and that. My measure management tools name servers. This on this things. Name servers. There are nuts. Got your sea panel scroll down Adam Dement's well moments. Neil them in them. Copy this bus here. Adam. It very nice. The addendum in auto dash on stuff. Those I Mel has Vinck writes it. Go back. So no, we will. Great. A file. Name it just DNS toe. Um, you are using your maximum. Okay, So document roots. We will click here off the answer. Ah, thoughts and l took a read on your file. Name it. This them and us to verify if our ah, dominant is, um okay. Moment. Fine. This and reading you fight. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Run name on day. Let's be hp. Yes, that is it. So it's it. It's another thing in here. We will grades or tip this and a nice save council like No, if you if way Ah, run our websites that's displaced. If if that's his work, that's nice. If that is not, doesn't work. Ah, we will wait 24 hours and will Ah, we work nice. So who puts hair? What? I start all moments. Okay, Very nice. There's Dennis. I'll think is work. Ah, who? Well, then, Dill, It's going federal canceled. Relate. Very nice. No, we will install ah s l certificate to our websites and rather x html toe. Ah html us. No ship as this l we have on here. Auto. Astor, those ml That's that as soon Pacifica, Our city s Fredericks. Well, moments. Very nice. No, Our sights. We will be asked to m l practical html Circle Former arisen Security. So that is all that's this video. Thank you for watching. And next video we will sell WordPress and our scripts blackens in that attempts. So thank you. And goodbye 4. 4: Hello, guys. This is another video. No, I will show you how you can install. You are work Press. Sorry. Ah, platform at our sides. So we must scroll down at the section on. Do we have hair manuscripts or press? Ah Ula PHP BV, Open rail sets and many other Ah, we must solve the work Press platform. They're nice. Well, if you look here Onda style now it's shoes. Ah, a lot. Just version five finds 2.2 our city office Nice. My block Stop! The largest websites off comparison fools prices. Um Well, uh what on stuff Gopi on the bust Password. Um good English. Scroll down. Don't ennstal any attempts and it Hm here if you want toe ah on email insulation the time. So if you want some details So I stopped. It's save wall moments. Very, very nice. We have heard to ah link The number one is our link on the second is for Ah to Logan as Ah , another minute. Other Oster Hello, world. This is empty. Ah, babe, A sample page. This is the dash part for the admin. The necessary. Ah, dash apart. Is this very nice? How our work Ah will be at this plats form Also this section we have ah many many order shoes we will do at this Ah blast for So they're nuts On the next video we will ask how them on plug ins are thin blackens we have constant act WP Baccari Ah auto WP automatic and many other shoes Thank you for watching. Got it. 5. 5: Hello everyone. Welcome back. This is another video and I will show you how you can on style or so you can applied in. Activate your Ah, Tim, We have price comparison. Milton under market Bless off these markets in common community Tim. Ah, you can buy a real lessons Listens Ah, $60 But you don't need to buy anything. I will give you your ah them What's the listen? So this them has oration. Ah, 60,000 cess You can find here many things. Rape is first time Wish is recommended by Amazon We listen our vital employments most actual Acela, Tibbs and profits able function. You can suggest a new functions Make a function Ah, functional combination. You can find in many other, um description about this Them eso no ho We can ah applied in ah accidents our team You can upload your TEM using to metal the metal number one is from this Ah apperance. Click here operas then them's Or you can apply this them from ah, click. That's fine, Manager. Then when we when you click that's ah fine manager. Ah, sit at this section your and in dominant, uh, like our case we have here. Auto are Saadat's and and go Then click at WP content a moment. Ah. Then click at this temps at the section your most click hair applied to apply and you're black in, uh, your them nice selects file and no such Where is that? Yes, there. Very nice that them is flight in Or you can apply it from here at new and the click off Light them shoes filed and asana But I prefer toe Let your plug in or you're them from this section because ah, somebody have Ah ah connection speed. True, slow. So you can't supplied from this section or from this. Bless the recommended places from C panel file manager and search go WP content and temps. Very nice. Go to this path. Relent. This is our zip. Remember that. Don't applaud your at them as ah Reier extension But that zip toe bones If this extracts from here extracts file moments and close or let and the dilates. Now let's if there nice relate No click hair temps This is our temp activates very nice. Now we must ah, flight and activates some plug ins. But ah we will do That's in the next video. Say again. God 6. 6: Hello and welcome back. Ah, and this video will show you a week. And Stalin activists all the necessary plugging on DA In this section, we have free halftime record. It's very have framework plugging to be on some trees on starting activates Onda Uh, it's on this beach. There are nice. You have hair. I'll plug ins. Wpl Amber's to content. Uh, we have cluck Shane. Ah and ah, help Content fronted publish in pro. So now we will ask Tom. Where is that? Where is that framework? Yes, this is a start. Very nice. Activates blackens Nice. We will ask palace and, um, accidents. And, um yes, this look action. Ah, I stopped fly present to rock your wagons on Southern accidents Plug ins Onda activates Nice. Now we will install some record Blufgan from hair blackens add new or from this Derek story your domain name slash WP content slash Blackens and go and of light said it's fine and said this Johnson ec Very nice then relate. We will extract sticks this Ah, 65 for lead that we'll let this, uh sorry. That list closer. They're nice now. Uh well, activists, our wagons oxidants in the play. Very nice. Good job. The all necessary blackens and them waas on. Startle it successfully eso In the next video I will show you how you can customize your site from Heather to foot. Sir. Say again. Goodbye. 7. 7: However, one more time back on this in the video will show you where you can customize everything. That's your our Web sites from Header two footer. So Ah, our sites. It looked like in this case, this is empty The page. Um, so we must click here where I have the demo on parts and scroll down and click hair Pampers . Yes. Some person I'm forcing play, please. Weights. One moments. Very nice. We have heros some, uh, dick of difficult fella. Time person? No. Ah, we must ah, really care and do the same operation to the second time. Yes, Samper's very nice. That's is it's all done. So I will go to our new sites one months. Very nice. This is our sites. Wonderful sights. Um we will change this life from Ah ah, home, my cousin. So maybe 1 to 3 Lyndon B. Ah, I don't remember. Yes, they'll search beach. So this speech. So if someone go to our web sites will go to read it directly. So this speech home page. Ah, for so how we can do this? We must go through this area. Ah, Where is that? Yes. Sitting and reading on the home page from Ah, we will should home or have to home base for safe. Nice if we go So the sites we will find a home page number four Very nice. We will change everything here from will ago. Lights many Oh, I lights many lights. Ah, this and this. And this And this this everything Everything. Nice. It's what's WP baccari Bash Willer Well movement. Nice. So she is this Ah ah image. We must click here and design options. The let's at far selects is fine said X files. Ah, all right. Here this image sits image and safe. Very nice. We'll change this. Um find all the stills. Got the trust, the same operation off Any text? Ah, like this click here and that The change What's Ah What's your the text from here? So I will put my video Onda the then when I completes all Ah, the text. I will show you how you can Ah, change this. And how you can add another photo fixer So warm moments on Daigo Vic Sure this sticks Besides severe morning Ah, working whites More than 50 shoes Compare companies to give the best price now relationship this saving people money, sense on districts. I will soon. Very nice. Safe changes. Now we will in shade. Ah, this through this description, um, puts their zero value default color. You can she? Ah, she what? He owns the same shoes. Very nice. Safe. So we will add another image. Ah, clone Single image. And it It's this single image from desisting and save shit. Just later, External source amid delivery. A maze This set. Nice save. No, Um, this will be changed on the next video. This how our sites is working The same Ah example at the list sign. You must pick hair Israel texts and ah, scroll out. Very nice. We are mother feeling this section in this on this now will that And when the fight This okay rather that the lids and this tree of this they're nice. Ah, we will modify this a con left up, scroll down like got feet first safe. I forgot the ikan like safe unless Okay, now I will modify this and this and this this and this one minutes and I will come for the other. Very nice. Now we will modify this section and this on that. This Ah logo. We must goto this area from rehab. Them options scroll down to love and five econ. She was a fine who's Ah hm? Um, they may see maybe this Yes. On Dhere. Uh, shoes this remember? Ah, Applied writes in a version. Off the logo on she will be to Ah, the double size off main logo. No safe shitless and go toe footer area. Heather, Manu Footstar Options here. I forgot toe Ah modified this. Ah, Fixer, I will do this right now, but And she was this said image save sugars less, um, of dates. And here we will. Ah, modify this and this Fixer, It feels this Maybe this Uh okay, we will notify this foot, sir. Training in team photo stuff. That's m l save. Very nice. Good. Now we'll modify this. And this And this flitter number one foot there. Number two foot, sir. Number three, this is number one. This is never so. This is number three. Okay. In age. Ah, hopeless image. This save footer. Um, next at the UN stop is modern Allen One price comparison. The review websites. Why the best solutions off for our free markets and they'll commission user, right? Ah, use our sin. But some of the sights Well, room of this social business. Dirks Airways location. This is this demo sites this ah, affiliate sites says is only for uh, maybe markets in Mark. Uh, markets are sites is only for DeFelice purples. I'll limit. Comprises. So there Ah, results. I've honors our continent inside. Nice. Very nous done. Social. Yes. Ah, we will scroll down to Social where the options ash did it be? Ah slash slash That's come slash It's me. Uh, let's go, Slough. Um, that's come slash Nice. What's up? YouTube? It's gone slash um telegram if you have a Chanel at zero grams or boots Seems very nice hair. Um done. Sorry. Uh, yes. Nice done. The food's on number three. Here. I will not at anything but you can at any Ah, off, like video text attack Luke, are us a search or re hopped up offers or anything you can do? It's from this place of 11 which is about the other. Ah, for this section off. Ah, main menu. Ah, we will modify this on the another video because ah, we have hair. Many Ah. Ah, Work on the next time, maybe. And next video. Okay, we'll see our sides. Who is Ah look like? Well, moments where we go. Nice. I have here. Uh, problem. Adalius, for this you can the change from wise color or black call our from what, sir? Dark Silas is Ah, the rights funds or right? Silent dark funds. Very good. I have a follow use. Ah, Facebook's was on surrounding use of this Has a patient sucks folly. Very nice. In the next video, we will move to find this and that. This Thank you for watching. Got my 8. 8: Hello. On this video, we will figure Ah, the search engine optimization off our sights. So we want must click here. Ah, this econ your second configuration wizard here. Then we will configure this one to this. So shoes this option next. Ah, smaller off flying business Next better salon esta Next! Next, Next, Next! Next! Nice! Next! And the clues. Very nice. Now we must click here The word Master fools And we must get the being master. Ah, Web must search rules Google and Yandex I'm sorry. Ah things. This is Google with muscle Yandex Baroness. And it was a copy this in the past Here Ding at index got the on the past here it was Ah could be this link and this good fairness and this healthy bust Save moments. Very nice. Verify Very fe Schick. One moment. Very nice. Our site is added successfully. That's Ah Yandex. No, we will see this. Yes, gradually is no Very failure Can no use Google services for your propriety such as search council. Very nice. Our sites is other toe being Ah, search claim your on 100 dollars Credits for makers offs adverse Sign a diverse ties in Ah , that's his ill. Thank you for watching next video. I will show you. Um ah, You can Ah, and customize another shoes off categories. So in the next video got away. 9. 9: Hello, everyone. In this video we'll show you how you can creates your, uh, a main manual. So the first thing go to suppose category and crazy the ah catching gris do you want? I'm creating hair. Ah, six seat I soon items I did us basketball a sincere else. Gulf hicken, organelles running. And you're there You can delay. It's in the category if you ah don't say like it or ah ah for example, you can create Adidas or baskets Well, on parents category shoes added us You can, ah creates subcategory like this Smith. So after this go toe appearance, Manu's and men Manu Ah, primary Manu Ah, Run, Name, toe Any name do you like? And through this primary, Manu in this section you will creds your manual Adidas at some on you. Nice crush, crush us and crush this and this on this. So that's a menu. The same thing for new balance. Like on the other bust new bones. That's a money off categories. This is new violence. Two men. You what if nous onda this the same thing for the owl after great in all the categories like this? Don't forget to save your work from air. Save money on DA Click Air Visit sites and you will get this beautiful money. You Nice work. Nice design. Nice review. Very good on DA. The next video, we will work at this section and the whole to get the up a off use of Google search console and ah, they evade of Lipper ive a partner of a ah genera, so good way. 10. 10: Hi, guys. And, um, And this video, I will show you where you can connect your sights. Ah, What? Ah ive a partner on eBay developer using up a program. So what's his up? PH up is application programming interface. You can find our, ah, information about this application program interface from Wikipedia or its sights medium for any other sites. So close this. We must get this up. A Ah, we must click first. What eyes? This is Eve. A one moments. Nice. The first thing is in Evel this model and this shoes this short Scott Onley parity brought I ah 10 someplace list title. Even future it made. Don't sit rhetoric. Students click. I don't do anything here of this model mud by ah, page view Application idea. This model is regulated up a access, Kate, even you can get it on eBay. Developer Braga from here This is Eve, a developer program Send up or sending if you have an account. Ah, openess from this place. And if you are a new member, you must wait one business day to ah accepts your at this program. Then goto developer totes evaders. Com slash my slash case and gets this goat put its air. The second record, Mother, is this This is connection wise partner. The program end company I d is valid for all programmes. Wish were provided for you, can you on. And if you live this foul blank, you will not Ah gets commissions for ourselves. So toe full this ah section you must go to eat the end. That's evaders gone center or sin in if you are. If you have an account and click here come pain. Okay, Go open, Chris. A new cup in one moment at this, Um a place. What? Stop And Corey, it's very nice. This is a thons stuff got beat and bust over today. Don't Ah submits anything here. Ah, shoes Your location from Eve A units said kind of the friends Germany. It's a Leeds being And you're there this much? Ah or Ah, corn price highest or stars? No. So we were lists this category. Ah, hair. We will know. I d off category for assertion. I d for category you can find on your off category, so we must go to, uh even this is our Ah ah idea. I d sorry. Coffee lose and the bust. But the another shoes surgeon description. No search logic, no further condition any or use it or like, do you once you don't. Ah, I don't gets about scared. Uh, this things and save changes. Baroness, this model is enabled in the Colorado Grande Color of things is very well. No Next video I will show you where you can get the a p a Years of Abbi a see again Goodbye . 11. 11: a low back. Ah, now we will gets Ah, the A p I off YouTube, This is user scroll down, Animal This middle this Ah section we will, uh, put at the end off the post. It's a little trending. Use video about these shoes. Ah, this shoe. Nice. Write that. No. Appear access. Kate, You can get its and Google from this place. Residents five results for Russell lugging three Royal Evans and they listens Nice. No, you must go to this page council that developers does. Google does come slash r p a Fred's new projects from her you projects selects your projects. Here, go to the library from this place One moments scroll down and selects. Ah, use of Ah, that up a version three In this place you will find a Nevil This model after correct click . That's and enable this model. This is Ah, that's it will be a parent and you will find here Minich That's his okay. And go back to this speech in the Koreas. Cordiant eels upbeat t Well, moments. This is our up a off Ah ah You too puts here Save that's is all things very nice. On the next video, I will show you how you can gets Google image up a and goodbye 12. 12: Hello guys, This is another video we will get. Ah, the happy A off Google image Scroll down another time and that will at the end off the post He made photo about this shoe. A sample Don't sit there we go Search engine I d. This fire is the record and this is record too. We must go toe submit this Ah section we must go. Ah Air site search I wasn't Holly X press on the express but the another Ah then good. I wish English name off the surgeon Jenny Great Control Bonham Congratulations. You've successfully image sich enable this Ah section is records choice for you? Yes, the search engineer ideas This coffee and bus No, we will get the a p a gay off Yousef Gozo the Libere Eri scroll down and enable this model custom sesh up a, um pick on devil from this place Korea's corden shells at the a p A coffee. Close bus. Um nice save changes. This model is enabled. Thank you for watching 13. 13: the most one person model is flicker on. Key wants on Google image. So we will start. Ah, uh, this section off flicker and never strong sample Future of image Don't sets up the a k You must go to this link. This sites I play for your K online now of late for a commercial. Okay, what's organization is your up? Ah, for And something Some pictures. Ah, off. Uh, sure. No, I don't. Oh, stuff. Thoughts and l a beat a needs between 11 100 towel dolls Birthday. What's his name off your Ah, Purcell. Um, those europe are several. Is urinary its profits? Yes. Do you use flick of fossil to drive traffic engineers to reverie? Yes. Do you work for? Ah ah. Represents emerge. A measure, Brandt or large on surprise. Yes, Yes, yes. Ah, Dr. Some some so more a venue. Um, from there from our criticizing he's, uh nice. Some of it. This is the key, Kofi us save very nice. Que wants good way 14. 14: Hello? Que wants? And I will score lounge mark in ages. Don't sit. Ah Kee wants Ah, don't! Ah ah! We don't have here. Workers models. That's it. That's is nice. So this is a better than safe shelters. That says it all Google News is this too? Um, we don't have any record models. Trend and news. Safe idea there. Maybe this. Ah, Mother is north record Google books, not record. So this is the AL necessary model. That's what he wants. Say again on the next video. God, I 15. 15: in this video, we'll show you how you can customize the witches for your sights. Ah, we have hair. Ah, side bar area. We, uh, customized Differ. Ah, foot or number? 123 Now we will customize sidebar area. So we must develop this and this and resins comments Just deal. It's oh, she was the let's categories. The leads Metta leads. Um, What's is the other? But ceremony you some sort they let's very nice. Now we will add, um, we have a few threat slider done. What's next? We helped up off first we re after first we hope affects tubs. Great, huh? Hijack stuffs for trend in true safe. We have image. Great. Plus three, huh? Image quit. Both done. Um, we have better Manu re hub. Bitzer. That's Ramon. You life and we're it Pre Mari money. Ah, I got a date. Gory. We have stuffs free, huh? Stops nice. We have Does we have social econs on two issues? Very nice. Thank you for lunch. 16. 16: in this video we'll show you. You can always your 1st 1st products. Um so we must goto them options from here. We help then options scroll down and click Hair off. Please Saved that The from Internet to post off her section. Where is they? Even have a This is Eve A. It's a wound. Save shares is very nice. So most leads And that goto plus help us and dilates Select said Ah six out. Ah, but foreseen items Volk Actions move to trash. I play very nice. No click new are new us at new Here we will at this shoes Was Lego. How did US bus selects this? Ah, tip off us? No. What other hair? She was the category I did us running body doesn't run it. Future The image if you have unfit uterus image Plus sitting for sly It's always shoes price comparison compacts or price comparison. Full weight. We will shoes. This was artists black do once first where it's like sidebar or ah, full, right. Well, it shows this this Sylar if you have ah, logo off the brand like Adidas logo puts hair. The link, um, is other nice it's scroll down. Hair is Ah, sale sitting session. You know, civilization. You can add the hair description and hair the section off content IQ, fuss, Find out hair we have here. How the products similar products from Aldi cellar Who sells this, um, decide them at all. Have hair. Some pictures from flicker Add at Aunt and and, uh, from Google Image hunt. But you want you need at that. And But I have here a problem. I don't know why. So you will. Ah, don't say Ah, any problem? But my kids I don't know why. Here we have access. Most figure it use of that a p a has not been used in projects before or it's disciple it. My a p a is an Ebola, but I don't know why. So I Willis this here? Yeah. What other? Okay, publish Loveless. He first. There we go. This is our new post here We have all the sellers of Ah ah, selling this item. This is the picture. This is the sidebar. If you throw it. This is the number one Adam trend in on the categories here. If you don't like this fixers sized pictures, you can ah, go to the setting off. Ah, he wants image. And so it's your size. Do you want? Do you like and or is that complaints? Shame from image galleries. Sample flicker. This is the, uh, victors number on. It is the size. Who's from, uh here? 30 20. Free 20 pixels on the equal in size. Nice. So this is our in this video I e. I'm showing you you or you can list your item manual in the next videos. I will show you where you can post your ah, all your listen automatically using Karonga job and ah, other a plug in name. It is, um WP automatic. See you again. Thank you. 17. 17: this video will show you how you can start. Ah ah, Auto blogging using not a black and you can post 100 post at the at the day. Yes, you can do it and you can do up off this. So how you can do this? This You can do this. Use in to plug ins. The number one is content from out of Logan or from Ah ah WP automatic. Blufgan is name it off. Ah WP automatic I will show you that next video. Now I will show you how you can do that's using ah content act pro professional. Okay. Click here at out of logging hair name. You're out of luck and optional I am Lead us Ask Satti, Work every hour, Work frequently every hour or are twice a day once a day or like do you want every hour here you A can generate or collects decay words off your products. So we have here Aditya Adidas Shoe. Uh but he does. We'll talk post at at and, uh on that. Had that Are you black? Multi color. What's luck? Um Banda man. Black rights Green snake er amazon u a e um Okay, So nice Scroll down Keywords for handle her manicures. Ah, process at once. We don't recommend it to use more than five years. You can issue there one or 3 to 4. Like do once title completes. Ah, this templates do. Ah, the title Off the product. The ones What? What is this? Ah do like K words like this. The title will be a period like this. Ah, Adidas Ultra boots men. Or in this case, we will ah, shoes this products title someplace off for a post. You can choose this first cold off Amazon. Some plates grid. In this case, I will leave us empty. Only shoes with mother shows your medal from here. They're okay. Well, shoes them flicker. Got it? And you know, um, he wants emissions Google in age you they even even Or is SCV. And yes, that's his Ah ah, Post study publish bus. She was the user do you want? But the answer category shows that category D wants to list your atom. We shoes hair added us dynamic category grants category automatically if the main products has a category data. Ah, your site a little Generates another, um category if that's save it. That's the death off the products from the primary source. In our case, we will not create any nuke category. Then that's great money. Minimum. It's model Regret. 10 That's is nice. This is Ah, knots necessary. Ah, Sitting safe. Very nice. Any category you want Do you want to list? You must do what? Applicant off. Ah, off its bareness. You A You can click here right now to run your post. Total posts. Here we have 25 k work after Ah ah, being this zero 24. You Ah, you must run another. Ah, a publican off this category or subcategory. So this is, um but it This is a parrot off doing. Ah, out of Logan. You can do other black and using another Roy, I will show you that in the next video. Goodbye 18. 18: Hello, guys. This is another. If you and I will show you can start Sort of like in using WP automatic black hair and click uh, sitting. Yes, it's moments Onda we have here. Ah, Amazon. Ah, you can get Ah, the Amazon access K i d or a PK a puppy. A or ah, societies. I d like a bank. The Disney persistent flicker eBay on instagram YouTube Female sound glued its owners in Vento Facebook. So it's our wall Merced on the other. We have here in the grand job setting, so we must goto, um Soprano to show you something. It's necessary. Notice that Steve A Come pen I The optional visit linked a play for a partner Nets work we have here. Ah, the I d from model off content eg, that's his vested at in a pandemic. There is. That's where is at C S. E. J well and the campaign idea. Eat the in company. Right? Select copy, but safe. Burn this. Call them here. Grand comment. We have heard three common if the above common didn't work gives the one below this. If the both common above Ah didn't work used the one of this is is ah this link that this comment is or cable You can use it That's like run job section from the ah, the end of this speech or is that doronjo air have grinds up offensive here grand secrets for we have hair You your link will be example And if you set up your crunch off, you will need to use the nuclear crying link a purse below After cracking, click in sihf warning. You need to have the good nolde off earnings comments before your can't use grand job effects. Overly check your script. What's so we have? Where is that's e mail? Put your email hair. Come on, sitting. I won't spare five minutes or bear our You can ah lists every five minutes. This is the common Go Monday minutes on, um being ever you can choose the hour you want. Ah, the minutes Here you can choose the minutes Hair hours, day months, years Ah, days and ab nuke Ranjha Ah, no Goto no Is that eyes? New campaign. Ah, the corner job is not record model, but ah, the Koran job will be Ah, work. Um, correctly and ah which was any problem. So on Lee Ah, complete this. Ah, sentence. Like or I do this like nick shoes hair you they and I shoes, Nike and rocks I could here lacks, uh, like air Max brakes. Thus bless Says the keywords as bust Like Onley they use it No rotates the worse. Ah, took the us off for different Give us no specific ive a user. No hair don't use ah categories. Custom of a category I d or is the idea is that the categories Guppy bus best mush allyson and fish in a very, very careful single image IHS, remove all this. Mm, My item. You mean I had some price. Remove is buy on eBay. Gossip, post water and stuff. Publish it. No partner is No, sir, if you don't know Hair shoes The cats to repress the city are our plus that security multiple selects. So we have hair like where is that like? Like Like like yes control plus interrupt. Plus have hairs. Two categories. Que ward to category. No fact. Specific sets like the Lord. A stag skip numbers K ward so tight. No spending post continues and snicker. No, from the plus. No That's his up forever. Nice minutes of that. After 60 minutes will generates another, um, bus for you. So we have air 60 minutes. Our day shoes minutes or you can 10 minutes Will minutes 20 for, like, dealings. Very nice. Publish. Well, moment. Every gun. Ron, Campaign. Very nice. This is our post. We must get this this bus because And this is embassy empty pools. So it's this addition is Ah, maybe tick between 30. 32nd 42nd is very sample. Don't ah take lots of time. So we have here. Nike Air Max goat. So got fit. Your We have heard the future of the nation. Very nice. Bust lights. Well issues Compact. Best value. Nice. We'll copy this air like air Max. Motion to men's shoes. Ah, coffee. It's a long content. EG bus final. Go to this and shoes disip off. Ah, us at, uh, shows this on this. This This This This This This is It's if I have a rare I don't own Ah, I don't know why of dates. You can run another, um, products for you. Nike Air Max Harsh for five men shoes, sneakers running. Very nice. But the bus of Dated. The most necessary section is this. This is the necessary thing on all off this base, Baron eyes have hair future it ah bus planned in of categories. So in this case, what is the best auto log in metal off again to use? It's your size. The best choice is using the autopilot. Ah, the creepy automatic aim breath for this. Ah, black and more than the content IQ so uses and see again Goodbye. 19. 19: Uh, hello, everyone In this video I want to talk about, um, the question customization, um off contacts, use and privacy policy and the other I don't like so show you how you can do. That's because that's is the very simple Just do you need some, um Ah, some, ah work from you. So that's is very simple. The mother shoes, that's is Ah, I want to talk about traffic all to get the traffic to your sites. So there is many ways to get the traffic to your sites. You can start learning Ah, digital marketing like Facebook cuts and email marks in what's up traffic go to get ah, traffic using what's up software? Eso. And right now, if you want any ah course about marketing or digital marketing, just contacts me and I will give you What do you wants? This is a Zaha small gifts from you, from me to you that the ah third choice is I'm selling this digital or I'm selling this software. Um, his name is Bob. What's up, Cinder Version five points. Five. You can the smoke Fessenden Person Ah experts files anti bonded model will take account sippers fast number Filth, rent, growth, contact. Gropper advances. Sitting wrestling model listens. Terrible. Sending more, many, many other shoes. This is original software knots. Crack it Not Mulan. Ah, I have the full story away for ho to using this software you can filter, generates number Ah, and send unlimited number. So you're in the messages to your, uh, numbers using Ah, what's up? And Web? What's up? So if you want to buy this Ah, software Onley contacts me I'm selling this for ther see dollars? Yes, $30 by phone If you are American guys, you can't pay using sash bunk or by Paul or cash Bliss That's is on. Thank you for Russian. Good way. 20. 20: compartment discourse. So I'm ah, don't talk about Amazon. Ah, all express Wal Mart's on the order because I don't want toe ah, lungs this video discourse for a long time. So I'm, um, include ah have only include the the the young person thinks so, if you'll like use Ah, give us five star Muir Falcon months or movies. Ah, motivational comments, comments. So if you ah wants anything other from me on Lee, contact me. So I will give you the full sippers from the zero to the herro in the Now what? The other. So that's is I'll thank you for watching good night.