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Build A SEAMLESS FLATLAY Instagram Page

teacher avatar Nico Ng, Design & Lettering

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 Seamless Flatlay Mockup

    • 3. 3 Process Overview

    • 4. 4 Setting Up For Photography

    • 5. 5 Choosing Items for Flatlay

    • 6. 6 Shooting the Items

    • 7. 7 Processing Images in Photoshop

    • 8. 8 Building your Seamless Mockups

    • 9. 9 Composing Your Flatlay Mockups

    • 10. 10 Adding Your Work to the Mockups

    • 11. 11 Posting on Instagram & Closing Remarks

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About This Class

Building a seamless, flatlay feed for your Instagram Feed is one way you can present your work in a very creative, attractive, and interesting way! In this class, I will teach you the concept behind the seamless flatlay feed and share with you the step-by-step procedure on how you can build one yourself!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nico Ng

Design & Lettering


Hello, My name is Nico Ng, and I am a multi-disciplinary designer based in the Philippines. I specialize in branding and visual identity. On my free time, I create unique paper art using gold foil paper. I started my own brand of wallets, called Rocca Wallet (@roccawallet). I also conduct hand-lettering workshops, and make luxury stationery products on my website

Teaching is one of my passion, and it gives me great joy to be able to share my skills and the tricks I've picked up along the way. :)

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1. 1 Intro: welcome to my first culture class on building a Seamus flatly feed for your Instagram. My name is Nicole in I, a multi disciplinary designer and the lettering artist. If you are watching this video, you are already taking the first step to creatively improve your instagram. The objective of this class is to help you transform your ordinary instagram feed to make it look more interesting and attractive. We're gonna do this by building a seamless, flatly instagram page. Basically, we're going to be creating square flattening crops and arranging them in the right order which will give us a seamless look what I'll teach you. This class is the step by step procedure on how you could build your own since you could use this to improve how you present your designs on instagram. If you're posting coats or attacks or if you're like me, you share lettering or calligraphy and typography on instagram and how this is one way you could present your worst in a very creative wake could also apply this If you're sharing your little bit designs or graph designs and illustrations, sketches from doodles on your beach, My Perry, your beautiful designs where they created presentation. You show your audience potential clients or potential collaborators, your creativity, your skills and your quality report. I was actually inspired by one of my favorite designers, Argos Letters, to create my own seamless, flatly instagram feed as well as create this class so that I could share with you how you could do it. Now this talk about thinks you'll need for this class first is going to be a camera. Any good quality camera will do. If you have a DSLR, that's good. But if you don't have one, you could use a camera on your mobile food. If the quality is good, Max will be needing a tripod. If you have one, though, you can still do the steps without a tripod. But trouble would be really helpful next, as we're gonna need a big sheet of background caper, what I'll be using is an 83 size white background paper, because I want the background of my flatly to be wife and working with a white background. It's easier compared to when you're using a colored paper, really suggests that using white paper first and then once you've done it in the white paper, you could move onto a different cover. Next is really neat items for props system. This is a flatly We're gonna be using a lot of objects or items to use us props. Next is we don't need the light sensors. For me, the best light source is natural light. That's my position. My table beside a window last year. I need photo shop. This is where we're going to do all the editing and all the image processing. So those are things that you need for this class and at the end of this class, there will be a class project for that class project. I would like to share your before and after Instagram page. It could be actual screenshots of your you or mock ups of your feet because you don't want to post six or nine post in a day. So the last project is the simple as that I hope you're excited for this fast. So let's get started 2. 2 Seamless Flatlay Mockup: before we jump into the actual word, let me quickly explain what they seem. This madly markup is what we'll be doing. Our mock ups ups are pre made styled photos. These are photos are ready. Use where we could just add in our designs, and then that's it. For example, if you have a shirt design and you want to see how it looks on a T shirt, you could Donald A. Sure my awkward and you could place your design so it and it will look realistic. So that is one of in my case, since I do lottery instead of just photographing my work in the sketch pad, made the lettering I could edit, letting very bit and place it over a month ago. That way, I'll be able to present my work better, so cops aren't Primi style photos where you could add your designs to it. Mexes flatly. What is it? Flatly? Basically, it is taking a top view photo off items arranged or style on the flat surface. You normally see flat links in fashion or lifestyle host for fashion. What we normally do is they arrange each piece of their outfit onto a flat surface, and then he take a photo of it on top of you. Again, flatly is a top view off I. Our arrangement, styled on a flat surface nexus seamless seamless is in effect for the illusion that we're going for before our eyes, your feet. So when you say seamless way will make all of the post look like they're collected, we have to do two things in order to achieve us. First, we need a solid background color. We need the same background color for all our post. For it to look like it's seamless. You can't have one post with a white background. The next post will be a black background with third post of your red background before postal via background. If you do that, that all of your post will look like they're connected, right? That's why we need to have the same color background for all our posing. Or to get that seamless look. Aside from a consistent color background for all your posts need to have a solid color background you can't use green and and also you can't photograph a sheet of paper to use as your background. For example, you take a sheet of paper here and take a poppy photo of it. Your lights were secure. You'll notice in your photo without the right side of your image will be brighter that the left side of your devilish since this side is closer toward a light source, and if we apply the same background but all our post and we put them together, you won't see a clean transition between post. What you'll see is life like for like even though you have the same background color you still won't have, that's in this look. That's why what we're going to be using is a solid road color. The second thing that we have to do in order to get a seamless effect is we have to over that iPhones, for example, we're going to use this pen as a prop for my willing to do so. What they do is going to put half of this man on the first post, the other half of the pen onto the exposed. If you post those two beside each other, you'll see that the Post are being connected by a single item, So that's what we're going to do for different parts off each post. We're going to make sure items overlap with each other so that the whole thing will look like they're connected together. Now how do we make a flat laces? That's what we're going to do normally when you make flatly your racial items first on this flat service when they take a photo of it. But since we're going to make a seamless, we can't do the same process. What we'll do is we're going to take individual photos off the items or the process will be using. We're going to edit them individually and that we're going to bring them together in a single documented Photoshopped. So that's the difference between making the traditional fact Lee and the fact that we're gonna be going for a seamless feet. Now we have a better understanding exactly what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. Let's move on to the next part of this class 3. 3 Process Overview: before we start the actual process, let me just quickly go through each step we're going to take so that you get a better understanding of how each steps are connected to each other. Said Number one will be setting up for photography. In this step, I'll show you on ideal. Set up on how you should take your items for the simplest badly. Also, the first I'll show you how to properly take photos so that images you'll be taking are usable for processing. Later. Second step will be choosing your items for flatly. This always share with you the things you have to consider when you're choosing your idexx , but you'll be using as props for your flatly setting. Over three is shooting the items and this up. I will explain whether you should take individual photos off your items or you should take photos of your items. Groups also teach you how to position their items so that the image that you're gonna be getting it's gonna be usable for processing later. Set number four is processing the images in photo shop. I want to share with you how you could probably process these images if you just took so that you could easily bring them together. Later, when you're going to arrange badly, set number five will be building. You're seeing this My hopes in this step I'm going to teach you how to prepare your Photoshopped document and how to properly could. Guys, This is very important because when you do it properly, positions that I am so that will be able to get a single look when we posted individually. Step number six will be at any of the badly walk ups. This is I'll show you how to arrange the items correctly together seen this September 7 will be out of your right to the cops. This will surely hall to realistically your designs to your model. For example. In my case, I do battery. So how am I going to put my letter piece onto that mark up realistically? Because that's a goal. We want it to look realistic. Don't want it to be obvious that you just did everything together. Lastly, that it's that will be a posting on Instagram. I will talk about the sequence off publishing your post on Instagram because we have to make the post in the correct sequence, so that will be able to get the seamless look at we want. So those are the stress that will be making and let's get started with the first. 4. 4 Setting Up For Photography: Step one setting up for photography. So I have here to set up that will be using and I need to explain each parts in. So first is a camera. This is the camera that I will be using. It is a digital camera. They should use a good quality camera because the quality of your kind will reflect on the final look of your house. So I have here the camera. It is position to take a pop Your photo of the items. Another thing to remember is that you should not play with your resume, especially with a DSLR where you have adjustable glance. Because what we normally do is when we're taking a photo of a bigger item, would take a photo it at a distance so that the whole I will fit into the frame off our image were asked if we're taking a photo of a smaller items like this frame, the tendency is we're going to shoot this item at a closer distance, so that will get a bigger picture off site. But if we do that, then we put the photos of these two items together. You will see that the items I no longer in the correct scaling. If that happens, then are flatly will look realistic anymore. That's why we have to make sure that I am more than using our core. Exhale to each other. That's why we need to keep our camera at a cost that distance from the surface. Make sure the zoom your camera when you're going to take photos. Or make sure you don't take them at different distances with respect to the flat surface, so that the force that we're gonna get will have the correct scaling. But if you take photos off certain items at different distances because still use those photos, but you're gonna have to adjust the scaling later in photo shop when you're going to bring them all together, which might cost you more time to do because you're going to edit a lot of photos later. So if you want to cut your image processing time down, make sure that you keep your camera constant distance and you don't play with zoom when you take the photos on images. Next item is a try book. You don't need a tripod to be able to build your Seamus fat. They feed But since we need to keep the camera, this is constant. Using a type of would be really helpful because since we need to keep our camera at a consistent business, another benefit for using try, but is that it keeps our camera stable. So when we're going to take photos, there's a lower chance that we're gonna be taken blurry photos. That's why if you have one, I suggest that you use it for this. Next item is being background paper. So you see here, when I'm using is a three sized white paper. It is important that you used one big sheet of paper. You don't cape smaller size paper together to get bigger sheets, because if you do that, then you have to clean out alliance. That will be visible between the papers that you put together. But if you can't find a big sheet of paper, you could do that. But it's gonna take more time to edit your photos later because you have the clean coastlines off later. Another thing about the paper is make sure you get a white paper. You don't get a beige paper cream or ivory paper. You can, but it's gonna be harder for you to edit them later in Photoshopped. So I was suggested, Used an extremely white paper. If you could find one in your nearby books, Worse. Next item on the set up is the life source. It has to be a dependable source. Why in dependable? Because for a simvastatin feet will be leaving a lot of items. If you plan on continuing this, invest nightly feed, then you have to take photos again off different items used as props. And as much as possible, you will want to have the same set so that images off your items shot at a different kind will still have the same quality as a once and shot before. It actually works best for me, since it's always there. I was. Remember that after position my camera, obviously so that when I take photos off the props from other time assume, get a consistent shadow direction and shadow intensity, which is very important because if you put two items together and the shadow that are casted on them have different directions, for example, this one's putting down and the shadow of this one is pointing up. It's gonna be obvious that you just put them together and it doesn't look realistic. That's why it's very important to remember you're set up to follow the same set up every time you're going to cake new photos for your badly. But the national ICT is not accessible to you. You could use other life scores, but make sure you remember your set up. It could take a photo of yourself so that you know where you put your lap and where you put your camera and you'll be able to re create the same set up on your next photography sessions. So this is the basic set up that I want you to follow. We have here the camera pointing downwards. You have a try but to keep it stable, and we have a natural light source over here in a big, plain white sheet of paper used as the background. Now let's move on to the next 5. 5 Choosing Items for Flatlay: So the next thing is choosing items for your phat Li. Basically, in this step, we're going to answer the question. What are the best items used as props? There are three things you have to consider. Choose your items first. Is Ivan relevance? The items that you're gonna be using as props should be related to the work that you're going to Duke. For example, since my work is in lechery, the president would use have to be related to lettering. These could be the pence that I use brush hands and so eraser or any other tools that are used for very so when you use props that related to your work somehow completes a full picture of the word you're sharing. So you have to keep in mind that most of the items that you should use as props has to be related to the work they're doing. The second thing you have considered is item size. You should get large items, regular size items and small items for large items. Make sure that your item is not too big because they begin an item that is too big in might block the area where you're going to put your post poor. If the item is really too big, that might occupy the whole post. So for the large items, these are the items that occupied a bigger surface area. So for me, what I normally use, I use all pocket notebooks with designs. Well, to use what's I can use my mobile phone or digital camera that I'm using. So those are the crops that might consider s large because they're not to bake. That will occupy the whole space. But they are big items that are very noticeable that are interesting to look at the nexus regular size items. These are items that are not too big or they do not eat a lot of surface area. The regular size items and normally use are the pen and these regular sized items. Thes items have to be big enough for you to over floor over that to the post decided, as I mentioned earlier use items to connect posts together, put half off the item on first post and the remaining half onto the next post, making it look like both posts are kind. So make sure you have items that are big enough for you to use to connect both post. It is also important that you use small items such as bottle caps. You have interesting designs on publish just good to use as you could also use rings, coins and minor close paperclips. Any small items that you could find. It is important that you have small items as well. It is easier for you to fill out empty spaces. Leader as you arranged items together under a reason why it's good to have different sizes of items because when he arranged them for your flatly, it will be easier for you to visually balance everything together when you're working with different sized items, rather that just all large items were all small items got. See the three things to consider in choosing your items is a color theme if you're going to follow a color theme, which I would suggest that you do, because it will make your feet look even more interesting example for me. What I normally do is I stick to a back on my feet so most of the process will be using are predominantly black, white, green or gold. Though I still use some items with different colors, but most of the items score most of the bigger items that used. Follow the color thing that one. If you want to happen earthy tone or feel to your instagram post, make sure that use items that belonged to the earthy color palette. So those are three things that you have to remember, which is your items for your phat li. First is the relevance. Is it related to the work that you're doing our work that you're sharing second is the item size. Make sure you have a variety of different sizes off items to choose from, and third is decided a color theme and stick to that color thing for your items. Now this move onto taking photos, all the items you collected, teas as props. 6. 6 Shooting the Items: the third step is shooting the items. Let me share with you how you should properly position your items when taking a photo of them versus make sure that your angle the item. We don't want to take a photo of your items, vertigo or horizontal because it's gonna be hard for you to just them nicely. Later, when you're going to bring everything together to make sure you angle, your items were going to position your items for photograph. If you angle it close to the vertical axis like this, most likely you'll use this photo to connect post from its sights. But if you irritate it close to the horizontal axis like this or like this, most likely you'll be using this photo to connect Post Franck and stop in its bottom. So make sure that when you're taking photos of your items, you hate some of them close to the reading of axis, and you also rotate some of them close to the presidential access so that he'll be able to make sure that you'll be able to use your items to connect post from the size and for pop into the bottom. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to do all the retaining off your items in this part of the process because you can rotate the items later. Odor shop. If you do, then your items will have different shino direction, so you don't want to have some items with shadows pointing up so pointing down it won't make sense and you won't look realistic. That's why you can no longer with heat the items when your way to adjust them in photo shots. That's why I have to repeat your items in this step now taking for all the items individually or grouped together. The advantage of taking photos individually is that it's not easier for you to fit them in your flat late were asked. If you photograph them in, the group is gonna be harder for you to add it to your flatly because it might hit certain objects that you already added before. But the advantage of proving your items is that it's gonna more interesting, especially with small objects like this photograph a bottle cut by itself, addict to your family. It might look loss. That's why for smaller sized items, normally I photographed them in a group of 2 to 5. Exactly when they add the smaller size items, they won't look like they just got there by accident. And it will still look like it is well thought out. Also, for shooting items, make sure that your flash this turned off because they flashes on this gonna eliminate the shadow cast off object and one that shadow because that China helps us make in fact look realistic. So for this, make sure you photograph at least 15 items because it will be easier for us. A deal are seen as badly if we have more items to choose from. But if you could for more than 15 then go ahead. Actually, what I did is my photograph more than 50 items because I really want to have a lot of choices. And I'm continuing this season that they feel that's already photo. Small items here are some just like took on the items 7. 7 Processing Images in Photoshop: now that we have collected photographs, the items that were using as props and accepts the process of these photos and photo shop. So basically, what we're just going to do with biggest photos is that we're going to give it a completely white background when you have to have a completely white background so that we cooking the Adam later to our flat lake adjustments layer that I'm going to share with you our exposure levels and vibrance. These are the three adjustment layers that I normally used to make my background leading white. There two ways on how I could adjust your image first is by doing it directly to image. Second is by doing it in adjustment layers, I'm going to make the adjustments to the image through adjustments layer. I won't be adjusting them directly, or I won't be adjusting the images directly because if you do it that way, we'll be able to copy those layers or Dr Phil, suggesting players that within the first image and copy it to the other photos that will make our process faster, as compared to when you are just images directly. And also, if you make adjustments directly on to your images that you won't be able to preserve the original image if you're only commit additional adjustments later or if you're going to refer selfie adjustments. So what may be using is adjustments there. So let me now switch to my luck you so that you'll be able to see how I actually do it. So now I have my vote open that I'm going to drive my first image photo shop like this since the position of my camera is the other. Wake up, then just quickly retake the image when I degrees to get the right position. Next is we're going to be using adjustments layer. If you don't have it on your screen yet, go into windows and the metal bar and click on adjustments just missed. That will come out like this. So the first time we were like use is the exposure that is 1/4 I put over here, the one with a plus and minus sign back, and then the problem piece titled Up Here, Over Here. Then that's maybe exposure up. Make sure you don't bring it to high, or you lose the details in your object. You also you lose, the shadow makes you just bring it up with open until the edges of your items are white, Like this one over here. Don't worry if the other parts are not yet right, because you could just brushing them out later. So next you're going to play on the levels adjustment. It is the second I conk on the adjustments panel that is the icon that looks like a sound bar or some. Wait, so you're probably he's doubled up here. Over here, you'll see that there are three sliders over here. The shadows, the metals and the highlights. Go ahead and drive you. Mental is to your right. It will make your mentalists Parker, and that will also make your object look quite define. Then you click on the furnace lighter, side it down here, so this looks OK. He's the surrounding area. Looks quite alright. He's so we're good with that. Next is I'm going to bring out the vibrance adjustment. There it is. The fifth icon is with it for the triangle. Click on that and then I'm going to bring the vibrance now because since my camera is set on an auto white balance, I noticed that the color temperature off the photos I took are different. That's I don't want to make sure that all my shadows will turn three so that I put them all together. Shadow color will be consistent, but when you click on the vibrance, it's got applied to the whole image. But he only wanted to apply to the parts that you want to be white. So let me click on the white box beside the vibrance that is a masking layer. The good thing about the masculine is that those high adjustments on specific parts off your document, since you can see that is colored white, that is applying to the whole document. They noticed that the color parts are no longer that fiber. That's what we're going to do with this. We're going to zoom in on your item, and then we're going to erase the part where we don't want this vibrance who crutch. So make sure the white boxes click then so that your race very cool or click on the on your keyboard. Make sure you click off this circular brush over here and then reduce the size. They start raising the person you want colors to be more alive As you're racing, make sure that your foreground color he sent white and your background color is black. So there, since design of the nopal is in fact what I really don't have to be raised vibrance on peace because it really matter that much. So now I have here in the image you just seem out control. Zero Next is to eliminate all of the other stuff that are, in our background, Northern taking bad. You have to click on the background layer and click on your brush. Make sure that your foreground color is white and start brushing now that surrounding parts are all clean. Next is what we're going to do is food crop this so that it will be easier to handle later as we were going to arrange the items, Make sure you also include the shadows. Once it's like that, the selection hit enter and it's going to crop Mex is willing to do S went to save it since we shot the other write ups. Other this inviting conditions. Most likely we could just copy these adjustments and that applies to it. That way it will also give the items consistent lighting for all the items that you're going to be using. So go to your folders, go ahead and drive biting. So, like all of these, by holding shift from the center of the screen, drag it over the name off the image and dragged into the center. You'll see that you applied the sea adjustments to this photo before that was just repeated . But for the migrants far beyond. To quantify this a bit because obviously the position where we want to have color is different in the second picture. So this is a minute. So this is the only part that one colored little go here, right click on the white box for the vibrance or the layer mask. Vibrance, right click. Delete it because you don't I want the same configuration. Produce photo that click on the outer layer mask. Here. Below it is the icon with the Circle and Rick Tyler box. When you click on it, you'll get a new white box or you layer mask for your vibrance, so make sure that it is clicked. That white box this clique and its like are razor to live in or hit men so that we could accurately clean parts where you want. You will notice that the shadow now is great. It will be consistent for all of your images. Since we already made adjustments to the other photos, it's easier for us to apply the same adjustments to the daughter photos. We don't have to do with them all over again because it is in late adjustments later. That's why it's easier to copy those two photos. So now that's the same thing as it did to the first image that has made you back completely white. Make sure you click on the background there and click on first over him. Make sure that your foreground color is colored white brush away. That was non white objects in the background. That's now crop this cleaver crop. Cooper hit that receipt just so likely areas. If you want to drop out so that it'll be easier for us to manage later, make sure you include the shadows in all parts of it doesn't have to be exactly on the edges of your item. As long as you come out a lot of white areas. It's fine now that we have this. Save it. So you do the same step for all of the order. I said your photograph wants right on. With that, you can now move on to the next. 8. 8 Building your Seamless Mockups: nothing except which is building your seamless before we go to arranging the items onto our flatly. Let me just explain to you how the scene respect me. Feed will work in your instagram feed. To do that, let us understand it has to go first. If you have your phone with you, open instagram go to anyone's profound. You'll notice that there are always three columns right, and you also noticed that each of your post will change for the first the second. The third back first called right, so the position off each of your posts will not be the same. But if you notice that post adjacent to it will always be the same post. So if you're looking at your fifth posts like this one, there's always beside the fourth post and this exposed. But if it's not beside 5th 4th 3rd it is because it is on the edge of your Instagram trip. But if it's beside, any post will always be beside fourth post and the six post, so we don't have to worry whether, if we added post, will it ruin our seamlessness notice? Let's take the example of post under five again if you notice post number five is above post number two. Post number eight. If your post number fighters in the first column, it will always be below number eight above close number two if it is on the second column. Same thing, and 1/3 is the same thing. So don't worry about breaking your Seamus feed once you make a new post, because for a certain posted, always have the same post decided above it below it on its corners. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you never believe a post because once you opposed, that is when you'll ruin your seen this feed. Imagine it is like a power apart. If you remove one card below, it's gonna destroy the whole thing. You also removed one in the middle, destroyed the whole thing, so make sure you don't believe opposed so that we're seeing this gladly. Feed will still be intact now that we have a better understanding of how the seamless that feed will work on your instagram could. That is not create our for document. According to Google, the chancellor imposes resize into pen if he accepts my 10 80 pixels. It's a square. So that's work with that resolution for each of our post. For this class will show you is I'll be making a three by three grid, which has a total of nine post going to make all the post one document that it's gonna be easier for us to make sure that when post them individually when we make the typical post, everything will be connected together, since we'll be making a three by three grid that has created Photoshopped government off 10 80 times three, which is 3240 pixels. So that will be the with and the height off are Photoshopped document that will be creating right now. So now a photo shock. Let me make a document that is 3020 40 pixels by 24 pixels for the by 33 Way to do that, says remember, make guidelines so that we will be able to see the boundaries of each post. Also, we're going to add guys that we're showing the mid points off each post to quickly do that . Click on view on the menu bar, then click on you Guy Leo and then for the columns. You have to make it six and rose six. We have to make it six columns and six row so that it will already plot out the midpoint of each post. Now we could see the boundaries off the first post. 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 678 Also id squares. You can hide the guidelines by clicking control or command semi colons boundaries. Each post will be cleaner. If you see this, this layer is just gonna be temporary for us to see boundaries easier. If you remember what I mentioned earlier, we're going to use a solid background color for the background. For that place. Click on this create you feel are adjustment layer circular are below holy car. I wanted to be completely complete your wife. I wanted to have a great to it to make it a bit more natural looking so that it's not so white. I would change the hash. Nine f c. C. So let's bring the guidelines back Control semi colon. But before we continue, let me quickly explain to you what it means to have items over that to the other post. So if you want over that, I didn't say the scissor. For example, If this is our post, imagine this is a square. So let's say you want to over that this guy on the side like this one. If you overlap Adam on its site that I think should appear on to post it should appear on this post post decided. Likewise. He put it on this side. It appears on to post also, if you put it on top and the bottom to this item should up here on post, it should appear on the original posts and the posts below it. Right, Unless it is the first row of your seamlessness in your feet where in there will be no polls below this one. But for the regular feed, it should appear on to post if you over that on object in one of the edges. But if you over the items at the corners like this one, it should appear on the main post. It should also appeared in the post above. It decided they are going to it. So if you put an item on the corner of a post, that should pier 0.4 post is important to remember this because you're going to check later to make sure that you don't have missing parts of one object or is going to destroy your cinema scheme. Now let's go back to our photo shop. What if you want to continue this badly feet because here is their current Photoshopped melting, it will be limited to training just nine. Post What if you want to continue or you want to add another road that connects with this endless fee that you already have, or already making you extend the photos document, make sure that it is anchored to the bottom. So we extend. I was just gonna add additional space on top of your document, not below wishes. Loved one, because when we make you messing up the periods on the top row, right, So to do that, click on image in the menu bar and then click on kind of a size. Make sure you don't click on image site. Make sure you click in kind of a size because what canvas size is it expands. Your current Photoshopped document were asked. If it's an image size, it extends the stretches your current document. Defend your new image size so we just wanted kind of a size because we don't want to stretch for this lot of the items that we already have more our current social, nothing. So click on the size. So right now it is 3240 because it has three ropes, right? You got this figure by multiplying 1080 pixels by three 1000 have to play by four cools 4320. So that will be the new height or Photoshopped document before he had ever. There's an anchored section right here. There is a clear with great. Make sure it clicked the one below so that they will show you where the anchor point this and where it's going to extend your document. If you can see from here, you'll be heard at the bottom so that when you accepted this excited upward, you'll see that you added that you wrote on top. That's work that just want to add a god like to turn with the midpoint off. This is on you. You guy makes your heart is on Phil. Since one box is 1080 when you divided by two is 5 40 measures like with PXE. So there is your heart is until mid guide for your midpoint. You don't have to add the vertical meant once it is already there. That's how you you wrote to your sickness. Batley feet on everything. So I will have a three by three grid. That's what you want, right? So basically, this is a food shop document that Captain, prepare if you want to create a single 9. 9 Composing Your Flatlay Mockups: now that we have prepared are Photoshopped document for the three by three grid. We could now start adding our items. Make sure you open the photo shop document that we've prepared in his drag. One object at a time into our Photoshopped document. So here I have a collection of images that I took a process here. The art. You're in different sizes. So what? We're gonna drive them one at a time to my Photoshopped document? When you drag an image into Photoshopped, it will automatically turn it into a smart object community can scale the finish up and down without losing resolution. So, Dr Image Interior Document. Most likely you'll see that is very big for this one. It occupies the whole pulls over here. So, like to scale down. I want to put it on their right side. My first looks like this. Just make it flat. 40% for here with skill. So they always remember that. All guy said, I'm gonna put here. I have to reduce into 40% this one like this. You see it as he completely white background After your position into waiting. Wanted to click on the blending options it's this one and blended with Carter back home because he achieved of any option one of theirs too old, right behind. It's all the white parts of the image in this case it is. Being next is I'm gonna go back to a folder on the Dragon's object. Normally, I start with Marsh. Objects could see this. So I'm gonna add another large object. This since I made it 40 40% earlier for all of my objects after recent all about 2 40 degrees. So that the scaling right, you can see through the white background again. So just click on Cleveland now whites are so I'm gonna put it at the corner, so they should appear on four posts like this. So for the first time, that put since I went on the site that should appear on two posts. But since this is the first post and you don't have any polls decided, so it's okay, t that could only appears So it is correct. I only appears in one of your posts. So now that we add one more object, I think I'm going to swirl it Another change it to 40. Make sure you change tonight. So I put it here just clearly. Shows like this letting go to multiply Perfect. No, I have my big objects. I want to add my regular size objects now, so go back to the finger. I think I'm going to just emotions. It's right here. Change it 40. I have to change both with and height. 40. If you don't click this link over here, entered Change of letting go to multiply it with white background. Just this. This have big items regular size, you know, feel like space here in here. And it's easier if I small objects. So let's go back taking my folder. It's cold out, so finally leaves usually arrange them according to decide. So for all of the small items, put Z before the families that will show at the bottom of this changes 40. You're letting make sure you don't intersect. I think it's like this. This next is I will be here on pop. So your folder again. I think this what do changed 40% enter leading to multiply just like this so that some of them will be on the other side. I think the first post is already perfect for me. Now, I could make sure that I think this'll this a little too there. Right? Because it's kind of occupying the space where I'm gonna put my design, get more space where I could put my design leader. No, I'm OK with my first. Okay, First post. Want to my second post since I I'm going to make these nine posts in one photo shop document will see that I don't have to create a new document for each folks and have to surgically or accurately position these items chicken to make them together. Since it's already okay if you do it like this. So now wait. So I went to me. So for this one, I think I have They pulls over here. I think this is that this wallet Bring it down. Not this. No go. I think I have one more big object years. Go back to a folder. I think you use this for me. Change it to 40 person. She bring this here? I think just a cop will do this. Okay, Just a little bit using arrow keys. So this is perfect for me. So let me just have one more thing, maybe something that's related to you. Science and I'm gonna post, which is letting. So that's perfect, this one. If you notice some items like photographed individually, some items reported that graph that use this that's changed the skills 40%. This change a blend mode by this this. So for this, it's this cyclicals That's good, This one. It's on this post tentacles of hobbits that's good. Next is, I think, just is a bit, and I had something small over here. If you like something's missing, you look for small object this time. Try your bottle. This one percent like to. It's a private letting go to play. It's not. It's just normal. You'll see that it's crops on part of your previously placed objects, so make sure you put there by. So I was like, This is showing and this barely showing on this course. So I think I'm good with 1st 2nd post. Now I could go on to post for this one. Okay, so I think that on one large logic first I mentioned earlier I normally at large objects first. But since I feel like this is to closer center, I'm going to just this a little bit, okay? Making sure that doesn't hit. Okay, so I think they had something here. A large object. So you got to my folder. I think this over here, Skilling to 40% buddy to multiply. You okay? Dragged into one site. It should appear on to post, right. If you can see, it doesn't appear here, which is where it should connect. Right. So what am I going to do? Is I'm going to bring out the guidelines hitting control or command something called him this control key. So that would be able to see the midpoint off this image. It's right here decrying the holding. Make sure that the midpoint IHS touching the edge off your document. And then it is like the horizontal midpoint off your post out of it. Next is I'm going to duplicate this right click the cake layer here. Okay, that I'm gonna drag it to the place where it should be Control T. So I would be able to look heat the center of this damage and make sure that I place this at the edge as well. And that the midpoint often exposed at the horizontal mid point of the second puts it entered. So there I the guidance again. So this post moves to this area is gonna be beside this post. So this one is here, then it's gonna collect perfectly because we cut this image in half perfectly in half. So it's gonna fit perfectly with this photo. You place them together later, I'll show it to you. But you could also be still together. What I do is because I like these two layers. You don't know that this is the game off this there because you'll see the word coffee over here and click on the clears so that when you move this around, whatever movement you me is still the country suit correctly wherever you move this. So you're free to move this around, depending on how you want it to look like Neighbor backed late. So no, I didn't Marshall tricks. Since I already have a regular sized object here, I think I might try something smaller size go back to you right here. She gets 40% right there. Perfect. I think I'm gonna add something. You're some sort attitude because you like something's missing here, So go back to my folder cup again. This one perfect 40. Bridget, what you want? Okay, this looks fine to me. That looks OK, since it has enough states for me to put my memory later. If you feel like there's something wrong with parts of your family, you could delete certain image where high didn't try a different lighting that you think my work perfectly or might work better with that certain post so sick. You just have to continue adding items to your flatly over here, and then just make sure you have to double check that if you're going to overlap. But I make sure that it is visible to too close, if you over that the size of the top of the bottom. But if you over that bit at the corners. But this one over here, the men, it appears on four posts and make sure that appears in the correct number of Post. I'll continue doing this. I'm gonna show you how it's gonna look like when we bring them all together. So I have already made my flat. You see here I already made the five by free grid, So I'm going to do here is after you arranged your flatly you're going to do is your crop in each post and then save them in individual files. So you're going. You could get your cool over here or click letter C for short clip. And then, since you already happy guidelines where you're going to cut your for your posts, just go ahead. I get this. You know, if you drive correctly because as you drag you'll see you see the width and the height of your selection. Make sure that is just as we plan like this. So it her, you know that it's cropped, have to save individual files. So changes to GP seek. So here is your first books. Now we're going to crop the next post. What we do is going to hit control Z or only do so that we'll go back to our original document with everything in it. So you're just come out second one following the guy. It's make sure you follow guy lights. There's a chance that when you pull something together fit perfectly, so you make sure you follow the guys that you meet and you doing the same process for all of the post. You prepared? If you prepare a few might be good. Like what with its earlier. Make sure we have nine post after you have saved in the video files of each post, your lockups are ready for you to use. 10. 10 Adding Your Work to the Mockups: So now that we have made our flatly markups, we have labeled them correctly. We can now start ending work to the mock ups. It is good that we already prepared are markups in advance so that we don't have to recreate everything from scratch every single time you make post this significantly cause our creation time down so that will be able to create a slush opposes one without having they need to keep on creating a new family. So now we could start making our first post with this seamless fat feet. Now shift Photo shop opened the first Jay big file and Photoshopped, the first ever post for your next is we're going to drive our artwork. In my case, my lettering work into this mock up so that I'll be able to place it over here. Make sure that your artwork file has a completely white background like your images before , so that it will blend perfectly with Have you just made so once you drive it, then you could scale it down before hearing entered. Maybe you want to set the letting go to multiply so that you already see its effect on their think this sizes is OK. I noticed that first, if you could see part of this stroke is intersecting with this object. You don't want to finish off with that because when people see it, it will be really obvious that you just added your very work on. I want to make it more. Well, this is what we have to do is we're going to hide parts of it to make it look like your lettering is underneath that object. Make sure you're are very selective and click on add layer mask is gonna create a mask, a white square beside your layer file. Make sure that the the air masses selected and then we're going to erase this part room to hide that part. It's good that we erase it in the layer mask so that you won't touch the original image file because when you're going to make modifications later, you might not be able to who recreate the strove in your mind race now. So make sure you just make all the questions and be there s so that you'll be able to preserve the order he'll file to make sure that will air masses selected so like race for a click that R E on your keyboard to make sure that keep the size. Also, that will be more controllable. Double check your back on the foreground color. Make sure you have black in your background color so that when you erase this is going to remove it. Because if our background color is still white, event if your race this nothing's gonna happen to make sure that you're back on color is carefully erased. This part where your intersects with object we have here smart. When you zoom out a little bit, it will look like the lettering is underneath the wallet over there. If you're bringing us intersecting with other parts or with another object, make sure your hind parts of that battery making it look like lettering is honoring the object to make it more realistic. Because that's what we want. Want a realistic gladly. Now that we're done with this, we can all see this individual files. Then go ahead and close this when you're going to create urine expose. We have to make sure it has a white background as well and then dragged it into the second model for me and then make sure that there are parts of design that are intersecting with an object. Make sure you hide parts of your work to make it look like their underneath your object. Do that for all of your posts, and then once you're done with it, you could post your second post on your instagram having 1/3 for 56 78 and nine. They just post your 1st 1 Of course, you won't see the seamless if I yet Puteri 2nd 1 You'll start to see your post uniting together when you're on your six, but was, that's when you'll start to see that it's not just connected to its sides. It also connected to the Rose. Love it. More post you make with the Seamus, the more you'll see the effect on your is ago page. 11. 11 Posting on Instagram & Closing Remarks: the last part of this cast, which is causing on Instagram. I've already mentioned earlier that we have to make sure that you post in the crack sequence because if you don't post and the Greg sequence, your seamless fatty feed won't turn out the way it should. Also, another thing that you have to remember is that you don't delete the post in the middle. For example, if you have already posted nine photos, you don't need any of the first of a photo or your seamless. That they will just break apart have compared the seamless that a power of cards. If you move one car that everything will combo, so make sure you don't leave a post that is in the middle off. Your seen this sadly so that's it. I hope you learned a lot from this class, and you're eager to try this out and transform your instagram page into a scene badly. Don't forget to do the class project. I'll let you to apply what you learnt, create or build your own Seamus that they feel don't forget to take before and after photo or a screen shot of your instagram page so that will be able to see the transformation from your previous instagram page into your new, exciting, seamless, not speak. So make sure you share your project in the project section of this class about to check on your projects. I want to see and comment on your unit's ago it, so make sure you post your projects in a class project section of this class. It's feel free to comment if you have any questions and I'll be happy. Cancer. Have fun building here. You seem less badly hope to see you again on my next class here skills here.