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Rey Albert, Hi And Welcome

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14 Videos (2h 43m)
    • Website intro1

    • Creating The Website

    • Building the website homepage

    • Finishing up the header part 3

    • Creating the Call To Action

    • Creating the work section

    • Creating the client section

    • Creating the blog contact about pages

    • Inserting Video Into Your Home Page

    • Finishing the about me page

    • Finishing Contact Page Bonus

    • Finishing Up Blog and Footer Area

    • Nich Research In 60 Seconds

    • The Affiliate Website


About This Class


Taking this course will make you an expert in Wordpress. You will be building a website that will rival most and you will learn as you go making it possible to recreate your project into a master piece.

You are only limited by your imagination. This website costs nothing to build, all you need is web hosting with a Cpannel to upload a free version of Wordpress and a domain name.  






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Rey Albert

Hi And Welcome

My life has been full of ups and downs just like you. When I was 17 years old I did not like school and a friend of mine had joined the U.S. Army, so when he came home on leave for the first time wearing that uniform and standing tall and confident I knew that is what I wanted to do so I joined the Army in April of 1972.

I know I am giving away my age but who cares, So after two months of basic training I went to what they called “advanced individual training” or A.I.T. I don’t know what they call it now but that doesn’t matter. In AIT I went to the U.S. Army Transportation school where I learned how to drive a truck and did so for many years as you will see as this bio goes on. I then went to the U.S. Army parachute school in Ft Benning GA. After jump school I was stationed at Ft Bragg N.C. for three years, then reenlisted and went to Ft Carson Co. for a year then was shipped off to Germany for three years.

When I came back to the states in 1979 I was stationed in Ft Rucker Al. where I finished out my eight years and went on to be a truck driver for the next 25 years traveling the United States, and having just a little fun when I could. In 2008 I decided to give up truck driving a look for another way to earn a living.

I started working online when the internet came available back in the 90’s. Sense then the internet has evolved so much. You should have seen it back then, bare bones webpages, windows 3.1, mostly dos operating system, yes we have come a long way since then.

So has internet marketing. Long gone are the days of keyword saturation, cheap backlinks, and those ninja mini sites geared only to get top google ranking targeting the public. In today’s market you must be relevant and have great content to sore to the top spots in google.

It takes time and lots of relevant content to get noticed. You have to decide what it is you want to be good at and stick with it. When I first started a few years back, I was all over the place chasing every silver bullet I came across. I was buying outdated SEO programs, Outdated everything that is for sure.

After reading a lot and coming to grips with the fact I was wasting my money, I decided my niche was to educate people so those that wanted a internet business would not slow themselves down by making the same time wasting mistakes I made.