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Build A Facebook Chat Bot: Grow And Connect With Your Audience

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Facebook chatbot Intro

    • 2. What is Facebook Messenger

    • 3. Build Trust Via Facebook Messenger

    • 4. Building a Facebook Manychat List

    • 5. Facebook Messenger tips tools and templates

    • 6. Facebook Chatbot Sales Buffer CTA

    • 7. Messenger Segmentation for Facebook

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About This Class

In this course we simplify and step you through Facebook Messenger.

We show you how to use it as a tool for communication and sales in your business. 

Now more than ever, there are so many benefits for using Messenger and for adding a bot to your Facebook page. This class demystifies Messenger and Chatbots so you will feel confident to use chatbots to grow your online business 

We cover:

Building Brand Awareness and leads to your Product

Responses to customers:  

Taking on the burden of time-consuming business tasks

Providing high-quality service quicker than ever.

Send broadcasts to subscribers to increase your customer lifetime value.

Once you have completed this class you will be more familiar with chatbots and should feel confident to apply these strategies to your facebook marketing strategies

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Facebook chatbot Intro: Facebook messenger and chat boards are one of the most underutilized and most misunderstood ways off marketing your business or brand whether you work as a freelance. So you have your own business. I'm gonna show you how you can make the most at a Facebook messenger and these chatbots by guiding you through the entire process, step by step together, we're gonna dissect with the big marketing companies are doing with their chapped buds and bring back those principles and bring back their strategies to our accounts. Apply the same very effective strategies to our audiences. Facebook chat bots are one of the best ways to connect deeply and consistently with the audience, because how many people are there with their Facebook messenger on their phone? Compared to that emails, you're gonna get a lot higher response rate, gonna get a lot higher engagement. You didn't get a lot of people to follow up on what you want them to do. So that sounds good. Let's jump straight in and stopped from the start 2. What is Facebook Messenger: So the first question answer is, What exactly is Facebook messenger on? What does it mean for business? So you may be well aware. Facebook Messenger is a new branch off Facebook. They split a few years ago now, where they actually created the own app for Messenger, their own messenger dot com and its integrated through Facebook. So it's a way to privately message people on Facebook. And the cool thing is, is this just started with a friend a friend messaging system and slowly evolved into a way that businesses can directly message customers and customers can directly message businesses now. Why It's important, because it is literally the most intimate and personal way and convenient way off connecting today. That's not in person. Eso for business on a customer to connect. It's the easiest way. It's more convenient than picking up a phone call and talking them. It's so much quicker, so much more personal than going on and emailing them. This messenger is going to be a game changer. It's the way the world is trending, so it's incredibly important that you know exactly how to do it. No, I want to point out what percentage off page updates or post status updates, photos, videos, things that you post on your page. How many of them will be actually seen by people who like or follow your page on average? Now, on average, it's 12 to 16% of people. So if you have 10,000 people liking and following your page, only 1200 to 1600 on average are actually going to see it. Which is pretty incredible because people have signed up to saying they want to receive these updates, but they're not going to actually get to see it is so much competition. That's so much crowded space now, whether it's not credits face is Facebook messages. Um ah, but 96% off Facebook messages are read. So, for example, instead, if you, instead off put your post out there in the world through a Facebook post on your page, and you had 10,000 people yet 1200 people to watch it remember 12 to 16% on average. If you put out a Facebook message to the exact same amount of people, that means 9600 people would be able to see it and interact with it. It's mind blowing the difference, and that's why you really need to take advantage of this new technology as quickly as possible. 3. Build Trust Via Facebook Messenger: awesome. So gonna jump into engaging and educating and building trust via Facebook Messenger. We do this three ways customer service offering value and offering exclusive material and as, uh, an extra little ass tricks on that bottom on that. But I will go into why that is out double edged weapon. So let's start without customer service when you go to someone's Facebook page. So I went to ED B and B's Facebook page recently because I'm renting at my house for a little bit. They wouldn't let me in there because they were saying they needed text my phone, a code that I need to provide. But I had changed my phone number in the last two years that I hadn't used Airbnb, so I wasn't getting the code. I couldn't log in, so I was like, Cool. I can email them gonna take a while going take couple days, I can call them. It was late at night. I don't think anyone was gonna be picking up, and also, you know, it's more of a hassle. Have to get on the phone, explain the situation, and it is to sit at your computer and just type it to someone. So I thought to myself, You know what? A B and B a big company that surely using Facebook Messenger to do customer service, I went on to their Facebook page and you'll be able to see this. An old Facebook pages on the right says, typically replies with an hour and then the send message button that send message big button eyes. A lot of people's call to action on their Facebook page because Facebook are really incentivizing these businesses to communicate with people one on one using this Facebook messages. So I'm like Cool typically applies in Allah, which is a very cool thing to have Facebook messaged A B and BS. Ed looked at my account because I changed my phone number. Can't remember it. Ah, and they wrote back and we went back and forward. It took about five minutes, and they unloved my count instantly as a quell. That's incredible. But if you want to really grow your business, it's great to focus on that customer service and that one on one support using this new technology in this new medium that people are very intimately connected to your brand. With the second way we do things on Facebook Messenger, and the second we build trust, engagement and educate people is to offer value. You need to put out that incredible content that is actually valuable and not just content to put out content. And you will get massive results in your business, not just your Facebook page. So ah, in this, I believe, is Ryan Moran. Who is Amazon? Um, sell a trainer, Um, and he messaged me This The last thing is exclusive material. So we're gonna stop with, um, this guy's name's host away Penna, and he's a big instagram expert, and he, in order to get people onto his messenger list, he said, Sign up to the messenger list and messenger list is basically just a big list of people who want to receive messages from me almost like an email list. But first way, Penna says, if you wanna get instagram 62nd hacks, we get one a day and they're gonna help you grow on Instagram. The way you get him is to sign into this messenger list. He's offering that exclusive course of that exclusive value Trudy's messenger list, Um, and he's incentivizing people to get on that list at the same time. So that's that double edged weapon we talked about. And we're gonna go more into detail off this. Andi also said please help him to make these videos better. What did you think of the video he is trying to? And this is a very, very awesome strategy. He's trying to get engagement out of you. He's trying to get you to reply and commit. And once you do that, once you provide feedback and then he starts talking back to you, you're gonna have a very high amount of trust between you guys, which he can then leverage to, um inviting you to buy his products or services. Here's another one. Find out what the hype surrounding start seeing results to see a sign up now and save 30% off linked to the messenger. But which would? But you can see if you want to get 30% off, then join the messenger. But that's another way to offer exclusive content. Exclusive value. Remember, the value is the key through the messenger. But now let's go and have a look at once we build this trust. Once we build this engagement and education. How do we leverage that trust, You know, to get people to do what we want in line without Facebook page purpose. 4. Building a Facebook Manychat List: awesome. So this is going to be an incredibly important tool for you to use, because this is how you build your Facebook Messenger list, where now I'm going to call it a many chat list because that's really what it is. This software called many Chat, which is 1/3 party software, is not actually Facebook software, and you can get it completely free to start, and you can grow your list through it and use many, many of the features that they have. So you want to explore many chap on your own and get really well versed to it and how you can get people to stop being on your many chat list so that you can access them any time with 90% open rates. So this is what I mean chat list. Looks like we have 3400 and 17 people on this list. And how can you start to build this list? Because remember, when you put out a promotion to these people, that is 3400 people. About 3200 of them are going to open it, which is absolutely insane. You can just access this your audience, people who want to hear from you so directly and and communicate back and forward them, so it's gonna be very powerful for you. How do you start to build your list and how do you grow it? How do you really get it to explode and have everybody who's liking a page to follow your list? So the first thing, which was basically just promoted to your list? But how do you do that? There's a lot of different ways, and this is within many. Chat a lot of different growth tools that you can have people sign up to your list in men chat list using you don't need to get confused by all these. You don't need to go through all of them. It's very, very easy. All you need do is focus on these strategies. Number one is called the Registration Link, which is a Facebook link through the Facebook A program Facebook website and ah, it's M don't me, which is messenger. Don't me for slash page name. When someone goes to that, they will be linked directly to your messenger and then be able to message you directly from there. And if you set it up correctly in many chat, they'll be added to your list for you to communicate with them at any time in the future. The other way you do it is the registration. But these are the most critical powerful ways for you to get people to join you. A list the registration button where someone can click on this button called Send a messenger and be added to your list. Now send a messenger is sent a messenger pick. It says, send a messenger here, not join the list. Because the way most people use is in the way you're gonna use this is you need to have something to send them when they are clicking your link when they're clicking your button What something you ask? Well, very obvious. You're gonna need a have something off value. Now the value that you offer can be anything depending on initial. Could be freebies. Could be a guide. Could be a free video. Could be exclusive content once again. Anything you think that's going to get people toe? Want to join your list? You're gonna have to offer them, um, that's to in order to join us. So, for example, we have this potential customer. He's browsing around and we reached him. We send it him the link, whether it be on email with a being, a YouTube video, whether it be on the Facebook page, whether being real life, whether it be on Twitter, doesn't really method could even be on the website. Could be the but money website. He's gonna have to find this link now. It is going to be the registration link. The one we showed you. Elliot. The m dot me, which is going to sign them up to your many chat list and start growing that list for you, and you'll be able to message them in the future any time at a 90% success. Open right just by using this registration link and not the regular link. So this is a messenger buffet, and it is the best way to get people onto you. Many chat list. You can either do it using the link all the button if you're trying to embed it into a website 5. Facebook Messenger tips tools and templates: So when you start using Facebook Messenger for customer service for adding value, we're gonna show you exactly how to do this and build this list. In a second. You're going to run into a few hurdles. So I want to go through those with you and how to use these tips, tools, templates. Couple months it's in here to make sure that you are doing this as efficiently and as effectively as you possibly can. If you like me and have a relatively large business, you're gonna be literally trying to apply it to tens, if not hundreds of messages every single day. And for you to do this one on one or tow, have someone on your team do this one on one. It's not really realistic, and it's probably gonna be taking away from the coal messages and the coal, um, needs of your business. You know you need to be doing things that are more valuable than just customer service. So we're gonna make sure that instead of you writing the answers over and over again, what you need to do is you need to figure out what the most asked questions are and create something called Saved replies. So you re having a lot of people once you brand gets up and running. Once your page gets a lot of momentum, it lacks behind if it hasn't already gonna have a lot of people messaging you, asking you questions about your business, your brand, your niche about yourself and you need to save these questions, and you need to save them in an Excel sheet. I need to save him in a category because what's gonna happen is you can actually create templates and send them automatically all you can send them using saved replies, which will show you in a second. Ah, and therefore you no longer have to personally reply back and forward to everybody. But instead you can use thes saved messages and these canned responses in order to actually get everybody their answers. They need but not have to do it personally. So inside messenger, you can set this function, which automates the save, replies to answer frequently asked questions. Now it's gonna look like this that you can see these are a couple of questions are frequently asked questions, and you can see what we have is just canned responses where we can click on it by using that little messenger thing in the bottom right hand corner off the screen and you'll be able to just click on these and that'll just inset straight into the messenger box and send that back to your customer. So the other thing you don't want to do is you don't want to lose potential customers in the sea off silly questions because people are going to reach out to you and they're gonna ask some crazy, silly questions. So what we do is we use labels to make sure that we tracking the people who are really potential customers. And I'm gonna want to take our hard called actions to buy our products and services, or people who are sort of just there to waste our time. And you still want to deal with these people. But you just want to spend less time on them so you can add a notes or managed labels and add labels to people to keep track of them. So this is inside my messenger. You can see I've added the label, the orange label mentor ship, and I want to make sure that I could give him more value than I'm giving these other people . It's very good for when someone enquires about a product or service. You tagged them as potential customer, so it's critical when using many chat or broadcasting software. But it's basically when you send a one time email one time message to your entire list so you can see I've got 3000 and 17 people on this specific list when I message them all at once, it's going to come up into this inbox here with that message being sent. Therefore, the latest people that I have messaged I going to be 3000 people deep, cause it's like you've sent a Facebook message to 3000 friends at all at the same time. And the message is all that customer service ones you're going back and forward with. You need to make sure you're tagging them so that you can bring them back up really easy when they're 3000 people deep in the in box so that the three tips you need to know and remember to make this process as efficient as an end as effective as possible 6. Facebook Chatbot Sales Buffer CTA: So now we know how powerful this is. We want to go into strong call to actions. How do we get out? Call to actions that are in line without page purpose out there using Facebook Messenger. And also, how do we get people onto this list? How do we get people, um, accessible through Facebook messages? So we're going to go through that in this lecture, so we're gonna have two ways that we can have a strong call to action. So the first is a product called Action or Service Court Action. So the overarching purpose of you paid will be either to san empty product, sign up to your service or to go and listen to a podcast or somewhere. You want to direct traffic to that you're also making money from because they're the three ways that you can make money using an audience. Now, the 1st 1 product called Action. So goodbye. My product or by my shoes. Goodbye. My shirt. Goodbye. My laptop, whatever it is that you sell its supplemental even if you're selling social media services , I guess there'd be a service thes organ, meat products or services and your cold actions to buy them. I'm gonna be product or service call to actions. I get a little read Asterix there, in which we're going to go through in just a second. And the 2nd 1 will be a traffic court action. So hey, just uploaded a YouTube video. Go watch it. Go watch this other video. Go listen to this podcast. Go visit my website. Anyway. You're trying to send traffic, which is just people who are on the Internet. You try and direct them into some form of medium that you want them to consume. So the 1st 1 for product and service called actions very, very important to know you cannot directly sell to your customer using the Facebook Messenger platform. Now you can do it if they specifically asked for it. So if you're interacting with them one on one, totally fine. You couldn't send that individually to people without breaking any of the Facebook terms and conditions. However, if you're broadcasting which will get into a second or bulk messaging these people, you can't directly send them a cold action to buy a product or service um, which is a link to a product or sales page to sell a product or service. It's against Facebook's tempers and conditions. That is one little side note. You can do it if they have signed up within 24 hours. So as someone just signs up to your messenger list, we'll show you how to do that. Um, and there within 24 hours ago. You can directly sell them a product or service, however, once 24 hours expires, and we use APS to make this very easy. You know when people are signing up. Um, after 24 hours, you need what's called a sales buffer now very easy to do. No need to worry. There's plenty of money to be made through Facebook Messenger even without these direct called actions, and you probably gonna make even more if you use a technique like this. So what you need to know is that although I've said there's two ways you can do this a product or service called action or traffic court action, you need to know that every cold action will actually just be a traffic court action because you have a sales buffa. So this is what the process is gonna look like. You have a message Facebook message that goes out to your list Now the link or wherever you're directing them is the buffer that directs traffic to a resource. Now the resource could be a video could be a podcast. It could be just a informative page. It's not directly a check out page. It could be anything. And then that resource not only educates them, but then sells them in order to get people to go from your messenger list into purchasing a product using this sales buffa. Because all call to actions that are hard court actions or promotional colder actions, as we've categorized earlier, I going to be traffic call to actions to your products or services, and you need to have something like this video or podcasts or some educational content between that that you can link them to first to then not only increase conversion but to be in compliance with Facebook's terms and service, says terms conditions I see in the next lecture. Either way, 7. Messenger Segmentation for Facebook: Now, the last thing that we need to talk about is messenger broadcasting. So broadcasting just like email, you can message as many people as you lack. So as many people that have signed up to your list like we showed you how to do it, you can message them all in one. Go. So this is you consider message. This guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy all the same message they all receive at the same time and then get a 96% open. Right? The only thing that I need to point out now is you need to do something called message Messenger segmentation. Now, the reason you do this is because everybody who signs up to your list is going to be different. Some, maybe buyers. Some, maybe people interested, send me some. Maybe spam is some maybe foreigners, some, maybe local people. And you need to know this depending on your business. Now, for me, the really big thing that I need to know is people who have already purchased my products, not only because these are the most valuable people in, um, online marketing. These the ones who have already proven to trust you enough to spend money with you. And therefore, I can promote other offers and other products to them, but also so I don't re offer the same product over and over and over and just annoy them because we're gonna be messaging people so often. We don't want to have to message 3400 people the same generic thing over and over again because people gonna unsubscribe people gonna be annoyed. That's gonna hurt your trust and not be able to sell other products. So the big thing you need to do is add tags on many chat. Very important when using these most powerful messaging month less powerful marketing tool . Right now that we're using it with segmentation as segmentation is gonna take a little time . And the way you do it, you literally have to match up the names. It has to be a manual process right now, but it is so important, and it gives you the liberty to keep messaging your list relentlessly because everybody's getting personalized individual messages that are appropriate to them. So I found this out way too late, and it costs me a lot of refunds. A lot of confusion. A lot of people very angry and un subscribing from my list. So to avoid this mistake, make sure you segment your list before you broadcast.