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Build A DIY Ring Light For Better Videos

James Woo, Skills To A Better Life

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6 Videos (12m)
    • How To Make A DIY Ring Light Introduction

    • DIY Ring Light - Required Parts

    • Prepare The Base For Your Ring Light

    • Ring Light Final Assembly

    • Just A Bit More And Final Assembly

    • Testing And Using Your Ring Light


About This Class

This short class will teach you how to make a DIY ring light with just some basic tools, and equipment for around $40 or less. Commercial ring lights can cost several hundred dollars. This course will teach you how to make one with tools you have at home.

Why use a ring light?

A ring light is useful for :-

  • soft even lighting on a face without shadows
  • taking close up photos without any shadows e.g. great for making product shots
  • compact, and very bright diffused light, pack a lot of light in a small area
  • lighting for green screening videos, or general video.

You can also use it for webcam videos like I show in the last video here.

How long will it take to make this DIY ring light?

It should take around 60 to 90 minutes.

Note : This project uses mains electricity. If you are not familiar with mains electricity, please get someone to help, or do not proceed with this project.





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James Woo

Skills To A Better Life

I'm passionate about making things better at work, or at home. I enjoy teaching about tools, processes, software etc.

My motto is "Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are."

My website's tagline is to Build a Better Business but it's really about Creating A Better Life.

Outside of business, I enjoy photography, teaching, and connecting with people. Check out my classes here where I share what I know to help you make things better.

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