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Build A DIY Ring Light For Better Videos

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. How To Make A DIY Ring Light Introduction

    • 2. DIY Ring Light - Required Parts

    • 3. Prepare The Base For Your Ring Light

    • 4. Ring Light Final Assembly

    • 5. Just A Bit More And Final Assembly

    • 6. Testing And Using Your Ring Light

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About This Class

This short class will teach you how to make a DIY ring light with just some basic tools, and equipment for around $40 or less. Commercial ring lights can cost several hundred dollars. This course will teach you how to make one with tools you have at home.

Why use a ring light?

A ring light is useful for :-

  • soft even lighting on a face without shadows
  • taking close up photos without any shadows e.g. great for making product shots
  • compact, and very bright diffused light, pack a lot of light in a small area
  • lighting for green screening videos, or general video.

You can also use it for webcam videos like I show in the last video here.

How long will it take to make this DIY ring light?

It should take around 60 to 90 minutes.

Note : This project uses mains electricity. If you are not familiar with mains electricity, please get someone to help, or do not proceed with this project.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. How To Make A DIY Ring Light Introduction: bring Lex makes your video or even your photography really are amazing. And you can give a different look to the types of shots you can get. However, ring likes are pretty expensive. Some costs over 100. You will hundreds off dollars for simple ring light. No doubt some of those professionally made bring likes absolute features. You can also create a ring like pretty cheaply while you need to do is to have some some basic tools and knowledge, and you will be able to create your ring light this class, I'm gonna show you how to make a ring like and it is very off. Any soldering or you need to do is to have some basic tools, right? Just a screwdriver, some duct tapes, and you will be able to get a ring like And in fact, right now I'm shooting this video with the ring like that. I mean, so I look forward to see having you in the class and help that your photograph E or your video will look a lot better with the use off really light 2. DIY Ring Light - Required Parts: These are the pastor. You need to make the ring like the first thing is you need a secular for Sent you a second Mr Electric electronic ballasts. Lisa, lengthen Y you okay to call Bio, You're good enough. Next. Some double sided tape box cutter or knife or utility knife, some electrical connectors, small screwdriver, some cable ties, some twist tie. And finally, some corrugated plastic bought. I will put links in the Not yes. So you know where to get those items. 3. Prepare The Base For Your Ring Light: The first thing that you want to do is to put the secular Ferson lie on top of the corrugated plastic bought right at the center, my secular force in likeness trapped in just or the the centimeters in diameter. So I'm gonna have a board. There is approximately three inches or seven a half centimeters larger from the each of the secular Florissant to the reason you want to do that is so that once this corrugated plastic is folded, you have some protection for the secular ring light. I'm marking the center point as well. Because I'm going that point will be the one where there will be a whole there's gonna be cut. So all you need to do is to mark the command at the center with a ruler from the corner to corner. Since my body is larger, then for the tree centimeters, which is about 17 in just I'm going to market off and cut off so that I get a square bought . The next step is actually to mark off the borders, so measure about two inches off. I see em from the bottom of my bowl is 17 inches, which is approximately 40 trees that limit this square. If the size of your secular for said like cube is different, whether it is bigger or smaller than the size of your ball will be different. But you must still be approximately five centimeters, two inches from the each of that board. And the reason why we information that what borders are we couldn't do market, and they are going to make a slit at a corners later on. So go ahead and my order aboard this off the boy. The next step is actually to draw a line from the corner to the point where you're marked off from joining the borders together. You're gonna cut this line later on. Why does he have marked on the diagonal lines? Had those shot lines as shown once you have cut or diagonal lines all the way? True, the next step is to make a cut from the end of the regular, lying to the other end of the diagonal line. Now we're not going to cut the body all the way. True, because the corrugated plastic sheet has two layers were just going to cut the first layer , so adjust your utility knife so that it is just a tinder firstly year, so make sure you don't cut all the way through. Do the same for off off sites. After you have done that, take a bottle or something transparent, which is round and mark the center point where you're going to cut a hole through next mark a hole for the wire from the ballast to come true to the other side, so you need to cut a small square window. Depending on the type of connectors that you have on your electronic ballasts, it could be around. We could be generally be a square, so something around one inch by one inch or 2.5 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters will be just nice for that whole. In the position is so that you will come true to the other side. To connect with the secular for us and to what you want is to place the that US somewhere Twister center off the board, so that would be easy to balance the boy when you use it. Once you have done that. Also, Marco, four points by where you will make holes for you to tie down the secular for us. A tube to the core, a gator plastic sheet. Next, take a hole punch or something shop to make some holes through the bottom. 4. Ring Light Final Assembly: in the section, we'll start assembling the boat first, pick some double sided tape and tape that you just together the ages were full something to between 45 to about 60 degrees for the board. Do the same for all 4/4 off this plastic corrugated board and you will have something like a box like structure. Cut off the pointy ages on all four corners with Jesus or your utility knife. The next step is to blue some reflective aluminium. Fall to the board. You can just use regular eliminate for use in the kitchen, and you can either tippet or use glue. And I found that glue works the best you can use any type of contact adhesive to a blue, the aluminium foil to your corrugated plastic sheet. The reason you want to do that is so that the like will reflect off your boat will be the same, s the secular for a select you and not be affected by the color of your boat. Cut off the end of a near foil where the holes are next. You want to install the literally Balasz, and first of all you need to do is to push the Y across to the whole, attached some double sided tape to the electronic. By last, you some strong double sided tape or mounting, preferably Montaigne tip. When you installed the wire for the electrolyte balance, make sure you take note of the life and neutral. Why, yes, make sure you connected properly and in the right manner to the electrical wire. Do not mix up there to why? Yes, usually life will be l and any before neutral, since we are dealing remains electricity. If you're not sure, get someone who is familiar to have you with this. Use your electrical connectors, their various types that you can use and collect them by tightening them to the electrical court. The next step is to punch the hole to hold down the electrical court. What you want is to provide strain relief so that when you move your ring like around, the strain will not pull onto the wire connectors. What you can do is to tie down the court with a cable time that G ensure that the court is actually holding fast to the bought, so they even when you pull on the court, there's no affect that connect us and the wires that's connected to the letter in it. The last you some electrical tape to tape up their connect. This just for your protection. 5. Just A Bit More And Final Assembly : connect the electronic ballast. Why years to testicular follows in like two. Next, you can use your cable ties or your sister. Why use to tie up the secular for sunlight tube to the boat? Cable ties are more secure. However. They're harder to open if you want to make any changes to your secular. For Sendai tube to stay. Cables give you the flexibility so you want to change the secular fluorescent light tube toe, a wonder that different color temperature, for example, some they like and summer warm white. 6. Testing And Using Your Ring Light: the only thing left to do now used to tester ring like and can start using it black in the ring like to you power and suited on and see what happens. You should light up without any issue. How do I use my ring like you can use your ring light by putting your camera right through the center. And that is one way to use the ring, like I also use it for my Webcam videos. As you can see, it provides very even lighting and makes very good Webcam videos. Of course, if I put the ring light and the camera right through the hole, you may be a little bit too bright for me. What you can do is a key to position it to the side so that the light isn't directly into your face but still give you soft. Even lighting another way is to use the ring like s a feeling light at the corner because of the soft diffused lighting it x something like a soft box. I was so using for mine and blue screen or green screen videos as feel like it gives very even lighting, and you want to do any promoting. It becomes very easy, that's all for this costs on making your own d I y ring like.