Build A Brand Around Your Story: Use Your Story To Connect With Your Audience | Kari Sayers | Skillshare

Build A Brand Around Your Story: Use Your Story To Connect With Your Audience

Kari Sayers, Business Owner at

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7 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction to Build a Brand Around Your Story

    • Lesson 1: Your Personal Story

    • Lesson 2: Your Business Story

    • Lesson 3: Your Audience

    • Lesson 4: Your Problems/Your Solutions

    • Recap and Conclusion

    • Class Project


About This Class


Build A Brand Around Your Story is a business confidence class that helps you understand how your experiences and your unique story help you to connect with your audience.

The personal struggles you've faced are likely the same ones that your audience is being challenged by right now.

Those business failures that you've experienced are probably very similar to what your audience is having to overcome in their own businesses.

By learning how to share your story in an authentic way, you'll start to make real connections with your audience.

Build A Brand Around Your Story will help you better understand how to blend your story, your experiences, and your personality to build a brand that resonates with your audience.





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Kari Sayers

Business Owner at

Hey there! I'm Kari :) I'm a mom, a wife, a writer, an online instructor, and a few other titles depending on the day of the week :)

I've been working full-time from home as a "Mompreneur" since 2015. Before that, I worked in sales and marketing for a group of radio stations and in communications for two different colleges.

Quitting my day job to write books and teach online was one of the BEST DECISIONS I've ever made. Now I get to spend extra time with my hubby and kiddos, whi...

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