Budgeting Life to the Fullest on a Modest Income | Carla Moha | Skillshare

Budgeting Life to the Fullest on a Modest Income

Carla Moha

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4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. BudgetingLifeTo the Fullest On a Modest Income

    • 2. Financial Vision

    • 3. Create a Basic Budget

    • 4. Fine Tuning Budget, vision and plan


About This Class

In this course "Budgeting Life to the Fullest on a Modest Income," students will create a financial vision, a budget, and a plan to meet their life goals all while living a full life on a modest income.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, not to be spent clipping coupons 40 hours a week or budgeting out enjoyment in life.  This fast and easy course will get you on your way to accomplishing this.  





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Hi my name is Carla Moha I have a bachelor's degree from Western State College of Colorado in Accounting. I received an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting from Regis University. I am a licensed CPA in Colorado and Oregon, and I am currently living in Oregon on the northwest Oregon coast. I teach accounting and business courses at a couple of colleges and have for several years. In the past I have worked jobs in governmental, private and public accounting.

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