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Budget Kitchen Update for Under $3,500

teacher avatar Lisa Hall, Creative & DIY Enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro & Overview

    • 2. Kitchen Design Styles

    • 3. Cabinets: Update Hardware

    • 4. Cabinets: Freshen Up with Paint

    • 5. Cabinets: New Doors, New Look

    • 6. Countertops: Paint Them New

    • 7. Appliances: Stainless Steel Paint

    • 8. Walls: Paint, Tiles, Decals & Stencils

    • 9. Flooring: New & Budget Alternatives

    • 10. Recap & Project

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About This Class


While we would all love to have the kitchen of our dreams, that may not be realistic for those of us on a tight budget. But don't get discouraged, there are many inexpensive kitchen updates you can do that will completely transform your space! In this course, I will show you how I updated my kitchen from "UGH!" to "LOVE" for under $3,500. This course is best suited for DIY-minded folks who are willing to put in the work to make improvements to your kitchen and turn this space into a place that makes you proud - and without breaking the bank. So gather your kitchen design ideas, power drill and paint brushes, and let's start that budget-friendly kitchen update!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Hall

Creative & DIY Enthusiast


Lisa Hall is an artist, illustrator and DIY enthusiast. She has over 15 years of professional experience in marketing and graphic design. Her creative business is called Bohemian Creative Lifestyle, as she weaves creativity throughout many areas of her life. She has co-authored and illustrated three children's books, creates globally-inspired artwork based on her travels, illustrates greeting cards and other stationary products, and has spent much of the past decade using her creativity on budget-friendly home improvement. 

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1. Intro & Overview: I only so welcome to my class on budget kitchen updates Now what we would all love to have the kitchen of our dreams. That may not be feasible for everyone. And it certainly wasn't for me. Kitchen renovations tend to be very expensive, costing 15 to $20,000 on the lower end, up to 40 and $60,000 beyond. But there are updates that you can dio that cost very little money that have a really big impact in the kitchen. And I passionately believe that everyone can have a kitchen that they love no matter what their budget. Eight years ago, I bought a house that most people would have considered a tear down house. But I've been renovating that room by room over the years, doing much of the work myself. Now, this was my kitchen before, uh, great major. Everything was awful. It had old white laminate countertops, outdated kitchen doors, old mismatched appliances, wood trim around the windows. Everything needed to be redone. And this is my kitchen now, and I did all of this for under $3500. Now my kitchen certainly isn't a luxury kitchen, but I love my kitchen, and along the way I learned some great tips and tricks on inexpensive updates that you can do that. Make a big difference in this class. I will go over all the elements of the kitchen, from candidates to countertops to appliances and inexpensive ways that you can update them . If you can't afford granite countertops, what can you do if you can't afford all new appliances, what can you do? And I hope it gives you some ideas of things that you might not have heard of before and things that can really make a big impact in your kitchen for very little money. So I won't go step by step, for example, how to replace your Cabinet doors or have to paint Katniss. But I will include these links in the resource sections for you to take a look at and to get some step by step instructions. This class is good for anyone who wants to update your kitchen, who's on a really tight budget and who is willing to rule of your sleeves with the D I line mentality of grabbing your power drill, grabbing a paintbrush and willing to put in the work toe. Update your kitchen at the end of the class. I hope you have some new ideas that you might not have heard of before on a plan toe update your kitchen for the class project. You're going to upload the plan with your new design style. And what, you're gonna update what your budget is. So in the end, I hope this will be a really good first step to get you started along the way. So that sounds good. Let's get to work. 2. Kitchen Design Styles: Now, before we begin, I just quickly want to go over design styles as this will affect the updates you're going to make in your kitchen from the color paint that you choose to the Cabinet door styles that all need to work with your new design style. So let's take a look at some of the more popular kitchen design styles. So now let's look at some of the more popular kitchen design styles. I really like this article on house, which I've included a link to in the resource section, and I like it because not only does it show you images of some popular kitchen design styles, but it also has the elements that make up that style. So if there's a style that you like and you click on the link below, you can get additional information on what you need to do to get that look in your kitchen . So let's get started. Here's a image of a farmhouse kitchen. So far, house kitchens are very popular these days. We have rustic kitchens. You have modern kitchens which are very sleek. You have a traditional kitchen contemporary kitchens, but you're also very sleek. But they also have a more plant, playful form and finishes, according to this article. Transitional kitchens, craftsman kitchens, cottage kitchens, Paris bistro kitchens, classic kitchens, Mediterranean style kitchens and eclectic kitchens. So, for example, let's just look at the cottage style kitchen and see what elements make up a cottage style kitchen. So cottage kitchens tend to be cozy, and the elements that they say bringing the coat the kitchen toe life is using soft colors so such as blues or like greens, open shelving, which I love. Open shelling beadboard, which is very nice element to add. And it's not too expensive. A farmhouse sink and a farmhouse sink is a sink that has the front exposed furniture style Cabinet details, Cup Pulls said. This hardware here is a cup poll, so that's a different kind of hardware other than just a knob or a standard straight pole, and that gives it more of a cottage feel to it and hardwood flooring. So if you like cottage doubt kitchens, this is a good article to see what elements you need to bring the cottage doubt kitchen toe life. So as you can see, there's a lot of different types of kitchens, and I encourage you to see what kind of kitchen style is right for you. Well, some of you may know exactly what design style you want. You may have been collecting images for years. Have Pinterest boards full of images that you want for your kitchen. Others have no idea what design style you want. So if you don't know, I encourage you to pause the class here and figure out what your style is. Take a look at magazines, check out Pinterest check out house, see what's the Allen you want for your kitchen? And one thing to keep in mind is that the kitchen needs to go with all the other rooms in the house, and it needs to go with the overall style of the home. So, for example, my house is more of a cottage. So really, contemporary kitchen probably wouldn't work very well in my house. If you have an urban condo, maybe a farm style country kitchen wouldn't work there. So figure out what style goes well with your house, what you like, and then once you have that, we could move on to 3. Cabinets: Update Hardware: so let's dive in to cap. Getting all new cabinets, including doors on boxes, is very expensive. But if you can't do that, there are ways that are inexpensive. Toe update your cabinets to give them a fresh look. The first way, at least expensive is just updating the hardware. Now the hardware is the knob or a pole. If you go to Home Depot or most home improvement stores, they'll have Cabinet hardware that you can choose from. And as you can see, these knobs run. They start about a dollar or so each. So this is a 10 pack of these knobs for $10.94. So just about a dollar each. They have all different kinds of finishes. They have black, they have chrome, they have satin nickel, so there's a lot of different styles and finishes that you can choose from. If you're interested in polls, they also have polls. So this is similar to what I have here. This one, um, and then can range. So this one is 15 pack for basically $30 so starting about $2 each and they can go up so you can easily find polls that are $568 more than $10 so you can easily update your Cabinet hardware anywhere, starting from a few dollars to, you know, over $10 each. They have some nice black Matt polls. Black finish with hardware on a white Cabinet is really popular right now, and it's very striking. So let's just take a quick look at the hardware on some of the different styles of kitchen . Here you have traditional kitchen cabinets. As you can see, they have some of the cup polls, and they have just regular polls, and they have a couple knobs, so there's really a lot of different things you can use onto this one. This traditional kitchen uses more knobs. I think a lot of times you'll see knobs in traditional kitchens more than in other kitchens per se. Here's another traditional kitchen with Nam's, so let's look at contemporary kitchens now in contemporary kitchens. What do you see? Or more importantly, what do you not see? A lot of times, contemporary kitchens don't have knobs or polls. They may have the ones that come out from underneath the bottom. More of a hidden look. Here you see a lot of times they'll have very sleek polls again, very sleep poles and up here, there's no hardware. So that gives you an idea of how a traditional kitchen and how a contemporary kitchen could be very different in the hardware that they use. I'm really quickly. Let's just look at some cottage kitchens. So here in this cottage kitchen, you'll see once again they have the cup polls that they talked about before and some different standard pools. And here is the Coupole in the nice matte black finish as well. So as you can see updating, just the hardware can make a difference for your cabinets. And depending on how many cabinets you have and what types of hardware you buy, it can range from $50 up to $150 beyond. 4. Cabinets: Freshen Up with Paint: after updating the hardware, the next least expensive way toe update is to paint your cabinets. Now, I'm not going to go into step by step detail of how you paint cabinets. I've included a couple links in the resource section that provide good videos on how you do this. But keep in mind, it is a project. It's not something that you're gonna be able to do in a day. You're gonna have to take the cabinet doors off the cabinets. You're gonna have to sand everything down. Depending on which paint you use. You may have to prime everything first, So it is a project. And do keep that in mind. A company that you're going to hear me talk a lot about is Johnny. And this is where I got my paint for my cabinets. I painted my cabinets just over two years ago, and the pain has held up really well. It doesn't peel, it doesn't chip if it gets dirty, it's very easy to clean. I haven't had to touch them up all in over two years, so I think this is a really great paint, and I can definitely recommend this paint for your cabinets. As you can see, they have a lot of great colors that you can paint your cabinets. They have a really pretty green. They have gray. They have navy, blue, light, blue and white. I painted my cabinets white and I got this kids. And as you can see, the kid cost 69 95. So what do you get for 69 95? You get two cans, a paint roller arm with to brush covers, paintbrush, stir sticks and step by step instructions. Now I had to get one other can of paint to finish my cabinets, so they also have individual cans on that cost 31 95. So, as you can see, you can paint your cabinets for very inexpensive, and it really makes a big difference. So let's look at some of these colors and see which ones you might use. Depending on what style you're going to make your kitchen. So this really pretty green. This could be a great color for, say, a cottage kitchen that looks really nice. Or maybe this gray you could do for a modern kitchen or a transitional kitchen. The Navy blue could be great in a traditional kitchen, the light blue and a cottage kitchen. Maybe you white for contemporary kitchen, so there's a lot of great options of paint colors that they have. I just Googled painted kitchen cabinets before and after just to give you an idea of the difference that this could make. So check out some of these before and after photos. I mean, what a difference for such a small amount of money? It can really make a huge difference in your kitchen simply by painting the Cabinet. It's look at this before and after. Looks like a completely different kitchen. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to make a big impact for very little money. You can paint your Kim kitchen cabinets for around 100 to $200 depending on how maney cabinets you have and adding in the hardware. This could make a huge difference in your kitchen and really transform it for not a lot of money. It's a great way to give your kitchen a good facelift. I've included a link to Johnny's website in the resource section, so if you're considering painting your cabinets, check them out, check out some of the fun colors they have and see what will work well with the design style you've chosen 5. Cabinets: New Doors, New Look: the next level up of things you can do to update your cabinets is to get new Cabinet doors . So maybe your cabinet doors air in really bad shape. Or maybe they just aren't the style that you want for your kitchen. Maybe they're more of a traditional Cabinet door, whereas you're trying to go for more of a contemporary look. If that's the case, you can get new Cabinet doors without having to get all new cabinets. It's much less expensive than getting all new cabinets, and that's what I ended up doing in my kitchen. There are a number of places that you can get cabinet doors and I just to go with Cabinet Door World. And I thought that the cabinets are really good quality, and I've been very happy with them. So if you go to their Web sites here, you can see cabinet doors and drawers affronts, so you also need the drawer fronts for your drawers as well. So let's just look at some of the Cabinet door options that they have so you can get unfinished cabinet doors, stained cabinet doors, painted cabinet doors, all different kinds of doors. I ended up going with an MDF primed door. I did that because I knew I wanted to paint them. And mdf prime doors are good if you want to paint them. So I ended up going with that, and you can see all the different Cabinet door styles that they have. So here they have a flat panel. Here they have a raised panel. Here they have one with an arch. This is just a solid slab door, which you may use if you want a contemporary option. I ended up going with the Shaker Door style, and you can see how this translated into my kitchen. For example, this type of door is $23.43 per square foot, so what you'll need to do is you'll need to measure the size of the doors that you're going to need. So, for example, the majority of my top cabinets were 10 inches wide by 29 a quarter and just tall, and I started with two of them to try them first, to see if I could actually hang them myself to see how they looked. So I highly recommend starting with one or two just to see how it goes. And if you think that you got the right size if you need to tweak that if you like the style. So I ended up starting with two. Now a boring is if you want them to add a hole where the hinge will go in. So I chose. Yes, and you can show choose the hinge style that you want. A soft, close hinge is when you shut the cabinet and it's slowly closes without making a bang. So I ended up going with the soft, close hinge. It's a little bit more expensive, but not much. And then you have to think Which side do you want the hinge on? Do you want to open it to the left or to the right? So be sure to know which side you want the hinge on, and they also have some hardware options. So, for example, choose after choosing all this, the total for this would be $132.17 so you can see that it adds up pretty quickly. This is just for two doors, and it's $132.17. So you can imagine if you were gonna replace all your cabinets, including the basis it can add up really quickly. When you're ordering your Cabinet doors, there is a lot to think about, so I just want to go over a couple of things for you to keep in mind. There are different door types and styles, so, for example, you need to think about our Do you want a full overlay cabinet or a partial overlay cabinet ? What is a full overlay cabinet, for example? These cabinets. The doors are very close to each other, and you don't see much of the Cabinet base. That's, Ah, full overlay cabinet. So if you're considering its style like that, you would want a full overlay cabinet door. A partial or standard overlay cabinet door is where you do see more of the base. This is the type of Cabinet door that I have, and I'll be honest. This is much more forgiving when you are taking your measurements and hanging your doors. If you are having doors that are full overlay and are right next to each other, really gonna have to make sure you get the measurements right that they're hung correctly, and this could be something that is difficult to dio. If you do have any money in your budget to hire a professional, this is the part of the kitchen that I would recommend doing it, especially if you want to have full overlay Cabinet doors. It can get very tricky to make sure that they are hung correctly. So not only do you think about full overlay versus partial overlay, there's different door styles. So there's raised panel doors. There's recess panel doors there. Slab doors and the slab door once again is more like this door where there's nothing raised on it. There's no design to it. It's just a slab. So these were different things for you to think about. So before you order any doors, make sure you really understand the differences and the measurements that you would need. And let's just quickly go back and look at some of the different styles of kitchen and what types of doors you might want to get, depending on your style. So here is a good temporary kitchens, and again, these a lot of times you slab doors. There's nothing raised. There's no design element to it. It's just a flat door, so all these kitchens use the slab door. Let's just look at a traditional kitchen, so this traditional kitchen, as you can see the cabinets, have a raised panel here. They're more decorative, and I hope you're starting to get a sense of putting all this together with the pink color and the styles of cabinets and what kind of hardware. So, for example, in this traditional kitchen, they have nice blue, deep blue cabinets with raised panels and door Nam's, which is more of a traditional kitchen look. So I hope you're starting to get annoyed idea of all that and which ones you might use in your kitchen. So just quickly looking at a cottage kitchen. So this cottage kitchen also uses raised panel cabinet doors, and one thing I quickly want to go over is having open shelving. So a cottage kitchen, for example, could use open shelving, as could a modern or contemporary kitchen. I love open shelving, and it's an inexpensive way toe. Update your cabinets without having any cabinets. If your cabinets are really bad, take him out and put up some shelves. It will look great. I ended up spending just over $1000 to get new Cabinet doors on when you include the paint and the hardware. I ended up spending in total about $1350 so the cabinets were the most expensive parts of my kitchen update. And as you can imagine, this was just the doors, the pain and the hardware. If you were replacing all your cabinets, it would really add up. So I hope this has given you some ideas about ways that you can give your cabinets a facelift without spending too much money from just updating the hardware to painting the cabinets to new Cabinet doors. There's a lot of different ways that you can really transform your kitchen cabinets, and I hope you have a better idea about different design styles. What kind of Cabinet doors help bring these styles toe life? What different colors of cabinets bring different styles, toe life and different things that you can dio in your kitchen? 6. Countertops: Paint Them New: so don't gonna move on to counter countertops are another big ticket items that tend to be very expensive. Well, we would all love to have granted reports countertops that may not be feasible for everyone . So there are less expensive countertop materials that may be an option for you. According to Home Advisor, Countertop Materials costs $2200 on average, ranging from $825 to $3850 for a 55 foot square foot kitchen. So this translates into a typical price of 15 $70 per square foot, with some materials such a ceramic running as low as a dollar per square foot, compared to $190 per square foot for specialty marble. So let's look at some of the options of materials that they list. So, for example, you could get new laminate countertops four between eighth and $27 per square foot. Porcelain for 3 to $28 ceramic for between one and $15 per square foot. Where's granite is between 15 and $140 per square foot and marble is 15 to 190 Butcher Block is another option that's less expensive, ranging from 10 to $38. And I think that could give it a nice look, a swell. So, for example, these are butcher block counters which I think are fantastic. I love butcher block, and this could look really great in a cottage style kitchen. So on some of them, they use different materials for countertops. So, as you can see, the island here is a butcher block and back here, perhaps this is a marble or a different kind of material. So there's some really great things that you could do with butcher block countertops. Now they're ceramic tile, which is very much less expensive than granite. But you do. We will have the indentations here from where the tiles replaced, so it wouldn't be a solid coated surface here. You would have some indentations here, So I encourage you to research some of the options that are out there and see what the pros and the cons are for the various materials and the pricing and see what may work for you. Now in this class, we're talking about super budget alternatives. So what did I do? with my whole blight laminate countertops. It painted them. I painted them with a faux granite paint from Johnny, the same company that makes the Cabinet pain that I talked about in the previous section. If you go to the Diani website, which I've included a link to in the resource section, you can see that they have a lot of different countertop paint options. They have a marble countertop paint kit. They have, ah, butcher block countertops paint kit. And then they have these faux granite countertop pain tickets. So the paints are made meant to mimic the look of, say, marble or butcher block or a granite. So the one that I used is this Johnny Chocolate Brown countertop paint kit. It costs 79 95 this is the look that you'll get from it. So the kit includes ah primer base. It includes all the different colors the browns, the blacks, the whites. It includes a top coats to keep it from scratching. Some brushes the sponge that you'll need on a practice board so you'll see all the different colors in here that you have. And this is what it would look like when you're done. So basically, what you do is you take a sponge and you dab on each of the different colors. So, for example, first maybe you would dab on the black, and then you would dab on a darker brown and then a lighter brown, and then you'd go over it again and again and again until you get this look. Now painting your countertops is a project. It took me three weekends to do mine, and I do think you need a little bit of an artistic eye to be able to do a good job with it . But they have held up quite well over the years since I did it a few years ago. The only parts that I've had to touch up are the edges. I've seen that they've kind of killed off a little bit here in there. So I have had to touch those up, and I'm going to just quickly show you how it's done. So these are the paints that I have used over the years. I just have a little corner of the sponge that they provided left, but you'll want to use a bigger part when you're doing the entire countertops and you just literally go in and sponge it and start with a color, and then you take another color. I started with black, and then I will go over it with the darker brown and then the lighter brown and then add in some white and you want to go over with the different color several times. For example, you don't want the white, all the white on top. You want a little bit of the black on top, A swell so and a little bit of the brown. It really needs to give it that sort of granite he look so it's just, you know, dabbing it here and there with the sponge. And when you get to a place that you like, you're finished, and maybe you want the counter to be a little bit darker and you'd use more black and darker browns. Maybe you want it to be a little bit lighter, and you'd have more of the light brown and the white show through. So that's just a personal preference, whatever you like. And then at the end, this is what it looked like. I was so excited to learn about Johnny countertop paint because I couldn't afford to get all new countertops, and it was a really great, inexpensive option to give my countertops a great facelift. I ended up spending about $150 on paint, and I got completely transformed countertops that look really great. So if you can't afford new countertops, consider this as an option. 7. Appliances: Stainless Steel Paint: So now we're gonna move on. Teoh Appliances Appliances are another element in the kitchen that can add up really quickly. I had an outdated yellow fridge. I had a stainless steel dish washer that was looking a little bit warn. I had a white oven and I had a yellow hood. So while they were all functioning, they certainly didn't match and they didn't look good. So I went to an appliance store over one of the holiday weekends. They always have these blowout sales over Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, so you can get some good deals during these times. So I went and I bought a new fridge. I got stainless steel fridge for under $700 as I was checking out, I mentioned to the saleswoman that I had to get all the appliances because of the work that Justin match. As she said. Have you heard about stainless steel paint? My mind was blown. No, I had not heard about stainless steel paint, and I was very interested to learn about it. So our friends at Johnny once again this was my first introduction to the company. Johnny. They have a stainless steel paint. And once I discovered the stainless steel pain, then discovered the countertop paint the Cabinet pain. So I am very grateful to this woman who mentioned this company to be because they have saved me thousands of dollars in my kitchen. So once again, if you go to the Johnny website, you'll see that they have liquid stainless steel paint, and they have kits for a range and dishwasher, or they have a kit for a refrigerator. This one has a little bit more painted it, so it's more expensive. And as I had just gotten a new fridge, I went ahead and got the range and dishwasher kit. It costs 29 95 so it's quite inexpensive, and in the kits you'll see it comes with the base coat on the top coat and a phone brush. So basically what you will do is you will clean and tape whatever it is you're gonna paint . You'll brush on the top coat with the phone brush, and then you'll start. You'll brush on the base coat with the brush, and then you brush on the top coat, which will give it a little bit of that gloss shine and you'll see at the end it looks really nice. So this pain has worked really well. For me. It's worked really well on my dishwasher and the hood. It also has worked quite well on my range. The only place that I've had to do some touch ups is on the top. So when I'm using the stove, a lot of times, pans will hit the edge and chip the pain a little bit. So I have had to do touch ups around the edge here, and I'll just quickly show you how I've done it. Paint that you get from Johnny. This is the base coat. It's the liquid stainless steel paint, and when you do the entire appliance, you'll want to use the phone brush that they provided. But when you're just doing a little touch up like this, I just like to use a paintbrush just to make it a little bit easier. But when you're doing it, you're just essentially painting with a liquid stainless steel paint, and it really can make a big difference on an old outdated appliance. I spent around $700 on a new fridge and just over $100 on stainless steel paint and supplies from Johnny. So all in all, I was able to update my appliances for $825. I was really happy to learn about this stainless steel paint because it saved me hundreds of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on updating my appliances. 8. Walls: Paint, Tiles, Decals & Stencils: Now let's move on to the walls, no matter what room in the home. One of the least expensive ways to make a big impact and a big update is with paints. I love paint. I love color. As you can see, I haven't orange kitchen, so I do love bright, fun colors. What paint color you choose will depend upon your style. If you want a contemporary kitchen, you may choose a white. If you want a cottage kitchen, you maybe would choose a light blue or light green paint. You could have a lot of fun with color, and it could make a really big impact in your kitchen after painting. A common thing to add to a wall is a back splash. I didn't do a back splash because my cabinets don't go to the end of the wall. They stopped kind of in the middle, so there wasn't a natural place for me to put a back splash, so I didn't do backsplash or any type of a pattern or anything on the wall here. But there are some really great options that you can dio, so a typical blacks flash according to Home advisor ranges from about 600 to over $1300 with the average costing around $1000. So they're different kinds of materials. You could use ceramic or stone or class, and you go just look into the different options of that, something that you would be interested in doing. I'll quickly show you some of the different types, so here's a subway tile, so this is a popular kind of a backsplashes, said a subway tile. There are also mosaic tiles, which looks really pretty a swell. They're ceramic tiles. And if you can't afford to dio a typical backsplash, never fear. There is always a cheaper option. So here on the spruce, they have a great block, which have included in my resource section five types of appeal and stick backsplash tiles . So I have not done appealing stick backsplash, tile or any of the decals or anything like that. So I can't tell you how well they work. So I definitely do your research. And on all the websites, they all talk about ordering one or two before you order all of them just to try them and see how they work. See if you like them so I think that's a great idea. But here's some options. They have great peeling stick options that can add a great pop of color. Look at all these different materials that they have all these different looks. So here's a company called Wall Pops, and they have some really great peel and stick options. You can get the subway tile Look, let's see the backsplash tiles. Here we go. So look at how pretty all these are. This could be really, really beautiful element toe. Add to your kitchen, look at how gorgeous that is and adds a nice pop of color. And it says one piece that measures ah 108 inches by 18 inches is only $18. So here's another company called mineral tiles that has peel and stick more of the mosaic tile. Look, if you like that as well, here's another option appeal and stick option with the mosaic tile look. And maybe you don't even want the tile look. Maybe you just want decorative decals. So Mirth Studio has some really fun, colorful patterns that could really add just a wonderful pop of color. And if you want to be very D, I y and get creative. You could get a wall stencil on. Royal Design Studios has some beautiful patterns, so let's check out this pattern. For example. Look at that in the kitchen that adds a great element for very inexpensive so you'll see and all the different colors you could dio. You can choose whatever colors you want, and it comes with the stencil and you just painted on. So there are inexpensive ways to add either a full looking backsplash or add a pop of color with decals or with paint. And I think this could make a big impact in a kitchen on my kitchen walls. All I did was add paint. I spend around $100 on paint and supplies, but I hope I provided you with some new ideas for things that you could dio toe. Add some great pops of color to your walls, Whether it's a standard backsplash or some fun decals or getting creative with D I life stencils. There's a lot of great ways you can make a big impact with your walls that won't break the bank 9. Flooring: New & Budget Alternatives: onto flooring Now. I chose to hire someone to re tile my kitchen floor. He should have thinks I talked about Everyone has a different comfort level of what you think you could do what you're willing to do, What you think you can dio. And if you have a budget to hire someone to help you do these things. So I was uncomfortable trying to do the tile floor myself, and I had a little bit of room in the budget, so I chose to hire someone to put new Thailand for me. I think it could be a great thing toe learn how to do it. Something that you want, Teoh. So for each thing that I've mentioned, just consider Is it something you feel comfortable during yourself? Do you think you could do a good job with it? Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to take the time? So consider each of these things for each of these projects that we've talked about. So I chose to put in its ceramic tile for my floors. And this is a good, inexpensive option that holds up really well in a kitchen. You could also do laminate which is a lot less expensive than hardwood floors and Lehman. It's these days. They have some great options. If you just Google laminate floors, you'll see that they have some really beautiful floor. So they're not like laminate like you used to think of laminate. They have some really beautiful options, and it's a very hardy floor as well. So those air two good options if you're gonna install new floors. So if you can't install new floors once again, we have some more budget options. So our friends at Wal Pops, they also have peel and stick floor tiles. So maybe you have some old, white, nasty yellow, um, floor tiles that you just want to cover. And here's a beautiful peel and stick options that you could put on the floor at Merced Studio again. They have some beautiful tile options that you could put. Now they do say that these are considered temporary because kitchens are really high traffic areas, and there you are gonna be walking on a lot. There's going to get a lot of use from it. So how well these will hold up over the years. It's probably not going to be as well as if you caught new tile or new laminate. But it's a great option in the meantime, and also there are spore stencils as well. So Royal Design Studio also has some beautiful floor stencils as well. So let's just look at this option here, um, pulls up. Let's see if it has some good flooring options Here. Look at how beautiful that looks. So imagine if you have some old tile floors and you put these decals on it. Wow, what a difference. It could be really beautiful. And they do have floor stencils as well. Cutting interest stencils have some really cool stencil designs. Look at all these beautiful, beautiful stencil designs and they do have for hardwood as well. So don't think that you could just do this on tile. You could if you had some old kind of warren hardwood floors that you can't afford to get rid of just yet, you could add a stencil to the hardwood as well as I mentioned. I chose to hire someone to install my kitchen floor. So between the materials and the labor, the cost was just at about $1000. But I hope I've given you some ideas for some cheaper options if you can't install new floors or, if you can, some of the lower and options that can really hold up quite well in the high traffic kitchen. 10. Recap & Project: So I hope this class has provided you with some new ideas and inspiration toe update your kitchen even if you don't have a big budget. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do that make a big impact that you don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve. As I mentioned at the beginning of the class, I updated my kitchen for under $3500. So here all the updates that I did and the total that I spent. So this is just to show you that you really can make a big difference in your kitchen for not a lot of money. Maybe you don't have to update your floor, and you can put more money into getting a new appliance or new countertops. It depends on what you need and what your priorities are. So for your class project, we're gonna plan your kitchen update. So things I want you to think about our what is your design style and your color palette that you're gonna have for your kitchen in order of priority? What updates need to be done? What can you do yourself and What do you want to hire out? What is your time frame and what is your budget? So I'd love for you toe upload your plan whether you just want toe, upload a before picture and know what you're gonna update. Or if you actually want to write out a plan, show your different design style, your color palette, whatever works for you. I'm really excited to see your plans for your budget Kitchen updates. So thank you for taking my class. And I look forward to seeing your creativity come toe life in your budget kitchen update.