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Budget Bathroom Update for Under $3,500

teacher avatar Lisa Hall, Creative & DIY Enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro & Overview

    • 2. Bathroom Design Styles

    • 3. Tub & Shower

    • 4. Vanity, Mirrors & More

    • 5. Walls: Paint, Stencils & Decals

    • 6. Flooring: New & Alternative Options

    • 7. Finishing Touches

    • 8. Recap & Project

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About This Class


While we would all love to have the bathroom of our dreams, that may not be realistic for those of us on a tight budget. But don't get discouraged, there are many inexpensive updates you can do that will completely transform your space! In this course, I will show you how I renovated my bathroom for under $3,500, highlighting tips and tricks I learned along the way. This course is best suited for home improvement DIY-minded folks who are willing to put in the work and turn this space into a place that makes you proud - and without breaking the bank. So gather your bathroom design ideas, power drill and paint brushes, and let's start that budget-friendly bathroom update!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Hall

Creative & DIY Enthusiast


Lisa Hall is an artist, illustrator and DIY enthusiast. She has over 15 years of professional experience in marketing and graphic design. Her creative business is called Bohemian Creative Lifestyle, as she weaves creativity throughout many areas of her life. She has co-authored and illustrated three children's books, creates globally-inspired artwork based on her travels, illustrates greeting cards and other stationary products, and has spent much of the past decade using her creativity on budget-friendly home improvement. 

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1. Intro & Overview: Hi, I'm Lisa. Welcome to my class on budget bathroom updates. Now, while the average bathroom update is around $10,000 I want to share with you some ideas on ways that you can update your bathroom very inexpensively. Just for a few $1000 you could make a big difference in your bathroom. About eight years ago, I bought an old house that I have been going room by room and fixing up over the years. This is my bathroom before it waas awful. And this is my bathroom now, and I did it all for under $3500. And along the way I learned some really good tips and tricks on how you can update a bathroom very inexpensively and do some small things that can really make a big impact in this class. I will go over all the key areas of a bathroom from the top of shower to vanities and more , and give you some ideas for inexpensive ways that you can make updates. Now I won't go step by step on how you do it, for example, how to refinished, bathtub or install a vanity, things like that. But I will include some links in the resource section with how to do these things in more detail. This class is good for anyone who has a DEA, my mentality and who wants to update your bathroom on a budget and at the end of the class , I hope you have a better idea of ways that you can update your bathroom and some ideas that maybe you hadn't thought of before. So if that sounds good, let's get started. 2. Bathroom Design Styles: Now, before we begin, I just quickly want to go over some bathroom designed styles as this is going to affect the updates that you're going to make everything from the color painted to choose to the vanity style and more. They all need to work with your design style. So let's take a look at some of the more popular bathroom styles. I like this article on house, which I've included a link in the resource section for you because not only does it give you some ideas of bathroom styles and photos, their links below each of the styles that you can click on to understand the elements of what make up that style. So let's take a look at some of the styles they list. The 1st 1 they have is a farmhouse style, and that's characterized by. Perhaps you didn't ship lap or reclaimed wood. Then there's a contemporary bathroom, which has very clean lines. It's sleek, isn't cluttered. Then you have an eclectic bath, which, if you like to mix and match, that might be a good style for you. They have beachy styles which, if you live by the beach, is very fun. An Asian inspired style, a traditional style, an industrial style, a craftsman style and a Mediterranean style. So let's look at, for example, the contemporary kitchen. So eight elements sorry of a bathroom, The Let's look at the elements of a contemporary bathroom. So the eight elements of a contemporary bathroom that they have here are clean lines, authentic materials, lack of clutter, contrast, simple lighting, open space, colors and chrome. So this is just a example. If you like a contemporary bathroom, it just gives you some ideas what you could do to get that look that what's also important to note is that your bathroom, the style that you choose it also needs to work with the rest of your home. So, for example, if you have a cottage home and then you put it a contemporary bath, it's not gonna fit in with the rest of the home very well. So just keep in mind what this style is in the rest of the home and be ordered to match it . So, for example, if you have a beachy theme, a beachy bathroom could be great. If you have more of ah, traditional home, a traditional bathroom could be great. So while some of you may know exactly what design style you want for your bathroom, others may have no idea. And if you don't, I encourage you to pause the class. Here, take a look at some magazines, look online of Pinterest and house, see what style you want for your bathroom, and then when you're ready to start the class up again, we'll move on to updating the elements of a bathroom. 3. Tub & Shower: so let's start with bathtubs and showers. Not replacing a bathtub and shower can be very expensive, but there are cheaper ways that you can make updates that really make a difference. So I had a claw foot backed up. And while it may not look too bad in this picture, believe me, it waas nasty. But I wanted to keep it as I like the look. My house is more of ah, cottage and that I feel like this claw foot bathtub really went well with the cottage style that I wanted for the bathroom. So I wanted to do all I could to keep it. I cold about getting it refinished, and it was actually more expensive than I thought. I was quoted over $700 toe have a company re finish it. The average cost listed online is about $500 depending on what kind of bathtub you have and where you live. But I found a d i Y bathtub re finishing kit at Home Depot for under $40 I bought it and I refinished it myself. I did this about six years ago, and it has held up really well. I do have to go in and make an update. Every I'd say, 2 to 2.5 years, it starts to look a little worn, so I do have to redo it every couple years. But considering the cost, that's not bad. So there is a spray option as well as a liquid option. I chose to use a paintbrush to apply it just because I felt like it would be easier to control. But you can use a spray as well. You just have to make sure you clean the bathtub very well, and then you just spray or painted on. It's just like a regular can of paint that you would put on there. It's very easy, and you have to dio two coats and you can't use the bathtub for at least two days now. One thing I will say and caution you about is that the fumes from this are powerful, so if you do end up doing this, make sure to wear a respirator mask because they're really overwhelming, and I would recommend doing it in the morning when you can leave when you and your family and your pets can all leave for the day. Go or be outside. If it's summer, make sure it's well ventilated. You have a fan going. You have all the windows open because it is powerful. I have included a couple links in the resource of section that show YouTube videos of how to use this kit to re finish a tub. And, funnily enough, the two guys in the videos both overwhelmingly talked about how Putin's these fumes are and how it is not to be underestimated how strong these fumes are, how important it is to ventilate your house when you're doing it. And Teoh not take that for granted. Because I'm telling you, it really is powerful, so maybe it's not worth it to you to do it yourself. Maybe you would rather pay, you know, 45 $600 to have someone do it for you that's totally up to you. Just know that there is an option out there for you to do it yourself. So I was able to update my bathtub for only $40 which was amazing. Unlike I said, it really looks great and it's held up very well, but I just want to take a minute because I know a lot of other people have more standard bathtubs and showers, and I want to talk about some options for those as well. So I also have a rental condo, and this is my bathroom. In my rental, KANU and I did use the same re finishing kit in the bathtub, which looks great still, and unlike a cloth of bath of more standard bathtub, will have balls that may need to be updated. So, for example, in my condo, as you can see at the top of the shower wall, it used to be all tile, and then a couple of the tile started cracking and we're about to fall off. And I didn't really want to have to pay to re tile the whole shower. So I actually had a contractor who happened to be doing some other work for me. And he told me about some shower liners that we could just put over the tiles, and I had requested information and to get some pricing from some of the bath tub fitter companies, and I was absolutely floored at how expensive they were. There were thousands and thousands of dollars, so if that's something that you can't afford to dio. But you want to get some sort of a liner. You can get a liner from Lowe's or Home Depot. If you have a standard size enclosure that could work very well. So the ones that I got there were three individual panels, and you can see in the center that you can see where they are caulked together. It's not seamless, but I think it works just fine and it's held up. It's been about five or six years, and it's held up really well. I do have to go in and, you know, replace the cock every once in a while. But it's held up really well, and they only cost a couple $100. And I paid the my contractor a couple $100 Teoh put it in. The one tricky part about doing it is if you can see where the faucet not handle is to turn the water on and off. We had to cut out a space for that from the liner, so it was a little trickier than that. I wanted to do myself, and I just wanted to make sure that when he put it in that the caulking was done right so that water didn't leak, especially on ones that are fully fitted that you have to caulk yourself. You really want to make sure that it's done right so that water doesn't leak behind there because otherwise that could cause some problems. So just know that there are some inexpensive liner options out there for you to use. Now maybe you're tile is in decent condition, but maybe it's the ugly, outdated old pink tile, or you just want to freshen it up a little bit, so I haven't done it. But you can paint shower tile. I think it's more optimal to paint tile in drier areas and less humid areas. But it can be done, and I've included a couple of links in the resource section that talk about how you can paint tile. So if you're tile is in good condition, you just want to give it a facelift. You can paint it perhaps, just knowing that you know it's something that you're gonna have to go in and touch up every once in a while. Who, another item that can make a shower or a tab look more outdated is, if you have outdated looking glass doors, perhaps you can update the doors or take them out altogether and add a shower rod and curtain instead to make it look a little bit nicer. And the last thing is the shower floor. So if you have a shower floor that's looking a little outdated, they have some really cool bamboo or teak math that you can put in the bottom of the shower . They have slots and then so the water can drain. But they look really cool on their pretty inexpensive. Maybe if you wanted to be very craft, you could even make one yourself. So I hope these have given you a few ideas about how you could update a tougher shower without having to replace everything. There are some low cost options that can really make a big difference. 4. Vanity, Mirrors & More: So now we're gonna talk about some other key elements of a bathroom, such as the vanity sink, faucets, toilets, mirrors and medicine cabinets. I was happily surprised to learn how inexpensive it is to replace some of these items. You can go to any home improvement store and find some of these items for $100.200 dollars , and they're quite nice. So I was very happy to learn that you can replace these for not a lot of money. Now, before we dive in, I just quickly want to go back to our bathroom styles as this is going to influence the things that you're going to buy. So let's look at thes vanities, for example. So here is our farmhouse style, and if you look at the vanity, it has would. So if you're looking to have a farmhouse style bathroom, perhaps you want to have a wood looking vanity, a contemporary bath if you notice they have floating vanities. A floating vanity is a vanity that doesn't touch the ground. It looks very sleek, very contemporary. So if that's something you're trying to dio in your bathroom, perhaps you want to consider that they also have very square sinks and a square toilet, so that gives it kind of a different look as well. In this eclectic bath again, it has a very rustic looking cool vanity and the traditional bathroom. You can tell this this vanities. It's it's pretty traditional looking, and in this industrial bath again, it has a floating ban inanity that has a very cool, edgy look to it. So Home Depot or any of the home improvement stores you'll see that they have a lot of vanity options. So this is the one that I got. It was about $139 which is very reasonable. So take a look at some of these vanities and see what style of bathroom that could be in. So perhaps this is in more of a traditional bathroom. This could be in a transitional or traditional bathroom as well. Here's one with a would look. This one could be in a contemporary bath. This it has very sleek polls. This could be in a traditional bath as well, so I hope you're starting to get a new idea for some of the different types of vanities and the different styles that you may use in your bathroom. So next, let's look at faucets. So one thing you want Teoh think about when you get your vanity is what are the holes like for the faucet. So are you gonna have a widespread faucet or you're gonna have a single lever faucet, So there's different types of faucets, So make sure you notice what your vanity is and what type of faucet you want, and then you're gonna shot by finish, so they have chrome. They have matte black, which looks really nice in a white bathroom. So let's just take a look at some six posits, so you'll see. These are very expensive. You can get a faucet for, you know, 50 box and up, and you'll notice at some of these. The handles are different from this more of a lever, so you'll want to notice what works. So this faucet could be good in a contemporary bath, perhaps versus something that's a little bit more traditional. Thank on two toilets again. Toilets are very expensive. You could get a toilet for 100 blocks, 200 box, so it's really not going to break the bag to get a new toilet and then on to mirrors. So they do have, you know, some different mirror options, depending on what you're looking for and medicine cabinets as well. So this is the one that I got. It costs $75 again. None of this stuff is going to break the bank. You confined good quality, you know, stylish pieces for not a lot of money. One thing I want to know really quickly is that the tub re finishing kit that I talked about earlier. You could also use that for sink. So maybe your vanities. Okay, you like the style, but maybe the sink is sort of an outdated color or just needs to be refreshed. You could use this on a sink as well, and it would turn out just great. So along with painting the sink, you could also paint the cabinets. If your vanities, in good condition but perhaps is just not a color you want, or it doesn't go with the style, you can paint your cabinets. Johnny is a company that I used to paint the cabinets in my kitchen, and it's a really good quality paint, and they have some really pretty colors. They have a really pretty light green, which could look great in a cottage bath. They have, like gray, which could look good in a transitional. But have they have dark blue, which could look at in a traditional laugh again? This life boo could be a great cottage bath and white, perhaps in a contemporary bath. So there is some great options toe add some color to your vanity as well. And another thing I want to mention his mirror mate frames. So perhaps you have an old outdated wall mirror like I do in my rental condo. You can get frames to place on the mirrors that really will add a great updated look to it . So I just quickly wanted to go over these elements to show you that they really aren't that expensive toe update. So I ended up getting a new vanity faucet, toilet mirror and medicine cabinet for about $750. I did have someone installed the vanity faucet and toilet for me. My motto is, if it's anything that could cause a flood or a fire, I have a professional do it, but that's just me. Everyone's gonna have their different level of comfort. What, you think you can do what you wanna learn. So all of these things, it's up to you to decide what you feel comfortable doing. But I hope this gives you some good ideas about things that you can dio that really don't cost a lot of money. So in addition to the $750 I spent purchasing these items, I spent about $500 for toe. Have someone removed the old ones and install the new ban ity, faucets and toilets. So in total updating, all these items cost around $1250. 5. Walls: Paint, Stencils & Decals: no matter of what room of the home. One of the things that can make a big impact for very little cost is paint. I love paint. I love color. So my bathroom is more of a cottage style bathroom, so I chose to paint it. The walls blew, but what color you choose for your paint will depend upon the style that you want. For example, if you want a contemporary bath, maybe you'll choose to paint it white. Another element that my bathroom already had was it had the Wainscott ing Wainscott ing is the wood paneling on the lower part of a wall. Now mine was an outdated would look, but I just painted it white and it turned out great. It also went with the cottage style that I was going for in my bathroom, so I wanted to keep it as I really like the look of it. Now let's just look at house real quick at some of the examples of Wainscott ing. There's different types, and you can really use it for a lot of different styles in a bathroom. So, for example, this is more like what I have in my bathroom but they also have some that have wider panels . You can really use it in a lot of different ways. Here, for example, you can paint a different colors as well. It doesn't have to be painted white, and if you paint the walls white on the wing Scott in a different color, it can add a really nice contrast here. It's painted a really pretty like green, so there's a lot of different things that you could do with it. It's not that expensive, and it can added really nice touch to a bathroom. Another element you could add to your walls is tile. Then you can go to a home improvement store and find a lot of really cool tiles for not that expensive. They have a lot of different styles, and it can add a really nice look That something you think you can install yourself. It could be a really great budget idea if you think you would need some help installing it . That's where the costs can add up. According to Home Guide, the averages about $1672 that people pay on their tiling project so it can that up, but it can also make a big difference. Now, perhaps you have You already have some tile, but it's old and outdated. Uh, like we talked about, you can paint it, so that's an option. Very good budget option. If you have old outdated tiles, go ahead and paint them. But something that's even even more beautiful are. There are some wall stencils that you can put on tiles. So Royal Design Studios has absolutely gorgeous tile stencils that you can use to tile to put over some old tiles and really make a huge difference. Look at how gorgeous a lot of these divines are. You can put these on walls. You can put them on tiles, so not only could you use this for something you could put on a tile, but you could also do this on a wall. Cutting edge stencils also has some really beautiful designs that you could use to decorate your walls. Look at this bathroom image here just by doing some stencil e. What a difference that could make in a bathroom. Also peel and stick decorative wall decals that you could get from her studio. They have some really beautiful decorative wall de cows as well. So as you can see, there's a lot of options of things that you can do toe. Add a great pop of color to your walls for not a lot of money. So I've included links to all these in the resource of section. So I hope you have fun taking a look at them and seeing some great ways that you can add pops of color to the bathroom for not a lot of money. For my bad project, I painted the walls and the wing, scouting all for under $100 in paint and supplies. 6. Flooring: New & Alternative Options: So I did end up putting a new tile flooring in my bathroom, and I did hire someone to do it. They had to remove this heavy, heavy cloth of bathtub, and they did it the same time that they were installing the new toilet and new vanity. So when that when those were removed, us well, so that was something that was worth hiring out for me. It did cost around $1000 toe. Have them do it, so it was worth the cost for me. But it's up to you if you think it's something that you could dio on your own, should you decide toe update your flooring. You can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and find materials pretty inexpensively, and they have some really nice options. They have tiles that are made to look like wood, which are really cool. They have some nice patterns. They have different colors, and they only cost a couple dollars for each of them. So this is this one. Here is a dollar 99 per dollar, 89 per square feet, dollar 99 per square feet, 99 cents per square feet so you can get the materials pretty inexpensively. But if you do have to hire someone to install it, that's when the costs can add up. And if it's not something you can dio, you can use the stencils on the floor, just like we talked about on the walls. And it doesn't have to be on tile. You can use it on wood, and it could add some really beautiful pops of color to the floor. Imagine this on the bathroom floor, so let's take a look. We also can use the decals. Imagine, if you had this colorful floor along with a nice painted wall would look really nice. Now they do say these decals or temporary. They probably wouldn't last a really long time just given the high traffic on the floor, but they could be a really great option. In the meantime, Wall Pops has some beautiful designs. Look at these beautiful peel and stick floor tiles. This could look stunning in a bathroom, so there are some inexpensive ways. Toe update the floor in your bathroom. I ended up spending around $1000 for the materials and the labor to install my new bathroom floor 7. Finishing Touches: So now we're gonna go over some of the finishing touches in a bathroom. These include hardware, lighting and accessories. So if you go to any home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot, they have lots of inexpensive hardware options, so you can see they have towel bars. Tower axe toward the paper holders, hooks, towel warmers. So these are all things to think about now. Whatever finish you chose for your faucet, you should have your hardware match. So if you got crow a chrome faucet, you should get chrome hardware. It should also match the style that you got as well. So if you've got a really contemporary faucet, you should get some contemporary hardware as well. So let's just look at our house article here again. Teoh, Talk about lighting. Don't forget about lighting because it can add some really nice elements to a bathroom. So, for example, this farmhouse style you'll see that they have wall sconces for the lighting and there and this eclectic bath. They have a really cool, oversized light, which is fun and his beachy bathroom. It's got kind of a funky looking chandelier type lighting, and in this industrial one It's got kind of an urban looking light fixture, so I don't think that you have to just get a standard bath light. You can go crazy and get lots of cool, different looking lights that can really make a big impact for not a lot of money. Now accessorizing is one of my favorite things to Dio, So I got a glass shelf. I framed some artwork. I bought new towels, new shower curtain shower liner. I got some hooks for the back of the door to hang the towels, so there's a lot of little things that you can do in the bathroom to just give it a nice little touch. So I ended up spending around $960 on my hardware lighting accessories, and I know that sounds like a lot, and you certainly don't have to. But I am including some of the decor in here just because I think it's such an essential element to finishing up the bathroom updates. Um, I got a new light, and I did have that professionally installed just again because I don't feel comfortable doing electrical work. So I did pay for that. And then, like I said I bought all new a new rug, new shower curtain, all new towels. Um, so it doesn't seem like a lot, but you certainly don't have to spend that much. And like I said, I think the accessories add the final finishing touch to a bathroom update. So including all of the updates and the dick, or I was able to completely transform my bathroom for $3350. And again, as you can see, Wow, what a difference, Right? So there are a lot of ways that you can make big improvements in a bathroom for not a lot of money. 8. Recap & Project: So I hope this has provided you with some new ideas on things you can dio toe update your bathroom and get a look you love. Even if you don't have a big budget. Now for your class project, I want you to plan your bathroom update so you can either upload an image a before picture of your bathroom and know what you're gonna update, or you can actually upload a plan. Now, the things I want you to think about our what's your design style you're gonna have for your bathroom? What are the key elements that you're gonna update? What are you willing to do yourself and what do you want to hire out? What is your budget and what is your timeline? And if you want to upload any photos of progress you've made along the way, I'd love to see them. So thank you very much. And I look forward to seeing your creativity come to life in your budget bathroom update