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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Brushpen

    • 4. Papers

    • 5. Brushpen on paper

    • 6. Brushpen on palette

    • 7. Mix and match

    • 8. Country flowers

    • 9. Sunset landscape

    • 10. Mixed media page

    • 11. Inspiration

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About This Class

Do you have brushpen sitting somewhere, you bought them a while ago and you barely use them? Do you feel like you could you them differently? Or do you want to have fun?

If you answered yes then this class is for you. No particular drawing skills required here, just some brushpen and time for playing.

This class is dedicated to brushpen and all you can do with it: lettering, painting, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, background and more!

We will talk about the different brands, different type of papers suitable.

I will show you different ways to use your brushpen, directly on paper or using a plastic ‘palette’


We will discuss about mixing brushpen with other art tools then I will show you three projects step by step:

Loose flowers, country style


A sunset landscape


And a mixed media page with brushpen, gesso and gouache


And last but not least I will show you a ton of inspiration from other artists to fuel your creativity.

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist


 New class available in the Sketchbook section below


I’m Cécile Yadro, a French artist and teacher, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... with gouache, oil painting, digital, markers, pastels, mixed media... art is an endless journey!

My mission is to help you grow as an artist with my beginners friendly classes.


Where to find me:

My website, where you have a weekly gouache newsletter.

My YouTube channel with lots of tips

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Instagram where I post my art and experiments... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, Multiple. I'm really happy to see you again. I'm Cecile, French artist, both digital and traditional. Do you have brushed spin sitting somewhere on waiting to be used? I don't know for you, but I do. I do have a lot of breast pen. So this Gus is the 1st 1 of a syriza about our tools that I'm not used. They should be growing, would deserve to be so I will try to give you some ideas on how to use your breast pounds on takes the most advantage of it. I will show you different ways from direct growing to using plastic pellets to diluting with letter to mixing was different. Supplies to staff is meant for building levels. You don't really need any growing skills. All you need is some brush pants, a bit of time so you can just play with it will show you three different projects. One with better colores time very lose on May country flowers with it. Another one with sunset landscape with cigarettes in the foreground. On another one was mixed media background page. Your project would be to make one of the three or maybe two or three projects who knows? I will also show you a lot of inspiration from different artists. So at the end of this class, you should be able to use your brush. Been much, much more. Well, let's jump in talk about those breast you. 2. Your project: what comes with this new class about brush Man, Your project in this class will be to choose between three different projects. I will show you in class in detail. 1st 1 will be to my account kind off in sunsets. Landscape said Wet have used the city of Paris. But you can, of course, use your own city feels this is first project. 2nd 1 will be to make a country's type. Flowers very lose have made this in my sketchbook. But of course, you can make this as a greeting card and next project will be to make something mawr mixed Media This is made was brush been a bit of Jessica under a bit of white wash. So your most important thing is to make up your mind and decide which one you want to make and maybe two or three of them and post them to resource section so we can all see what you're doing. And now it's time to begin 3. Brushpen: brush, pound coming, different browns and different sizes. What is a brush pan? It's a water braised. Penn was a brush name, Um, brush neighbor as a very pointy, sharp edge on top, and the brush bristles are less or more soft, so you can press them a lot. Depending on the brand, you can press them very much or not. So much so. One ground is like a line. This is Ah, made by royal talents, which is a German brown. They come in a large variety of colorism, very juicy and very highly pigmented. Another brand of his famous is tumble jewel Brush pound. They come with two lips. One is fine ones. Andi. Another one is a brush. Um, it's some saying you count down as well, but these are the most common. But there is a lot off other Brown's. For example, with this one, it's a are plying sticks, and it's a made especially for, um, water power. It's also has a very stiff neighbor, another brun I like very much. It's a fabric Estelle, and it's a written be like brush on top of it. It is a small brush compared to the others but you can still have white marks issuance, and it's very nice for littering and another brand I have. It's Ah pig now and the Triton br on top of its and Big Mac brush a very soft brush and you can really achieve very seen line, and it's bounding very well. So of course, there are a lot of other Brown's, but these are the one I have at home. I will be using Tambo Jewel Bush plan and decline brush pen in the class off course, you're working to use what you have on hand. 4. Papers: I want to show you they're really importance of Children. The correct paper. It really depends on what you intend to achieve with your brush bounce on my want to make some tests with its A set off serum Annenberg papers that I had in on symposium someday. And it's very interesting because it's regional it you can make a lot of test. So let me show you with the lightest one, which is, uh, 150 GSM. Um, I will show you. This was a Kaline and Tambo. So if you just you the plane brush, man, that's OK. But if you want to use a bit of water and you on the rub, you will see that the paper is beginning to come with your rubbing. You see, I have a little parts of the paper coming, So this is really in that convenience. Um, this is a badge paper, so I'm not sure that all the colors would go very well on top of it, Maybe think on around. You see, it makes a really big difference in the color black. Obviously, that's what it'll gray off course, changing the colors as well. But me Tandy for you. I've Marine would be maybe interesting. But you see, the most vivid colors are on the whites. This is very obvious, but I want you to see that the best paper would be depending on your purpose or a Bristol paper. It is very smooth on. It has absolutely no tooth. So the brushes really floating very well on its butt. You're up too much. You have the same problem. The paper is coming with the rubbing. So not very good. And this one is, uh we're talking on paper. It's a cold press paper. So it has very small tooth and it's a plane. Whites. I think this will be the most convenience. Yeah. Oh, this is a piece from my prettiest paper I have on my brush so I can rub. This is quite cool. So off course it depends on your taste, your purpose and what you have on hand. But I personally prefer working was what I call a paper cold press without him. Too much tooth and some mixed media papers are very cool, but not all of them. So you need to make test 5. Brushpen on paper: you can make various marks with a brush pen. Um, the most abuse is slightly was the tip of the neb with the site of the brush, and you can vary the pressure when you will up your light, and when you go down, you press hard. This is what she was for. Brush lettering. You can as well make some dots. Also make some petals just pressing the side of the brush. This is for the brush side on and as well. You have fun. Neighbor and writing is the most gorgeous as well as to really so once in a car dry on dry . The beautiful thing you can do also is reagents with two colors, preferably two colors, mixing well together on you have different ways to do this. You will put the light color darkest one, and with the right, just one. You go on top of it on your mix, you can clean your brush. Here you have a beautiful gradient. You can also at the color directly on the neighbor come down. You have a dramatic regions on. This is self cleaning. So my neighbors clean now very cool. Almost. Tom Very Subbu this one is much stronger. Another way to make great journalists. You face a night one, then the Kwan and you will use the blender. This is ah, brush without any pigment and so you can go tough and this is self cleaning. But if you want to go in the yellow like I want to build there, I have to clean my brush and this will makes a nice creatures. Um, this is a water based pigment, so you have to wait some seconds before their pigments is really floating into each other. So this is it for the dry and right technique. Let's move to the wet on dry. And this tactic were real work with wet on dry and I will be using water brush. You can of course, she was right with a brush on the jar of water, just as you preferred. Super thing is a gray agents with the single car. So you apply your pigments on, you will go over. It was you know what a brush. Just to do the pigments, you need to have control of the amount of water you're using. Maybe you can't see here. There is a slight line a slight edge Where the what port is touching the dry parts. I don't want to have this, so I really rub everything So all the pigments are reactivated. The same way on this is a good way to smooth your transition on. You want to clean your brush after that? Same as we did before. We can make it gradients. So the light one and the dark one on your notice. I make a small amount of dark and large amount of light because I will put my mix in the middle so I'm coming from the pink on going over the yellow and stop it. Just rub here so it's smooth. Clean my brush and coming from the, you know, inside the orange and rubbing until the line disappears. This is giving a smooth regions. Another technique is to wet your paper. First on, I will make this randomly just blood. She's here and there and you get your brush on you of pains. Inside the water, though, the color is really floating. But alas, the pigment is fading away as you at waters is a brush, and this is where the a choline brush pin are much more vivid and much more juicy. Let me show you if I rub in the water. My pigments is almost not disappearing. This is really cut over. There is much more vivid. I can at water on top of its they want again. 6. Brushpen on palette: for his dick Mikula. Only the plastic bag, maybe zip bag or this is something I bought was wrapped in a plastic bag on. I will use my brush pound directly on the plastic, and I will apply some pigments and the random way now mixing the colors. Maybe that's for orange as well. I have no particular I d in mind. Just run them on. When you have place, it's you will flip it over applied on your paper rabbits So it applies to the paper And here you can use your what a brush Get a nice dilution of your color. Um, you can if you wish. Leave the little dots off pigments. They are just on top of the tooth of the paper. Now I'm cleaning my brush because I don't want to mix too much the colors just a bit Trying to rabbits. I'm squeezing my whatever rush to get some more water and either landing so you can makes a bit more if you want only the colors, just as you prefer another way. Still with plastic, I will place another set of colors and now you believe, as prayer was just water. So you will trey your planet, repeat over and praise it from the paper on. And I really like the effects you have. I don't know. Maybe this will be cool. Another way is to place the color on the Net and you, will you This just as you would do was watercolor pan. And we just use your run a brush and you can just paint so you kill makes the color directly. On the whole, it's kind of pull it. Oh, this is just a regular water brush. This is just like what color? But I think it gives them very three realize effects. The colors are really smooth and tender, and you can't make her nice overlays by adding some colors on top of each other, so you're good to you. 7. Mix and match: So let's go back with what I have done at Forest, and I will add some stuff on top of it. Obviously you have a black tumbled your brush ban, which is on 15. You have different likes. This one is in 15. You can, I don't know, maybe judo on top off the brush pen. Obviously, it works very well. Maybe to be too large so you can have something else. Ah, this is my favorite tool, I guess. And it makes a more sharp edge. He could as well use a dip pen on. This one is a permanent ink till this is very interesting. Doesn't bleed something very interesting as well Is watercolor pencil scissors Derwent intense. So you can at some spots off Qatar sound actuate it, boys watcher And you see, my income below is quite dry, So if I rub, it's I'm treating, but very, very likely. Once it's dry, it's finished. This one is, uh, brown, and that goes well with Watcher. So it makes another effect. Basically, I would say everything can go on top off the brush pens because it's water based, so anything you will use with water would fit and, I don't know, maybe quash a critic. I think whatever you want, basically as it doesn't keeps any texture or sickness to the paper, you can really do whatever you want on top of it. 8. Country flowers: Let's make floral postcard. Maybe there are real use. Uh, hello. A pale blue light green on dark green. Give you the numbers if you want to use the same, um, I will make just kept us of you and various fades and various sizes as well. This will be the center of my flowers down. I will are very roughly some making circles. And was my watch a brush? How it just push the pigments in the wide parts. Now we get the light green. I will make the Thames first. And I think stems could be a big warm keys. Let's make some leave so and for the leaf I want to make health boards light and off part in dark and push this. Maybe I need to load a bit more, my pigments, because this is not there is strong. Maybe I could try to do this with the blender. Yeah. Is that special? It will be more vivid with the blender. And while I have still dark pigment on my blender, I would predict on this, Tim, all the leaves are finished and now I will draw on top of the flowers with my impound. Now This is a permanent ink, so there will be no bleeding. Everything is dry on. I want to make some wonky lines on top of it. I'm not necessarily following the shapes off the color. I just want to be very lose. I think in the middle I will make some little dots. And for the Thames, I will just make the left side and leaves. I will make drawings that is really notch on top of the existing leaf. This is on purpose, of course. And there as well. Us, um, official doodles in the background just to feel it a bit where it is. 9. Sunset landscape: So this is the first exercise we will make was a We learned about the brush pans. You want to use a very heavy paper like a watercolor paper because, well, rabbit about Andi Mixed media papers are not always very convenient to do this. So first you play some tape and please make tries before using a tape on paper. And then I have chosen to grow silhouette of the Paris city, and I found a picture online just to give me inspiration. It's very easy to dro on. It can really forgive mistakes, so you just trace it with, um, pencil and then you True, three colors that match together here. It's a purple, blue and pink, and I will go from the bottom of the image with the pink and will play some rundown brushes on the paper. Just make sure that not everything is aligned that you have really increasing and decreasing strokes on. I'm not going until the edge off the pencil because, well, fixes later with the wetter. Next, we will place the blue one off, wrapping a bit on the pink, and then we will place purple on top of the image. You don't worry with edges because they're covered with tape. We will remove it at the end. Now it's time to use a brush pan with water. So either you use a regular brushing. You just dip it in water. I'm using special Watch your brushes with what are inside. I think it gives me more control because I have to squeeze town. Quit the water to have the water growing out. I'm rubbing. The brush is made earlier to activate the pigments, and I'm reading with Sirica walls. So this week is to remove them kind of marks you have between two colors. And when you are changing the color of the brush ban, you want to king your brush before you go here. I'm going to read the pink so I have a clean my brush very well found going to go just around the pencil line. I'm trying to push the pigments evenly, so there is no line between the red part and non breath part. If that makes ums, I'm trying to keep all the drawing most erred because I don't want to have harsh lines when it's drying. So even if I waas rubbing the pink port. I am now going back to the blue part on top of the drawing, I really want to smooth and these pigments to blend together. I have finished blending everything on Let it Dry for, let's say, health in our taste and now amusing black color, which is a number around 15 on with the fine tip, I am growing the edge of the silhouettes. Maybe I have overlapped with my blending earlier, but it's okay. I just want to make sure that no white part would be left with my growing of the silhouette . Now it's time for the FL tower. Andi, I'm using a reference so I can grow it Quite a curently, even if the result of this is really not evacuate once the trial is finished, I will reverse my breast ban on use. A large tip. We'll feel everything in black now. Um, very cautious that the complete edge or black maybe you have to go over twice on the same place to get a really dark black. If you want, you can add Storace him the sky. I'm using your dead ones. Why pound? This is a very opaque brown. Of course you have different brands. Just use what you have on hand. I'm just placing random dots here, in there, so nor heavier than others. Just us girls kind like it's done. You just have to wait some minutes until it's completely dry. You can remove the tape. Wow, you have a nice Sue. It's drawing. This is easy to do with your own skylights. Or you can make different items in from, like, maybe Suitt trees, animals, flowers, plants, whatever hope you enjoy it. 10. Mixed media page: I have been placed some Jessel in my sketchbook. I don't know if you can see that, but there were different effects. It is very Matt. Where is adjustable? So here I have a lot of Jessalyn here. I have less. I hope you can see it was a light. I think I will make a double page kind of mixed media page with, um, some jellyfish. So this is, uh, underwater scene and forces. I will use a bunch off green and blues brush bans tohave decline and tumble as well. I wouldn't make your slight drawing was water can arm pencil with roughly the jelly fish. Um, I will put known arms here on this is just that I want to avoid putting some blue here. Maybe a place. Another one here. This is very rough just to keep some white spaces. And now I will begin to corrode. Thing is, um, really random. I should maybe very. And when the pigments are placed on the Jessel, they will react differently than on the plain paper. And this time I will need a very large brush to see. Is that what you call a brush? And I want to begin floating away my pigments and I will use tissue on We'll make some marks Well, lets his dry. So you have nice marks because you can see this is a Jess Oh, under Andi here also. So it reacts differently when you have just or nut. And I think I could use a bit off, maybe purple well, maybe can place directly if you place your pigment and you deal just after it's different And if you let it sit even for a second, I think I would like to have something dripping. So let me either chan of water here gets in our paper. Yeah, desserts. No, we're right by jellyfish. I want them to be light proved so thistle is not severely Actual rates was really jellyfish , But it's more and I do you have a jellyfish down. It was my hello Fresh was a bit of water too much. And while just till what I will found a bit off climb because I think this is really so light I want my jellyfish is to pop up a bit more on the paper, leaving some white space. This one is a smaller one. She's young She's not colored enough yet very loosely. Just to makes a sense off floating. Some needs to be. I've been diluted because it's in the water, so everything is a bit blurry. I think I need to put some white on top of this. Um, I think wash is the best way to add whites just to make sure that my jellyfish is correct. Qatar, Maybe it off blue as well. Big cool. Give some pictures to this. 11. Inspiration: in this video, I will show you some examples of what you can achieve. With brush been, I have gathered some inspiration from Instagram, and I have placed a copy of the screenshot with name off the person. So if you like Thursday or the art you see you can just post a video, get the name of the instagram accounts on, go and check her account. All right, so let's begin with the most of your thing and the most famous you can do with brush pound . It's a brush lettering. You have really a turn of difference ties you can achieve on. You have beautiful classes here on skill share, where you can learn this. So I will just show you some examples where I would say she because this is obviously almost always women, and she used a beautiful creations in your heart. Here is another one from her, so you can add a shadow to your lettering is popping out page or kind of a ribbons time. It was just two colors. Also, you can embellish your lettering with flowers and Reese around. This is just a matter of imagination. Another very famous style is Bill eternal. You can make beautiful pages for your bullet journal. Also something I would call a coloring. You can make a drawing completely black and go in there and at some regions and washes off colors even at some gold. Here is another example you can achieve really beautiful, gorgeous colors, Very reach, very muted. It really depends on your palate. Your Kalaupapa let you see here. It's very bright, and here it's more, I would say full. Of course you can do Christmas postcards. This is almost infinite. The number of things you can do. It was brush bands. You can make some things that are more like watercolors time. You see, this is really gorgeous or very sketchy style, just like in your sketchbook on drawing what you see or very cartoony again. This is very watercolor because, uh, here the color is very washed with water. Something very beautiful. This is your bins catcher from Spain, Andi. He's doing really beautiful sketches in play now, and this is really gorgeous, I must say, had its some post captains as well. But this is really cool again, Um, a kind of water, close time. But unlike Dracula, you can achieve really beautiful, dark and very deep colors. This is also achievable with what? Alcohol? But it's easier with brush. Something more monochromatic. Just black grey on a pink. This is a Klein Galaxies. Of course. You have tons of Galaxies over there. Um, just a kind of thing we did in past with gray agent in this guy. So you can have sunset or sunrise or any bright colors you won't. And you put something in silhouette on tell boats something very rich. Also in color here again and here again. And here she was working was, um, brush, pound and also a bit of white gua sh or something more sketchy. Well, this is it. I hope that you enjoy discuss and that you will now use your brush camp a bit more because you have a ton of ideas for you in the next class. And thanks for following discuss, but by