Brushpen Logo Design: Develop Your Signature Style | Matt Vergotis | Skillshare

Brushpen Logo Design: Develop Your Signature Style

Matt Vergotis, Typography | Corporate Identity

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15 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Episode 1: Project Intro

    • 2. Episode 2: Personal Intro

    • 3. Episode 3: My Tools

    • 4. Episode 4: It all Starts with Cursive Writing

    • 5. Episode 5: Practicing Drills

    • 6. Episode 6: Tool Demos

    • 7. Episode 7: Tips for Lefties

    • 8. Episode 8: Starting the Logo

    • 9. Episode 9: Brushpenning the Logo & Identifying Strongest Concepts

    • 10. Episode 10: Making a Composition from the Strongest Concepts (Photoshop)

    • 11. Episode 11: Refining the Logo

    • 12. Episode 12: Sketching instead of using a Brushpen

    • 13. Episode 13: Vectorising the Logo Part 1 (Illustrator)

    • 14. Episode 14: Vectorising the Logo Part 2 (Illustrator)

    • 15. Episode 15: Outro & Thanks

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About This Class

In this set of classes I will teach you my process of how to create your very own brushpen signature style logo.

I'll run through my tools and show you how to use them. I'll teach you a few helpful practicing techniques to get you familiar with using a brushpen and building muscle memory. I have a few tips for all the lefty's out there too (who said we can't wield a brushpen?). And for all of those that don't have a brushpen or don't know how to get desirable results... Never fear! All you need is a 2H led pencil and some paper. So there's a class dedicated to crafting a brushpen style logo without the brushpens in sight.

Following on from there I will demonstrate my methods in repeatition and how building muscle memory helps you build on previous attempts. I'll teach you to explore ligatures and how to identify motifs. We'll make the perfect composition and finally we'll take our sketches and bring them to the computer for the equally important vectoring stage. This is where I will share  with you all my tips on how to create super sexy smooth curves with the pen tool in Illustrator. 

In a nutshell this class will give you an insight into my process and teach you all the tricks of the trade I have learnt to build your own unique signature style logo.

I hope you enjoy!






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Matt Vergotis

Typography | Corporate Identity

I'm Matt Vergotis from the Gold Coast, Australia. I specialise in Corporate Identity and Typography. I have been in the industry for over 20 years with the last 7 years self employed. I believe everything you do should reflect the love that you had in doing it. My big three loves are surfing, family and work.

For stacks more lettering and calligraphy photos and videos you can follow me on

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