Brush Pen Lettering: Learn fresh, modern calligraphy & lettering styles that stand out! | Nicki Traikos | Skillshare

Brush Pen Lettering: Learn fresh, modern calligraphy & lettering styles that stand out!

Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Intro to brush pen lettering

    • 2. Let's get started

    • 3. How to use the brush pen and warm up

    • 4. Modern calligraphy letters

    • 5. Modern words

    • 6. Bold brush alphabet

    • 7. Vary lettering styles

    • 8. Monoline

    • 9. Upper case Brush Lettering

    • 10. Short quotes and sayings

    • 11. Thank you!


About This Class

In this new brush pen lettering class, I'll teach you my personal favourite ways to vary your brush lettering so your work stands out when you post your favourite quotes and sayings on Instagram and social media!


There are a lot of beautifully lettered quotes and designs being shares all over social media.  Standing out is harder now more than ever! And let's face it, inspirational quotes are not going away anytime soon.

In this brush lettering class, I'll teach you how to letter using your brush pen but also show you ways to create unique style lettering to help your lettering stand out from the rest!  We will start with looking at a new option for modern calligraphy style lettering, move on to a bold, casual brush lettered style of alphabet and then how to vary your strokes and layout to create some interesting movement and make a statement with your lettering.


This class is perfect for anyone who is just starting to learn brush lettering, or maybe have some experience but are looking for fresh ideas to help vary your lettering style.

Our goal for this class is to letter with your brush pen, a quote to share on Instagram, that will help you stand out online!

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Join me with your brush pen as we explore a variety of lettering styles.

Click enrol to get started today!