Brush Lettering for Beginners: How to Get Started the Best Way for Success | Shelley Hitz | Skillshare

Brush Lettering for Beginners: How to Get Started the Best Way for Success

Shelley Hitz, Watercolor and Lettering Artist

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10 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Brush Lettering for Beginners

    • 2. Brush Pens for Beginners

    • 3. The Paper to Use

    • 4. Supplies Update

    • 5. Basic Strokes

    • 6. Brush Lettering Tips

    • 7. Anatomy of Each Letter

    • 8. Fonts to Use

    • 9. Letter Your Name

    • 10. Next Steps

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About This Class


Would you like to learn brush lettering as a hobby that is relaxing and creates beautiful art, but you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re confused about all the options available for brush pens and markers that you could invest a lot of money in, but you don’t know which is the best one for a beginner.

I personally made the mistake of investing in the wrong pens in the beginning and will share with you the one option I recommend for beginners.

Maybe you’ve tried brush lettering and you’ve given up because you couldn’t get the hang of it.

When I was first learning brush lettering, I did a lot of research and practiced for hours, but still failed miserably.

I was about ready to give up when I learned the basic strokes. When I started practicing my basic strokes on a consistent basis, I had a breakthrough in my lettering and saw a huge improvement. I will share these basic strokes with you in this class.

I will also share with you the anatomy of the lowercase alphabet and how to form each letter. You will learn exactly when to lift your pen and when to make a stroke so you won’t have any guesswork about what to do.

I will also talk about joining letters and by the end of this class you will be able to letter your name and will have a great foundation to continue practicing your brush lettering.

When you enroll in this class you will be able to download my class resource list, my practice sheets and more.

Let’s get started with brush lettering the best way for success!

Not only is brush lettering relaxing, it also produces a beautiful outcome you can use for gifts, cards, artwork, and more.

Click enroll and let’s get started.

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