Brush Lettering Blending Basics - Blending with Watercolor

Kolbie Blume, Watercolor calligrapher and illustrator

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13 Videos (2h 2m)
    • Welcome!

    • Materials

    • What paint should I use?

    • What paper should I use?

    • Water brush vs paint brush

    • Water control

    • Blends + bleeds

    • Monochromatic blends

    • Multicolored blends

    • Advanced multicolored blends

    • Drop shadows

    • Frequently asked questions

    • Watch me paint in real time!

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About This Class

Love colorful watercolor calligraphy? Not sure where to start with blending colors? This is the class for you! In each of these videos, I go over all the resources and techniques I personally use in my watercolor blending. I also include a video on FAQs and a real-time example of one of my original designs from start to finish. 

This class is an intro course, exploring the basics and foundational knowledge I’ve found invaluable for watercolor calligraphy blending. Each class builds on the other and prepares you to paint your own beautifully blended watercolor calligraphy piece fit for any home! 

I recommend you have at least a bit of experience with the basics of modern calligraphy, as I don't include classes on basic strokes or techniques of using a paint brush vs a brush pen. But other than that, this course is designed for any level of expertise! 

For more resources on modern calligraphy, check out my practice sheets on Etsy

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This instructor is very articulate and her lessons are well planned out. I enjoyed this class immensely! Thumbs up!!!
I didn't know anything about this subject and now I feel well educated!
Wendy Solganik

Flowers, flowers and more flowers.





Kolbie Blume

Watercolor calligrapher and illustrator

Hello, I'm Kolbie. I have a love affair with watercolor, and I want to share that love with you! Whether it's through calligraphy or illustration, paint with me to create something unique and representative of your creativity. 

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