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Brother ScanNCut Project - Creating Sweet Cards

teacher avatar Papered Chef

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. 01 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 2. 02 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 3. 03 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 4. 04 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 5. 05 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 6. 06 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 7. 07 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

    • 8. 08 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to create these sweet cards from start to finish using the Brother ScanNCut. The Scan and Cut used in this class is the CM350 or ScanNCut 2. A full list of materials will be provided. You can substitute many of the supplies, making personalized and unique cards using the skills you acquire in this course. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Papered Chef


Hello, my name is Kimberly Smith, The Papered Chef. I love sharing paper crafting recipes with the world though my YouTube Channel ( and Blog ( I'm a paper crafter specializing in using the Brother ScanNCut, card making, 3D craft fair items and stamping techniques. I teach crafting courses and workshops to adults and children. I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator ( and share my love of crafting with my customers. I help my community of followers take their crafting skills to the next level though step-by-step inspirational projects. That is what I aim to do through these project. I hope you enjoy my first round of project based classes on SkillShare. They teach you card making ski... See full profile

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1. 01 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello and welcome to my brother scan and cut project course where we will make sweet cards . I would like to first introduce myself and then I would like to introduce the project will be making in this course. My name is Kimberly Smith. I'm also known as the paper Chef. I am a crafter. I have a YouTube channel a block, and I'm also a stamping up demonstrator. So I haven't stamping up business. Many of the products will be using our from that company, which I'm very proud to represent. Okay, I love using the brother scan and cut machine, and that is mainly the topic of my block posts and YouTube channels. I like to use this machine in coordination with a lot of our stamping up products. Okay. The courses about how did create a project. I'd like to teach project based courses because it teaches you in context how to do something from start to finish. Okay, so in this course, we're gonna be using the brother scan and cut machine. Okay, If you don't have this exact model, it's okay. Just put that right here. Okay? I'm using the scanning cut cm 3 50 and it's also known as the brothers Can and cut, too. You can follow along with other models of scanning cut machine, and you can also follow along even if you don't have this machine, because I will be giving you the dimensions that I'm cutting and you're gonna be to see them on the screen. And you can use paper trimmers to cut out thes parts yourself. And of course, the benefit of having a scan and cut is really that that it does a lot for us by cutting out things for us. And it saves us from a lot of fuzzy cutting meaning cutting with scissors. That means you mad a little bit, and you could see all three cards and see what I'm talking about now. Thes air The cars were making, and every bit of this was done with the scan and cut, except for the car basis themselves, which I just used a paper termer for. The scan and cut can cut out shapes like such as the rectangle for card layering, and then it can. It can draw like we can actually use a universal pen holder, which will be doing in this course, and you can put it. You can replace the pens, the default pen, like from the machine, or used your own pen in the penalty Universal pen holder. So some machines come with pen holders. Or you can purchase a universal pen holder like the one I'm going to show you. And you can actually use whatever color pen you want inside the pen holder. And that's exactly what we did. We used to coordinating color to draw the word sweet on here. And then I actually colored that in with another coordinating color of marker. I'll be going over that in the next tutorial where I go over the materials for these projects. Now, not only can it can it draw, but then you can cut out what you drew. And then you could cut out another layer of what you drew using an offset liner like an outer border. And that's really fun. Okay, you could cut out pattern paper, so we actually scanned in this pattern paper using the brother scanning cut. And this is this isn't stamping on paper. Okay, here's what it looks like called how sweet it is and the brothers can and cut recognizes the paper, and then it cuts it up for us. So imagine having to do that with a pair of scissors and how long that would take you. Okay, so for these reasons, I love the brothers can and cut. We cut out all these different embellishments using that machine. And then I show you how to put together the cards as we get a lot as we go along. So I hope you enjoy this course. And I hope that you will take my check out my other crafty courses as well. Thank you. And we'll see you in the next tutorial. 2. 02 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello and welcome to this video on the materials you will need for the sweet card project will be making. Okay, first off, I have a brother scanning cut cm 3 50 or scan and cut to model. Okay. And I'm just gonna move that off to the side, and you're gonna need the accessory for that. You will need for the skin and cut to is going to be the universal pen holder. I'm gonna be showing you how to use this and that. This is what it looks like in its package. Not a very expensive accessory. Or you could use the building pen holder that came with it. Your model of machine, but it just will be like the exact colors that you want. Okay, I'm using for this project coordinating colors. And I'm using Pineapple Punch and Coastal Cabana, which are stamping stepping up colors. I'm gonna put those off to the side. We're going to be putting those into the universal pen holder. Okay, You're gonna need that's just start out with the beautiful papers. You're gonna need pattern paper. So in this case we're using, I'm using how sweet it is. Designer Siri's paper by stamping up. And it's part of our 2019 occasions catalogue. And if at the time it's not available anymore of the time you watch this video, then you're gonna need some pattern paper, Okay? Like with good contrast between the foreground and the background, Like this pattern paper here, you're gonna need a paper for your layers. And I'm using this rainbow paper for the background layer of the card, and you're gonna need something solid to contrast. When we cut out that I think for the example the sweet sentiment we're gonna cut up, we're gonna draw it, scan it, cut it. It's gonna be awesome. Okay, so you need a piece of paper. Okay, This is just a new idea of what the patterns were like when they're cut out and you're gonna need some card stock for your card again. I'm using coordinating colors, So I'm using what's called Gorgeous Grape. By stamping up, which is a nice, thick card stock, I'm gonna show you how to turn that into a card. And I'm also using whisper white card stock, which is a really good white card stock with nice like shine for in good ink absorption. You also need an envelope for your card and you're gonna need some. You're gonna need a paper trimmer. In this case I have. This is called a This is my This is my This is my stamping up. And it's a stamp and trimmer, and it has I put an s for when it scores and the sea for when it cuts. Okay, so you just need one thing that can cut in score. Or you would need a paper tumor that can cut and a scoreboard that can score. OK, so you need those things, and you will also need it, he says. So I'm gonna be using this rolling adhesive cook the advanced tape glider, which I like to use on my projects. And I like to use some foam adhesives like these, the's foam 33 dimensional stamping dimensional. And it depends on the size of your embellishments. What size journey. But I like these little small ones as well. Thes eircom, many stamping dimensional on these of the larger ones. Okay, and then we're gonna be doing something fun with the lollipop, making it kind of three date. So in that case, we need these three D bottle caps stickers, and I'll show you those closer up when we get to use those. And it's sometimes you just need your accessories for your for your skin and cut like the little spatula that came with it. The little stylist that came with it, um, maybe a bone folder. This is to help hope pull with your card, but I show you my other trick. I used these other things for bone folders instead of bone voters. And, um, I also sometimes I put glitter on my cards. And in that case, this is a glitter brush wink, Estella. But I don't know if we're gonna need that for this car. Just maybe on the cupcake. All right, well, thank you for watching this video. Gather all your materials that you have that are appropriate so that you can follow along with these videos as we create this sweet card 3. 03 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're gonna be preparing our two card bases for a project. And you may be wondering why we're not using the brother scan and cut to cut the card basis . And there's a simple reason for that is because when you have an 8.5 by 11 piece of card stock like I have here, they will make two cards. Exactly. So if I were to use the brother scanning cut, I'd have a margin, and I wouldn't be here to get two cards out of one piece of card stuck. If you have a 12 by 12 piece of card stock, go ahead and use the brothers can and cut to create your cards, because it will be even more accurate than what we're doing now. So I'm using his stamping, stamping up trimmer, and it cuts and it scores. Okay, if you don't have this exact tool, then disuse. Maybe you have a paper trimmer. There's just another brand of paper tumor by cricket. OK, so you could just use your paper trimmer, and then you could use a separate scoreboard like I used in my other class. Okay, This is just a scoreboard, and it has the blinds. But this one does vote, so we're just going to use this one. Okay, so we haven't We haven't. We're gonna take the 11 inches 11 inches side. We're gonna make that. We're gonna cut that in half, so we're gonna go 5.5 inches, okay? And I like this because I can line it up not only against this little ridge in the top, but lined it up here, and we're just gonna cut. And now we have to equal pieces of card stuck, okay? And each is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Okay, so now we're gonna turn him this way. We're going to score them both at 4.25 inches. And they were gonna get have our cards that we need for this project the two card basis. Ok, again, this is gorgeous great card stock using the score. Now, instead of the cutting tool, I'm using the scoring told, Okay? It scored a little ridge, and now we're gonna fold that and we're gonna take you could take either a bone folder like I showed you earlier that see where all these tools are head earlier. You could take a bone voter to help make this crease really nice. Or I like to just use what's called a stone scraper. It's actually by pampered chef, and it just like, let me get a really nice just gonna push that against it. It lets me get a really nice crease on my card. And what's nice is like it makes the card lay flat. So when you're working with it Okay, so So that's why I'm done is I've just scored the card. When did it? One more time and we're just gonna go 4.25 okay? And we're scoring it, OK, we've made a little valley, and now we're gonna make a mountain. We're just bending that card open, and it's gonna go ahead, increase that make it even, always make your card exactly, even before you increase it. Okay. And now we're going to just go that All right, so now we have two cards places to work with, because when we're when we're doing our projects, it's good to make a couple cards at what's Each card measures 5.5 by 4.25 Okay. And just for our cars, we always go 1/4 inch smaller. And that is what we're doing next. Using the brothers can and cut. And I'm just going to show you one of the mats, but we're gonna cut them with the brothers getting cut. So see, our length of the card is 5.5, and we're gonna make they the madding 5.2 fat. And remember, the the width of the card was 4.25 So we're gonna make the matting four inches. So I'm just showing you that individual This is what we're going for in the next video. We're gonna use the building pattern, James, to draw a rectangle. We want it and cut out the mets we need for our cards. I was in the next 4. 04 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello and welcome to this 22 row where we're gonna be using designer serious paper by stamping up to cut out the Mets that we need for the layer of our cards. Okay, Now the paper were using is called How sweet it is. Designer Siri's paper and all I've done is just laid on a Met the Mattis fairly new. So it's kind of sticky. Still, I'd like to use my Brera. It's a it's my brother and I like to roll over the paper just to help it stick a little bit better. And if I were doing fine detail work, I might even he's a little bit of a painter's tape to help me hold that mad on there. I'm gonna roll up my sleeves and pull the brother scan and cut closer so you can see every step first. I'm just gonna load the mat, and I'm gonna turn on the machine to do that. Go ahead and tilt the camera so you can see the control panel of the brother scanning cut and I'm gonna cut and turn that on. And then the first thing you're going to see is this. Say this load button. Okay. See, that appears to working. Just gonna press that and load the Met. Now, when I load them at my hand is like this. This is just to keep them at from slipping. I always put my hand on the mat when I load it. Okay? It says the carriage will move to the initial position to say OK and load that matter. Okay. We're gonna go to Pattern. We're going to go to the shapes. And I do have a stylist for this. Let's just use the stylist. So my fingers not in the way. Okay. And we know that they were going to make a rectangle. So let's just pick the 1st 1 which is a square, but because it needs to be a rectangle shape, you need to check off this button here, which will keep So in other words, let me first say to me if I start changing the width and height, then say they changed in proportion, So I'm gonna check up this button so that the width and height don't change in proportion to each other. Okay? And I want a width of five point 25 Remember, we just talked about this 5.25 in the last video. We talked about it by four. The height of four. And I'm gonna go ahead and put four of these on the mat, even though for this course really need to. But when you're at it and when you're cutting a piece of designer serious paper and it's good to go ahead and just cut all the match you need because you're already here and you're using the machine when we go ahead and say set. So now I have fit for and you can even cut out some other shapes while you're at it because you have all this extra room for things to cut up. Okay, now, the next thing that I want to mention is the blade depth when I'm using designer Siri's paper, but I'm cutting it out. It's a thin. It's a look. It's not even a stick. His card stock, but it's thicker than regular paper, so I use a blade depth of three. Okay, about a three, you can go a little higher. Don't go up to four. Just about three is fine. Okay for designers newspaper. So I love my blade. I say okay, And I say cut and I just say start and it's doing it. I'm gonna make the machine other waste you can see sometimes. Like I said, the papers aren't very sticky, so I just might give I might just hold them at a little bit so that the paper doesn't slip . See? And that's I'm just in that habit. And I also mentioned I'm just speaking a little louder because machines like that you could also use a piece of painter's tape. So hold your paper in place, okay? And it's almost done. And then all I'm gonna do is press that unload button. Okay, we're unloading the mat, just like this unloading on here's I met now to peel these up, closed my brother scan and cut machine, and I'm just gonna feel kill these up. And there they are, a little peace cut. That means that it's really close to You need to sharpen the blades. And here they all come off very easily because the mets and every sticky so we need to. But we have four, and they're there were, And you can also use your little spatula to help you pick up things after Mitt. Okay, so let's go ahead and securities to the two cards. Okay? We're gonna pick too. Any two. It doesn't matter. We're going to use our gorgeous grape that we just had in our nest video where we just cut those. That's my cellophane cover of the mat falling on the floor. Okay, we're going to turn these over, and we're gonna add rolling adhesive to the back of this. I like to use a few rolls of rolling adhesive in. We just hold that up to the light so you can see it. See that shine? Use whatever rolling adhesive you have. I just happen to use in advance tape glider. I get through about a roll of this stuff arose. That's a roll of this. A day I do. So much crafting. All right, so that's how many I put. I put foreign. I put tape. 12345 lines of tape. Sometimes I do one in the middle as well. It's just double sided rolling adhesive. Then stand over your card. I mean, stand over it so it doesn't get crooked. I'm kind of just leaning over the top of the camera. here, and I'm gonna attach the Met to the card. So now we have that part of the card. It's done, and we're gonna do this one. Kick it. We're just gonna add rolling adhesive, and we're gonna touch that. Okay, first layer of our cards, air done. But because this is a duck card, we would also want to put a light color in the inside of the card. So we're gonna use Whisper White for that. We're gonna put whisper white card stuck in the inside of the card, and we'll do that in the next video. We're just gonna make the layers for that. We're also going to start with our universal pen holder, so I will see you in the next tutorial. 5. 05 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello And welcome back in this part of the Chitauro, I'm gonna go ahead and remove the blade, because instead of cutting, we're gonna be drawing, and we're gonna go ahead and start to use the universal pen holder. Okay, So let me just show you the universal pen holder. You're gonna It comes with two parts. This part is just for loading your pen only. And this part Hold your pen. So it had. Right now it's open. Okay. So that you can see that the pain will slip right in there. There's no bridge is coming up, but when I close it by lifting up and to the left and a little spring let let go in the little spring, let's it down. You'll see that there's little ridges in there that will grab onto my pen and hold it while it's drawing. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and open it back up to load the pen. This tool here just helps us get the right height of the pen. So let's place the universal pen holder into the chamber. Now the arrows will match up on either side. Now you're gonna take your you're gonna take this and you're gonna stand it up. And now you're going to take the pen. I used the six side of my pen, the stamping right marker. There's a thick side and a thin side. I'm going to use the thick side and this is Coastal Cabana. I take a little piece of card stock, and I'm gonna put that into the holder because when I lower this down, it needs to touch the piece of whisper white. You don't just use any card stuck. Use the medium that you'll be cutting on or drawing on. I mean, the medium you be drawing on because that gives you the exact rate you need depend is touching the bottom. So I know that I have the right height, okay? And you even have a little Data Inc down there now. I can go ahead and close that, and the pen will is attached. Now, pen is attached at the right height. Now you can go ahead and load that into where the blade holder is and just go ahead and close. Just lower it and close it, and that's all. Now we're gonna go into the pattern. We turn on the machine and you go right into pattern and we're going to go to this icon where it says Winter lucky, and we're gonna go ahead and scroll down. We're looking for the word sweet because remember, the papers called how sweet it is. And I thought sweet went really well with that. I could. It would have been faster for me to go up instead of all the way down to Page 10. But there is the sweet sentiment and you know, you it might be in a different place on your machine. But that's OK. Select sweet. We're going to make it 2.75 inches wide and leave this in proportion the height and we should stay in proportion to each other. It just looks better, all right, 2.75 inches wide. Now let's go ahead and make two of these because let's put two of the month the card stock because we're gonna be making two cards, right? Why were at it even more than two cards that would normally make it one time. Go ahead and say, set. There they are. But they're a little close together because I'm gonna want a little bit of an outline distance around them in a minute. So go ahead and just separate them a little bit. So they're not so close together. Say okay. And instead of cutting, we're going to say draw because we have a drawing tool. We have a pen tools to be sure to say Draw and then go ahead and start let you see what it's doing. I'm using Painter's tape on my mad because I did not want my man to slip around. All right, see what it did. It did a really nice stop drawing. Now, these need to dry a little bit before we do the next step. But what we can dio is why we have this whisper white cars stuck on here. We can go ahead and do it. We can do this. We can remove the pen holder and always put your cap back on the pen right away. And so it doesn't dry out. Here's the cap. It's under my door. Okay, so now we have that. So now we could do is put the blade back on. I'm gonna go ahead and kick it up a notch. We're gonna say blade depth of four because we have whisper white card stuck. Okay, crafty friends. While I'm added, I'm just gonna show you my little trick for sharpening the blade. So you open your blade holder and I'm just using a little ball of foil to sharpen my bleed . Normally, I wouldn't hold the foil in my hand. I'd put the boil down onto like the table and then poke into it just to protect yourself. Okay, so that I just sharpen the blade a little bit. And I usually do that. Every time I take the blade holder out, I go all the way up to 12 and then I roll it back to four if I have to. Blade Holder out for another reason. It's a good time to sharpen it, so I use a little piece of foil to sharpen it Were to bleed depth before I'm loading that back into the chamber. Now I'm not touching this. Still, it's still drying. Let's just go back to the screen and show you what I'm doing next. Remember I said, because we're using gorgeous grape card stock that we need to just have the batting that we need the for the inside of the car because it was too dark. So let's just go home and it's okay to delete these products. And we're going to say pattern, we're gonna go to Pattern, Let me get my stylist, and we're gonna pick the 1st 1 we're picking. The shapes were picking rectangle. It's a square, but we're picking. We're using this button here so that these air not in proportion. We're gonna go ahead and make it 5.25 wide by 24 inches high. We're just making. All we're doing is making a little white card stuck piece for the inside of our card. We'll work with it again later, and we're gonna make two of those and we're gonna set those on the map now, the papers only 11 inches wide, and it it's cutting it close right now. They put a big separation distance. I'm gonna click on these editing mode, and I'm just gonna move thes over a smidgen. A smidgen just needs a couple of pixels here. We're using this tool with the four hours going different directions, and I'm moving these rectangles over a little bit just so they don't get into that over 11 inches. Okay, We're gonna say, OK, we're gonna say cut. And this is what we did in the 1st 1 will go ahead and say Start, and I want you to miss anything I'm hitting. Start, and then I'm gonna show you that before I hit. Start. I have to go back for a second. Remember, the sweet is still on my mat, So go here. And I'm just going to use this background scan because I want to make sure and you'll get to learn some really cool trick. I'm gonna use background skin, and I'm gonna say start because I want to make sure where I put these rectangles It's not gonna mess up in my words, sweet that it's not gonna cut right where the words sweetest I want to cut the rectangles in the part of my in the area. The paper. There's nothing there. Like I said, I'm just doing what I would normally do. And I want to teach you look a realistic skill. So that's why I'm I'm not stopping and doing a separate video. I'm just showing you that Well, I have the whisper white card stuck in here. I would just go ahead and I'd moved those rectangles out of the way so they don't cut into the word sweet. And I would say, Okay, and that's how I'm gonna cut him. So that there plenty of room at the top, but they still fit on the paper. Okay, so that's why I went into the ending move just to make sure I didn't cut where the word sweet waas. And then we can go ahead and remove them after we get the rectangles cut up. I'm using a blade depth of four, and we'll keep that blade Death for the next step. Okay, I can go ahead and remove them, are leaving the suite on the map because the matter not raise sticky. And these pop right off. Okay, Now, I will see you in the next tutorial on what we're going to do next. Just so you have an idea is we're gonna scan in the sweet and cut it out with an outline distance. Then we're going to skin and are Then we're gonna put in some designer serious paper and make a further outline offset line for that word. Sweet is gonna be great. Well, even we'll even color in the sentiments after we cut them out. So I will see you in the next tutorial. 6. 06 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: hello and welcome to this tutorial in this to tour. We're going to scan and cut out they sweet sentiments. And then they'll be a little trick for cutting out the outside of those sentiments as well , so that we have the pink that goes around around the outside of the word sweet. Okay, let's get started. I'm not the home screen right now. My piece of whisper white card stock is still in my brothers can and cut, and we're just going to click that scan button and we're going to say direct cut. The reason revision direct cut is we're not saving any of this information. We're just cutting out the word sweet reading Direct Cut. This is asking where we want to temporarily store our information. Let's go ahead and store that on our machine, and it's in black and white recognition mode right now. So we're gonna go and say stuff and it's gonna skin in the word Sweet are the two sentiments. There's two of those each of them say sweet and it's recognizing. Here are the two words sweet. We're going to say OK, it's scandals in, and they boast, recognized very nicely. First thing you do is select the area that you want to cut out. So we're selecting those two words. Sweet. Now I want it out like distance. Just a little outlined distance of 0.1 around this. So I'm gonna click on this button here, which is the outline distance, and I'm selecting 0.4 point 04 That's the first. It's the smallest income. It you can get 2.0 for my distance and we're gonna say OK, and we're going to say OK, remember we already using a blade depth of four for the for the whisper weight card stock off to school over that one more time case, you just tuned in. I'm blade depth before, and we're going to say cut this time, Remember last time we drew, But this time we're cutting out these and we're going to say start and it's gonna cut them . And I was putting out our sentiments. I have the paper taped on using painter's tape, but still, I don't want it slipping it also holding my finger there. Okay, at this stage, we're going to remove the map, but we're not clearing the screen where we will say okay to the screen will say. Okay, we're gonna go ahead and unload the mat using this button, and we're gonna pull. We don't have to answer. Sorry. We don't know. We need to unload the Met. Just cancel. All we need to do is make sure that we pulled a little sweet off the Met. Okay, We need to We need to take the paper off the mat. We could unload the mad as long as we leave our screen up. But however, I'm just going to leave the words. I'm just feeling the paper at the Met. I'm peeling the sweet sentiments off the Met. And there's a reason for this. This is a nice tip and trick. I'm gonna show you. So we peel these often. They look great. Okay. We'll leave those decide. And now, while the while the machines all set up, leave two of these. Okay, We're going to go, and we're gonna hit the back button. Okay? Hit this back button and great. While you're here in the screen, you're going to go ahead and say the outline distance you change the outline distance for these, and it's remember, it was 0.4 But now we wanted We want to put this pink designer serious paper in, and we're gonna go to settings up. So not points there. Wait. We're going to actually 0.12 points here. Wait, I've tried it, and it wasn't out. The outline was big enough. Okay, I'm taking a piece of this designer series paper. It's was like a melon mambo color. And I'm just putting this in onto the Met into the same spot. I'm laying it down. I'm here just so you could see that I'm just laying it down right there. In fact, will use a little bit of painter's tape. Now, just to hold that in place. And I want to go out and change the blade depth of from a 42 or three. I'm sorry. Back this way to a three. And what we're gonna dio one more piece of painter's tape? We're just gonna go ahead and cut out this two outlines. Why call these offset lines? So we're just making two sections that we can put behind this word sweet that are bigger that we can use as they outlined. Good. Let's go ahead and say okay, and let's say okay again, and we're going to say cut Now, this time again, I just like to move these. It's going to this editing move right here, and I like to move him a little bit away from the edge. We say, OK, editing boat and away from I'm sorry. Sometimes you have to use the the errors. I'm just gonna select off, select the mall, and then we'll say, OK, say okay again. It's just not letting me, huh? Why aren't you letting me move? You always let me move. Oh, you know why? Because we scanned them. That's okay. When you scan something, you can't move it. It's only when you put the shapes there yourself. And I understand that I should have known better. We're not stopping there. We're just gonna go ahead and say cut so you can't move them. So be sure you have paper right near the edge where you need it, which I do. I do have paper. I was just cutting it really close. I forgot about that And go ahead and say, cut and stuff. Okay, folks, when you scan an object, you can't move it. That makes sense. If you're gonna scan something, it's not gonna let you move it to another location because the whole point is scanning and cutting is that it's in the exact location. Shouldn't know better as much as I use this machine. But that's okay. We all make mistakes. Okay, Let's just say okay, and we're gonna just unload the mat, okay? Unload. It's gonna say, you know, it's gonna give you a warning, and you say yes. Continue. Now, here's what we're doing Here is what we just did peel these off. We just made the really, really cool outlines for what we scanned in earlier. Okay? How great is that? So that's a nice little layer. That's a nice little trick to as long as you don't take that paper out. You just change the outline. Distance. You have a beautiful offset line. Place the last step for this tutorial. Last part of this tutorial is just to make some room, and you just make a little bit of room down here on my table and I'm gonna put down here with us. Use the back of the Met because you don't want color right onto your table. You could get you could get like, you know, ink on your table. And remember, I said, we're using the coastal cabana That was the color will. This coordinating color with that is called pineapple punch. So even though the brothers can cut has ways to fill in, You know, patterns and colors, the color sort of run together when you do that. I wanted to make sure had nice sections that were separate when I tried using the pill pattern inside the machine to color him with the marker, they pineapple ponds ran into the coastal cabana, and I realized some things are just easier just to do yourself. And this is one of those things where it's easier coloring yourself, then using the machine. But it did do a beautiful outline that makes it so easy for us to color. Because of this, the weight drew in this beautiful outline. Okay, so that's what we're going. We're going with that Will will attach all the parts in the next section. Okay, this is so sweet. Now, if you use like alcohol markers, you should use you know, those But I mean to color. But we're not using. Those were using stamping markers. What I mean is, if use one alcohol marker, you would use an alcohol marker to color it in. But since we used a stamping marker, we're using a stamping marker to color it in. Always use the same type of markers. So whatever you use for the outside, you need to use for the inside that type of ink. Because thes two inks are not are not getting all smeared together because of the same type of ink. I'm just using the Stanford markers. Okay, so now we have these sentiments which we can attached to our card and maybe not the next video. But when we get to the attaching the embellishment stages because I think in the next video I'm going to show you how to cut out pattern paper using the brother scan and cut where we scan in the pattern paper and make make the embellishments for our cars. And then well, then we'll get into how we attach all the embellishments and a little bit later. So thank you for watching. We'll see you in the next tutorial. 7. 07 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: Hello, and welcome to this tutorial where we cut out patterned paper using your brother. Scanning. Cut. We need at least two lollipops for this card, and we need a couple a couple other embellishments, like we need at least two cupcakes. Maybe a couple of the Comey's a couple pieces of candy, but we don't need to cut out the entire piece of pattern paper, so we'll just see how far we get and cut out a section of this pattern paper. This is beautiful pattern paper called How sweet it is. I stamping up. I'm using a prayer just so it doesn't slip way. Put it into the scanning cut. Okay, now, we're gonna go ahead and open up the machine. We're not gonna cover up these registration marks when you scan. It's very important to leave these free. Okay, so we're gonna just load the paper. I mean, load the mat. I'm gonna go up to that load button so you don't miss any steps. And here we are. Load. I have one hand on the mat loading, and we're gonna go ahead and say skin because we're not saving this information were directly cutting. We just go ahead and hit the director cut option. We're saving it to our machine as a temporarily temporary storage location. Black and white recognition. Modus. Fine, because this paper has a lot of contrast between the foreground and the background. So using black and white recognition modus fine for this color paper. If you don't have success with black and white mode, then you would only, at that point change to color recognition mode. You don't need to do it for this kind of paper. Only when there's not a lot of contrast between the foreground and the background paper has not slipped. I can see it coming out the back, and it's great. But if it slips it off, be sure to do that again. So it's recognizing. And here's my little my little sort of cheat sheet I made earlier. So with these patterns that were about to cut out, we need to use an outline distance of 0.8 And the reason for that is because the 0.4 will just get around the white section and we need a little bit of the pink section as well. So that's why we're using 0.8 We're gonna go ahead and say OK, and I'm gonna go ahead and say this one for the outline. Distance right away, 10.8 It s okay now. We only need, like I said, a couple cupcakes, a couple lollipops. Okay, I say we have three lolly pops A few cupcakes. That's a partial cupcake. Let's go ahead and say, let's go ahead and say that section there, and then we'll do some further editing and we're gonna say preview. It did a pretty good job scanning. We just need to get rid of some of the things we don't need to cut up. Just in the interest of saving time, we're gonna say, OK, now we're now we're going to go into this editing mode and get rid of any extra bits. Okay, So, like, this was a part of a cupcake right here. I'm gonna select that and trash it because the whole cupcake didn't get selected in this case. So I'm gonna get rid of those extra bits. I'm also just going to get rid of the jelly beans. At this point, we don't need the jelly beans. There's an easier way to get rid of those as well by ignoring object size. But I don't want to ignore all the jelly beans. Just a few, because I want a couple, but not so many jellybeans. I just want a couple gummy bears, a couple of jelly beans. Let's see. So I want I want to ignore. We're gonna go ahead and ignore the object size to get rid of some jelly beans, but not the gummies. So watch this. I'm going to say, OK, I'm gonna get back to this mode here and right where it says, Ignore objects, Eyes right here. I'm just gonna do it that way. It will get rid of the the parts I just deleted. I didn't need to delete the manually because I could have just ignored them. Okay, so about oops, a little bit less. I don't want ignore the gummies there. There's the magic number where the gummies don't get ignored. But the but the jelly beans Dio, let's see how that works out. Okay, you get a little bit of a warning yet we have gummy bears, no jelly beans. Perfect. That's what we want. Three lollipops for For cupcakes. Three lollipops. This is perfect This is exactly what What now? The only thing to remember now is for a brother scanning cut. We're gonna change the blade to a three if you haven't already, because we're using designer Siri's paper. Okay, The other thing. I'm going to say, OK, and I'm going to say Cut and start and you're going to see that I'm getting to. Don't worry that it keeps saying there's a pattern outside the effective area. Just ignore that message and say OK and cut cut anyway. Now you never want to cover the registration marks when you're skinning. However, when it's when it's cutting, you could go ahead and put some painter's tape down. If you want it, you can at that now, but you can cover up the marks because it's cutting its not scanning anyone. That's if you want to do that. Otherwise, if you don't want to do that, just give it a rub. Well, it's cutting. You just don't want any of your any of your objects to fall off the bat, cutting out candy, the Gummy Bears cupcakes, doing a beautiful job. I just get fascinated and love to watch it do its thing. Imagine fuzzy cutting these and how long it would take us to fuzzy cut. These scanning cut really makes it a life a lot easier by creating all these shapes dressing, putting the outline distance of 0.8 around them. And depending on the paper using, that's you'll pick your out like distance. Looks like it's almost done. And it is that we're gonna be less the lest up here is just it's gonna say finished, OK? And the last step is going to be to unload the paper or the mat, unload the Met, you say Okay, and now we're left with I'm gonna push this gonna cut out of the way We left with loads of awesome embellishments you can bend them at and they'll come right off. You can take your tape off and pull them out off and use your spatula. Okay? Basically, you're just gonna remove the mat, and there are there are embellishments. And then then it's just a matter of taking your spread slip and removing them off the mat. Okay? It's good to use a spatula instead your fingers, because the mats will last longer that way. Okay, so I am going to remove all of the indulge mints off the Met. And in the next video, we're going to put all these onto our cards and start assembling our card projects. Thank you for watching. See you in the next tutorial. 8. 08 Brother ScanNCut Sweet Cards: hello and welcome to the final tutorial of this course where we will take all of the embellishments that we've created and decorate our card with them, using different foam adhesives and even do a little bit of stamping. And then we're going to just admire our handiwork. Okay, let's get started. We have cut out the lollipops, and earlier in the course, when we're going over the materials, I said you can put a bottle cap sticker on the lollipops to make them look three day. Okay, When you use bottle caps stickers, you just gotta hold him on the sides because they will capture your fingerprint. I've touched him in the middle before, and I'm just gonna stand over it and just lay the bottle caps sticker up. You got to get it centred, and then just kind of push it down, and it'll stay really well. And doesn't that look like a delicious lollipop? Now it just gives it that extra added touch. And plus, when you send this card to someone, they're gonna go, How did they do that? So just so you know, these are one inch. So that's why they were perfect, because that's was the size of the lollipops. You can use your brother skin and cut to cut out one in shapes as well and make stickers and magnets out of this. So that's always fun. Okay, so there's another one. And here's another one. Okay, I'm just doing three, even though we're only making two cards. Because, like I said, it's good to do a lot of things at once, and then you don't have to do him again later. Why we have about the stickers. Okay, Now we've already matted. We've already put them adding on to our card. Okay. And so let's look at our sample. We just have, you know, a sample here. We're gonna just put a lollipop, the word sweet cupcake, some candy. Some companies, I mean, doesn't matter, but this is just that's just one way to decorate. So what you do is you lay it out and you might put the gun me up there because the gummy would look good in the light area, and you just kind of lay things out and see where they will look good at. Kind of keeping in mind. You want some contrast between the front of the background. So gonna put things in the certain area. So you kind of lay out your card and your sentiment, and then you would hear everything. So let's it hear this sweet to the background using the foam dimensional is I told you about. So you get some phone to mention us, makes the little three day and peel off the backs. Whatever adhesive you have, if you only have glue, that's fine. But when you when you have lots of layers, it's good to use. Um, dimensional is to give it that extra that extra three D effect. Okay, I like the layout of that card, So I'm gonna go ahead and use the big, dimensional, behind thick piece of candy here. I'm going to use a big one behind the top of the lollypop and a couple small ones on the bottom of the lollypop because when someone gets it, these are the small ones. When someone gets this out of the envelope, you know I don't want to Teoh get anything caught on the card and be sure none of the foam is sticking out. Okay, You can also use this little pokey tools to help you peel off backs of dimensional. Okay, that looks like it's sticking out slightly. Okay, there we go. And you want that on the madding of the card, like not sticking off the edge. And we'll put a couple behind the sweet going to put this the suite at an angle. But the gummy bear it there were. It's already at. And let's see. Let's see if I can put a big one behind the gummy bear. I can. You know what you know, like you just don't want it sticking out the side. So you know what size to use, because that and that's looks good. Ah, I mean, I could even move it over slightly the's dry, and then they don't move as well. So I try to move him, whether right when you put him on and then you think you're still easy to move. Couple dimensional is behind the cupcake. Okay, I love that card. It looks great. Let's decorate the second card again just while you're at it. Make a bunch of cards at once. So we call. We used a 0.0 for outlined distance for the top sentiment, and then we used a point one tooth outline Distance for the bottom pink or melon mambo sentiments of the of the sentiment you cut out. So let's put the cupcake here. We're gonna kind of use that same layout again. What a candy up there this time we'll put a little gummy down here this time and put this little gummy. Reminds me of the gummy bear saw. There we go. Kids love that song. And I think kids would love this car. But so what? Adults? And I kind of show you what we put in a bit in the inside as well, because you can turn this into any kind of card Happy birthday or just in everyday thinking of you card. Okay. Before I made this down, I would I would definitely put the lollypop first to make sure that there's enough room for it. So yeah, here we go. Now I can lay down now additional frame for that valley pop, and I'm gonna put the dimensional there and then a couple small ones, then work on the inside of the card. Then we will be done. He's came out great, and I always make a lot of the cards at once. All right, so there are cards and now the inside. So remember I said to make we made whisper white for the inside of the car because you can't write on the inside directly. Well, you could if you had, like, silver Sharpie markers or something, but we don't. So you could just do one step further and you could you could stay on the inside. So I'm just gonna stand happy birthday because I happen to want to use Thies is Happy birthday cards. I've already taken a stamp out of this stamp set by stepping up called Amazing Life. And I just put the happy birthday stamp on there, and it's already stained because I've used it many times and that's okay if it gets stained , I'm just gonna use gorgeous grape That's a in color and I'm gonna hit. I'm gonna go tap tap tap just to make sure you get good in coverage. And it's best to stand over when you stand but and a lean over the camera little bit. So hopefully that centered pretty well Yep, I like it. Que te pttep tap Get some ink and and then I'm going to stand over the card, and okay, that got a little smeared, and it's OK when it does get a little smeared. I just put down my I'll just put down my piece of good paper 10 December and try again. Maybe I didn't need so much ink. Oh, okay. I like it. I mean, it's OK. And this one's okay. All right. So now we're just gonna you clean up your stamp using state cleaner or baby. What? So whatever you're gonna be cleaning it with, But that will do later. And now we're just gonna hear the insides of the cards. Let's move this out away. So I'm units, my brilliant he sieve, and you're just gonna take your rolling adhesive and put a few lines of adhesive on the inside of the card. So let's put that in there so the brothers can cut, helps you let make many, many cards at once. And if you have coordinating papers and thinks it's just a great tool toe have because mass produced using all your coordinating colors and you could just go, go, go. Remember, I stand for the sides of this cartoon. I have Oops. There we go. and I'm going to stick that in the inside of this card. So now you kind of got to see my thought process from beginning to end, how to make cars, had a layer cards. You got to watch me make mistakes. And I just kept on recording because that is real life. And I hope you enjoyed learning how to use your brother scan and cut to create this project of sweet cards featuring brother scan and cut and the universal pen holder tool. So please feel free to comment on this course, and I hope that you will rate it as well. And I hope to see you in the future craft course of mine. Thank you. Bye bye for now.