Bringing Your Patterns into Photoshop : a Toolkit for Digitizing Your Work | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

Bringing Your Patterns into Photoshop : a Toolkit for Digitizing Your Work

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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15 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Notes About This Class

    • 3. Sketchbooks Artwork

    • 4. Short Introduction to Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool

    • 5. Scanning and Adjustment Layers

    • 6. Basic Repeat

    • 7. Using Photography & Basic Repeat

    • 8. Basic Repeat Pattern Examples

    • 9. Techniques for Solid backgrounds: Part 1 - Poppies

    • 10. Techniques for Solid backgrounds: Part 2 - Tiles

    • 11. Techniques for Solid backgrounds: Part 3 - Abstract

    • 12. Solid Background examples

    • 13. Vertical Repeats - Berries

    • 14. Bringing in Ai elements - Halloween

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class I shall be teaching you how to make repeat patterns from your own hand rendered artwork.

- First of all we shall be either scanning or photographing artwork to digitise them.

- in Photoshops we'll look at adjustment layers and some simple techniques and use the healing brush and clone tool (amongst others) to manipulate and create a technical repeat.

- I will start with basic easy to follow process but they will get a little more advance as I share further approaches.

The techniques I've used in this class have evolved with me as my surface pattern portfolio has grown over the last few years. It has been very much influenced by the way I fill my sketchbooks. Once you know how some of these processes work you will have your own tool kit to create your own unique patterns from your art.

I will use several examples from my own sketchbooks, and share other designs which have been turned into repeat patterns. You can see how these different approaches could be adapted or tweaked to suit your needs and your artwork.

PLEASE NOTE I will not be vectorising any patterns in this class.