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Bringing Your Fashion Ideas to Life

teacher avatar Sharon Mapuvire, Anything Is Possible

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction to Illustrator

    • 3. Constructing The Base

    • 4. Adding Detail

    • 5. Creating Shadows

    • 6. Making Snap Closures

    • 7. Constructing A Wristlet

    • 8. Finishing With A Simple Logo

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About This Class


Lots of people have great ideas and designs in their head but they have a hard time putting them down on paper because they have a challenge when it comes to drawing. In this class I teach you how simple it is to create or construct a design and how to give that design dimension and depth making it look pretty realistic. 

What You Will Learn

In less than 40 minutes, you will learn how to

  • Construct and add shadows to a wallet
  • Make it look 3 dimensional with the use of the gradient tool
  • Make a realistic looking wallet using real leather swatches
  • Create a simple gold stamped logo 

What You Will Be Able To Do

This is a simple class to teach you the foundations of design, specifically accessory design. Once you have completed this class you will be able to apply these tools to create other products such as handbag designs, eyewear cases, make-up bag sketches and many more. The skill you are learning is easy rendering so you can produce realistic designs to help you in the first step to bringing your fashion ideas to life.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible


Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed easy ways of painting and drawing portraits. Making it possible for anyone to start painting portraits today. 

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1. Trailer: Hi, everyone. My name is Sharon, and I'm a freelance fashion designer with a specialty in rendering, I produce designs and Ellis here on photo shop. And today I'm gonna teach you guys how to rent another one. You only need to know how to use a futile illustrator. So even beginning skin do it. I'm gonna teach you guys how to create the hardware reflects on a simple printed gold logo , So let's get started. 2. Introduction to Illustrator: If you know how to use illustrator, you can definitely skip this. So opening new documents engine Label it if you want. Choose your size and then she's orientation. I chose Landscape and then press ticket, and these are the tools that we're going to use selection to direct selection Tool and could point to the press that you see all the options with the pen tool. Detect Tool the rectangle to which is shaped tool, and it shows you all the different shapes that you can get. This is a tool, Grady in two that, and I drop it, too. This is Phil for a shape and Mrs to stroke the outline off the shape selects. Make a rectangle. Press the rectangle. Choose a color chosen black. You cook and you drag, and you instantly make a shape. And if you want to change the outline color, click on the stroke on to get open its year and a window, and then you can find all the windows that you can open. Stroke Claire's Grady Ums. Let's pick up sweets. Um, stay around with color, just quickly color, and it changes color and created dashed line. Just click here Thanks, Preston Navigator, if you want to soon in the open the Navigator by going toe window and it's just carry on with the the lens off the dash in the gap. So this is a tool that we're gonna be using to make a stitch pattern for your wallets. Now I want to show you how to use the smart guides, which are under few smart guides. Help you align your shapes. If you want to find the center, something's let's make a copy of the rectangle you click the direct to you clicking you drag, he feels little exists. That's a smart guide guiding you so you know which with the center is, and I'm just going to show you that it's actually in the center. Let's make some guides. Quick control are to show your ruler, and what you do is go straight. Go to the ruler when you click and you drag right. You see that's center quick and drag, and it was show you that top rectangle is exactly in the center of the bottom layers. Smart guides guided us pretty well just to make sure everything is in lines. When you're creating shapes, you can see move the guy do easily. If you go to view, you lock it. And now I can't even move the guides. So it's pretty useful to know key. He's of the layers that we've created with guides pressing the eye. Then you can't see the mayor anymore, so it's really easy. Then remove the stroke. I'm going do ingredients. You can click here horse here or in the great into window to access the radiant. Or you could just go to window and open it from there. Click here, then you have a radiant and you could the slider. I'm going to seem like a that is full prancing RG bees for online and just change the color . But just clicking on the sliders was removed. That guide there's going to and you can actually move it around, so you change in the direction off ingredient. Just click. I mean, you just drag you click droid. Anything to make a shortage. One. To make the radiance colors moves well. You can just click on the slide and slide it down really easy, and you change the Grady into radio because it two types of greedy INTs it would be using this radiant laid on for all circular shapes. Fights Sisi faces circle. You just make a bigger survive doing that. You're making the radiant bigger. Okay, let's make a copy off the rectangle. Remove the cell and then you click on the I Drop her and you copy from the lay that's beneath you. New layer and copies exactly. Let's show you again with the swatches, so the bottom there has watch now and then Go to the top layer, and it's exactly semi she and the top plays clicked when you use the eyedropper. Now, if you want to delete a point, you just click and you want to change shape. Use the ankle to clicking, dragged in just moving. It runs. You want ads. Cook at ankle to, and you add a points. If you click that point, you can drag to move it around. You want to delete it, just delete, or you can just use usually button on your keyboard. You just click and 3. Constructing The Base: okay. I started by placing guide so that I have an idea where I want to place my wallets shoes to shape, too. And pick the rounded rectangle to click and you drag and states and it has a greedy int film. If you want to tell him the great in film in a different color, you can do this. Just could come the slider and go to the color window simple and make sure both size are the same color. Same tone, slight down and in the middle. Always have a lighter tone to wanna have that three D effects, and you can change the stroke to match your grating self. So let's say you want to different color blue, for example. Slightly over quote against you haven't except copies of both sides are exactly the same. Copy and make sure the middle is letter. If you want a pink sheen to leather, you could do that, really. So we have our shape. I'm using an orange greedy int and struggle using 0.75 Now I'm just gonna make the bottom less wrong, kids, because if you look at Wallace, they're not so round you just click on the anchor. I mean, you just play around, please click. You see this anchor jacket swing to get the right shape. Now we're gonna make a flap the same shape, rounded rectangle to click and drag. And this is a few on discretion. How long you want the flap to be? This is your first time doing this some, but I think it's pretty good. You just follow the class the way that I'm doing it. So it makes it easier fever enough to think too much about how long I want to make it. Now I'm gonna do the exact same thing and movies points to change the bottom shape I'm going to remove. So I'm gonna use the pen to go. Deletes click on one. Deletes took on the other seats. Going to the ankle, too. Cook, you just click. That's what you do. And immediate need removes the rounded option. So it's rectangle at the bottom and then rounded at the top has changed the lens but longer . I think that's about right. Make sure the sides also slightly bigger than your base. I'm gonna change the shape. Also, you just click the anchor when you dragged its that will immediately disappear. When you click on the anchor, we get the great shape. So it's like a rock dick rectangle. Make sure both sides are identical or is similar. Possibly can get, um, sometimes what you could do. So just copy one side and then pasted to the other side so you can have an identical site rights. Now, we can have some fun Quick on your base shape. Copy and pasted. Go to swatches and already have the leather swatch. I place information how you get the swatch below, remove the stroke and you're gonna go to object to transform its and we're going to scale. Let's scale it to 50% tons of look looks pretty good. Okay, I'm gonna change to transparency, and that's put in 30 cents. Now it looks so much better. We're gonna do the exact same thing for the flap. But what you do is you gonna copy and paste. I'm gonna use the eyedropper tool, and then you click on the Swatch lair and it takes a complete copy of it 4. Adding Detail: to make a stitch copy and paste the base layer the greedy int base layer. Remove the radiant Phil. I mean, gonna change the stroke. Click of the dash lying. We're gonna do three points. Dash one point gap transform. Unz could a scale and then we're going to do 98 15 Make sure the transform objects is clicked. Keep the vertical 100% and then we're gonna cut it at the bottom. You just click on the anchor points and then it's cuts. Delete that now for the top click. It's copy and paste. The Grady in base, greedy and slapped there moves ingredients and then I dropping onto the stitch pots and see you struck is exactly the same. Go to transform scale, right? Let's change our son. Just trying to take five. Steve that works. Let's make it smaller. Preview button is really used for just for you to see how you want your shape to be. Let's make this just a little bit smaller. So chosen 57 on the vertical 98.5 Horizontal and man, we're going to cuts from the anchor tunes to anchor points. This is, too. Let's cut to leak that piece. We don't need that. Just make sure that Justice Patteson it is just in the right place. Thanks. That's great. Now let's change the color of how such Patteson You want the city to be slightly lighter or just like a tone lighter than your base? 5. Creating Shadows: Ah, Wallet needs shadows Click on the rectangle to click and drag just below the slap That okay moved a layer to just below the slap Remove the stroke and we gonna change the radiance We're gonna make a doctor So using color window we're gonna just make the slayer doctor So we're using the CME like colors I prefer seem like a color because I have more options Say my case more for when you gonna print this out? Put in transparency changing 25%. Let's make a darker it's really visible. But if you're gonna post late a picture of the squalid online, definitely make sure it's in RGB color mode. You're gonna copied thes anchor points clicks and click on this one using the shift on your keyboard. I let them both caught up in your face. Change the stroke, remove stroke. We're gonna change ingredients. Remember, you just cook. Gay just dragged its irritated six of the radiant coming from the top to bottom. I want to make the slightly smaller Cem's gonna at some points and moved bots of points click That's who to actually let's level not like wonky. So you want your radiant to be the darker color coming down into a lighter shade, and we only need to sliders. So just stay around and try to find the right tone for your chosen colors for your wallets . And if you're not sure about shadows witness, change those two transparency. So many percent. 50%? Yeah, that's looking really good. Now it looks like it's blended into the wallet difference. It's subtle, but it's perfect. It's not gonna do this. It just changes color. So I'm not sure, but shadows what I suggest. You take a picture online for existing while it just copy the colors of that wallet. So let's do the bottom a copy. Selective. Copy these anchor points and this. Just grab the eye dropper that we have similar colors from the from the radiance over here for the bottom. This has changed direction. It's that it's coming from top to bottom apple bottoms to top. Check a one. Let's make the smaller again and then remove these ones. Good 6. Making Snap Closures: Now we're gonna make a snap. Closures. I already placed my guides shoes, your lips tool to make a circle click and drag on what you want to snap closures to be. I want them here by the flap. Okay, so now we're gonna change the Grady into radio because it's a circular shape. And to be a day with the color is gonna make ingredients darker than the wallets and the body of the wallets. You could make it light if you want, but I'm gonna make mine, Doctor, I'm gonna change his stroke. And let's just make it later again. This is about getting around to see what works. Or having been existing. Sure always helps to change this. You know, this year and for a radio radiant, usually you just need to sliders change the structure. 0.25 soon in to make sure we can see all the details. We can see that skin. It just comes on really brilliantly. It's looking more and more like leather. Right now we go into place, we're gonna create some light on the snaps, so it looks like a real objects with light to on it. Choose the color whites using the Ellipse. Soon I'm gonna draw a circle. Smallest circle on top off your It's not closure. Select its and just move it. Copy this shape and pieced. It's gonna transform its opted tense form on a scale. Scale it down. Skip a sense with that up a little bit has changed transparency off the bottom circle changed that 20%. And if a top one we're gonna change that 30% rights now fuse amounts. You'll see clearly. Like all of the's and group thumb, Click the layers and to use role Jean, when I want a copy and place it on the opposites side of the wall, it's it makes you you put it on the rights place. I'm using smart guides to help me make sure, but a place it right I think it looks Yeah, great 7. Constructing A Wristlet: Okay, let's make a hardware. What's your first gonna do is we're gonna go to the text tool and you're gonna type in the capital letter deep. And then once you've done that, you're going to go to view what we're going to create outlines and what that does, is it? Effect arises your letters. Now you can change. Fill, color, and you're going to do well. I already have a swatch, a phone, have a gold watch of ah, gold radiant and have placed information below before you could go to get this. So we're gonna turn that and make that gold, and I'm gonna move that to the top right hand corner off the wallet. It's just started making psyche bigger. So this is cold and devouring, for obvious reasons, is shaped like a deep. And I just find this is the easiest way off the fastest, easiest way of creating deepening, creating it from scratch. Let's get that down to the bottom. So that is behind the wallets. It's just the shape. Soon first strikes good with your direct Senate really going to scale these ankle boils, so you select the inner and components off doing good sense of scale way too much. I want a thicker would not stick since trying Thanks. Sent 20% expected ity, so scale it on tonight. Now what goes to make way are going use the same radiant as a base. You gonna go to shape too, and choose rectangle to make sure it has same great Phil as wallets. And you just cook tracks reasonable like half the size of the wall. Insist love else your resistance I'm gonna So the risk Let's just that. But she slipped you hand through so you can carry you want it's around your wrists, chills and then just adjust the with profits Don't make it too thin Change anchor points of the bottom said the bottom is wide This is more to do with likes perspective. Really? We're gonna add some reports on these air The eloquence that we're going to just gonna make mountains, see good to enter, click on the anchor points just added, make it rounded. We want the top of the wristlet shaped to follow the curve off the d bring I'm pretty satisfied with its So now what I wanna do I'm gonna delete the external anchor points was that we had in place before that one to be but and did eat that one. T Let's change the stroke to 0.5 using lower stroke for small objects so she gets bigger. You stroke gets bigger. No, she looks good. Click on your wrist slits. I'm gonna move layer to the bottom, just above keeping it's cocky and pace the state, and we're going to move the bottle Anchor points in the woods and removed the radiant moved in the poppy in peace again and have this much layer way. Have a stitch pattern on our swatch. I'm started Great notes recently. Copy and paste stacks em in block I original radio. Smooth swatch and stick players don't click on them. We're going toe ads and at the top, and it's immediately rounded and you clicks and you dragged down so the bottoms open top is kind of closed. Let's change the ingredients. Let's open the grate and window. We're gonna change the colors. Wanna make the darker uses a king at the inside off? The risk looks pretty good. No. Okay, now we're going to make a living lips so and drag me circle that has the same reading. Still as e. I really hope this crisis 8. Finishing With A Simple Logo: very last lesson. Click the type to textile and type in the name off. Whatever name you want to use your brand. Whatever it is, I'm gonna use tribe because that's the name of my Brent. So you just type in your Brandon ing and then just just it however you want and adjusted to open the character text box, which is under window. Or you can do control t to open it up. You can make the adjustments that she wants. Great. Yeah, and that is gonna drug that and perfects over here, and I'm gonna put it in the middle's have to censor it. My logo only has five letters, so I know that the middle that are you know, I know where the middle is that a new smart guide. So I just placed I in the middle off the wall it and then I'm going to create our place as we did with the deering fact arising it and I'm gonna fill it with a gold ingredients. And I just use the eyedropper tool. Place it on the hardware to know my Texas golds. It's just just the size of that and stuff. And I'd like to show you other versions. I did seeking to it in different colors on this. Really easy. I hope you guys enjoyed this class. I definitely join teaching it on. Please share and tell others about about the class. Thank you so much.