Bringing Your Authentic Self to your Workplace | James Mcleod | Skillshare

Bringing Your Authentic Self to your Workplace

James Mcleod, Executive Coach and Educator

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11 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Speaking your truths

    • Values

    • Beliefs

    • Tolerations

    • Assertiveness

    • Dealing with Conflict

    • Knowing Self Part One

    • Knowing Self Part Two

    • Knowing Self Part Three

    • Class Project -Finding the Real Me


About This Class


In this course,Executive Coach and Educator,James will help you discover your authentic self and to live your truths in a professional setting. You will learn how to align your values, principles and beliefs to your work mission and to create meaning, purpose and ‘flow’.

James will help you unlock your ability to:

  • Live your truth
  • Say your truth
  • Surface and share (without fear of sanction) your hopes, desires, dreams and fears
  • Solicit and receive supportive feedback from professional peers and colleagues
  • Be assertive, hence ensuring your needs are understood
  • Understand yourself at a deeper level and reflect on how this impacts on your effectiveness and workplace ‘presence’
  • Deal with conflict and offer concerned challenge
  • Improve the quality of your inter personal relationships in the workplace

The class is geared towards anyone who is:

  • looking to improve their professional relationships
  • Discover what might be helping or hindering them from developing higher quality relationships with their colleagues and co-workers
  • Wants to feel happier and more fulfilled in their work
  • Wants to improve the quality, intensity and frequency of collaboration with work colleagues






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James Mcleod

Executive Coach and Educator

I practice as an Executive Coach and Educator, working with high performance and high potential individuals across many of Ireland's and the UK's leading organisations in both the public and private sectors.

I prioritize the principle of authenticity and helping people to learn to say what they truly feel and believe in their professional settings; but with complete openness and transparency and in a way that promotes happiness, meaning and purpose.

Outside of the training aren...

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