Bringing Digital to Life: The Basics of 3D Rendering | Mike Golden | Skillshare

Bringing Digital to Life: The Basics of 3D Rendering

Mike Golden, Visualist at dbox

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13 Lessons (3h 36m)
    • 1. Intro: Getting Right To It

    • 2. Unit 1 - Video 1 - Box Modeling

    • 3. Unit 1 - Video 2 - Spline Modeling

    • 4. Unit 1 - Video 3 - Advanced Modeling

    • 5. Unit 2 - Video 1 - Scene Preparation

    • 6. Unit 2 - Video 2 - Scene Preparation

    • 7. Unit 2 - Video 3 - Scene Preparation

    • 8. Unit 3 - Video 1 -UVW Mapping

    • 9. Unit 3 - Video 2 - Material Creation

    • 10. Unit 3 - Video 3 - Render Settings

    • 11. Unit 4 - Video 1 - Intro to Photoshop

    • 12. Unit 4 - Video 2 - Color Correction

    • 13. Unit 4 - Video 3 - Finishing Touches


About This Class


Ever wonder how films bring digital sets to life? Ever want to see one of your designs before you build it? Ever imagine a scene and wish you could show it to others?

If so, this class will teach you all you need to get started in digital rendering. Starting from scratch, this class will cover all the basics of digital modeling, setting up a compelling camera, lighting the scene, applying textures, and creating realistic materials to bring your image to life. It will also cover render settings and post-production tips to make your image pop.

What You'll Learn
The skills you learn and acquire in this class will prepare you for making beautiful images of any object or scene that you can dream up. You will learn the skills you need to visualize any design or scene you can imagine. We will use 3ds Max and Vray to detail and render a still life and Photoshop for post-production (all necessary software have free 30-day trials). If you’ve never used 3d modeling or image-editing software, no worries! I will teach you all the essentials you need to be creating and editing beautiful digital images on your own. And, in thirty days from the start of the class, you’ll have your first, hopefully of many, beautiful digital illustration that you created!

In Partnership with Architizer.






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Mike Golden

Visualist at dbox

An artist my whole life, I began studying digital rendering and image making when I entered PennDesign at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, earning my Master of Architecture in 2013. I completed my thesis on the techniques and mechanisms of sequential storytelling as applied to the design process and architectural representation, and amongst several awards and publications, was awarded the Arthur Spayd Brooke Memorial Prize for distinguished work in architectural design.

I wo...

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