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Bring your product to life using free Mockups

teacher avatar Anna Krupa, graphic designer, photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 1. trailer

    • 2. 2. places where you can find mockups

    • 3. 3. working with mockup file

    • 4. 4. jpg mockup file

    • 5. 5. good luck

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About This Class


Do you want to visualize your e-book for landing page?

Or business cards for your clients? Then this class will be usefull for you.

In a few easy steps I'll teach you my way of preparing the photoshop file so you can use your photo mockup over and over again. I will also provide a useful list of links where you can look for free photos.

What you will need:

Below are a few of the tools that will be helpful in this course.

  • Adobe Photoshop (begin a free trial here)



Mockup file comes from freepik.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Krupa

graphic designer, photographer


Sketching, photography, hand lettering, modern calligraphy.

Instagram: @graficzne.wsparcie.biznesu

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1. 1. trailer: Hello, My name is and I'm a friend's graphic designer. And often I'm the owner of the Dreamcatcher website where a share tips and tricks about social media in this class. I'd like to show you my technique, how to create visualizations using pictures from the Web. I'm sure you will love it as much as I do as it's really easy and fun and quick. It gives really nice results. So it's a great way to achieve really nice graphic for your landing, which are R block posts. Don't be afraid if you are a beginner in photo shop, the tools I use a really basic and although guide you through the process, step by step, so I just can't wait to see your beautiful designs on products in the class project section . 2. 2. places where you can find mockups: if you wonder where you can find good quality, More cops. I've made you two lists. One is for free. MK more cops on brother one is for paid ones. I listed on the left side a listed places where you can find free growth quality mall cops . This is on desired the places which I use the most, which are graphic Burger Dunkel designs free pick. It depends on what kind of mock up I need to use. And on the right side you have the paid mocha. It's etc. The hungry Jay Peg Creative market and Kate Mark stock. So what kind of more cups you we're looking for on this place is so I'm gonna show you a free peak. His whole decide. Looks like you can find here relativistic business card, mall cops, clothes, small cups, um, mugs, um, computers and cell phones. Fourth of friends. I think the variety here is is huge. Cute, I think is the most versa versatile. More cup with freemark upside and not the whose side is graphic worker on. We're going to more cops. You can find here clothes, small cups, mobile phone or computer poster or artwork. More Cubs. It's hard to find some business cards here. You have tow search, spend a lot of time searching for business card. More cups you have. You've got here one. But some time ago, I just spent a lot off time and effort to find the right one. Uh, and it's hard to find both good quality bookmark up here. I think the better is Ah, the first pick is the better one. The better side toe find book mocha eso Another one side which I have listed waas down Nicole I like forever much I love just love her courses on lettering on She's got some Fremaux cups on her website to, but these are only for lettering, artist and graphic for graphics, I think because they are all artwork, more cups, just like you can see here unhurt. The Hungry J pick You can find paid markups. Also, the variety is very big. It's huge kitchen accessories, markup clothes, smoke up pillows and frames. Ah, no marks. What what else are throw rocks and the price depends. You can find good Krolicki What quality mock ups for the $1 you can find for a 60 $60 so it depends What works, what you need. It depends on what you do not need exactly on. And I also love Gate Monk stock. She's got very nice, good quality, but these are paid ones. The photograph. You can use them on Instagram on our website. She's got phone more cups, computer mo cups, tablet mark, interior frame with even wedding. More cups in the last page, which I like to show you is creative market. You can also find here a variety off all kind off markups kind of low cups in variety of prices starting from $9 to $49. 3. 3. working with mockup file: So you choose smoke of depending on the file you have prepared for yourself. So I just for myself a graphic which have made in Khan via Via pineapple stand star wear a crown and the sweet on the inside. Um, I'll confuse approved milk up to it, but I imagine it to be the perfect book cover surrounding the best plays. Teoh searched for the mark upholding free kick. Much has a great a growth base off our kind of more cups. Especial Booker book covers lookups. So here on through. Pick that. Come. Um well, right here. Broke. More cop. We'll cover more car. Uh, presser. Oh, I see what lookups we have. What we can down this is have cover book. Look up. I think it's great. This bag cover I like to. It's more with insight showing how the inside would look like. Also, this one is fine too. Let's see. What What's the If there's something Oh, I think this book cover with back to school profit. Well, don't won't. So our press here fruit bowl world. You have to write until it downwards. Okay. So looks what we come and do is copy and paste and to the folder where I have my file. What was the book? Our planet. We have parked Joe. Pick on also the plans do you file? So we will opening this beauty file that night by phone. Five. Peace deal. I opened my markup file A So you can see on layers. Bullets. It's good. A further addition lend addition. Everyone will turn it off. You can see that this mm back to school is missing. Is growing polishing? This is the place when we were putting our graphic art for so we open with abortion. From there, there's another for their cover book. I'm of a bubble kick. Double click. It's as you can see. Here's the graphic on the cover book cover so we can turn it off. I m close here. Our graphic pineapple graphic. Well, I just resize it a little bit to fit exactly in this area. Okay, look like save. He asked me if I want to save all these changes and I choose yes, unless you can see the book cover was placed was changed. But something is wrong because you can seize. No, it's third little note. White lion graphic was white. So when we were at, that doesn't look like it should. The first thing you should check his letters. A pass ity. So here you can check. As you can see, it wasn't normal, but multiply was selected. Multiply. That's where you it doesn't look like you should. So I'll just here normal and said, um, it's very easy, I think. And I think it's the easiest way to use thes three mocha files, especially from for pick and graphic burger, because are more caps than wanted from these two sides have this longer which honorables you very fast Change the graphic on the milk up because the man wanted in piers defiled it mixed. Okay, I'm gonna show you what you have to do. If you have any J pic mocha without layer, most 4. 4. jpg mockup file: But what if we have J pick more cup without layer mask here? I've got a new example for you. This is fire, which I have bought from one off the push stock for the graph er's and I'd like to my pineapple artwork appear on the mobile phone. To do that. There are two ways. 1st 1 we should use magic want toe. It's great to, especially if the area we should select is in one solid color, just like on our example. It's old black, so simply so, like the magic wand Here it is and click with it on the black area, and everything we need is selected. Next. Go to the layers palette choose, create a new layer and feel it with solid color. So I did feel in juice. Whatever color you like. I just middle gray and control d toe un select. Next, open your artwork. Next, move your artwork to D for the shop and to the file. Do the markup file. As you can see, it's much It's way too big for our art for our mock up, so control t on we can transfer it. A control is a shortcut for transform When we go with our selector to the coroner's of our artwork. You she used it will see that the pointer will look will turn into round that arrows Okay, so I think it's in the right place. So with without selected with out button down on your keyboard selected Move your cursor between the tweet layers between artwork onda layer which we were created our there and click in Douala. Magic happens, and we've got our artwork where we want it to be. So this is first way to do that by magic. Want the second way is to use parental it armed with more effort and time. But I bet if you can do that too. So once again we have our job pick mark up, fire open in photo shop. Next we select mental which is hidden here Her by pricing p on the keyboard. He will automatically select mental next. I think it's better down Oh, awesome! So control And plus we'll make zoom a zoom where our truck and then I can't precisely start are climbing the black area, creating points when you where you need it. What? The pressed space bar The pointer turns into a hand and then you can move artwork around this cream. The tricky part is here around the nail. So we were I'm aware of God's because she will have a different file against woke up file. So be over Oh, different spots like this. So we have I have shape Creed that Norwood wrote Mouse click Select Mesa makes election with future Regis's with feather Reggie zero zero pixels. Click OK, when we have a selection made around the black area. I'm just like before crew it you layer and fill it. What? Whatever color you like. Once again I will choose middle Great I'm come from do to d select I'm just like before Open your drug your artwork through appears defile market smaller control t to transform Rotated a bit to fit in this area with select every year the code click enter I'm just like before route I've selected on through a pointer between remember which we created earlier and our artwork just click there on and your mosque is created. That's in this way. You you create a mosque for your artwork. You can still rotate it two feet as you like resemble kill, rotated, flashed right or whatever you like among the right to do the same. Mr Choose Layer crude keeping musk. And what I will do the same for you. So that's it? That's it. What was the second? The second way. What mental? 5. 5. good luck: Okay, so that's it. Thank you for watching. I hope this class was useful to you and that you have already started Visualize Inc. Your products. I'm really curious of the results of your work, so don't forget to share them with the class project sections.