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Bring Your Designs to Life: Create Realistic Mockups in Photoshop

teacher avatar Gabriela Benke, Watercolor With Gaby

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Tips

    • 4. Mockup 1: Print

    • 5. Mockup 2: Label

    • 6. Mockup 3: Totebag

    • 7. Mockup 4: Make-up Bag

    • 8. Mockup 5: Sticker

    • 9. Mockup 6: Mug

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About This Class


In this course, you're gonna learn how to create six beautiful and realistic mockups in Photoshop step by step.

Mockups are a great way to see what a design is gonna look like on a product without spending money manufacturing it. You can use mockups to make your portfolio more interesting, to display a product on your online store, to send a preview of a product to a client, or you can even sell your own mockups on websites like Etsy or Creative Market. And the best thing is: once you created a mockup, you can use it over and over again with different designs. 

To better enjoy this course, you need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop. If you never used Photoshop before, I suggest you watching some photoshop classes and coming back later. If you never created a mockup before, this course is for you! I'm gonna teach you how to create mockups step by step, start with a very simple and easy and incresing the complexity little by little, so you won't feel overwhelmed with lots of information right from the beginning. 


Where to find pictures: I'm going to show you websites where you can find good photos for your mockups. 

How to choose good pictures: I'm going to share with you some tips on how to choose the best photos for your mockups.

Print mockup: you're going to add your artwork to a print. 

Label mockup: you're going to add your artwork to label.

Totebag mockup: you're going to add your artwork to totebag.

Make-up bag mockup: you're going to add your artwork to makeup bag.

Sticker mockup: you're going to add your artwork to a sticker.

Mug mockup:  you're going to add your artwork to a mug.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriela Benke

Watercolor With Gaby


Hello! My name is Gabriela and I'm an illustrator. I live in Brazil with my husband and our two cats.

I have been drawing since I was a little kid and I'm always studying and improving my art. My goal is to share my knowledge and passion for illustration with you.

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1. Intro: hi and welcome to this court's my things Get out of the Illustrator and this course I'm gonna show your hajj of great beautiful and realistic mock ups in form shot step by Lockups are a great way to see a wedding designs that looked like a throwback without spending bloody manufacturing and the best think this also breaking mock up. You can use it over and over. You can use mock ups to make your carefully worrying Christine to display here from That's on your only four to send the review of a productive clients where they sell their own lockups on websites like At Sea or Breaking should never great to the lockup before the forces. For you, it's about enjoying this course. You must have a basic knowledge of four. She'll never used photo shop before a suggestion. Watching some photo classes and coming back later. Okay, so let's open photo shop 2. Materials: and course, we're gonna create six different lockups together. I'm gonna show you stuff mishap out to creating lockup, starting with a very simple and easy well as a warm up and increasing the complexity leader , my leader. So we won't feel overwhelmed with a lot of information that once for the project's in this course, you're gonna need a solution. But if you don't have it, don't worry. You can sign up for a free trial on the adobe website. I'm gonna put filling down the lowing predicted description to download the photos. We're gonna use this course, go to the project and reserve. Stop there. You'll find all the fouls and legs you'll need. You also gonna need a design. It can be better. An illustration. You will. You name it. I'm gonna be using this pattern on the simple illustration. Here, just pick something that you like and you think would look realized. Only prove that, but make sure that it has a resolution off at least 300. Yeah, so your mock up will have a really nice quality at the end. But now that we have everything we need, let's get started 3. Tips: before we started praying here. Mock ups I wanna share with you some tips on how to find good features to your protects. All of the shares of using on this course are from l slash all slash busy website with free , high resolution photos that you can use for both your personal and commercial perfects. I'm using free photo so we can share them with you, and you can use them on your project. I'll slash is the one we use the most, because the full of there are gorgeous, but there are many, many others like, for example, castles. We're using free foams from websites like a splash, but Axl's make sure that you read and understand every line off their license. For example, Slash doesn't require you to pregnant the artist but freak me this, so make sure you Wallace the attention to the license so we won't commit any infringement. Other way to get through the photos for your mock ups is to buy them from West Lights like a bilby stock. You won't hold us flying before you're looking for when they free photo website, truly, for a very specific photo, will probably need to invest some money into it. And of course, sure. Everybody who think camera which love my please You can take the photos yourself. This way you can even sell your markups to other people on websites like rated market. Not every four was gonna look nice. Aziz Baca, I'm gonna share with you three tips on how to choose Really nice photos for your markups. Tip number one Always use high resolution photos the models are gonna displayed on your portfolio or your online store. So you want to make a good impression. The resolution off the photo was gonna impact directly on the quality off the market. So always too high. Revolution ports Tip number two. Choose folders with like so, for example, which wanted a T shirt. Make sure that you choose a black T shirt and even better wax. But t shirt if if if t shirt want, Tomoko has already something on it. You're gonna need to erase this design before you start to mock up. So don't work harder. Work smarter, chose fulls with like objects and number three avoid photos with abled or distorted objects . So freaks on more You want to lock up he told So which one do you think it will be? Easier? Tomoko, This one really slow. You're right. This one Which one? You think it will display your design better for your plans. Now we don't have to choose good foods and we're ready to start with mops. 4. Mockup 1: Print : So let's start with their first markup. This one is gonna be very easy. And it's gonna lay down the foundation for the other ones were gonna make. Remember that you canal owed all the photos on using your project and resources tap have already opened up the picture I'm gonna use and you can see right away that I broke my own rule here. I chose a picture that has a wedding illustration and they text on it. I just this picture because you won't always find the perfect picture, especially if you're working with free stuck full lose as I am now. And eventually you're gonna needs to erase some little details. So I'm gonna teach you how to do this and this you're gonna see in the minute because this picture has a very playing and white background. It's gonna be very easy to erase these things. So let's begin. I'm gonna click on this tool that looks like a Band Aid. You can also press J on air keyboard. This is the spot healing Bristol, and this is very, very easy. All we need to do is to paint everything that you want to erase. It doesn't need to be perfect. Just keep thanking until you get rid off everything okay? I finished the racing everything. And now my pick sure is ready. Now, let's start to mock up. I'm gonna select me, right thing will tool shortcuts is you. And then I'm gonna great erect tingle. Sure that the rectangle has he colored that compresses well with the background. This will help you see what you're doing. The size doesn't matter much now we can change this later. I'm gonna press control t on my keyboards to open like transformation pool and they've been adjust the size of my rectangle. The rectangle is going to be replaced by our artwork later. So think about how your design is and where you want to place it. And today is a very leader illustration with no background. That's gonna be pleased. Right at the center. Some erecting will can be smaller than the print area, and it's gonna be in the center. If you want to use a design that covers all this area here. Directing will needs to be the exact same size off this brand. Now, I needed to meditation because this is the most important that if you skip this, your mock up won't work and you'll need to redo everything. I'm gonna right click on directing layer and I'm gonna click on Covert Bismarck And now I'm gonna double click on the Sunday off my rectangle there and they knew Window will open And I'm gonna open my illustration by dragging it from its holder to food in shock. I'm gonna click on this little light on directing earlier to make it invisible. And they had a press conference asked to say, Now it can come back to the other window. You can see that the illustration is now on the print and it's already looking pretty nice . But if we zoom in, you can see that it's a little flat. I need to visit illustration to blend better with this picture. So it's more realistic to do that. I'm gonna make sure the airport clear is selected and change of the blending mold to multiply. Now my illustration has the sink, picture and life ing that main teacher has, and my market is ready. What if I want to change illustration this market? All I need to do is to double click on my smart object again. Open my new illustration as a new layer adjusted and save it. Okay, so let's break in leather market. 5. Mockup 2: Label: the second mark up we're going to make is this label here just like we did in the previous mark up. I'm going to create a rectangle. I'm going to use a pattern that will cover the entire label. So I'm gonna make sure this rectangle is the same size off the label. You can see that I'm rotating my rectangle so I can get the size right now I'm gonna lower the a passed off this layer so we can see what I'm doing battered And I'm going to right click on my rectangle Leer in choose Convert his mark object. This is a little different than the previous mark up. I'm gonna press control T and right click on my rectangle dance I like to distort and now I'm going to start writing the corners off my rectangle at the corners off the label. I need to be as precise as possible here. Now that the rectangle is covering the entire label, we need to raise thesis parts that are outside the label. So let's click on the cycm. That is a rectangle with a circle in the middle to create a quickie mask. Now you can see that you're clipping mask is linked to yours, Mark. Object. Now let's elect our brush and make sure the like color is selected. All we need to do is to paint on top of everything. We want a raise. She will raise something by mistake. Just big white and painted back. This is gonna take you a few minutes. But remember that the same mock up will be used with a lot of other designs. I'm going to speak to this up for you now. Okay, Now I'm gonna double click on the thumbnail off directing layer to open my smart object. Now I can open my better and position it the way I want. I like this big orange slice. So I'm gonna make this really lunch. I press come for us to save and come back to my picture. Let's change the blending molds to multiply. So the pattern gets the think that sure, in liking off the label and their mock ups ready. Let's move on to the next 6. Mockup 3: Totebag: So let's creating lockup for this Told by here because this is a fabric it's gonna require issue extra steps. So the first thing I'm gonna do is to right click on this layer and choose duplicate layer . Then, in document, I choose new. You can see that a new window has opened. Now let's click on image adjustments, hue saturation. Then move the situations light to the very left to remove all the situation from the image and crazy black and white picture. Now, both filter blur ga Schindler and play with the pixels until their image is has blurred as my eyes and click. OK, we're only going to use this later. So press contra s to say this picture and come back to the previous window just as I did in the previous markups. I'm going to create a work tangle and I'm gonna just its size to kind of match the size of this told bag I can't know the exact size since I don't have the whole told back in the picture. So I'm going approximate Now I'm going to right click on my layer and click on Covert Smart Project and I'm gonna lower the A passed off this layer so I can better visualize what I'm doing. I'm gonna press contra ot and rotate my rectangle so it matches the angle of this story back. Now I'm going to right click on my Rick angle and click on work. Now I can start dragging the corners and sides off the rectangle took over the tote bag. You can see right away that work is different than distort with distort, we could only move the corners. But with work we can also move the sights and center of the object. Great curves. You can see that I won't be able to create this curve here without uncovering this area. So I'm gonna ignore this girl for no. Keep in mind that the most important thing in this step is to cover your whole object way, way click on the filter, distort, displace and the little window will open here in horizontal and verticals. Ko, let's 10 and 10. Sometimes we need to adjust the number later, but usually 10 or 15 is good enough Press OK, Now Photoshopped is asking has still been a file. Remember that black and white file were created in the beginning. Guess what. Remember that black and white file were created in the beginning. Guess what. We're gonna use this file. No. You can see much of a difference right now, but this makes all the difference in your markup. What we did here is called a displacement map. And this makes are designed to conform to the Thatcher and curvature of the fabric. You can turn your displacement map on and off, make clicking on this little why I come here. Now I'm going to create a clipping mask by clicking on the zero icon here and the race. All the parts of the rectangle there outside my tool bag. So I'm going to take my brush. And remember, Black erases whitespace back. Okay, We can open the doors marked object, open our pattern up, click Contra west, save and come back to the other. And there you have it. Now we just need to change the blending. Most multiply and their mark up is ready. Let's certain for the displacement map often going again so you can see the difference. Art science conforming to the folds and wrinkles off the fabric. So our markups ready? Now let's grating UMA 7. Mockup 4: Make-up Bag: Now we're going to mock up this makeup back here. This is similar to the told back mock up we did before, but a little more complex because this has more fools and wrinkles, just like we did with the old bag. Let's start by creaking her ex placement map right click on your back World Leader and selected the booking player. Then, in documents selecting you and your window open, go to image adjustments de saturate to remove all the saturation from the image. Now moved. Filter, Blur Goshen blurt and play with the big sole singular images looking like mine and press. OK, I'll save your image and come back to the previous window. So let's great you work tingle of about the size of this back. Laura do passed off this layer to see your makeup back through the rectangle. Now over to this to a smart object. Now press control T right click on the rectangle in shoes warp. Now we're going to just the rectangle to the shape of the bag. This has a lot of curse folds and wrinkles, so it demands a little more patients. Be careful with these lines in the middle trying not to distort the artwork too much. Fuck is more on the sites and corners off the rectangle. I'm not being too meticulous about this because the displacement that moves are smart. Object a little, some living some spaces between the site and corners off the rectangle and the sights and corners off the bag. I'm gonna show you this better later. Gold filter, this store displaced. And here where it says horizontal and vertical scare you. Right, Stan and 10 click OK and opened that black and white file. We created the beginning during the displacement map. On, in off, You can see how much moves there's mark object. We're gonna create the clipping mask, though. Click on this little icon here, Select her brush. Make sure that black selected and start to raising everything that's outside the makeup bag . - How the bow click on your smart object to open it and open your design. Personal rest is safe and come back to the previous window chase. The blending moves revolt by and their mark up is ready 8. Mockup 5: Sticker: Now we're gonna add a sticker to this notebook. This is a lot different than the other mock ups, but it's pretty easy. So right away I'm gonna open the illustration. I want to open it as a new earlier, simply drag it from its holder to photo shop. Now let's move and resize it the way we want. Right Click on the illustration layer and choose compared to his mark object and now double click on the layer to open this window. And here the left side. Let's click on stroke. Make sure the preview is check and we're going to play with the size of the stroke until we're happy with it. This needs to start looking like a sticker. I think this is pretty good. So now we're going to click on Drop Shadow here on the last side. Let's observe the shadows in the scene and the perspective. The shuttle's in this picture are very, very soft, and this is a frightfully so I'm gonna add some very soft shadow. That's the bottle on illustration Onley enough to make this pop up a little and feel more realistic. Single determines where the shadow is going to be so I want my shadow here. The distance controls how far or how near my shadow is the spread of the term ings. How much the shadow is the spreading. The size makes the shadow soft or sharp. You can see that I'm playing with these three slides here until I get the effect I want. Also, I'm happy with the drop shadow. The only thing I need to do is to change the blending modes to multiply and my markup sticker is ready. 9. Mockup 6: Mug: now that said are designed to this mug. I'm going to start by creating a rectangle off the size off the month and then convert this layer to his mark object unlike did in the previous mark ups. Before you do any adjustment, I'm gonna open my smart object and ed my design I'm gonna place if this illustration right at the center, remember to saviors mark object before going back to the previous window. You can see that visit looking pretty flat. So we need to make this rainbow to adjust to the curvature off the mug. Let's press control T right, click on the sign and choose work. And now let's start bringing the corners insights off this illustration to match the corners and sides of the mug because off the curvature off the mug, the adjustments are more complex to handle. That's why we added the design before this will make it easier to visualize the effect of the adjustments. You can see that a moving things lights in the center to create the curvature off. The design is you're having a hard time getting the curves right. A great tip is to use a work tingle with guidelines to make your adjustments This way, you can visualize much better the curse of your object. Your lines shouldn't be like this. For example, you can download this guy in the class Reserves is if you want justice. It is instead of the rectangle with normally create. Now the only thing we need to do is to change the blending, mold multiply and their mark up is ready. So that's it. Thank you so much for watching this class. Show your markups in your project sexual, so we can give you feedback. I can't wait to see your designs on lockups. Please leave a reviews like in keeping proving the next classes by.