Bright ideas! How to light a space like a Pro. | Anita Ceruse | Skillshare

Bright ideas! How to light a space like a Pro.

Anita Ceruse, Interior Design | Creative Collaboration

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Lighting Basics Class Intro

    • Part 1 Bulbs

    • Part 2 Layers of light

    • Part 3 Room by room

    • Part 4 Designer tools and tricks

    • Part 5 Summary


About This Class

As an Interior Designer with 20 years experience in designing residences and commercial projects all over the world, I've learned that the success of every project always comes down to lighting.  In the first part of my Skillshare Design series, I'll share my techniques on how to light a room properly.  

In less than 15 mins, with a few simple steps, take your rooms from the standard ceiling fixture in the middle of the room, to a new level of sophistication. This class is great for beginners, design students and enthusiasts, or anyone looking to brush up on Lighting Design basics. 

Grab your favorite notebook and pen, and sign up for the class!






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Anita Ceruse

Interior Design | Creative Collaboration

NYC based Ceruse Interior Design | Creative Collaboration exudes an authentic lifestyle, balancing sensuous materials, natural harmony with effortless designs.

We excel in highly personalized high-end interior design projects in residential, hospitality and boutique offices.

Our core belief is inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, usually somewhere far off of a dirt road, or right here in the greatest city in the world, New York!

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