Bright art with watercolors and pencils: Learn to paint from scratch

Laura Moraiti, Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

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7 Videos (42m)
    • What you'll learn

    • Class Project & Materials

    • Introduction to Watercolors

    • Creating a Vibrant Palette

    • Painting with Watercolors

    • Adding Details with Pencils

    • Yay! You made it!


About This Class


In this class you'll learn my favorite watercolor and pencil techniques to paint a fun, colorful and vibrant illustration. No drawing or watercolor skills required since I'll be providing you with printable templates and an "Introduction to watercolor" lesson within this course.

I'll be walking you through the process for choosing vibrant and bright colors and guide you through every step so you can have fun while we paint a beautiful piece of art together!

S K I L L   L E V E L


Be comfortable to take this class no matter the watercolor set you already have, I'll share some of my favorite pigments and reccomended mixes in the lessons. In case you are reading this before taking the class, these are some reccomendations on what to get but you can take the class with your current set. 



For the class project, we'll be painting a colorful illustration together! I'll share my best tips and tricks so you can learn how to paint in my style and craft a beautiful piece of art for your home! 

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I LOVED this class! Super helpful, and the part with the colored pencils is SO unique and beautiful. I really enjoyed learning with Laura, who is an amazing teacher, and it was a lot of fun to practice watercolor in her style! I made the cute cat, but I can't wait to try her other templates as well! Incredible class! <3
Great tips and beautiful happy colors! Thank you
Laura has so many good tips and lessons in this class! I admire her beautiful use of color and line, and it is so awesome she is sharing what she knows with the world. Can't wait to try putting some vibrant paint in my next illustration!!





Laura Moraiti

Illustrator & Watercolor Artist


I'm an illustrator & watercolor artist creating fantasy characters full of color and magic in traditional art and digital illustration. Based in the tiny country of Uruguay (South America).

This will be my first experience as a Skillshare teacher, and hopefully the start of something new and exciting!

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