Breathing for Podcasting, Speaking, Voice Power | Tracy Goodwin | Skillshare

Breathing for Podcasting, Speaking, Voice Power

Tracy Goodwin, Captivate the Room

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10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Holding Air and Vulnerability

    • 3. Breathing Step One

    • 4. Breathing Step Two

    • 5. Rib Technique for Breathing

    • 6. Connect to the Breath Ex. One

    • 7. Breathing Three

    • 8. Connect to the Breath Ex. Three

    • 9. Connect to the Breath Ex. Two

    • 10. Wrap Up

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About This Class

In this course I'll teach you the three breathing strategies I teach people all over the world from actors, to speakers, podcasters and business people giving presentations.

The ideology that you will remember to breath is setting you up for a less than powerful performance.

Breath is linked to vulnerability and we've trained ourselves not to do it.  It's not possible for the brain to pull up something that has not been laid into the muscle memory, but, it's possible to dramatically shift the way you breathe, when you do it and the amount of air you work with.

Breath is the fuel to the voice like gas to the car.  In order to really make a massive impact with your voice, breathing is key.

If you struggle with nerves,

End up running out of air but keep speaking, 

Stretch too many words into one breath,

Find you flat line or your voice sounds shaky or weak then this is the course for you.

Who knew that the most automatic thing we do, we need to re-learn in order to make a big impact with our voice, every time we speak.





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Tracy Goodwin

Captivate the Room

I'm Tracy Goodwin and I own Captivate the Room, I help people step into their voice power and make a bigger impact with their voice. I've spent over 30 years working with clients all over the world teaching them exactly how to sound more confident and make a bigger impact with their voice. I hold a BFA and two MA's and have had the pleasure of studying under some of the greatest voice masters of our time. But, it's my clients that I"ve helped all over the world that have really helped me c...

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