Breakfast Basics: Healthy and Easy Recipes (Perfect for a Diet, Weight Loss, Health & Keeping Fit)

Lucia Stefania Lungu, Wife. Mother. Creator. Art, Food and Nature Lover.

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11 Videos (22m)
    • Intro Video

    • What You Need

    • Ingredient no. 1

    • Ingredient no. 2

    • Ingredient no. 3

    • Ingredient no. 4

    • Ingredient no. 5

    • Ingredient no. 6

    • Ingredient no. 7

    • Breakfast Ready!

    • Conclusion & Class Project


About This Class

In this culinary class, you will see how you can easily prepare one of the healthiest types of breakfast ever, and you will also get plenty of useful nutritional information about the benefits of this food.

This way, you can offer yourself plenty of energy and health that are the signs of a wonderful new day, and some of the secrets of a beautiful, balanced life.

Any Free Members can access my class using this Free Link:

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This class is nice for beginners like me, I loved it!
Anabel Venegas

Designer and Illustrator





Lucia Stefania Lungu

Wife. Mother. Creator. Art, Food and Nature Lover.

I love all beautiful aspects of life, having a special interest in art, design, food and nature. I like creating special dishes and I am always asked for my recipes, at parties and special celebrations. I also like knitting, crocheting and creating various beautiful things. Art (drawing, painting and digital drawing lately) has been one of my favorites since my youth.

Many years ago, I started using computers and became fascinated by their power and by the variety of things that can be done on a desktop or laptop. I am still amazed after developing my computer skills, and try to learn new things every day. I also like sharing my knowledge and I love when people are happy and thank me for what they have learned from me. I'd like to contribute here too, and pass on my knowledge to anyone interested.