Break Into Copywriting: Create Your First Spec Ad | Nicki Krawczyk | Skillshare

Break Into Copywriting: Create Your First Spec Ad

Nicki Krawczyk, Copy Coach & Founder of Filthy Rich Writer

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13 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What is Copywriting?

    • 3. The Basic Elements of an Ad

    • 4. The Copy Doc

    • 5. The Creative Brief

    • 6. How to Write a Brief

    • 7. Working With a Designer

    • 8. Finding a Designer

    • 9. The Art of Concepting

    • 10. Turning Concept into Copy

    • 11. Editing and Revising

    • 12. Describing Your Solution

    • 13. Your Next Steps

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About This Class


So, you're interested in getting into copywriting, huh? Let me guess: You’ve discovered that you need a portfolio to get jobs…but you need jobs to get a portfolio. Not fair, right?

Also, not true.

“Spec” ads are essentially fake ads you create to show off your copywriting skills. They can be for real companies or for fake companies, but they need to show a creative director or prospective employer that you know how to write copy, you know how to solve a company’s problems, you know how to work with a designer and you know how to reach an audience. Spec ads are the perfect way to show off your skills before you get hired to write for real clients. And so that’s what you’re going to create in this class: your first spec ad!

This class will give you an intro into the basics of copywriting—enough to let you write a spec and enough to see if copywriting is a career you want to pursue. This is also perfect for people who are already serious about getting into copywriting and want a springboard to start creating work right away and start learning the fundamentals of the craft.





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Nicki Krawczyk

Copy Coach & Founder of Filthy Rich Writer

Nicki Krawczyk has been a copywriter for over a decade, working for and with clients including several TripAdvisor companies, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, adidas and, yes, even Harlequin Romance novels. She's worked for agencies, she's worked in-house and she's worked freelance.

She's also the founder of, a online resource for new and aspiring copywriters. The site, its courses and its services are dedicated to helping people learn to write effective copy, navigate t...

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