Branding is King: 5 Simple Steps to Build any Brand

David Muehlfeld, Art Director @ Aperto (An IBM Company)

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11 Videos (1h 1m)
    • Hi!

    • What Really Matters

    • The Brand Idea

    • The Brand Strategy

    • Simple Brand Expressions

    • Integrated Communication

    • Engaged Communities

    • Innovative Systems

    • Brand Experiences

    • Brand Value

    • How it all comes together


About This Class

As products and companies get more and more alike, one paradigm prospers: Branding is King. This class reveals 5 simple steps to build any brand — from a global player to a personal brand. Within one hour you will understand the complex process of branding through quick drawings, interesting cases and nice music. I compressed the knowledge of 8 years into this new and entertaining format. Enjoy! 

Benefit from:

• simple models which can be easily applied
• best practices from succesful brands
• insights from building my own t-shirt label

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Liked this series a lot, once I got into it. I found the "background" music pleasing, but not "background" enough - at times it distracted me from the presenters voice, which at times was difficult to hear anyway, even without background music. That said, I learned a lot from the content. For someone new to the theory, I thought it did a great job of covering all the bases, at just the right level of detail to help me learn something useful, keep me engaged, and encourage me to move on and apply what I've learned, in practice.
Ok So admit i didn't actually watch the last 3 videos for this so take my review with that consideration. Ok so as a student who is studying a masters in business administration in marketing theres very little that I personally have gained through this set of videos as I'm looking for nice practical ideas. However I will recommend this class to anyone who is a creative who hasn't studied business as this guy gives you more of a theoretical background into branding which can make you think about branding in a broader context.
These are concise classes with proper and simple explanations its really great for young entrepreneurs like me.





David Muehlfeld

Art Director @ Aperto (An IBM Company)

Throughout his career, David has worked on brand identities such as Telekom (T-Mobile), French Institute Amsterdam and DHL. He worked for small, medium-size and global agencies and even as a freelancer. Currently, he is an Art Director in Berlin, Germany.

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