Branding for Creatives: Land the Work You Want! | Haylee Jordan | Skillshare

Branding for Creatives: Land the Work You Want!

Haylee Jordan, Brand Strategist + Brand Design

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Personal Branding?

    • 3. Positioning Your Creative Brand

    • 4. Identifying Your Target Audience

    • 5. Creating A Strategic Portfolio

    • 6. Meeting The Right People

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Are you a freelancer, musician, graphic designer, photographer or creative tired of barely getting by?!

You may be paying your bills with your creative work but barely getting by or you may be working at a day job with the hopes of leaving to pursue your creativity when the money catches up. Either way, you KNOW that you do not want to give up your passion and I have good news-- you don’t have to.

There is Hope!

You can get the pay you wish to have for the job you love. Branding can help position you in the creative marketplace so you are no longer a choice in a sea of other creatives but rather The Choice for your target audience. Stop waiting around hoping your career will take off and start taking actionable steps with Brand Yourself for Success: Get The Creative Work You Want!

In this class you will learn:

  • What Personal Branding is
  • How to create a Brand Matrix to help position your brand
  • How to reach your Ideal Client
  • Creating a Portfolio That Pays
  • How to start Networking with The Networking Challenge

*This video doesn’t include magic that will solve your creative problems overnight,  but Haylee gives you a to do list that will move your creative career forward. All you just need for this class is determination and passion. (Oh, and a pen for the worksheets!)