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Branding Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Pieter Jordaan, Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow

Branding Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

Pieter Jordaan, Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow

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12 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Why Brand Yourself

    • 3. Social Media

    • 4. Canva

    • 5. Getting started with Facebook

    • 6. Profile Privacy

    • 7. Fiverr

    • 8. Images

    • 9. Video

    • 10. Blogging

    • 11. Facebook Marketplace

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course is designated to help realtors embrace technology and use social media to grow their real estate business. Although this course is focusing on the real estate industry, the skills can be transferred to any small business.

Personal branding is now more important than ever before. Watch this course to learn the ins and outs of branding yourself properly on social media.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pieter Jordaan

Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow


I have a BSc. (Hons.) Information Technology degree. After working as a software engineer and cyber security specialist, I decided to start sharing my knowledge of topics with the world and giving a little back.

I love teaching people and helping them achieve greatness. My courses are designed to educate, mentor and assist students in reaching their full potential.

My key area of focus is training Software Developers in taking their software development to the next level.

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1. Overview: however, one of welcome to branding yourself, it's a real estate agent. The course designed for real says to build a online prisons. So during the schools, you might find that you have some questions, maybe days, a topic we touched on. But we didn't discuss it to full well, maybe there's something that adds answers that you might want to know. You could just look at these contact details and send me an email. You can follow me on my block. You could check out my social media pages. They are all available on the block. And if you've got any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will answer the questions as quickly as possible. So in this course we will be discussed. Sing a few different topics. We will discuss. Why brand yourself how real estate agents are currently using branding? Why should you move towards the Internet for branding social media profiles to use for real estate? Agents will talk about creating images using a tool I look to use its called Can va. We'll also talk about how to set up your Facebook profile. We'll talk about important security sittings on your first profile and different social media platforms that might be applicable. We'll talk about different types of content that you can use on will also be looking at Facebook marketplace. So that's it. I hope you guys are excited to get started and I'll see you in the next video. 2. Why Brand Yourself: Hello, everyone, welcome spreading yourself. It's a real estate agent said this video. I want to talk to you about why brand yourself and what exactly is made by Brandon. So why would you want to brand yourself now, before we answer that question, we first need to look at what is Brandon and Brandon is, you know, like people realizing who you are and connecting your name with what you do. So if you are real estate agents and you're branding yourself in effect, you are telling people that you know when they see your name, way days on social media with its on the newspaper with its on address can. They will think off you as the real estate agent. When somebody asks about real estate, your name would be the 1st 1 that comes to mind. So let's get into why you should brand yourself Well, Like I said, people will start thinking of you as a real estate agent. You will be seen as an expert on your field. You will build the level of trust as you are someone out in the open, and what I mean by that is that you're actually out there you know, promoting your real estate career, promoting what you do. It also shows the level of passion for what you do. And buyers will immediately think of you when they think real estate and sellers who also see what you're currently doing. And that creates a service that they want. So if sellers are seen, listen, this person is really good with Social media marketing. This person is really good of the flyers that they give. It will actually create that service that they want for their property as well. And you want to create awareness around yourself. So how already state agents currently utilising branding well, real estate agents currently use different methods normally offline. But some of them are online, such as property portals, show houses, business, God's billboards, trash cans, car branding and I listed a few. The that is what's actually happening with the real estate agent. But the future of real estate marketing is different, right? We have to start looking at websites. Aggregated sites such as your property portals will need to start looking at social media advertising through, let's say, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. And then there's also Google AdWords and display network or otherwise known as Google BBC. So why should really state agents thought moving away from offline marketing into the online space? Well, 47% of the world's population is currently connected to the Internet. Recent studies have shown that people seem to search online for products and services before interacting with the business. There are 40,000 search queries run for second on Google. In most cases, people go to Facebook for helping reviews. Facebook currently has 2.1 billion users on its platform, and Facebook is currently the largest social media platform out there. Most Facebook users check their Facebook first thing in the morning, and most users access Facebook from a mobile device. Mobile devices are responsible for 50% 6% off the Internet traffic. Now, this is important to remember, especially your marketing efforts going forward as you want most of your websites most of your content to show really well on a mobile device. As people become more mobile and become a virtual, you wanna make sure that you are actually featured on those platforms and have a prison state. What's also interesting is I mentioned that Facebook is currently the largest social media platform. Well, Facebook also owns some of the other larger platforms. Late, say Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Right? So that sits and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Social Media: Hello, everyone, welcome back to Brandon yourself as a real estate agent and it does video. We are going to be talking about social media, So why do you want to use social media? Social media is the based on fastest way to connect online. Social media is currently grown rapidly and is being used by more and more people. Most people on the Internet are also on social media. Whenever you heard about a person that has the Internet and doesn't have Facebook or instagram or Pinterest, almost everybody on the incident is on social media. If you also think about it. They are about 2.4 billion people currently on the Internet and Facebook has 2.1 billion users. People go to social media for reviews on products and services. People search will service providers on social media so that they can read those reviews about those service providers even before they make contact with them. People ask for recommendations and groups even you probably belong to groups where people are currently talking about different services and products that they could buy, and they ask about it in groups to get people's honest opinions, social media is a casual platform for connection and social profile show up to Google Search, which also in fact acts as a website. There are so many social media platforms. So which one should you choose? Well, the Arlo off that forms and new platforms are being released almost every day. So when she's in social media, you need to look at what it is that a realtor really. Deeds releases make use off a lot off images. Right? Videos are becoming big, so more and more realtors will actually go and start doing live show houses of virtual show houses. War rules is will start doing drone footage, so videos is quite big at the moment. What support articles? So is there some place that you can actually post article or a link to an article to drive somebody to your blawg? Which platform has a lot off users or, as we like to call it, a big reach? Now a lot of people look past this, and it's it's a problem. You know, you can't go onto the social media platform trying to build the audience. If the platform doesn't have enough users, so you definitely look out, need to look at something that has a big reach. Your big user bison is also growing and getting more users on a yearly basis and wait. Can you actually grow following? Certain platforms allow you to have followers like Instagram, for example, and you don't necessarily need to, you know, have those people as friends or tired connections. But they can actually follow you without you having to follow them back. The same goes of Facebook with business pages. Sanger's were Twitter, where people can follow you, and you don't actually have to follow them as a general rule. So which social media platforms actually were based for realtor? Well, the difference that I identified that were based for Realtors or Facebook. Instagram, Pinterest and Miss Messenger stay away from platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter for now. So, yes, Lincoln is more for business to business purposes. Certain industries work really well, we're thinking, but for real estate, which is more like emotional purchase, which doesn't relate to somebody's job, Boys Korea, I would stay away from Lincoln from now. Twitter on the other head has been a great platform in South Africa. From where I'm at, probably if you're from South Africa. You will know that Twitter didn't have the impact in South Africa that it had in other places like the US, for example. So Twitter isn't that big in South Africa. People here more likely Teoh are more likely to use Instagram and Facebook. But Twitter is also losing customers at the moment. They all, you know, being crushed by some of the other platforms. So I won't spend too much time at the moment on Twitter, even though it can work for you. I will not spend too much time on Twitter as a platform. And right, if I would rather focus my attention on the Facebook driven platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to go into using hashtags into building the same type of following the same type of platform that you have available with Twitter, the biggest thing that you need to remember is done. Cry too many platforms, become experts in one or two platforms and build a large following on these platforms. Don't try and spread yourself, Chief Aan den Engagement is key. Now all these things interlinked with each other. So if you've got, let's say, eight different types of social media platforms that you are trying to connect. You will build a little bit of a following on all of these platforms, but people comments people like people shaped and you need to engage. If you're following, you need to engage of your customer base and being on all these platforms, having to make post toe all these platforms. It can become tedious, and it can become, you know, if it's an issue for you, and you still need to remember that this won't by itself just bring in business. You still need to do, you know, take your actual real estate business. You need to take people out of viewings. You need to do listings. You need to get on the phone so you don't want to spread yourself too thin. Otherwise, this is going to become an effort on a problem, and you're not gonna do anymore. So choose one or two. I would suggest going for Facebook and Instagram for the guys that want to do 1/3 1 definitely going to countries and messenger. WhatsApp is becoming the most, you know, used text messaging applications or social media platforms. If you want to put it that way, so those you will differently use. But when you want something that you can do a post on or you can share your articles on definitely focused on one or two platforms instead of focusing on all of them, pulled a large following on these one or two platforms. And make sure that you engage with your customers on these one or two platforms instead of trying to be all over the place. So that's it for this video. I hope this was informative. And you know, there's some value that you can take out of this regarding social media. So if that draft up, I'll see you in the next video. 4. Canva: Hello, everyone, welcome back to Brendan yourself. It's a real estate agent. This video I want to talk to you about Can Va, which is an online image editing software, which makes your social media designs easy. So what exactly is Canon cameras on A 90 which editing software It replaces the need for further support Keep, unless your graphic designer or there's very specific things you want to do. If your images, let's say, for example, making your images lighter that were taken to dark. Kendra makes it easy to access your science from anyway. So you have no need to store these images on external drives on your computer, and then once you need them, they are gone. So why should you be using 10 va. While reading on social media requires a lot of images, and these images needs peace by specific dimensions, these dimensions differ from Facebook ads to Facebook. Post to instagram post Lincoln Post. So everything is different. So you need to know for exactly what platform you're designing your image, and Canada makes it easy. Canvas this people dimensions that you could just click on and use for your designs. It's also easy to duplicate your designs, add logos and any additional information that you want to your images canvas free to use. But it also includes a premium version if you want to. But in most cases, it would be necessary. Even I am still using the basic free version because it's got more than enough functionality for me. So we cannot find can. Well, Canada is an online software, so you can hit them with w w w dot camera that come and register your free account to get access to the system. I'm gonna give you guys a quick tutorial on camera and show you exactly how to use it. Okay, so you guys can see are going to www dot can come yet Did you upon this page where you can actually go and you can select one of these options to ridges. The count. Now, I'm just gonna go slick personal and not give me the option to sign Facebook. Google with email some good. You're going to say I'm just gonna sign up female, but putting my full name on putting the military's. But I'm concerned that the military's and I'm gonna put in a pulse would all right. Just confirm another rebels. And now I'm sitting images. Right? Okay. Now you can just like what you do. Just blogger, and I'm gonna advise any team members, like now so basically and gives me like this on boarding parts. I'm just gonna say Sure. So basically, this is the spur stream. Little end up when using 10. But now there's a bunch of people designs that you can actually go to once you could create a design, you can say a Facebook post or Facebook, whatever you need to do it. It's only got the right guy means it's for you. Now, what I'm just going to say is I'm going to create Instagram post. Now, While that is loading up, I just want to show you guys that you could also create custom dimensions. So if you know what your design is, you can just type into dimension, see, and also create a design for you. Okay. As the screen loads up, you will actually see that there's you could disclose these boxes that happened. You will see that you have a basic page of a year. And just through you've got your file here, it's called Instagram Post. Right now, this margins stuff. You can sit and also resize, but this works We knew on the premium account. You can go for a premium account, but it's not necessary. I still use the fear, conned. It's got more than enough functionality for what I need, so just quickly run through. You've got basic templates on the side that you use for camera. You've got elements that you can draw. So, for example, these photos they're grids. There's shapes, so let's see shapes. It will actually show you something, and we will put it down day now. You've also got a text that you can put in good background colors you can use. These are just first. These are pictures that you can use. It could consult color and connections back color, for example. You can also upload your images. You can have folders, and east boulders are normally only for premium. So it's something that you can use one to upgrade. And then there's a month of additional features that you can use that I don't actually use at the moment, so you could just go and let's say you want to create a design so I will accept which is a free site full, which is a free site for stock images. You can accented free stock images, and it's I want something to do of the ocean, right? Somebody say should waves. And I want to use this foot people. This just hit the down button sighs confirm my identity again. And for some reason, it keeps poking me these images. All right, download. Okay. Now, once I got to camp, I can keep a close, and you can either upload or you could just drive it. So I'm just gonna drive it from down here. I'm gonna drop it. Okay, Now, once that's finished uploading, you can just click on it and you can drag it. Now, what's great about camera is he connects it, drag it across the borders, but it won't show pieces that are bigger than the actual dimension. So you can just seem to that in a way. And let's say I wanted to put a quote down So go to Google and no searchable five waas and we'll take this one, which is never Never now I can go to chase now Sometimes when I add text they will. Even if I change the color, it will sometimes get blurred out because of the background. So I want to show you a trick that you can actually use. Um, just that Teoh elements. She's a shape you want you normal box and you want to just size it over. And then you want to go and you want to choose the color like black. For example, you will kick in. Now these are different, but you can have a copy of position. This creates a link, your image. But you just want to click on this transparency button and just take away some of the transpires. Let's see the back is actually a doctor. Now when I add my sixth and I say, well added hating, I would paste takes to the actual gods. Now I can actually go to this little button here, and I can change my text color and I can change the size I want to go. Form might be a little big. You can just drive that and just dragon position and I want to actually this away. And what I had a subheading the and change. You can change the funds So you actually go? Let's say something like this. What a game. Change that college whites. Well, maybe make it a little great. You can also add a connoisseur. Let's say, for example, you want to do just off points. Now you first want to go and you wonder kind of sense of this. And now you want what's great about canvas? It's got these guidelines that actually lines I asked you to. Would you like that on Let's say, for example, you want to add in Logan was Well, now I could go to my documents and all good to my logo, and I'll find my longer. Yeah, the one I use gonna drag that down. And I'm actually just gonna upload that and I'm loving in and I want to make it smaller. And they have got my first motivational put. Bolton. Kimber. Let's say I want to make more than one page. I can click on this little button up here, and I could say copy page number is going to stay in the same area, goes going to stay the same, but I just want to change the background. I can go back, and I can actually sits for its changes. Let's say we wouldn't want to do something else like Desert Landscape. I want to take something like this. I wanna dominate this again like that's bring it in. You know, all that's uploading. What you do is you want to move this box dark box with check on the picture back and just leads it. Do you want to drop that photo in besides the way we want it, and then there's disposition, but you can click on the position, but you just say backwards backwards. Just keep pressing that until it goes all the way to the back. Take this is Dr Box. Bring it over. And now you've got a second image that you can actually use for you much, of course, yeah, you can actually go, and you can just change it to its quotes. And once that's done, you can. On this, you can choose the file inside normally means you're quite well, but you can do a year, for example, if you want to. But let's say you can you can actually select which pages you want. I'm just gonna keep it'll pages and I'm gonna say download close this up you actually download is a fall. We check in open, and they are both off my motivational quotes. Now, if I'm done of everything and my designs, I could go back to the home. And now what you'll see is well on the all your designs in the homepage. You will actually see that your designs get saved. So every time you make a design, it's going to be safe here so you can actually go back to that design, open it up again and go. And it's the game if you want to at some points on. So, yeah, so that's basically our can work. There are some extra options that you can use. Like I said, you can use themes you can use elements you can use. Take someone you can even do. Background. Some guys, for example. Let's say you want to drop the lads and you want to drop this. Just want to create a plain background that they've got year. Maybe choose the background like beds, or you want to do a solid color. Let's say you want to be you, so there are different things that you can. You have came back and it's really powerful and it's really simple to use. And I think that's the power it's so easy to use and it's already on the right. Sizes, especially lets out a go. And if you start running your advice but adds, you want to use the image Good night and safe place. Just say ads face just at its tells you Facebook ad. Now these dimensions are already on the right size, as Facebook wants it for ads. So I think that's that's where the power of camera is. I used by myself, my digital marketing. If it's really encourage you guys to start using canvas, well, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on camera, and I hope that you guys will use the software. It's absolutely amazing to use for your social media efforts, and then I'll see you in the next video 5. Getting started with Facebook: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to breading yourself assertively state agent. So in this video, I want to talk to you about getting started with Facebook. Now the reason I do most of my tutorials on Facebook is that it skins that you use on Facebook can be taken and applied across all other social media platforms. But the biggest thing is that Facebook is the largest social media network to date, and Facebook is going nowhere at time of shooting discourse. So whether you are on to social media platforms or five social media platforms, one of those social media platforms definitely must be all right. So all social media platforms work the same, and this course it's basically going to cover what you should be doing in Facebook. Facebook, as I said, is the number one platform to use is a real estate agent. Everything that we discuss, you also be applicable to other platforms. You can say the information there to get you and apply it to instagram, account to your Pinterest account your Twitter account. It doesn't really matter everything that we do, you should also be carried over to other platforms. So it's not just that you can carry it over. You should. You should definitely implement these same strategies and tactics on other social media platforms where dis applicable. Sergi can get the best results for yourself. Some guidelines for social media You should only have one profile right now. A lot of people feel that social media is a personal space, and it should only be used for personal photos, family photos and things that you do for fun. But social media should be used to generate business free. You should be, Kif. You should carefully consider what you post on social media as well, because what you post might be offensive towards some of your clients. Now, how do you go about having only one profile plentiful and that this kind of way fan pages come in and Facebook pages come in? So that's in a different course. We're going to be talking about how to create and manage your own Facebook page. But in this school specific you needed create your personal profile on a social media platform in such a way that you can use it for both personal use and business use. So what should you be posting on social media well, images of homes in your area and also photos off the area. So, for example, if you live next to the coast, we live in a nice countryside. People come there for the lifestyle. So posting pictures about the area, you know what's happening in the area. That's all great stuff to post. It's a real estate agent. It'll that so post blogged articles to related really state sites that provide educational value. Now these globe articles can be written by yourself, and it could be arrested on your own site. Or it can be just a link that you shade to somebody else's blogger or somebody else's article. Now I know there's a thing, but you know you don't want to see a competition. No, you don't want to see your competitions articles, but sometimes you will be the geographical area. Let's say somewhere in South Africa, let's say you in Johannesburg, and somebody in the US is posting really studying article. Then it is worth it to share that article because that person is not going to be in direct competition with you. You also want to be posting videos related to real estate and then family photos work great . So a lot of people say OK, but I'm making my profile so really state orientated. I don't want a post personal pictures. I don't want a post family pictures, and I don't want to post pictures of us maybe going to the beach. Post those pictures because it shows that you are family person. Now, if you're not doing commercial real estate, you only focusing on residential use. Think it's a rentals and sales off homes? There's a lot of people that actually have a family that they want to move in, and it's all emotional and it's a decision so they could relate with you on that level that you are family person, you have kids. You you did that level that common ground, and that makes that person understand you better and also feels that you can understand him . You can understand these needs, and it's a really, really great thing to post your family. Photos also opposed anything that creates engagements, anything that can be funny, anything that can be motivational, inspirational, post those content because it gets shared a lot engagement all about people liking sharing , commenting on your content so you really want to go out of a way to create content that can be used to create engagement. Now, when it comes to posting things that are funny, they are there. There's a line, so just make sure that this stuff you post is again not offensive to your client base. But it's really relevant to your career and stuff that interests you. So just be mindful of what you post. But don't be scared off posting good quality content. So what should not be posting? This is where comes into being anything that can be offensive to someone anyone don't posted on your Facebook profile. Plans come from different walks of life, different cultures and different religions to stay away from things like political posts, religious posts and anything not family friendly. That can be offensive to Children as well as elderly people. And this includes, like, you know, videos where there's a lot of violence or where is some animal is being skinned alive. Don't post things like that. People do that, don't do that. Let's go to be offensive to your client base, and it's going to make you lose customers so your profile suits scream really state you need to create a professional profile photo. You create a cover photo that explains exactly what you can tell your websites. Get your phone number. It controlled the military's. I don't even in some real estate professionals, they actually go, and they put a cover photo off them and their team standing. They with the for sale board. You could do all of that in your cover photo. Just use additional information that you've got an added to your bio area, where you're about a section to promote your business. Now there's normally that little part the bio section that says Tell us more about you. Then you tell him I'm a real estate agent. I worked for this company. This is what I do. I bring more biased than the competition. That is what you want to put in your additional about a spot. Use also also used Facebook stories. Now Facebook stories is a great thing. The reason Now what is a Facebook story? Let's start. A Facebook story is basically opposed to make that contains a little bit of video images or , you know, some content about what happened to you today or you know, just it's a story. It's It's about you. So what is the power about that? Isn't that just another post? No, it's not opposed. Appears on your news feed, and this is where the power comes in. A story appears at the Is it going to your mobile version of Facebook? You actually see that they are these little round bubbles at the top that says your friend stories. So anybody that's a friend off you will see your story once they go into Facebook, which makes it amazing to use to promote content post great content. This is crucial. I mean, content that adds value content. That's educational content, that people can learn something from don't based content that people will see and just crawl over because it won't catch the attention those votes continent when interest people . So, you know, post content about what's happening in your area. If there's a big band coming with, there's a big show goes on. There's something happening in town that you know, everybody wants to be the post, that kind of stuff, because people are usually going to be more engaged with it. More and more people always searching for motivation and inspiration and trying to go on and find a way to tell them this and everything is going to be OK. There's this we motivational quotes coming. I talk a lot about motivational quotes, but it's a great shareable form of concepts. Don't just post motivational quotes, but try to incorporate it into your social media. Let's say marketing stretched because it's highly suitable. And then the last thing that you should use is live video. Now a lot of guys are scale of life video on, but live video is actually amazing. Number one. It's not like a video that record, and you sit there and think this isn't perfect, but this isn't right. There's no time for that because it's actually live. People automatically get a notification that you have gone live and they can watch your live broadcast. Live video can later be downloaded and said onto your YouTube channel onto your other social media platforms, which also were great, especially if you start thinking now about live video. As you know, with mobile phones, if you see to a live video in vertical, so you keep your phone in a portrait, upright position and you take your video, you could even now take those videos and shares Instagram TV, which hasn't released a long time ago at the time off recording this video. And Instagram TV's also going really big at the moment. So think about when you do video and we do content. Always think about how can I promoted. But also, how can I shared across different types of social media platforms? So I'm gonna give you guys a quick tutorial about the profile Some of this stuff I talked about and I'm going to go into my own personal profile and I'm going to show you some tips and tricks and show you where the points all where you need to focus on. So sit back, relax and enjoy while I could take you through Facebook. Yeah, it's facebook dot com. You do not have a Facebook page already. I highly suggest you get one. Facebook is really beneficial in any industry that you are actually working with day. So this is my personal profile. Now appear you will see my cover photo where I talk about how we take really state to the next level. Got my weight side and it's got my longer right. And then you false gods, my profile picture, which is quite a professional picture, and this is still it's a wedding photo of mine, but you can use something with only your face in, or you know where you come forth more professional even than that if you want to. What's important is you can design these color photos and profile photos within camera, but you should remember that your profile photo takes up a part of your cover photo as well as thes buttons down here. So when you put something on your cover photo, just take that into consideration so that you don't end up putting things behind your profile. Photo all behind these buttons Now, Once you go down, you'll see this year's a little intro. But in your where we can say we duly generation for really state agencies for us on Facebook for Facebook page. Now you just can point to your Facebook page this gunpoint, your website. This can even have your telephone number on it if you want to. And yes, there's some extra information about what's really important is your job description. I see a lot of really state agents working for companies and working for Brad's. And then they put one day, you know, the job description that there are self employed and it doesn't really point anyway. You wanna put in there your real estate agent at your brand because you want people to actually go towards that brand and you want people to go to that page and you want people to boulder following. So you kind of have to, you know, get all that information right now. Then you'll see on my page there some family photos, and there's some people sharing stuff that's not a problem. Once you get tagged in something, you want to kind of evaluate the situation and make sure that whatever you want said in, actually, you know it works for the thing that you drive too cheap. If it doesn't work, you can actually just go onto Facebook and just until yourself. And if you don't want people taking me and things you could always go, and just in your privacy settings said it to nobody can send Eun anything. This is just a safety feature that I'm talking about and that you guys can take into consideration food and then that when I go to my about, it's just the basic details about me life events, friends, all these things. It doesn't really matter. Just make sure that if you school down to your for example to the things that you like, your movies or TV shows your books, your absent your games and everything and that it's not offensive to people that you know might be going to your page finding out more about you. And now they see that you like something that might be offensive to them. So just keep that in mind as well. So that's about it for your Facebook profile and what you should do on your Facebook profile. Now, once I go over to my timeline, I just want to quickly show you this so you will find the life video. But if you take on that, it's actually going to open up a live video stream. Your browser probably gonna haas kitties your microphone. You can roll, which we're gonna block right now. I'm gonna do live here now, but you also have the ability to at photos at videos at night of AIDS and agile posts make sure to use has stakes in your post. I know on Facebook. Asteroids don't really Jowell that well. If you want to put it that way, people don't do You find a lot of things on based on Hashtags. But other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and two time there are really odds on hashtags, so make sure that you use your hashtags anyway. Now, once you make that post on Facebook, make sure that you always put it up here as public. You want people to see your post right? If you wanna post something that you know, it's not really for customers or it's not really for for anybody, that's not afraid. Or so just make sure to set the privacy settings here and remember that customers also plans also sometimes invite you as a friend, so you accept them as a friend on Facebook. So you can always if you want to make a post that you might find offensive to some of your customers. But you really need to post it on Facebook, just Uganda's friends, except and now you can actually see on your your your friends list and you can actually go and you can exclude prints that are allowed to see that. So which is also really handy feature to use. All right, that's it. I hope you guys with video. And I hope you guys find some value in this tutorial that I showed you. I really want you guys to go back. Stop all the videos that you're watching right now. Go back, Lucas. Your profiles go through all your social media profiles and see if the stuff that we talked about in this video is actually right on your profiles. If it's not, start doing it now. It's not going to take you forever to do it. It's really quick. But just do it and get it right, because this is what generates business, right? So that's great. And I'll see in the next video. 6. Profile Privacy: Hello, everyone, welcome back to Brandon yourself. It's a real estate agent in this short video. I quickly want to talk to you about profile privacy Now profile Privacy is a bunch of settings that are available on your social media platforms that allow how public or how restricted your data is. So let's jump right into it. So why should you change your privacy settings? Well, Facebook normally tries to use the most private cities for your profiles, but as a real, so you will need to make some changes. You will need to make sure that your posts are publicly available and can be seen by anyone . Your buyers will not necessarily be on your friend list, but there are also other scenarios, like outsiders accessing your friendless that you want to restrict because you don't want other realtors and other real estate agents going through your friendless to pick up possible buyers. And this is also useful for security purposes. You can use this information across all of your social media platforms as all of them have some fall off privacy settings. But I think Facebook has the most rigid set off private sittings available for you to change. I'm gonna jump into Facebook, and we're gonna get into a bribes. It tutorial. Well, could you run you through all the cities that you can change and you can decide which ones you want to change and which ones are applicable to you. Okay, so here is my personal profile page again. So you can click on this little arrow down on Facebook, and you could go to settings Now, on sittings, you've got your normal general settings, then your security and logging settings that you can change, but you want to go down to privacy. Okay, So you want to see the first thing you see you is who can see your future posts. You want to sit that too bubbly. If it's not already, you can change it to anything like this. But for a realtor, you want supposed to be public by default, review all your posts and things that you tact so you can go to you through your activity log and actually see where people tag doing things or posts or photos with its videos. Just make sure that everything that you are tagged in these relevance and again, like I said, in the previous video not offensive to your client base, and then limit the audience off post you've shared with friends or family to public, so you can take you to limit your posts to your current future post seating. So, for example, if you made previous posts and some of them were private and want more public, you could just use that limit post. But so this is also important. Who conceived your friend requests Now? Sometimes you might say everyone, but in other cases, only friends or friends. This kind of stops the idea that you get a bunch of spam on people just inviting you for no apparent reason. You can see your friendless. You just want to change this to either your friends. Some people say I only me because they don't want actually want clients to see the other friends or some other reels is to maybe see clients that have become friends with they Sorry about this. Now you can actually also say who can look you up using email. You always want to put this to everyone because sometimes a real so all they have from you is a email address that they found on a business card or pamphlets or they got from someone . And I want to look you up on Facebook to learn more about you. You always want to put that to everyone the same of your phone number. You want to change that to everyone? Do you want such unions outside of Facebook to link your profile? This is a big yes. You always want search engines to locate your profile and actually point to it. It isn't if somebody goes on to Google types in your name to see what you do now. Ghouls put out a bunch of profiles. Let me show example. If I go over here and I go to Google and I search, do your dog creative 360 right? I will see there's my photo is my lengthen Linnington Facebook, but profiles really stately generations, and I start speaking up some of my websites. It's picks up the block Article picks up my main website, also going to block article, little article, Globe article. So you see, that's the thing. So you want your personal or your social media profiles to be be able to be picked up on Google and on any search engine actually being young Google name. Now you can also go down to timeline and tagging. This is what I talked about earlier. When I said you can limit who tax you it burst so you can actually go. And you can say review opposed to attacked in before appears on your timeline. This is good to put on on if you've got a lot of people tagging you things that you don't want to be tagged so you can just turn that on. If you want Teoh, you can also say review. He really attacks people at your post before the tags beyond Facebook and review what other people see on your timeline. You can also go to who can post on your timeline. We can see what others posted on your timeline. Who can see post You are tagged in on a timeline. And when you attacked in, opposed to do you want to add to the audience off the burst? If they call it already see it. So these are all important things to take into consideration when building your profile. So you could just go through all of these different settings and just make sure that all of these settings are actually the way you want them. Do you have your optimal publicity if you want to put it that way, to make sure that the post that everyone needs to see gets to them and the post that only some people needs to see are limited and also to make sure that your credibility is safe and a bunch of people are not just inviting your enemies friends, what sagging in things that you don't want to get pregnant. All right, that's it for this video, and I really hope this added some value to you. I want you to go to your Facebook page now and actually run through all of your privacy settings and see which ones you can change to make your profile mawr public or more restricted the painting on your choice. I'll see you in the next video 7. Fiverr: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to branding yourself assertively state agent. So this video, we want to talk to you about five our fathers online platform where you can get free lawns work for cheap. So what is five for about five hours? A website where you can have small jobs done for us? Little as $5. It saves you a lot of times that you don't have to create anything yourself. You can search for anything on fiber that you might need, and you can find it on www dot fiver dot com. So I'm gonna give you guys a quick five tutorial. Now you can use five for a lot of different purposes with its making a video, getting somebody to do motivational quotes. We're getting somebody to write your blob articles for you. There's so much you could get on five and it starts for anything from $5 it goes up to $300 depending on the size of the job, depending on what you need. So in this tutorial, I quickly want to show you what to look for. Five. And how do you find a reliable source to actually do some three large work for you. So I eat over to www 0.5 dot com and you learned on a page like this that's free to create an account. You don't have to do anything else than just register. Once you have registered accounts, you can actually go in here and say fine services. So if you want, for example, of Block article, you could set block article, and now you will find people that actually write articles for certain amounts of money. Now you can actually go now whistled by best selling, and you will see there are guys and and you have to check out the rate. So this is This guy's got a five star rating, has got more than 1000 people that rated him, and he starts at $5. So if I click on him, for example, you could go are down and you can actually see exactly what he softens. So there are some freaking yours questions, some reviews, and on this side, you could see there's a premium. It starts in $20 seconds. Four articles for 500 words standards, three articles and a basic one is a fatherhood. Would article delivered in two days. So this is just example of a Globe article. Let's say you want to do motivational quotes. Somebody that I used was this Stephen Adrian, and he designs motivational course. Now you can actually go into this one, so it gives you 99. Inspirational quotes were for logo included any unique designs for only $5 standard 365 inspirational quotes and for $3.1000 200 inspirational quotes. Now what's great about this is that you can actually use these quotes and you can put on your logo. You can put on the websites and you can actually see it. So this is what the power off five is, and you could just go through the different services that you want. You want a video created so you can just search for video and you will see I will create a custom video animation. I will create an animated video I created awesome White board animation video created testimonial, a doctor document to begin. So there are different types of things you can do on Fiverr that can help you in your social media efforts. Sometimes you don't have to time to write a block article. You only have an idea so you can get somebody to write the biological for you by just giving them the title and some content, and they'll do the research and all right. Article for $5. Same of the motivational quotes. How long is it gonna take you to create 1000 200 motivational quotes? It's getting picture. Get the quote. Put your logo in. Even if you do it of Canada, it's still going to take a lot of time. So they just paid $30 trillion dollars, $15.5 dollars And get this stuff done. These guys have skills that you can use, so that's about five you can. Everything's online. You pay online of a credit card, and it's quite safe to do as well. They've also got a like a board or something that you can report to you if you didn't receive your order. That's do or tracking and you can actually tell them about. You know, you didn't get the order delivered or something went wrong, But that's why I always say, when you saw something sorts but sort by best selling. Always make sure that you look at the number off reviews that they have and like, review. What do you call it? Oh, the store 80 for example. There are really guys that have a bad rating. So if you say really, Verde's you actually see people. Was low ratings actually, not on this particular when I can't find anyone off low rated. But if you want to go into somebody's video, for example, and you go Knox of the Review 16. What's also great is you can actually just could get, say, if you're going out with the way again, you can actually just kicking and said Negative reviews and everybody. They are currently no negative reviews on this guy, but if they were negative reviews, it will sort them out. I will show you the negative reviews, and you can actually decide whether you want to use somebody or not. So that's a great way off figuring out which ones to use which ones are safe, and it can save you. A lot of time to actually work were five instead of trying to do everything yourself, so that's it. And that's the video five. And I really hope you enjoy this tutorial. I want you guys to go and just take a look at fiber sculpture in some of the jobs available . And really think about some off the wood that you can give over to a freelancer. Sometimes your times more valuable than paying the five or $10 to actually get the job done . So go take a look at five and then I'll see in the next video. 8. Images: Hello, everyone, welcome back to branding yourself. It's a real estate agent, and in this video I want to discuss images. So why should you use images? Well, images are easy on the radiator disposal, and you can add Brendan with images. Images are also the most common four off marketing material to use When it comes to social media and online marketing. There are different ways of using images on social media platforms. You can all either use a single image. You can use an album, which is just a collection off images you can use animated GIFs. You can use 3 60 images or virtual reality. Now these images are normally taken with a 3 60 camera like the go profusion. You could also do drone images. So, for example, either that takes the picture. Or if you've got a drone video, you can cut out frames out of that drone video and actually use those images motivational quotes that I have been talking a lot about previously. And then when you have a Facebook page, which we'll discuss in its separate course, well, actually talk about how you can also have a canvas carousel and a slide show. Now canvas is basically just a collection of images, and it's normally used for e commerce, where you have products to South carousel of images which appear next to each other, and you can actually school in the in the horizontal way between the images and see different image cards. Sliders are normally videos produced by using attaining all these images. So one of the things I talked about a lot is motivational quotes and why you should be using motivational quotes. Well, you need to create engagement, right? This meeting you to be a content that is likely to be shaped, commented and liked. Motivational quotes are great for this purpose. You could get a lot off quotes get made for cheap on fiber if you don't know how. Take out the five video previous that I for you guys previously, and I actually showed you somebody there that you can use to do your motivational quotes. The guys deliver is quite fast, I think. Is there Stephen? Adrian is Delivery was quite fast. I used him about a few times now for my own motivational quotes. So go and take him out on five dot com. Also be careful what you post when posting motivational quotes, right? Not all quotes on Greg's some quotes are political, religious or can be offensive. So please make sure that even if you buy your quotes from five and there's 1000 quotes doesn't mean that all 1000 quotes are going to be usable on your social media platforms. Some off those posts might be made by religious people, political people. All my just come across offensive and you want to stay away from foods like that. I'm gonna quickly give you guys a tutorial on Facebook and how you can upload images when writing the post. Okay, So if I want to do an image post, I'm actually just going to go up here and say photo over your album and I complete select a bunch of images and basically pull them in to an album to create one. Or you can actually just click on this link down here, which is gonna be more for a single video or image. Now let's take this Facebook post we made earlier, and this is actually the one that we created on Canada. So I'm just gonna put that day. You can add more images if you want to. You and I can actually say something like Glued. You like to sell your home. Contact me today. Now again, What's really important? Make sure that it gets shared onto your news feed as public. I talked about stories earlier as well. If you want to share, there's a story you connects. Just click on Shared as a story. So that's the basics off sharing images on Facebook. Now when it gets to fan pages, I'm gonna go quickly. Go ahead, she Creator 3 16 which is actually a page I own, and I can actually make a post as creates of 3 60 So what's great about this is practical photo and video on a page you could actually see upload photos or video creative photo album Greater Photo Carousel, which actually built in a scrolling mechanism so that you know the people that see opas can actually scroll through your photos. You can create a slide show, and you can also create a canvas. So these are just the other tops off creating images or uploading images to Facebook, especially these lost three options that are only available on a fan page, for example, on a slide show, I would have selected my photos, and you can even add some off the music that Facebook has available to you. That's it. And I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope he added, some value to you. And I hope you guys will start using different types of images that you can on your face with. Profiles also learned that some of these images or image tops, also appear on platforms like Instagram, and I really committed that you guys start using this. Instagram, for example, is a platform that is all about images of interest is a platform all about images. So I want you guys to start utilizing these platforms, utilizing your images and really get it going to post good quality images that will attract a lot of attention. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one 9. Video: Hello, everyone, welcome back to reading yourself. It's a real estate agent in this video. I want to talk to you about video content, So why should you use video in social media? Well, video is taking over the Internet, and more and more people are starting to prefer video in state of images. It's just click play, sit back and relax. Video is easier than reading, and video allows for captions as well as music. There are different uses off video When it comes to the Internet. You can have animated video, which they easily make on five dot com, and this will normally be called Whiteboard Animation. And this is where somebody draws a picture while telling a story. You've also got your property promo videos that you can do when you take a video off the property in South and East agencies together to make great promotional video for your property. You can even talk over these videos and give some context about what's happening in every room that you show. You could also do a show house video and this kind of flings into live video, which I'll discuss a little bit later. Then you get 3 60 video again, you can use the GoPro Fusion camera for this. It's a 3 60 video. It's all around video, and it's used for virtual reality. You could get sliders where you actually take images as discussed in the previous video. You take images and you stitch them together with some music or some form of entertainment over that on and create a slideshow, and you also get a live video. Live video has become more popular in recent years than it was before and sometimes also called streaming. Now what live video does is it actually gives you the opportunity to broadcast something, and people can ask questions and, you know, visit this video off you, or this life broadcast off you and into actor. If you as a presenter in real time, this makes great, especially when you want to do show house videos or what I like to do a live show house where I would, for example, take out my phone, take out the camera and start recording and going live on a plastic like Facebook or YouTube, and I'll start walking around through the through the property and actually start talking about the property forming the property, and people can ask me questions directly about the property while I do my video. This was great Facebook groups, which are also doing another course on about how you can advise groups. But where you can actually brought cost your entire life show house to a bunch of prospective buyers. Live through the Facebook platform. My view can easily be sort of Facebook life, and it can also be done with YouTube. Live depending on your preference. Live video can normally be downloaded again from the platform. DeChant do a live video on and then can be used as a form of video that can be uploaded to other platforms such as Instagram, TV, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. You can also use live video in the form off Webinars, where you will actually people charge where you will explain something. You will have a slide show quite like the one that you are looking at right now, and you will explain a concept and you answer questions on your wedding on. You can also have a flog, which is called a video block. Now you get a lot of guards on YouTube. There are loggers or video bloggers on what they will do is they will, actually, just, you know, it's like lobbying about their life, about what they do about where they go and just making the short little videos 2 to 5 minutes about what's happening. Well, they're going. What are they doing? This can work great. Has a realtor for you. We're going out to list the property, going out to, you know, take your bias and actually called some of this footage as it shows prospective buyers and sellers how you operate. And it gives them some reason to want to work with you. They lost one. I'm going to talk about drone footage. Everybody knows drones are alot hype right now, if you have the money to afford a drone and get your commercial license for it to actually take videos for a cost, you can do that. But otherwise you could go into higher services to take drone footage, and they only charge by the hour. Don't footage is amazing for certain properties, especially, or more luxury properties, especially property star, located close to the bush close to the beach, where there's a lot of scenic environments around and then you can actually take a drug. Footage goes up and it takes a picture off vo off the home from an outside ankle, A top angle. And some of the drones are so specialized right now, they can actually take indoor videos as well. So actually, to find out from the contractor or the person that you're hired to actually do your drone footage for you. But it's something that you should start focusing on because it shouldn't be forgotten. How do you create your own view? Let's see one of creative video like the one you're watching right now. How would you go about it now? I use a software called Camp Tasia. It's about $250 to purchase it once off, but it allows you to record your screen. You can even record your your face and while you talk and it can also allows you to edit your videos after recording. Then there's another software called Caden live. When she can download for free, it's you can just go to Google and search for Caden life. Now. What gave their lives does is it allows you to do video entity. You also get the YouTube video editor, which is also free. And that's when a sooner upload your video to YouTube. You can actually go and emitted directly in the with the YouTube video it It's quite easy to use, and it's quite use a friend. Another free tool that you can use for recording is called Obi a Studio. Now, what makes Obey Studio great is you can have different capture devices so you can use the webcam in your laptop while at the same time actually using a separate Webcam sitting. It's a little more to the left, and you can also use. Or you can also record the screen so you can have these different input devices that's actually recording video at the same time on DAT makes it awesome for for certain video purposes or certain recordings. Yes, these tools will always help you while you know while you outside, busy with clients. But for that you probably use a mobile device, or, I mean, cell phones have become so great off the cameras. Right now, we'll probably record the video on your on your phone, and then you'll upload that into a tool. I can't Asia Caden live on YouTube video rated, have it modified and edited so that you can upload it to your favorite. Okay, so why should you use like you? This is This is a question I get. A lot of people are asking, Why can't I just record a video and upload it? Well, first of all, it's already up. Assume this. It's live. It's uploaded. Live video gives you an instant connection with your audience, so it gives you the chance to bond with the audience. That gives you the chance to answer the questions lively, attended, used, like a sit down there that you can upload it on other places as you can use it as a scheduled webinar. So, for example, you will tell all your all your fans are all your buyers sellers that you are going to have a weapon or at a certain date and whether they pay for it, so don't pay for it. You can have a weapon on host away, you know, Let's say directly on the Facebook platform, and you could talk to your audience live life fashion where they can actually interact a few. On the same time, it's also grateful. Virtual show houses like I said before and then Educational concepts. Now a lot of people are actually not using educational content enough, but posting free stuff on YouTube about certain topics. Educating people, educating your buyers, educating your salad, getting people that actually wants to know more about the purchase that they are making or when once they are saying that home what the procedure is. If you start making videos like that, you build a following around that people start seeing you as an expert that will start seeing that you know your stuff. You know what you're talking about. So it's really important to actually start thinking about educational content as well. Now, yes, you can record your educational content, but why? I recommended a lot of guys started doing it. Life is because people basically never get started. They will record the video. They will look at the video in the editor and think, No, this is not perfect. I made too much mistakes too much of this too much of that and the video never gets published. It takes so much time just to get the video recorder with this illusion that it has to be perfect so I recommend live figure because it's live. There's no unity on the go. There's no, you know, barriers to cross. Once you do it your day, you're out in the open, and it's just a great way for you to get started with getting your educational content and new virtual show houses up. Okay, so to continue on the educational content part, it's basically comes down to, you know, the teacher. But educational context works great, but here's the key points. Educational. Constant educational content should be constant. That doesn't try to sell something. It can be six. It's easy has explained different types of mandates of the pros and cons, and it gives you the opportunity to be seen as an expert. I told you this a little bit earlier, but don't try to sell something when making educational content when you're bursting of free video on YouTube, telling people about different types of mandates, the pros and cons about the mandates, for example, don't try and sell something to the clients because the moment you trying to sell something , people are automatically, you know, pushed back. But when you really try to learn people, stop that will cause people to see you as an expert on because they want a work of expert there will probably want to work with you instead of another realtor in your area. So it's something to consider. And when you go there, the most important part about educational content is when you upload free videos, don't do a video halfway and then say, Listen, but you can buy the rest of this. Listen to buy something, contact me. Don't go. They just give beer plain simple value to your customers and your clients that are actually watching your videos again. So here's how to do it. Live starts, right? So I talked a little about the lifestyle house, how you walk around and you broadcast your your show house or video off your styles life. So what you want to do is to get yourself a selfie stick. Now a lot of people feel that it's it's a stupid idea, but get a Salafist IQ, not that expensive in one of them. And then basically, what you want to do is you want to walk through the property and new installation likely would do to a normal buyer, and you want to record your south on the property in the process. That's why I always get a Salafist IQ because the phone that he used will be further away from you. So we'll actually get your entire you know, the entire image that you want to get. It's just gonna be in your face. Just show the property. It's gonna give you a good example about everything. OK, this is important. Make sure that you in the video people want to see your face. I want to know you are that when I actually see you because they need to trust you to buy a really expensive property. So you know, when they see you and when they work with you, it kind of gives them the bulls that trust. Okay, be enthusiastic about your video. Be enthusiastic about the property. Don't be. You know, don't be boring. Just be entertaining. Be funny. Be just be out there being really passionate about what you do onto the questions on your large house as they come in. And this is one of the great reasons for live video is buyers will have questions and people will have questions in the world lost stuff. If you can answer it on your life video you answer to all of your buyers are everybody that's watching at the same time, and you don't have to go afterwards and send an email to every single person on to the exact same question they used to reuse this video. So if you do about Facebook, it's great. But don't forget to pull out your YouTube channel. That popularity uploaded to Twitter, uploaded to countries to instagram Wherever you on what you were doing, where you can after that video, do it. Just upload that video now. The great thing is, you can broadcast this directly from your personal profile, but you can also create a group or if you want to create a Facebook page and does the broadcast that also look straight. But the group would be more for when you've got a selected audience that you want to say, Let's say you have a webinar. People are paid for the women or you will invite them to a group once they paid, and you will. They give the way, but not to that group the same of prospective bias. You don't want broad cost. The sharks, everyone and had everyone say questions. You want to get real serious. Buyers like investors, get them onto a group, get that group to do abroad cost and they can ask questions and its exclusive for them. Invited that. So I talked a little about drone footage for just just a rundown. About drones are becoming more popular. Drones gives you the opportunity to showcase a home in the area. It can be done in a way that has never been possible before. If you want to use drone footage a lot, keep it to fire a drone. But like I said, you can get contractors to do it because I know some countries they all rules. I don't South Africa. They all regulations about footage and to use drones for commercial purposes. You should actually get a commercial license, which can really expensive, so in some cases it's better to just use a contractor. In other cases, it will be better for you to just buy your do your license. Don't forget, looks great of the right background music. Don't put anything like really a beat. Try using relaxing music, something more classical that always works great with drone footage areas of property. Some don't even have senses that allows them to navigating doors. And that's why I said earlier that you also need to ask your contract or whether the drug can take photos or videos indoors. Because Lord old drones have these centers, it's more your expensive type drone. So you will need to also contract about type of drug that he or she has the entire drone tracking accents can be programmed at home before you leave that this is something I have mentioned before. But the guy that's going to come out and fly the drone around the property and around the area is not necessarily going to be flying. The drone at the location is gonna come out of a pre programmed map that he plotted out at his office or at home, and you could point out this little points of interest and actually mark them on on those points of interest. You can actually go tell it on this point, rotate 90 degrees and take a picture or focus on this area. Take a video, stop the video here, do something else, something else. So it's quite important to know that your entire drug track can be program up front. So it's not gonna be an issue for for you to do it on site. If you actually have your turn, you can do your entire planning, your entire design or your entire flight. Then you could do at home on a drug basically flight south around the area. Good. So reason you if your uterus I talked a lot about in this video as well, about taking your video, posting the back online and reusing the bigger. So the reason why you want a post us to YouTube is YouTube has become a great platform for building a following. Huge has become the second largest search engine in the world. Go to YouTube channel by using the same figures. Human usual social media. You should also allows you to create live video. And YouTube has its own built in editor now, Like I said, you can do live video on YouTube just that she could do live your Facebook. Now a lot of people are confused. They don't really know which that from two cheese for me, I think the best way is to actually do live video on Facebook because the Facebook video that you do will actually be broadcast toe all your followers and all your fans way as on YouTube, you'll actually subscribers now, in some cases, not in all cases. But in some cases it's easier to get more followers on Facebook. They enter get more followers on YouTube. So what I want you guys to do is really go think about this and clarified for yourself. Some people will want to use Facebook live, download the Facebook live video and uploaded to YouTube. Other people will prefer to shooting live video diary YouTube, downloading it and then uploading it to Facebook again. Just quickly give you guys a quick YouTube video. So I give you guys a quick rundown about Facebook live video where the button is for going live on Facebook. But I want to give you guys a quick YouTube video tutorial and just show you where the go live much it is and how you go about uploading your YouTube video and also what the different privacy settings foreign video in YouTube means. Okay, so when you get to YouTube, you will obviously have this little bar at the top of your notifications are right next to it. There's a little video camera. You click on that, you'll see there's a upload video button and go live, but go live button will send you to a live video stream that you can actually just start recording your life video while the upload video. If you click on it, you will be brought to this page. Now it asks you to select the false operatic. Just click here and choose your files. But once you choose says in your file, you wanted to use the privacy settings, which can be found here. So the top you've got public public is full, normal videos that you see every day. It doesn't mean the video is ruled free. Just means that the video can be found using the search ball or the direct video link. Unlisted means that it can only be found using the link and unlisted will be used when you actually want to invade your video onto a website. But you don't want people to find it on your channel did you've got private, which means that you know the videos only uploaded for yourself, and this is a scenarios way you might still be editing the video, and you don't want the video to be live out there yet, and then you have scheduled Scheduled is normally used when you are trying to do a promo and you're only one of video to be available to the public for a short while. So schedule wind goes active and then schedule again when it should stop and go back to private. That's it. I know this has been a long ago. I know this has had a lot of content, and I know I repeated myself a bunch of times about this stuff. But it's really important that you understand the value of video in the world today. Video is becoming the king on social media, and video is something that you will need to start using. I know a lot of agents are scared of become off coming in front of the camera. A lot of agents are scared off expressing themselves on video, but I really want to go to just try it, get started and really start utilizing video because this is what differentiates you from the competition. So I hope this and value and I'll see in the next one 10. Blogging: Hello, everyone, Welcome back to Brandon yourself. It's a real estate agent. So this video quickly went to talk to you about blogging what it is and how you could do it , too. So what exactly is blocking now? Blogging was a form of online article that you're right. It should be easy to read for. Most people at Globe article should give information by providing value. Blogged articles can be about any subject ranging from how to to a review why cigarette blogged articles? Well, people are constantly searching for new information, right? I remember Google runs about 40,000 search queries per second, so broke articles are a great weight off transferring information. Robotics can be easily shade of social media, and people take to send links to interesting articles to the friends and colleagues. Now, here are some guidelines that you can follow when writing your blogged articles. Right. Keep your articles between 500 to 1000 words. If the article is too long, you will lose the irritation off the reader. If the articles are too short, the information will not carry over the way you intensity They. What's key about a good block article is the titles and subtitles because people tend to scan on the incident now, what's made by that is most people lose interest in article away page or subject within eight seconds on the Internet. So what you need to do is you need to have a catchy title. Something that intrigues the reader is they're going to go to the subtitles, quickly scanned through them and see if there's anything that he needs. That it's no is exactly what is looking for. And if it's not, is going to leave to make sure that your titles and in your subtitles are great, because only if they are happy with the title and the subtitles, they will start reading the parts of your Globe article that actually mattered to them. Get someone also to proof, read your articles. I know this is difficult. Sometimes you feel that you are the writing. You wrote the article. An article is perfect that you see it, but sometimes you do make grandma years. Sometimes you do make spelling errors and, you know, just getting somebody to read over it and just looked through it well, actually shed some light on some issues that they might be. For example, if I write a blood article, I know that I sometimes get this is worth grammar, for example, or I would repeat myself in the same sentence on two consecutive sentences. So what's important is to get somebody to read it and give you some positive criticism on the subject. Now I need you guys to take that criticism in a positive light. Don't take a negative and think about No, I'm not good at this. I'm never going to do this again. Take the criticism. Just article get published. The reason for this is it actually enhances your writing skills. So this is what Something that you want to grow and it's something that becomes better over time. It's not gonna be perfect in the first go. Also, don't worry too much about articles being too perfect. It's the same issue that we had with the videos. Just get started, right? Article haven't proofread. And if that person is happy with the article, go and publish it. Don't stress about it. Don't worry about it. Just get it out. Okay, so you've written a great block article. Now we usually host it. Well, you can go to linked in articles, which is actually a feature in the linked in platform where you can publish articles. You can use wordpress dot com So if you're familiar with the WordPress website builder, you can actually go to prison. Cobb. You buy an instance, and it costs you a monthly fee, and you can actually use a pre installed good press on that. Remain. That's registered with wordpress dot com and actually post your articles day and you just let your theme and the plug ins that you want to use. You will need to have some elementary basic idea about with design when it comes to would Pres. But it can be learned easily and is a son off online sources that he can use to actually learn about WordPress. I'm not going to give a WordPress tutorial would race course at the stage, so but you could just go Google it. You can check it out on YouTube. There's tons of guys doing what tutorials and information about would prison out to use wood priests easier. Once useful Beginners is blogger dot com How bloody is run by Google, and it's actually really easy to start, you just select your team and you start writing your articles, so it's great for the guys getting started. A lot of the guys that have started using Blogger will eventually move over to a site like would brace. But just to get started, Blogger com will be great for you. There is a free version off blogger, but you can. It will cost you money. I think if you have to use a custom made, which is something you always want to do, you always want to use a custom made because you don't want it to be it, say Peter, not block spot dot com or Peter. Don't blogger dot com. You want it to be Peter? You're don dot com whatever you need, but you need to have your own remain, so that's important. Some of you guys might really only own website. You'll really have to do manual really pain for those t. So that's a great way to go and get started. Just Oscar win master to add a blocking section. How this works is sometimes you can go and you can just create either under existing site. If it's a would recite you can just add a blogging section. If it's not, you can always just have a whip master. Add a subcommittee and the sub domain can be used to install WordPress. Get it running directly from drawn that site and hosting that you are already paying for. So there's not gonna close to anything else or anything extra to actually run your blogged section. So let's get down into business about writing a great article. So too right? Great article. The first thing you want to start with the title The subject. What? You know, What do you want to write about? What is it that you all right in about? What is it you wanna just the main goal of yours that's going to be your tight? So then you want to break that cycle down into smaller pieces called subtitles? So it's going to be subsections all relating to the main idea Around the block article out , those sections can be broken down into smaller keywords called paragraphs and any of these little keywords you can just fill in the blanks and you get yourself a good written Globe article. Use religions and royalty free images, right. You could go to fix a better calm or expect sal's dot com. Both those sites do royalty free stock images. Never use images from Google images. You don't know if there's royalty on those images. If you use those images within your blob articles, there's a big chance that somebody is going to sue you because you need to buy royalties to use the images. So go down to pick somebody. Pixels search for the type of image once, and those images you could use hassle free on your blogged, and nobody's going to worry about it. Other option you've got is to use on the images you've taken yourself, which can sometimes be great because a lot of people do pick up a hobby of being a photographer. So if that's you, you do take photos regularly. Think about taking photos if you go somewhere that might be relevant to your blogged that you can use on your block. Okay, so let's go could give you an example for do I talked about in the previous slide about the different breakdown off the sections and paragraphs. So the first thing I want to do is I want to sleep my title, So I want to write a blogger article about how to add more value when selling your home. This article is going to meet based around sellers, so that's going to leave my title. How to add value when selling your home. Now I need to think about a few different bots that will actually related that. So what do I know as a real sir is going to increase the value of the home. While if the garden is needs, it gives a better impression. So the garden is definitely going to be one of the things that people need to consider keeping up and making need before they bring people over to sell their home, they need to look at the kitchen. You know, people tend to like what in kitchens or redone kitchens? More, maybe gastos. Maybe, you know whatever, but you don't need to spend a ton of money always so in some cases, when you need to do is just clean up the kitchen and make sure it's neat and clean. When you take the photos, the need nous of away. If you've got kids, pick up the toys, don't have clothes lying around dirty clothes outside the Washington don't have clothes lying around. That's keen, but not for the jeans and put away. And then my incidence. I mean, if I need to sell my home and it needs a paint job, just it might be a good idea to fight the house. It might be a great idea to fix cracks and broken fixtures that might increase the value of my home. So that's basically how I want to break down my block article. So how to add more value in selling your home will be the title, the garden, the kitchen, the neatness and the maintenance I cannot take. And I can actually formulate a subtitle based on those four categories. The pick up the leaves, cut the grass, the modern and clean kitchen toys in the clothes and the paint the house and fix the cracks and broken fixtures will be re livid to the paragraphs under those subtitles. So in those paragraphs, I want to talk about those different subjects. This is a very small example, but in Fritton properly, this can give you an article off 300 or 400 words. Monument. If you expand a little more nets, you might be able to get article off about 56 700 words, maybe, and then will be enough to actually publish the Blob article. So I really hope that Elsa value. I hope that clears out some of the conceptions about blogging. Get the idea how to write blob articles on the example I gave. I just want to add that equity is you can actually take that breakdown that we did the and take it to somebody on five and tell them to Don't do research about this. You're the keywords and write an article about it so they will actually take that and they will run with it, do research and write article without 500 to 1000 words, depending on what they charge and what they packages are. So that's just one of the breakdowns that you can give them. But it appeared. Are blocking is everywhere? You need to get on a block. You need to write some valuable content now for a lot of people. It does take time to block, and it does take time to Mike videos. So sometimes you should just choose one, and I'm away sometimes you can combine them. It's all about choice. So but I really think that's added some value to you guys. And this is exactly how I run my block and how I do stuff on my block, so I'll see you in the next video. 11. Facebook Marketplace: Hello, everyone, welcome back to branding yourself. It's a really state agent. So in this video, I could do want to talk to you about Facebook marketplace. Now I added this video specifically to discourse because a lot of you guys watching the schools don't just want to, you know, advertise to your own foot personal Facebook profile. But you also want to advertise on other ways, so Facebook more good place is great for this. I'm going to the discussing faced with more good place in this video and at the end of the video will do a quick tutorial to show you guys exactly how to implement it. So what exactly is Facebook marketplace? Well, Facebook brokered places an online store brought to you by Facebook. It's a free service that you can use. Facebook has added category specifically for real estate, and this is a properties for rent and properties for sale category. Facebook provides an easy way for perspective bias to contact real estate agents through the marketplace itself, and a lot of success has been seen. Violence is using this approach so little quickly jump into Facebook and give you the marketplace tutorial. All right, So I went to www dot facebook dot com, and once I'm on my Facebook home page, I will actually go down. He had decide. You will see there's a marketplace button. If I click on this marketplace link over here, it's going to bring me to a place called the Facebook Marketplace. Now you'll see, let's quickly go down. There's a browse these groups buying and selling. Now the group's one would be for people that are actually, you know, advertising products within the groups that you belong, Teoh by kickoff that you will actually see the groups that are in at what people are actually selling in the groups. If you go to buy, you will keep track of a line item said to boards, or are you are busy negotiating will appear here and the same of selling everything that you're selling will appear here. So if you post properties here for sale in area, you will see all your tests and messages from the bias that are interested in the space. Then you've also got saved items that you can keep track off. So if you saved something in the marketplace that you were interested by you could kick on saved items and use the self something but in which I'll talk about in a moment, which is going to be what you'll be using to post your properties. And then here's the different categories that you can see. You can see marketplace vehicles, home and garden, and this is the one that you guys are going to be interested in housing. So if I click on the housing but right, I'll see there's a bunch of stuff all happening here relating to housing. Now I can choose a price minimum or a prize maximum, but I can only say here I want to say I'm George at the moment toward South Africa, said George Western Capel work. I want to say anything within 60 kilometers. Now you will see that under housing, we've got rentals or property for sale. So let's say we go into Rachel's, for example, which is the bedrooms, bottoms, the rental side by confusing towers, apartment. Whatever I need, how many square feet it is is pet friendly, and it shows me all the different listings here. So let's say I see here is holiday rentals. Click on that. I can actually see that it is holiday rentals available from the third of November to steal you for moving between 18 by ideas speech for 650 rail and night of three bedrooms and four no off ball terms. Just exactly what is. And it shows me exactly. The selling is so I can click your ask for details, and that's automatically sends a message to the seller asking about availability. You can also click on the message button at the bottom here, which will actually give me the option to send the message to someone or to the seller. I can see this of someone if I click on the shape. But over here, this is basically an overview off how Facebook Marketplace Looks. Howard works the sable for sales. If I go for sale, I'm studying George and I can actually go down and see. Here's a property for self for 2.2 million ran. Here's a plot a house for 90,000 and not all of the listings will have proper prices like this one will say one round, and this one will say free. So the reason they do that is because of this filter that says only show three listings. So, in other words, it's listings that you don't that don't have pricing attached, and it's set to free. Here's some vacant stands that I can choose on and years different different prices for different houses. So this is a great and this is exactly what you want to be utilizing as a realtor because a lot of people are actually going through this space searching for property. And in South Africa, we've got a thing called gum T. I don't know if it's in any other place in the world, but this is exactly the same as if you were using country. Now let's say I want to sell something on Facebook Marketplace. I'm gonna kick on, sell something, and now they are going to ask me what I am saying. I want to say property for sale and I want to give it a price. That said, it's two million, right? You will see it automatically converted to the local crazy as well. I could choose a category. This is what's going to be important. You could say property for sale or angels. I'm going to set its properties for sale this continual put years going to be exactly the same description as you would put on to your property portals. So you would say something like beautiful three bedroom house in the heart off the God Brits contact me for more details and photons. Now you can add up to 10 photos on the marketplace. I don't have any photos. And us I'm gonna quickly hate over two picks up a dot com. I'm just gonna download a picture, so I'm gonna search house, uh, Mr House on. Let's say I want to sell this property again to say download. She's a size, and this box doesn't always work. So let's go QC that one. I don did this. I'm gonna grab a picture from here. I'm just gonna drop it on two years, and I was gonna upload. Now you can have multiple photos to add if you want to. I'm just gonna choose this one photo right now. I'm gonna say next now, I can also select other recent places so I could actually go see Mother Place is selected, but I can share this to any off the groups that are part off that allows buying and selling . So I can, for example, share to the South African Business Exchange. They work to the U. S. Small business network doesn't allowed this currency. So just mind that if you are doing stuff in a different currency, some currencies would be allowed and I want to put it in Muscle Bay adds up with a day, and then when I hit the post button, it will actually appear in marketplace. I'm not gonna post us now because this is a fake listing, and I don't want people to actually start commenting on it. But this is basically how you set up a property for sale on marketplace. Now add statute place on marketplace off valid for three for 30 days, so you could just take that off the 30 days adjusted. To make sure that you refresh the post you made and the items that you are selling, just make sure to refresh it and recreated if needed. Now, just what I want to show you something. This isn't going to be applicable to all agents, but it's definitely going to be something that's going to be applicable for agencies, and I've had a lot of agencies asked me this. I'm just going to quickly run through the system off how it works. If I go to home, you will see that when I click on Seymour at the bottom here, you also see there's a job stab. If I took on the job, stab, it will actually open this street. And I can say I want a full time job and I wanted as a real estate agent and you will see is advertising jobs in the area. And I could choose my location right now. How this works is agencies are constantly looking for new real estate agents. So how you would go to do this is if I go to, let's say, creative 360 dot com or Creative to 60 the Facebook page. You'll actually see that there's a tab down here that says Jobs. So to get a job posting up, you will click on create a job, and now you can actually go. You can add a job title, you will add The location. Were will be second, for example, say George, and actually select the city. I can put in a salary, but that's optional full time that I can put details up to 5000 characters. This will be your requirements for for Wayne posting a job, the job requirements that you will have. And then here we can add questions so you could add free takes questioning years. No questions or a multiple choice question, and you can just talk to question you like how many years off experience do you have and they can actually type the on city. You could also add additional questions. You can upload a photo so you can use the cover photo, and then you can also any email. Idrissi is optional, though to weigh the applications can be state, and this is basically how the job post is going to look at my page. This is how it's going to look on mobile now. What this will do is this will also post the job to the marketplace, that job marketplace, and this is sometimes important for agencies to know because there's it's more than just advertising products or something so you can post your jobs. You can post your properties for sale, so there's a lot of stuff you can do more compressed. This is just a high level overview about how marketplace works, but I really want you guys to go play a round of marketplace, see how it works and see what you can actually do with it, because marketplace is becoming a great place to host some of the content and some of this stuff that you want other people to see. And that's not always going to be possible on your public profile or on your Facebook page . All right, so that was Facebook marketplace in shorts, and I saw you in a little job market. Places well, just for the guys that want to turn now to post stuff onto the job market place. So I really hope this added value to you. I hope you guys are going to start playing with Marketplace. They have been able to see amazing success where French ALS Edwards cells by advertising their properties on the fights with marketplace. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one 12. Conclusion: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Brandon yourself. It's a real estate agent. So this concludes the course that we actually did. One bread of yourself are really hope you guys found some tremendous value to this course. The biggest thing is here is to take the stuff that you know and go implement it. Go to your profile, your Facebook profile, your social media profiles, your instagram, your countries and updated profiles. Start using the contents. Actually talked about images, videos, blood and then start using tools like the first with marketplace actually growing. Released a Korea. So just for record purposes, you're all my contact details again, you can say many male follow me on my block. All my social feelings are available in the block and you can contact me to any off them. And please feel free to contact me if there are any questions that you might have, whether it's being discussed in the course, and you just need some more clarification, whether it's something totally different that you need information on, please contact me and I'll try to respond as soon as possible. So just quickly run through what we've done in this course. We looked at. Why is bread yourself? We also lived at our real estate. Agents are currently using Brand. Why should you move towards the Internet for branding and away from offline materials? We talked about your social media profiles that you should use for real estate agents. We talked about images. Can va. We talked about Facebook profile, set up important security settings, different types of content, etiquette use and also surely how you can utilize a service called Fiverr to actually get this content created. They lost like I showed you. The first with marketplace and over. The Facebook marketplace doesn't linking of everything else we discussed in the course. I felt the need that it is important for the first report Good place to feature you as it gives you an opportunity to start advertising on social media for free right now. To this is quite important and gives you a base set up on incoming courses. We are going to discuss Facebook fan pages we are going to discuss faced before cutting will look a landing page design and landing page creation and using email marketing to grow your real estate following. But for now, this will get you started and moving in the right way and in the right direction. You cannot continue of the other courses if you have not gone through this inside, of course. So I really hope this course and it's something made this value. Please remember that on every video in the course you can down the slides for the video to use it as a reference material. When you want to know something and you want to quickly go back, you all more than welcome to download the slides from Dean. So that's it for this course. And I really hope like I said before that this added something mean this vanity and it gave us something that you could use and you utilize. If you like the schools, please send me an email. Contact me. Tell me what you liked about this course. Tell me what you didn't like about discourse. If there were anything and I really hope that you will take a look at the rest of the forces that I am producing, I'm putting out there to kind of get you started. Mawr and Mawr into the digital space. Thank you for watching discourse. My name is Field on for Peter dash dot dot com