Branding Your Creative Business: Launching Your Brand | Faye Brown | Skillshare

Branding Your Creative Business: Launching Your Brand

Faye Brown, Faye Brown Designs

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9 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Intro to course

    • 2. Photography

    • 3. Packaging

    • 4. Stationery

    • 5. Your website

    • 6. Selling on third party sites

    • 7. Selling in 'real' shops

    • 8. Selling at craft markets

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Following on from Parts 1 and 2 of this series of classes, this class will guide you through the initial steps you need to take to launch your brand from photography to packaging and business cards to websites.

Part 1 of Branding Your Creative Business helped us define exactly what our brands were all about, our target market and how to position ourselves within your own industries. In Part 2 we used all that knowledge and info to move forward and design our company logos.

In Part 3 - Launching your brand we will start off at looking at some of the key things you'll need to get your business started - product photography, personal websites, stationery etc before we then talk about places to potential sell your products and / or services.

Following on from this class is Part 4 - Social Media for your Business where we will then look at how to promote your brand across social media and other forms of publicity. 

This class is aimed at people running creative businesses - such as photographers, craft makers, pattern designers, bakers - people who are talented in their field but feel overwhelmed by branding and how to get started with their businesses.