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14 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Introduction

    • Video 1 Workshop Outline

    • Video 2 Client Interview

    • Video 3 Pricing

    • Video 4 Brainstorming

    • Video 5 Design Don'ts

    • Video 6 Color

    • Video 7 Typestyle

    • Video 8 Icon

    • Video 9 Pattern

    • Video 10 Logo assembly

    • Video 11 mock ups

    • Video 12 brand board

    • Video 13 Class Project


About This Class

Hello All! 

Welcome to Branding Workshop - A Case Study. 

This is a unique branding class. Here you will follow along, as I take on an imaginary client and develop their brand beginning to end. We will discuss how to work with a client, pricing and how to translate the client's vision without compromising your design style. We will then embark on a creartive jorney where we will develop a logo, work with mock ups and create a professional brand board to present to our client. 

This is going to be an amazing class filled with step by step information to get your creative juices flowing. Join the fun! 

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This is a good class to take even if you aren't planning on being a designer. Shelley walks through everything from pricing, concepts to the finish look. Good suggestions for ideas...makes me wish I had been a designer.
Excellent class, full of information!
It was really amazing. Whole branding class from the begininng true whole process till the brand guidline. This class will be perfect for beginners who don't know how to start a conversation with the client and making a brainstorm to start a refine ideas. Thank you very much Shelley.





Shelley Seguinot

Graphic Designer, owner of I'm Inkpressed

I am a graphic designer, momma of 3 and owner of I'm Inkpressed. I have been doodling since I could remember and work with various mediums. I love crafts, color and alll things cute! my passion is character drawing and surface pattern design.