Branding, Websites and Social Media for Photographers

Jennifer Schwartz

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6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Trailer for the 10-Course Series, Crusade For Your Art

    • 2. Course 4: Branding, Website, Social Media

    • 3. Logo and Marketing Materials

    • 4. Components of a Good Website, Part 1

    • 5. Components of a Good Website, Part 2

    • 6. Social Media


About This Class

Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers gives you the tools to take your fine art photography career by the reins and thoughtfully and purposefully develop a plan to get you where you want to go.  Learn how to tighten your work, develop your brand, identify goals and a plan for your photography, and strategically launch your project.

In this forth of ten courses, you will learn the importance of consistent branding and things to consider when creating a logo, business cards and marketing materials. You will also learn the important components of a good photographic website and how to use social media effectively and efficiently. For your class project, you will evaluate your current website and determine areas that need improvement.

Jennifer Schwartz is the creator/director of Crusade for Art, a non-profit organization focused on cultivating demand for art, specifically fine art photography. Jennifer owned a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta (Jennifer Schwartz Gallery) for five years, showcasing the work of emerging photographers. She also created the online project, The Ten, and is the co-creator of Flash Powder Projects. In the spring of 2013, she traveled around the country in a 1977 VW bus, engaging audiences with photography. Her book, Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers was published in March 2014.