Branding Success, Ultimate 2019 Branding Yourself Masterclass

Coach George, Start Wining...

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13 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduce Yourself

    • 3. What Is Your Vision?

    • 4. Who Is Your Target Audience?

    • 5. CASE STUDY: Target Audience

    • 6. Define Your Business

    • 7. Positioning your brand

    • 8. Get Inspired By Your Competitors

    • 9. Pricing Your Brand

    • 10. Your Brand Is A Mirror Of Yourself

    • 11. Is Your Idea Valid?

    • 12. Your Brand's Colors

    • 13. Create A FREE Logo


About This Class

Learn how to brand yourself correctly as well as to position your business in front of your target audience with this 2019 Masterclass

Your brand is the promise for your client, is what represents you and what will define your target audience. Your brand personality and target audience will define everything, from what you are going to sell to whom you are going to sell ti, and you will learn that in this course Isn't that cool?

If that wasn't enough, Let me tell you that in this masterclass we are going to cover everything you can possibly need, and I will teach you what the pros aren't teaching you.

In this course we will cover deeply

  • A Small Introduction 

  • What Is And How To Create Your Vision

  • How To Find Your Target Audience

  • How To Define Your Business

  • The Positioning Of Your Brand

  • How To Study And Analyze Your Competitors

  • How To Validate Your Business Idea

  • How To Identify Your Brand Colors 

  • How To Create A 100% FREE Logo

  • And Much More 

Plus, I will be doing case studies for you to personally understand everything I'm teaching you

And if that wasn't enough i will include as a bonus lecture, some audio sections where i will be giving away some extremely valuable information!

So what are you waiting for? Join this course and let's make some money!