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Branding & Marketing Yourself Online: Learn How To Stand Out

Value Academy, Learn Today, Create Tomorrow!

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24 Videos (1h 42m)
    • Branding Promo

    • The Landscape/ Stats & Facts

    • Be Where Your Audience is Hanging Out

    • Finding Your Route to Market

    • Authenticity Wins the Game

    • How to Use Stories to Win the Hearts of Your Audience

    • Intro Personal Branding

    • Building a Personal Brand

    • Coming Up With a Brand & Website Name

    • The Value Proposition

    • Blogging - Your Own Platform For Being Heard


    • Creating Your Logo

    • How To Manage Your Brand And Reputation

    • Setting Up – And Basics of Good Design

    • Content Marketing for Exposure

    • How To Build an Email List From Your Blog

    • Social Media Intro

    • How to Create a Social Media Plan

    • The Types of Content Your Audience Will Thank You For

    • How to Create Content That Gets Shares

    • More Ways to Get Likes and Shares

    • 10 Tactics for Getting More Followers

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Your Complete Guide To Creating, Growing & Managing Your Personal Brand Online!

This course is designed for people who want to learn the Ins and Outs of building and promoting a personal brand online. The great thing about the internet is that anyone can start a business and market themselves at virtually no cost. All this can be done from home and you can get started today. Of course there are some critical things you need to keep in mind when building your brand otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time on ineffetive strategies.  

In the course I will take you through each step involved in the creation, promotion and management of your own personal brand. This also includes teaching you the fundamentals of content marketing and how you can use it to grow your brand fast. What sets this course apart from others is that I will show you how to design a brand that is specifically targeted towards your ideal customer. That way you don't have to rely on guess work to find out what works and what doesn't. You'll know in advance what to focus on and you'll end up with a brand that your fans will love.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Program:
- How to come up with the right brand name 
- How to create the perfect logo for your brand
- How to define your value proposition to clearly show your customers & fans what it is you do
- How to use social media to market yourself and your brand
- How to create content that gets shared
- Proven strategies to get more followers & fans 
- How to identify the best routes to market to position yourself more effectively
- How to Use Stories to Win the Hearts of Your Audience  
- And finally how to set up a blog for your brand and use it to quickly build a large email list 

By the end of the program, you’ll know exactly how to market & brand yourself online and you can follow an easy action plan to see results in no time.

BONUS: You Also Get Access To My Privat Facebook Group "Value Academy" Where I Give Free Advice And You Can Ask Questions And Interact With Other Students.

Scroll Up And Build Your Brand Today!

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Value Academy

Learn Today, Create Tomorrow!

At Value Academy we give entrepreneurs and young professionals the tools they need to reach their goals and advance their careers.

Our courses focus around Personal Development, Online Business and Digital Marketing. So whether you want to start an online business, increase your productivity or build your brand, we can help you with that.

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