Branding Inspiration - Colors, Mood Boards and Logos | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare

Branding Inspiration - Colors, Mood Boards and Logos

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Class Promo

    • 2. Logo Inspiration

    • 3. Mood Board and Color Inspiration

    • 4. Creating Your Mood Board in Canva

    • 5. Creating Your Color Palette

    • 6. Applying Your Color Palette in a Logo Design

    • 7. Ready to Dig Deeper Into the Logo Design Process?

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About This Class


I wanted to create a class that can help you jump start your brand creation process. I wanted to show you what fantastic logo design and branding looks like. This class is short, but packed full of branding that will encourage you to raise the level of expectations for your own brand or logo design.

I even teach you how to create mood boards and create your brand's color palette. Most of all, I made this a fun dive into the branding and design process with tidbits of advice and guidance along the way. So let's learn together! 

I also offer a wide variety of classes that can help you get started in your brand creation journey. Feel free to check out my profile to find a class that matches what you are looking for. 

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