Branding Essentials: Create a Business Tagline Step by Step | Ilya Lobanov | Skillshare

Branding Essentials: Create a Business Tagline Step by Step

Ilya Lobanov, Creating brands that make impact

Branding Essentials: Create a Business Tagline Step by Step

Ilya Lobanov, Creating brands that make impact

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9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Create a Tagline

    • 3. Ingredients of a Great Tagline

    • 4. Step One - Do Your Research

    • 5. Step Two - Ideate & Generate

    • 6. Step Three - Validate & Measure

    • 7. Step Four - Finalise Your Tagline

    • 8. Step Five - Implement Your Tagline

    • 9. Your Class Project

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About This Class

As a Brand Specialist and Creative Director, I have had the opportunity to work with many startups, as well as already established businesses, and I found that having a Great Tagline can be the difference between winning or losing a new client. A tagline is the first impression that your brand makes, and it is vital that it resonates with your target audience and attracts the right type of customer.

After crafting memorable taglines for successful businesses for the last decade, I have systemised a list of six ingredients that work best to create something meaningful and memorable. I have also formulated a process to ideate, validate and finalise a Great Tagline for your personal brand or business, and I invite you to learn these steps by enrolling into this class.

The class will take you through my process of creating a Great Tagline, which will help your brand be seen and heard by your future customers.

Who is it for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medium to Large Businesses
  • Copywriters
  • Content Writers
  • Marketers
  • Brand Strategists

What you will learn:

  • Learn why having a Great Tagline is so important for your business
  • Become familiar with vital ingredients that go into the makings of a Killer Tagline
  • Understand the steps required for creating a tagline, including research, ideation and validation
  • Become familiar with some tagline formulas you can use to generate tagline ideas
  • Learn how to shortlist taglines which represent your brand best
  • Understand how to tailor taglines to ensure it makes the best first impression on prospects and your customers

Class Project

As part of the Class Project you will be applying the ingredients and process you have learnt from the class to create your very own tagline. By going through the class steps provided you will be able to:

  • Generate 10-15 tagline ideas that are consistent with your brand’s positioning,
  • Use my validation method to shortlist them down to the final 3 tagline options,
  • Go through the final selection process to end up with a tagline that will resonate with your target audience and attract more prospects

Meet Your Teacher

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Ilya Lobanov

Creating brands that make impact


I help ambitious designers and marketers level-up their skills and boost creativity.

A passionate ambassador of the Creative Thinking Mindset, I teach designers and creatives how learning and practicing this skill can transform any creative into a more powerful and confident problem solver and designer. Join me and explore my classes on Skillshare.

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is really a lot been off, and I'm excited to welcome you to my new class. For the last 15 years, I have been working as a brand specialist and creative director, crafting memorable brands. And today I want to share with you a process for creating a great tagline that will help your brand be seen and heard by your potential customers. After crafting memorable taglines for successful businesses for the last decade, I've decided to put this plus together to show you the process steps and tools that I use to create, validate and generate a great tag along for your business that will help you a deeper connect with your target audience. I'm going to show you the ingredients that go into the makings of a killer tagline, as well as showing my steps and method for creating validating an idea. Hating a fantastic Tagle on a tagline is the first impression that you brand makes. And it can be the difference between winning or losing a new climb. Building a fantastic business, setting up productivity mechanisms and creating an awesome product is an admirable, but you also need a way to attract the right customers and to show them how your business is different from your competitors. This can be achieved with the power off a great tagline even before the potential customers get to experience your service or product. This class is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as content writers and marketers and the brand strategists who want to write meaningful taglines for other businesses. By the end of the class, you will have all of the ingredients and tools required to create a great tagline for a personal brand or business. This will also be part of your class project to create the tagline so I can't wait to see what you can come up with, so I hope we can then roll and I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Why Create a Tagline: so you might wonder. Why Created taglines? Old cunt. I just used my business name. My reputation in the performer worked to win over clients. Yes, of course, it's possible to businesses and personal brands to go about their work without having a tag one. However, Haglund is an excellent vessel, an extension of your brand, which is used to attract better clients for your brand and connect with them on a deeper level. At that gun, there's a way to open the conversation for your brand, and it's a way to tell your brand story to prospects and potential customers in my previous class. Creating memorable brands have already discussed the power off positioning statement and how it can help you create a brand that is more meaningful to your customers. A positioning statement encapsulates everything about your brand and the communicates what you often and what customers can expect from you so you can look at the tag along as an even shorter statement that accomplishes the same thing. Onley. That's so much quicker, and it can be the first impression for your brand. A tagline is used to further strengthen your brand, reinforce the brand message and create a positive emotional reaction from your customers. Most importantly, low at tackling has the power to influence the buying decisions as your customers go through the buying journey with your brand, even if they're just becoming aware of your brain. The service tag along is about your business, and it needs to capture the essence of it perfectly, a tackling something that will usually sit next to your logo, being displayed on the website on promotion materials and business cards and so on. So when you're creating a regular, you really need to think about can it really stand the test of time? So let's have a look at all the ingredients that go into creating great tagline. 3. Ingredients of a Great Tagline: So when we think about the ingredients of creating great tagline, I like to think about in this way there some ingredients that absolutely have to be used. And then there's some additional ingredients that can help further enhance the tag along. If you're creating so to me, I see if there's a little bit like baking, you need some base ingredients such as flour, east sugar insult to make the dough, but after you can become much more creative and other ingredients for a unique creation of your own. So for the last 15 years, I have been creating taglines for start up businesses as well as already established businesses and even sell a preneurs. So the ingredients that I found that work best for me for creating a great tagline ice follows. The first ingredient is the brand promise, and this is your mission for the y of what you do. So, for example, McDonald's food might not be your healthiest choice, but the tagline I'm loving it makes the promise that you'll love the taste of it. The second ingredient is the brand alignment. This is important to make sure that you captured the essence of your brand. It's vital to be clear on what your brand values us, that you can really convey them free. A tagline accurately. It's also important that the tagline would come lead the picture when place alongside your business name and logo. Everything has to work together. So the third ingredient is the customer needs. This is all about showing the customers how you can help them answer that human need. Coca Cola is a great example of this. That Baghlan off open happiness, clearly communicates the brand promise. But you can also see how it identifies and calls out the key human need. And just for for a second, when we think about an emotional pull, this is something that's much more powerful than trying to sell on features of benefits alone. In addition of being the customer centric, most outstanding taglines are also focused on creating an emotional bond with their audience. The fourth ingredient that I like to use is the customer outcome. So so this is linked to the human needs, and you have to demonstrate to potential customers what outcomes can they expect when working with your brand of service and what benefit that will be for them. So, for example, I've worked with the company, which builds custom homes. That's a stable and energy efficient the company focuses on involving the buy in the design process off the home as well. So the process of home buying is no longer stressful. Boring. And Monday, for those clients, Degla and I came up was efficient homes, colorful moments, which sends a clear message to the potential by about the expectations, outcomes and benefits. Brent personality is the fifth ingredient, and this one is all about being consistent with your messaging and tone of voice. For example, if you are a serious organization like Red Cross, you're trying to add humor or whimsy into the tagline. Would send mixed messages and confuse your current or potential customers. The tagline has to feel consistent with the rest of your communications and marketing. Finally, the key ingredient into creating a unique tagline is, of course, communicating what your unique selling proposition is. What makes your product the service unique and different your competitors in this particular class only covering too much into creating the actual unique selling proposition ? Is there a tone of other classes that will help you create that, but do keep in mind when creating a tagline. It should be used in the pre existing strategy or brand positioning that you've come up before, which will really give you the best chance for a tackle. Understand the test of time. So we have already discussed some of the techniques that I used to create position for brand in my creating memorable brands class. So if you need some tools to create those for your brand, I'll share link to the class in the common section. So by making sure that you capture all of this base ingredients in creating a tagline, you will give yourself the best chance to come up with a tagline that really resonates with the target audience. But then I like to spice things up, So I like to use additional ingredients to strengthen the brand further their additional ingredients that I used to spice things up ice follows. The tagline should be shot and memorable. It should be easy to say and pronounce. It should also be easily understood, and it should be relevant to the industry of customers. It should evoke a positive emotional response from a customer and finally should be timeless, so we want to tag along to be a platform that can work for many stories. Now let's dive into actually creating a tag along some examples. 4. Step One - Do Your Research: so before you actually start creating a tagline, I can't stress enough how important distraction to do some research first usually will have done. This is part of your brand strategy or swap analysis, but you haven't done that yet. Start out by making a list of your biggest competitors and least known or perceived messages or taglines there might be using, as well as brand values or brand mission that might be displaying on the website. So it's important that the tagline you're you're creating completely distinguish issue from your competitors as this is one of the key ingredients of a tagline. We really want to get a really good birds eye view from what's out there in the industry, what your competitors are saying, what the messaging is like, what taglines they might be using and so on. So that will really give you the best chance to create a tagline that really sets you apart from them. As an example. Recently, I've gone through a re branding project for health organization here in Australia and thus far, the rebranding. The task was to also come up with supporting tagline. Needless to say, all of the competitors were using such taglines as connecting you to help or providing health to you and supporting your health and so on. Part of the unique offering off a client was that they tell it the health services to each of the individual patients and the needs. So writing a tackling was an easy task when we ultimately created tagline needs focused, tailored support, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand. So the second step of creating a great deadline is actually generating some ideas. So that's the fun part. Let's get into the next lesson. 5. Step Two - Ideate & Generate: So it's time for the palm part of the process is actually generate some ideas and thoughts for taglines. The way I normally get this process started is a start noting down some of different keywords about the brain service, a product which will be relevant to either the industry or the customer or the brand itself . Once I have those keywords, I didn't start playing around with exploring different concepts and ideas, and normally I would use some version off the morphological metrics or using alternative perspectives that we explored in my previous class cold introduction problem solving. I have linked the document in the project section for your reference. So at this stage, no Tagalog idea is bad, but aim to write down at least 10 to 15 tagline ideas. They really need to capture the essence of your brand, and this is supposed to be a fun exercise for you to come up with. Something that's really unique really sets you apart after all the reason a business quite like kills anywhere else. So you want to tag line to represent that If you're still struggling to come up with ideas , here's some quick starts for for you to come up with some tagline options. So the first formula that I used to generate tagline ideas it's called three progressive words which are interlinked. So the Lincoln be that the words all alliteration. Which means that the start with the same letter or, for example, that the announce on the dole verbs so as an example when I use this formula, would be a tackling that I created called explore, envision and power. So this is a technology created for a software company that had the vision to empower the uses with the best technology. So another formula that I use is action that begets an outcome. This is where we have a tagline like lift your safety, which is a tagline that the team and I came up with for safety inspection service within the lifting industry. Another great formula that I used to create the tagline is one that demonstrates transformation that you protect the service provides, as I can simultaneously capture your mission as well as the outcomes and benefits for the customer. An example of this top of tagline is one I created for construction consulting service insides that in power, this tingling captures how my client works, alongside building contracts with empowering, collaborating and educating them in order to maximize the efficiency and safety for everyone involved. So once you've generated some great ideas and thoughts about the taglines, it's time to actually test the validity and the relevance of taglines to brand. 6. Step Three - Validate & Measure: But the time you've reached this step in the process of creating a great tag on you should now have at least 10 to 15 tagline thoughts and ideas that have generated, and what we will be doing is we will be using our checklist off of six ingredients that will use to run through the tag on options and on ideas that you've come up with to ensure it meets that criteria. So to recap, our six ingredients are brand promise, brand alignment, customer needs, custom outcomes, brand personality and unique selling proposition. Normally, the way that I do this is I would either draw the six ingredients out on the white board or on a piece of paper, and I would run each tagline option, an idea that I have ruled the checklist to see how many perceived items or the ingredients each of those tackling possesses. It's OK if someone taglines don't seem to meet all of the criteria, it is possible to end up with a great tagline will serve you well, even if it only meets four or five out of the six items. Sometimes it can actually be harmful. Take tag line if you try to cram everything in. You have to pick the right balance off saying just enough or conveying an idea. If your tagline an enigmatic or fluid idea can sometimes touch or hint, check this box without officially taking it. While this process can be a little bit subjective, because different tiger Nadia's can generate in the vote different emotions and responses from different people. But you should really aim to consider only taglines that meet at least free of those ingredients in the checklist to give yourself the best chance of creating a good tagline. Unless you can find a way to up cycle some of the taglines to ensure that they meet Mawr off those checklists and more of those ingredients, this validation process is something that can be done myself. But it's also usefully excites to do if your key stakeholders team or a partner we can justify to each other High siege tagline meeting a certain checklist and wife. So once you've gone for the checklist, what do you do now? Let's let's find out the next lesson 7. Step Four - Finalise Your Tagline: So once you have gone from the process of generating some great tiger on ideas, I knew you have gone proved and validated and measured. The technology is an options with your team or on your own. You should now have to to free clear front runners, you should have your key stakeholders get together and decide on the final tagline, and you can use the additional checklist from the previous listen to guide your decision. So just to recap are six additional ingredients is that the technology needs to be shot and memorable. It should be easy to say and pronounce. It should be easily understood. It should be relevant to the industry customers. It should evoke a positive emotional response, and it should be timeless so that they can work as a platform for many stories. You really know that you're onto a winner, and then they have a great tagline if it meets most of the ingredients from the first checklist and most of the ingredients from the second checklist, so that the next step would be to check out your local trademark search to see if the tagline that have come up with can be registered for your brand or your business, because that can also help solidify the final decision that you make regarding your tag line. 8. Step Five - Implement Your Tagline: so the final step off creating a great tagline is actually implemented and put it to use. So depending on the size of your business or your brand, this may need to be a more of a gradual process. Typically might create a version of your longer with and without the tagline, potentially with the horizontal landscape versions, as well as a version for tagline artwork by itself that can be used on its own. If applicable, you can then start applying your new tagline to business cards and website, remembering that it should feel cohesive with the rest of the brand. The last thing you want is for your new tackle. It look like it's just being tacked on like an afterthought, so you can do this myself or you can outsource. Of course, a branding expert can help you integrate the tagline in the most effective manner to make sure that all of the elements is strengthened by each other in the old telling a consistent brand story. So now that you've gone through the whole process of creating a tagline, I'm really looking forward to seeing your completely taglines in a class project. So see the information about that in the next lesson, 9. Your Class Project: I hope you have enjoyed watching this cause as much as I have enjoyed making it now, you should have all the ingredients and tools necessary to create your very own tagline for your personal brand or business. So now it's part of the class project. I invite you to share your business name along with the pre shortlist. The silence have come up with as well as any rationale for what you think your final deadline should be and why. If you've enjoyed watching this class, I hope that you can leave an honest review and follow me on skill share to keep up to date with more creative classes that will be created, participate in the community and leave feedback from other students on the taglines, or reach out in the discussion section to find out more to ask questions or leave feedback to see my next