Branding Basics: Build a winning brand strategy in 3 easy steps! | Jeannie Chan | Skillshare

Branding Basics: Build a winning brand strategy in 3 easy steps!

Jeannie Chan, Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

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12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction to Consumer

    • 3. Defining the Target Consumer

      Target Consumer.pdf
    • 4. Introduction to Benefits

    • 5. Defining Product Benefits

      Benefit Ladder.pdf
    • 6. NEW! Mood Board Example

    • 7. Class Project - Build Your Brand Pyramid

      Brand Pyramid Template.pdf
    • 8. Wrap up

    • 9. Marketing Mix

    • 10. Sell Sheet

    • 11. Benefit Example 1

    • 12. Benefit Example 2


About This Class

Why do people buy top shelf liquor?

Try this experiment at your next party: Buy a few vodkas (or champagne or wine) from a few different price tiers. Conduct a blind taste test. See if your friends can correctly rank the different vodkas according to their respective prices.  

Chances are they will tell you they can, but in reality they probably cannot.

So, why is there such a thing as top shelf liquor - if it doesn't pass the scrutiny of a simple taste test.  

There lies the power of branding! 

Branding has implications for liquor, and a variety of products. This class is meant to teach you the fundamentals of building a brand strategy, upon which you can build a plan that will set you apart from your competitors.

Who should take this class?

While the basics of branding has wide implications in a variety of business, this course is tailored toward small-business owners just starting their venture selling a tangible product to everyday consumers. This course introduces the building blocks of building a brand.  This course will teach you how seasoned marketing pros approach building a brand by connecting with the consumer.  Achieving this will ultimately empower a brand to stand out amongst the competition.  

What will you learn from this class?

You will learn how to apply the same tricks of the trade big brand marketers use to unlock the potential of your product!  You will learn the framework with which you can define your target consumer in a way that you can build brand value.  You will also learn how to define product benefits that will be relevant to your target consumer.  Your class project will give you a visual representation of both your target consumer and product benefit.  These are fundamental building blocks for building a brand.