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Branding Basics: Build a winning brand strategy in 3 easy steps!

teacher avatar Jeannie Chan, Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction to Consumer

    • 3. Defining the Target Consumer

      Target Consumer.pdf
    • 4. Introduction to Benefits

    • 5. Defining Product Benefits

      Benefit Ladder.pdf
    • 6. NEW! Mood Board Example

    • 7. Class Project - Build Your Brand Pyramid

      Brand Pyramid Template.pdf
    • 8. Wrap up

    • 9. Marketing Mix

    • 10. Sell Sheet

    • 11. Benefit Example 1

    • 12. Benefit Example 2

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About This Class

Why do people buy top shelf liquor?

Try this experiment at your next party: Buy a few vodkas (or champagne or wine) from a few different price tiers. Conduct a blind taste test. See if your friends can correctly rank the different vodkas according to their respective prices.  

Chances are they will tell you they can, but in reality they probably cannot.

So, why is there such a thing as top shelf liquor - if it doesn't pass the scrutiny of a simple taste test.  

There lies the power of branding! 

Branding has implications for liquor, and a variety of products. This class is meant to teach you the fundamentals of building a brand strategy, upon which you can build a plan that will set you apart from your competitors.

Who should take this class?

While the basics of branding has wide implications in a variety of business, this course is tailored toward small-business owners just starting their venture selling a tangible product to everyday consumers. This course introduces the building blocks of building a brand.  This course will teach you how seasoned marketing pros approach building a brand by connecting with the consumer.  Achieving this will ultimately empower a brand to stand out amongst the competition.  

What will you learn from this class?

You will learn how to apply the same tricks of the trade big brand marketers use to unlock the potential of your product!  You will learn the framework with which you can define your target consumer in a way that you can build brand value.  You will also learn how to define product benefits that will be relevant to your target consumer.  Your class project will give you a visual representation of both your target consumer and product benefit.  These are fundamental building blocks for building a brand.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeannie Chan

Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant


I am a brand strategist who isn't afraid tackle business problems big or small. I have built my career by asking questions. With a relentless pursue for the daring questions that would lead to inspired new thinking, I have delivered measurable results to organizations of varying sizes in varying industries. I have ignited growth in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits, with multi-million dollar budget to no budget at all.

Currently, I serve as the Brand Lead for Bravecto at Merck Animal Health. Launched in 2014, Bravecto has grew into a leading brand in veterinary medicine, with award-winning work recognized by the industry. Beyond veterinary medicine, I have lend my expertise in fields such as personal care, pet nutrition, aviation, fashion, and mo... See full profile

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1. Trailer: - Hi, - I'm Jeannie Chan. - I've been a market there for nearly a decade, - and I've worked on tiny low brands to big brands. - Along the way, - I've picked up a few trick of the trays I like to share with you in this class In this - class, - we're going to go deeper into articulating your selling story and helping you differentiate - in the marketplace. - Well, - first, - by starting to define very clearly who your target consumer is and how you can appeal to - the target consumer, - well, - define it in a way that's for more meaningful than 25 year old male that's interested in - blah, - blah. - Blah will really help you clearly differentiate your product and help you to win in the - marketplace. - I hope to see you in class. 2. Introduction to Consumer: - as a marketer. - I always say that at the center of it all is the consumer in this class. - Wigan the attempt to define your target consumer by distilling it all down to one single - person. - At this point, - you may start to think that I'm completely crazy. - You may think that selling to one person, - that's not gonna fill a business. - I'm not trying to sell to one person. - I'm trying to sell to everyone. - Everyone deserve my really awesome cool product. - Now Salinger. - Everyone is a great inspiration, - but it's not realistic. - Let's think of fell a few big brands. - Starbucks, - Starbucks. - It's not a coffee for everyone. - Not everyone drinks $5 coffee. - They never appeal to everyone. - And to this day, - not everyone drinks Starbucks. - But it's a very big brand, - very successful. - Let's think about another brand iPhone. - IPhone has pre sell like crazy always sells out, - and with each launch, - there are lines around the block circling an apple store, - but must be on this. - Not everyone has an iPhone. - Some people don't have a smartphone. - That law. - A lot of people have enjoys or other alternatives to iPhone. - I want a successful US it is us much sales US is generally does not self to everyone. - So why should your products sell to everyone? - Ishan. - Who is she, - appealed to its a specific target market. - And in order to appeal to this specific target market. - What we'll do is by trying to appeal to this one single person that we're going to define. - Why do we need to define one single person? - Because if you can clearly understand who this one person is, - you be able to build a product and bill a sewing story that will appeal to this person in a - very authentic and unique way away. - That, - ah, - generic competitors cannot do. - But I clearly understanding and understanding intimately that consumer. - But you're trying to appeal to. - You're going to be able to craft your entire selling story and craft your product in the - way that will be uniquely differentiated from your compel it. - Er, - also, - by fully understanding how this consumer may behave, - you may also be able to use your marketing budget for more efficiently. - May have a marketing budget. - You may, - however, - small with this. - If you can make it more efficient, - that's going to help your business. - So let's start by clearly and defining this one single target consumer. - And in fact, - this one target consumer is going to be a representation off. - Ah, - far largest Sigmund than one. - Obviously, - I'm going to try to help you build a business, - and you can't sell to just one. - But this one consumer profile will help you have a clear understanding on how to actually - build your product. - Bill, - you're selling story bill your marketing plan so that you can appeal to your target Sigman - in the May, - in the way this may specifically for them so that it will be appealing to them - differentiated, - make you win against your compel ITER and also more likely to charge a premium price and - also allow you to win market share so less star we're building that consumer profile for - this one target consumer 3. Defining the Target Consumer: - in this smarter, - wakened defying your target consumer and weaken that defined this. - This 11 single person. - We want to do this because we want to build your brand. - How is this tight together? - Well, - let's first look at a definition off a Bryant. - I loved this one bicycle. - A brand is a self expectations, - memories, - stories and relationships that, - taken together account for consumer citizen should choose one product or service over - another. - If the consumer whether it's business, - a buyer of voter or donor doesn't pay a premium Mika selection all spread the word that no - brand value exist for that consumer. - There are few things that's worth paying attention to in this particular definition. - The first thing that's worth paying attention to is to work premium a branded product and - charge a premium. - Where's a commodity? - Cannot a brand of product and charge more, - And I'm Brenda. - Product cannot brand. - The pair of jeans can charge more. - A Brenda pair of jeans cannot Brandon pay of flip flop can charge more. - What is an, - um, - Brendan pair of flip flop is worth a couple bucks. - A branded product can charge more and umbrella product cannot, - which camp. - Do you want to be in the brand that can the camp they can charge more? - Well, - they can't that cannot. - I hope you want to be in the camp that want to charge more. - If you not in that camp, - they want to charge more. - This class is not for you. - If you want to charge more, - you need to build a brand. - If you need to build brand, - then you need to create a set off relationship with your consumer. - If you're in the business, - are selling to the masses. - If you're consumers, - ISS, - hundreds and thousands of millions of people to build a brand, - you need tohave being in for motivation ship with this hundreds and thousands and millions - of people now, - if you have the ability to do that, - you do not need this class. - If you're anything like me when I have problems maintaining my relationship with my - closeness of friends and family when talking a handful of people, - I think you need to continue on this course. - If you're in the business off selling to the masses, - you need to build relationship with the masses, - and that's really unrealistic for most of us. - many of us almost office and therefore to go around there, - we're going to create in our head one single target consumer. - This one single target consumers the profile and that applies to thousands of people. - But in your head it's one person, - and therefore you can have the clear thought on how you can build a meaningful relationship - with that one person. - How would this one person think? - How would this one person? - How did Bill experience with this one person? - You can think about it if it's one person. - You cannot do that when this thousands and thousands of people now if yet in the business - where by people mix your entire business, - maybe your sport agent and you manage five clients, - by all means know everything about those five people. - Think about how to build real meaningful relationship with those five people. - You don't need this, - but if your goal is to sell to more than five people, - if you're in the business is seldom hundreds and thousands of people. - This is the way to go so that maybe Pete, - if you are in the camp a wanting to charge more if you want to build a brand. - If your ambition is to sell to the masses, - you want to define one single target consumer to build a meaningful relationship with. - First, - let's think about who is your target. - This course is going to focus on the end user, - the consumer, - the person that consumes your product or surface. - That may not always be the case. - Let's say you make dog biscuit. - Consumer is a dog dog consumed a dog biscuit, - but you can't really target the dog. - You've been the target, - the dog owner. - If you're running a political campaign, - you're talking maybe a donor. - If you're in the definite business, - maybe a shopkeeper, - maybe a procurement manager. - The six sites work whether or not you're in the B two c B two B business, - but it is meant for people who have to target a lot of people. - The masses. - If your business really ISS only gonna based on a handful of people, - you should try to just know those handful of people. - But if it's to the masses and it's a realistic to say, - I can feel meaningful relationship with every single one of us going to purchase your - product, - you have to clearly define your target consumer in this very single minded way, - and we start with the demographic attributes, - age, - gender and this the marital status, - employment status, - locations, - locations, - maybe something like but in 25 miles of store or but then your delivery area. - Or it can be brother, - something like live in urban area. - Of course, - the tighter you can to find these the better demographic of things that can be survey in - the census, - things that can be checked the box Check the box 18 to 22 Best a type of demographic so we - can think about demographic attributes. - In that way. - What would be in the census information? - In fact, - if you take it into the next step and in the future, - when you think about market research, - think think about census could be a source of information, - and you need to define demographic in order the access. - Some of those census data. - So take a moment. - Think about your demographic view consumer data down in your notebook so that you can have - that in the rest as a reference. - But you're not defying by a demographic definitions. - You are not 25 year old white female employ single living in Chicago that does not define - who you are. - U. - S A. - Person is defined by how you interact with the world, - your personality, - your values, - your attitude. - Interest, - your life south. - These are generally referred to a psychographic attributes. - This is very important because if you want to build a relationship with a person, - you need to kind of get to know them deeper in the cock. - Inside it off the head is this person alone are a social butterfly that is going to change - how they interact with the world, - and that's going to change how they interact with your brand. - Is this person tech savvy or not? - Whether or not the statement is true or not is going to change how that person is going to - interact with the world, - and that's going to change how they will interact with your brand. - Now that doesn't mean you need a second degree in order to figure out the psychographic of - your tired consumer. - It can be something very simple. - Let's use up full, - for example, - a fashion Easter who looks for smart design in every aspect of life. - She's fashionable but still practical, - wears out flip flop to show off her effortless style. - Just a couple of simple statements to come up. - Mika, - this person come to life beyond H 22 year old female. - So take a moment right down a couple sentence off how you would define your target consumer - inwards, - based on how here she interacts with the world. - Now, - once you have to demographic in the psychographic attributes charts down in your notebook, - we're going to really make this come to life via mood board. - Let me continue with a full flop example within the Korean Move board. - Using you can use pictures from the Internets. - Or you can use clipping from a magazine gave in pin things on Pinterest. - How whatever is the easiest wait for you. - I think the easiest way is to use pictures from Internet on the Power Point because you can - save it you share is it's these this way now for this particular fashionista where my brain - that fancy flip flop, - she's on the dating world. - But she hasn't forgotten her girls should enjoy some night out with the girls. - She's very fashionable. - Whether she's on the data on my out, - she's the young working professional tree dressed smartly for the office, - but nothing too fancy or formal. - Hast thou? - At home, - it's also coughing or modest and simple, - modestly designed, - furnished by Ikea furniture. - Simply design very smart, - just like her. - She handles herself with a shopping, - some shopping here and there, - maybe buy a new handbag in their tempers herself, - sometimes with opinion. - Many, - but ultimately she sharp smartly at stores like Target It Can them. - Charles is to cares office herself. - She does yoga. - Pallotti. - No, - it's just a few simple picture, - this fashionista who my earlier defined as someone who look for smart design in every - aspect of her life. - She's fashionable but still practical. - And where's our full flop to shore off her effortless style now? - It just seems so much more riel when you can see it in picture. - A picture's worth 1000 words. - So they say, - Now, - this is my finish Mood board. - In this mood, - boy, - really cup brings to life who this target consumer is. - I also include the field brands that maybe problem into her life that you can live on in - corporate in tow, - your marketing campaign, - or maybe think about distribution so on so forth. - But this my boy really brings the life. - Who? - My target Consumer ISS, - who this one person is whom I can create meaningful relationship with whom I can create - relevant Brian experience with, - because I'm going to design everything for her now this more pork. - Define who my target consumer is, - but likewise define who my target consumer is. - Not now. - You may see that she does enjoy her friends. - She took her herself. - She thus yoga. - She shops at the farmer's market and maybe indulge herself little him there with a little - ice cream. - But she probably is not someone who is going to be eating Big Macs and fries every day. - That is probably not her. - She's probably not someone who's shopping at New Neiman Marcus every day. - That is not her. - She doesn't seem like the person who used the word lunch as a verb. - That is probably not her. - Do this for your target consumer really bring to life who? - This one person this And then, - in fact, - I encourage you to name this heart consumer. - I name her Rachel. - This allows you to really get personal with your target consumer with this hypothetical - person you can start to think in your head what would reach a one. - How should I speak to Rachel? - What? - Can't home shy? - Use how I have a conversation with Rachel. - What? - We're Rachel one with my problem. - How can the reach Rachel, - How can target Rachel making real Makindo person? - So go ahead and create the move or for your target consumer again. - There's different ways that you can do this. - You can do it on Power point, - which is why it here using pictures from the Internet. - But again, - you can do it on Pinterest painting different pictures on the on Pinterest soil. - You can do it old fashioned way, - which I have them before, - which is magazine clipping on the car board. - This is going to be able to be something that you you keep and you can define your target - consumer. - And if you're doing in the way that share both such as Power Point, - you can even share with other people so that other people can have the same clear picture - of for your target consumers. - So go ahead and create the move for for your consumer, - and this is going to be a great step towards defining your target consumer and toward - building a brand 4. Introduction to Benefits: now they have clearly defined your consumer. Let's talk a little bit about your product and crafting this story so that you can appeal to your target consumer in the clear and concise way this is going to help you to win in the club. The environment. And why is that clever environment? It could mean several different things. For example, at a store shelf when that's a lot of different products. Having a clear and concise recent bike is gonna help you stand out amongst your competitors all when you're trying to make a pitch for funding. There may be other similar product out there, but if you can make a clear and concise story a why your product this uniquely suited for this particular statement, it's going to help you potentially different. Change yourself from the many competitive that may be out there. Now you may say, Oh, I've done this exercise. I make vegan cookie and maturity consumers vegan. So there you go. Vegan Vegan is actually but the most basic lather off defined benefit for your target consumer weaken. It's actually a product feature on top of the product feature. When you layer on top of it. Ah, functional benefit and then emotional benefit. Now some character is going to be by nature a little bit more emotional, such as pets or babies who doesn't like babies and kittens, right? So those are going to be more emotional categories and their other Calgary's. That may appear to be more functional. Let's take example of hands anti sir. It said. The ties hand kills 99% of germs. Very functional. Very come on, Uncle Boring. But it actually still have all these leaf levels off benefits. On top of it, it's actually somewhat of a peace of mind. For example, if you know that your hands are clean, you won't get sick. That's actually a peace of mind, particularly when let's say, does a flu outbreak or something out there, or when your child's school has ah, flu outbreak, our cold outbreak. And you know that this is something that could help. So that's a piece of mine. Now your job is to understand, how do you communicate the different levels? And you start by knowing what will resonate with your target consumer, which relate to the exercise of clearly defining your target consumer Because for any given product, you can communicate on any different level and any different feature. Let me give you a few examples. We're all familiar with pickle rice. You very clearly from the front of the packaging, understand, was the product feature and benefit. It cooks fast. It will stand out from the shell from other problems that may help different things. But if you're only looking at the product, if you look at it a little bit more deeply in the back, you can see that there's actually more to it that they could have position as a balanced meal. They have. Position is healthy because there's no artificial flavor, north official colors and no preservative. But that's not all on the front of the packaging, because on the front of the packaging, you want to be clear to your target consumer. In this case, maybe a very busy professional who don't have time to cook an elaborate meal. And maybe health is important, but it's not the most important thing. Time is, so they communicate on time. Now, once you get that person to pick up the packaging off the shelf, they can read the back and they get a little bit more information, but it's very important to know real consumer is what relevance to was relevant to that target consumer and communicate on that level and other example on thinking about how important it is to understand attorney, consumer and therefore understanding how you should communicate. Right? Let me give you an example off ups. This is an example out, and it really features a small business owner in this case, Sandy Well, no rights, lies and mixed times. Amazing Paice. And when tourists asked to ship I from Hawaiian Island shop in Quiet to the mainland, she went to the UPS Store in her neighborhood because while Sandy aid nose off flaky crust and the filling that you passed orginal all about packing and shipping. And they even put together personally printed flyers, business cards and menus easy as mango, passion for pie, locally owned and ready to help. At the UPS store, we love small business relief logistics. You can see how is all about helping small business owner now, in this case, Sandy is front and center in this ad, but obviously there's a lot more Sandys out there in the world. No ups could have gone away and they actually impasse. Half talk about how many people they have or what? How are there how they are expert off logistic? But that's hard for people to understand sometimes. So now they decide to communicate on the farm or emotional level, which is helping small business owner do their thing. So and there's some love out there, even though it may be on the hero ing one. So it's one of those things where you if you clearly understand who your target consumer is , what claims deploying it in this case, they fair specifically the find small business owner US a target market. All this, like other people can use ups, but this is how they get that message across. And then once they get a clear story across, you can have a wider appeal to why the market and also once you have a clear understanding who your consumer is and one is relevant for him or her allow you to choose destroy you want to communicate. If you're communicating to Fortune 500 company ups will pay. I have a very different selling story than when they're trying to communicate to a small business owner. So these are the things that you need to think about as you're building your story and all started with the consumer. But unless now, die a little bit deeper into the benefit lover and whether that differently your benefit that you will problem offer and then we can put together how we can communicate this to your heart. Communicate this story so that is most relevant to your target consumer. 5. Defining Product Benefits: - in this video, - we're going to talk about the benefit leather Talk about the benefit. - Leather is really talking about creating a meaningful product experience for your target - consumer. - As first start with knowing clearly, - he retired, - consumer is because you cannot design a relevant project experience for your consumer. - If you don't have a clear idea, - what he or she wants can design experience If you do not know how he or she is gonna - interact with your product and interact with the world. - So first, - before you can think about the bend for the other are creating the perfect parlor - experience. - It has to be about clear understanding off your target consumer. - Everything's start with understanding of the consumer. - Once you have nailed that, - you can start the next step, - which is defining the benefit leather so that you can create that meaningful product - experience. - Craving a meaningful products spin starts with your product attributes. - What makes your product CUNY. - One of the reasons to buy these are basic facts about your product. - This could be your you're a cookie. - That's a fact. - You a sugar free. - That's a fact. - This could be also claims nine out of 10 Doctor recommended your cookie. - This is a fact. - You've done the survey thes effects about your product where if you were taken to court - dearth, - you can show proof of this. - These are substantiated claims thesis substantially that attributes about your products. - You can prove this, - these basic things about your product. - His example continued without flip flop. - Example. - Women, - high quality food, - Hope that won't lose a shape won't smell and the shrapnel get loose. - Now this is not a simple US sugar free, - but it's still something that if I will stick into court, - I can show high quality because I have specific sorting all material. - They won't lose their shape because I think quality testing won't smell because of the - quality testing moon. - The strap wounded loose because I'd equality testing. - I have test results in front of me, - and I can prove thes product attributes. - Prove them in court. - Those are kind of the acid test you want to run through, - and you're thinking about these product actually what you want to start claiming this is - going to be relevant when you're starting thinking about the next step, - what you have in the thick claim on the packaging when you're going to claim your marketing - material. - So first, - start with what makes your product. - What makes you who you are as a product on the most basic level. - Now go ahead and this your product attributes make a laundry lists everything you can think - of for you like. - But once you're finished with listening your laundry list a product attributes we're going - to start to think back about the target consumer. - At the end of the day, - we're trying to create probably experience that's relevant for your target consumer Off - this along. - This, - which are the one that's most relevant to him or her. - Go ahead, - put thes product attributes into a ranking because at the end of the day, - you may not be able to come and get reasonable thing about your product, - so you need to start to filter your point of view about your product through the lens of - your target consumer. - You're gonna always know more about your product, - then your target consumer. - We'll all need to know. - So what other things that are important to your sorry consumers? - Start filtering out your list or product attributes. - Next, - you start to climb the leather functional benefit. - What is your product designed to do? - If your sugar free you less a local cookie? - Maybe it's designed to go hope with weight loss, - or at least prevent waking by something that you designed to do. - But you cannot promise it. - You should try to deliver your own your brand promise, - but at the end of day, - this is where it's out of your control. - Your problem attributes fully in your control because you put that product together. - Everything about you know, - the except manufacturing process. - You know, - the exact, - um, - survey that you do everything that's under your control. - Benefits starts to go. - Also, - you control because it's about interaction with the consumer is not just about the product - of the surface that you are doing is about how he was she. - Your target consumer interacts with it. - You may make the cookie with a perfect recipe to be low cow sugar free. - Just most healthy cookie that is in the world. - But if he If you start consumer, - eat 1000 off them in one sitting, - however many low cow it, - maybe it will end up. - Or maybe she eats your local cookie, - and that's great. - But your target Consumers also eating a bunch your father's junk food. - So yours little local sugar free cookie may be healthy and really prevent waking and help - with ah, - weight management program. - Your little piece of cookie is only you can only control what you put into the cookie. - You cannot control what you consumer is going to do with it, - he's example, - using our flip flop. - Ah, - high quality flop combines comfort with style, - perfect for the beach or the city. - This is talking about comfort and style in perfect for the Beach of City. - This is time back to who I defined to be mature consumer Rachel, - who's a fashion Easter with effortless, - affordable style. - But she's not beach bum. - She has a job in lives in city. - So this is how I defined my function to benefit. - Always start to falter what you say about your product through the lens of your target - consumer. - No, - my flip flop may be designed to deliver a comfort and style, - but at the end of the day she beware the flip flop. - But I can guarantee style is a very stylish football, - but I can guarantee that she is a stylish person if she doesn't half style. - So there's this whole interaction with your Prock that that change what your product of - only do. - But don't worry, - you will still defying your benefit based on what you're trying to deliver to your target. - Consumer. - Your target consumer, - your single minded person, - that one person that you defined your head as your target Summer is going to use the - product exactly how you design it to be, - because you are going to design this product experience perfect for him or her. - There are a whole bunch of other people out there who is not your time consuming that may - misuse your product, - but you're going to define you're functional benefit and everything else about your brother - . - You need to find it through the lens off your target consumer, - in the words of your target consumer, - in the way that it's breast in a relevant to him or her. - Many people may buy flip phone, - and those people don't care about style at all. - That was just happens to be what they picked up because they were at the beach and they - needed a pair of flip flops, - and that was just what was available at that particular beach and other forethought was not - available. - They are not a solid person. - They may, - by my flip flop. - They're not my target consumer. - I will still define my flip off based on the fact I deliver a style. - I'm not going to define my product based on these other people. - You're not looking to serve them. - You may accidentally serve them. - And if they buy your product or service, - yes, - your you get the money, - you're happy. - But you're not looking to serve him, - and they may be. - The people complain about you cause they may complain. - It's too expensive. - You don't care about them. - You're not trying to win that business. - You're trying to win the business of retired consumer. - The next step towards climbing there Beneful other is the emotional benefit. - What this show product empower you consume feel. - Remember, - when you're building a brand, - you need to create self emotions with your consumer. - So what does your brand empower someone to feel? - Sugar free cookies doesn't make the person feel control. - What do they feel? - It's far more powerful than either. - Just listen, - a laundry list of product attributes or what is dysfunctional. - They supposed still deliver what emotion for your consumer feel. - His example helped flip flop slipped in slip into a pair off our flip flops and slipped - into a summer state of mind. - Wow, - how posh boys that you can immediately think. - Oh yeah, - Summer Still mine. - Carefree artist. - Wonderful in both of functional and emotional benefit. - Try as much as you can be single minded. - Write it down for your brand. - Took a moment right now, - right on for your brand. - One sentence. - What this? - The function. - Bend them. - What is the emotional benefit? - But one sentence on Lee and off run on sentence that really should be divided into five - sentences. - One sentence. - Because you want to be single minded in today's cluttered marketing environment, - you cannot deliver a fair complicate a message you need to deliver One thing, - and one thing only need to be is your messaging to be so sink? - You'd be concise if you think about the TV world is a Padilla for in like 30 seconds, - so it needs to be something very clear. - It's very similar to it. - Defining a single target consumer. - You need that clarity of mind you need. - The clarity here for the functional and emotional benefit was one thing. - One functional benefit, - one emotional benefit that you're trying to deliver. - A four year old product. - Let's take a moment and right he's done for your brand. - Once we've done that, - you know, - I like mood boards. - The scream would bore for the emotional benefit this is going to make that come to life, - because sometimes emotion is hard to really grass. - So picture again. - Just it's so powerful and so easy to get everyone on the same page cream report for your - emotional benefits and really try to avoid any picture of your provocation. - Maybe have one. - Justice Heart. - I altogether prepare flip flop on here, - but you should not have. - This is not beauty shots of your product. - That's not what it's about. - And it's not even about people using a product. - If you suffering a cell phone, - don't have 10 million picture of people holding your cell phone we're holding. - It's only in the office holding cell on the street, - holding yourself in the grocery store, - trying to say, - Oh, - this person does. - All these things don't do that that is not communicated motion that's communicated. - Function. - Yes, - that's mobile, - this person. - This in all these places emotions. - Well, - this person feeling thinking If you do it right, - you can almost start picture a printer. - Come out these pictures. - This picture could easily be on your brand's Pinterest on your brand's Facebook and start a - conversation. - A conversation should not always be a part of your products. - Really boring if you have you ever been on Facebook patient? - They talked about nothing but their product, - and you stop following them because it's really boring. - You want to connect on a deeper level on the emotional level. - That's why when you're thinking about your consumer, - you wanted it. - Think about what's in the person's head. - The consumer is not one side. - That demographic 25 year old by female living in Chicago. - Your profit is not about your product Attributes. - Know about just a function. - This about the experience, - that motion that you can deliver to your consumer. - And once you can nail this, - you can really figure out how you want to have the compensation and create those - conversation. - Create that experience. - Create those interaction with your consumer you can always be talking about your product, - and so this helps you think about your brand in the broader way. - Think about how your brain connect with your consumer thing about the conversation that you - and half of your consumers and not just always talk type of product. - So go ahead and create this move or poor your brand and really focus on the emotional - benefit and how you can emotionally connect with your consumer. 6. NEW! Mood Board Example: in this video, I really want to give you a concrete example or by mean about, ah, product benefit mood board. I want to be really clear on this because I believe this is such a powerful tool for your brand that if leveraged, it could really unlock the potential of your brand and allow you to charge more. So let's go there an example that is about smartphone Target that the young professional and this is version number one. What do we think about this? Move board now. If you've been paying attention, you would probably pick up on the fact that this is a lot off picture off the product, I have said earlier. If you have more than one picture of the product, you have too many. This is just a lot of picture of people using the product, and this just a bunch of use each photo. It doesn't really evoke that emotion Now. Maybe the idea behind this is maybe productivity on the go. You can be working even when you're having lunch. So this and this young professional so there's something there. But this is kind of like beginning off a mood board. It's too many usage follow. It doesn't really communicate are one of the single fought an idea. It doesn't communicate a mood. So let's go to and other versions of this. How about this particular mood board? This move board has young professional on the one usage picture at this time Looking good. What's the mood? The evil Can you tell me in the world what's the mood? To be honest with you, I would have a hard time communicating one move from this move. Boy, this mood board, Yes, there's not a lot of usage photo That's not beauty shots off the product, but and there has young professional, but it has a lot of kind idea going in there. Is it maybe about teamwork? Maybe about creativity? Maybe about productivity? Um, but not quite there yet US forest establishing. Ah, move. Not quite there yet. What does your brand ultimately can't bring to your target consumer and what the super and just really empower your consumer to do? Think about elevating your product to a higher level that will really unlock the potential off your brand. So let's look at the next example, and this is the example that ultimately land on for this particular example, and I landed on the emotion off success. Now, if you look at this move or it has a mood as a movie happiness, it has a mood of success. It has a mood off, like the joy that comes with success, that power that comes with us assess the freedom that comes with success. This that's a mood to this move board, and that's where this exercise becomes powerful. If you can land on one single emotion that you really want your brand to communicate, that really when your brand to Gulf telegraph to your target consumer, it will really help you establish yourself us a brand Now. Then there may be many, many smartphone out there that that's the great thing. Productivity. If you keep on just selling on the feature, you just keep one upping on the features, its very heart race. But you do emotion. Dad, unlock something very, very different. Don't get me wrong. You have to have a basic good product. Best marketing cannot overcome a crappy product, but when you have good branding, it really help you elevate your brand to the next level. And that is how you can use your brand to charge more apparel. Jeans is still a pair of jeans brand apparel. Gene can charge more because when, where the pair of jeans you feel something and you feel something different and that feeling is worth it. This is that kind of it's This is the kind off power that when you have a clarity of what the emotional benefit is for your brand, can brain to your brand. Think about Apple Computer. Great computer. Don't get me wrong but it really has a power with that, just the creativity that, like individual ism that Apple can bring. When you have Apple product, you feel different is a great Pollock, yes, but great product had only commends so much as faras price. But when you can feel something when you're using that product, now that that it's worth something and death and powers you to charge more. So I hope this example what's useful in helping you understand what I mean about mood board for your product and how this tool can be so powerful in unlocking the potential of your brand and allowing you to charge more, and also by doing the sexy side give you the clarity of what your brand is all about and how you can articulate that story, too, to target consumer other people who may be asking you about your brand. What is that one thing that really your brain can deliver to your target consumer that is far above and beyond just basic problem feature. So I hope this example is helpful to you in better understanding how to build a product benefit mood board. 7. Class Project - Build Your Brand Pyramid: industry. The awaken The talk about building a brand pyramid. If you google the work Brian Pyramid, you'll see many different versions of it. Every ad agency has their own spin to, and each marketing academic put their own theory behind it. At the end of they, a brand pyramid is really about clearly defining who you are and how you are built. A relationship. Put your target consumer. Having a clear understanding of your brand pyramid is going to influence everything you do from products designed to ad campaigns. Having a clearer definition off your brain prim, it is going to give you clarity about your selling story in building the spring Pyramid will distill. You'll brand down to one word to so one word. I hope you see the power for that. If you can have that kind of clarity, even the in the brief encounter with a potential buyer in the tray show or in an elevator, you have a clear pitch ready because you can always come back to this one thing that your brain will stand for. And this is the one thing that will make it different from African predator out there, as mentioned before there. Many different versions off a brand pyramid, and the one I'm about to show you has a very simple construct, and it really lays the foundation for you to build your brain and here this and puts everything we've done thus far together in one single pyramid. It started with the product attributes, functional benefits and emotional benefits. Then to build this pyramid continues on with brand personality. Why is this important? Because people do not have a meaningful relationship When inanimate objects, people have meaningful relationships with people. So your brand new so essentially become a person. Your brand needs a have a personality off his own, so your target consumer will be able to interact with your brand. Think about Facebook Page. Think about your friend's Facebook page. It reflects his or her personality. There's no difference with a brand's Facebook page. Ah, brands. Facebook Page needs to reflect the brand's personality. This empowers your target consumer to interact with you like they would with their friends to find your brand personality. It goes back to the mood boards that we built, but Tony man there were in those mood boards. What type of emotion do they invoke. What's a personality that those moo burger percent finally on the top of the pyramid is your brand's core value. Once you have this clarity, you will know clearly what you're brands reason for being s. This is where it goes down to, like one word. What do you stand for? With this clarity, you'll be able to tell people what your brand is all about at any time. Let me give you an example continuing without flip flop example. You should see in this pyramid things that you saw in the previous video, starting with the product attributes Louche Won't Smell the Strapped won't get loose lists in the product attributes only the ones that are relevant to your target consumers, not the laundry list off every single thing about your product, then they'll on that. The functional benefits, for our example is combining comfort with style. You should be single minded. There should only be one functional benefit. Next, the emotional benefit for this example is slipped into a summer state of mind. That's the emotional benefit that we previously defined for this example again, everything this very single minded, very easy to understand and the gift you the clarity what your brand's all about and give you the clarity to repeat this to anyone who may ask. Finally, the brand personality is fun, carefree and easy going. You will see all Facebook posts, tweets and and camping for this particular hypothetical brand, reflecting this personality Finally, what this is spreading. Stand for this by instance for easy style. It is flip flops, after all, but it's definitely also established. This is the core essence of your brand, now achieved here a little bit with two words. But try to do this and one more impossible, the most succinct and concise. You're here more clarity you're gonna have about your brand, the easier it will be for you to communicate what your brand is all about. To anyone asking and that goes from the product, attribute the functional benefit emotional benefit and then to your core value, the only place where you can have a few more of attitudes of brand personality. Because every person is has a multi faster that personalities. Oh, your brain should be multifaceted as well, but everywhere else, try as much as you can to be as succinct as possible and for the functional benefit, emotional benefit and the core value really should come down to like one thing. The core value here on the top of the pyramid should be what you're selling stories all about. No matter how many products you may offer. No mother in what situation Who's asking used to be able to fall back on this core value. Every product that you offer should reinforce this brand value. For this fourth, for example, I can sell flip flop. I can sell, maybe talk back, but they will all be about easy styles. Before this particular brand, I would never sell high heel shoes under the Sprint because high heel shoes are not easy style. It would not fit with this brand selling story. So drop your prime payment asked. So what are the relevant product attributes? Was the one single functional benefit that I can repeat to anyone was the one single emotional benefit I can repeat to anyone when it's a personality for your brand, so that I am written format. It will reflect this personality so your brand can be something that's you're starting consumer can interact with, and then finally ask yourself what is the core value for your brain. What does your brand stand for and therefore in any case, is no matter how brief encounter And no matter how clever the environment, maybe this is the one thing that you should communicate. This is the one thing that people need to know about your brand. Everything else they can discover further when they go to your website, however, but what's one thing about your brand and you wonder should know about and that is your core values. So go handle your Brian Pyramid and Desist cow. What puts everything together from everything that we've learned? 8. Wrap up: so that's the class. I hope you've enjoyed that I've enjoyed making it. I hope you were able to pick up a few tips and tricks that will build your business and your brand. If you enjoy the class, please leave a review. Your reviews will help others just from this class and help them learn some of the tips and tricks thou share class. Or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the class, please reach out to me as well. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter. You see my handle on the screen and Gini scored chant. Love to interact with you on Twitter. I'll check on my website jean Chen dot com. That's where I maintain my block, where constantly share new tips, tricks and insights. On there, you'll find other ways to interact with me, including my emails or other social media Profile must well, so feel free to we shall directly to me with any questions, Suggestions, feedback Also on my website. This way you can sign the bombing newsletter, and the tips that I share on my block will be conveniently delivered to your inbox. Don't recollect. In addition, my newsletter subscribers first notice on any new classes, and they also get exclusive. Offers are not available in Wells. Stephanie signed up. Don't miss out. I hope to see your own. 9. Marketing Mix: Now let's move on to marketing mix. Really, any marking book any Martine classes going to talk about market mix, and this is no exception. It's really called the foundation off marketing. So I want to definitely touch on this so that you don't miss out on understanding this very fundamental basic off marketing mix and marketing mix our namely to four piece or more thing product price promotion and place. And we'll talk about each one of these four piece here just a little bit. First of all, product that seems simple enough. What is your problem? This include describing your product in the detail that you choose to describe it. Always think in terms a point of paradigm. Point of differentiation. Point parodies are what are the same things that your competitors may offer that may contests what those of us in the trade call cost of entry. That's just really if you look on the play in the market, that is what you're gonna have to do. This is what you're putting out there that's the same us, your competitors. Then there's the point of differentiation. These appoints a mix from from your from your competitive. These other points at the French, ain't you? These are the things that make people want to buy you a Suppose your competitors. So think about a point of Paradyne. Point of differentiation and focus your product description in your point of differentiation because people expect you to have all the things that everyone have, so communicate what you have. The others don't off course for Rieti, and quality could be a differentiator for you. What are the reason to buy you a supposed buying your compel ITER? What claims can you make that your competitive cannot? So let's continue with my hypothetical designer, for example. It could be I could describe the full foot based on the color and the variety that I offer Rainbow of Color, that my offer and also the quality off product I offer based on the product test that I off that I have and the product test allow me to make claims like it's more durable. That and the other flip flop out there in the market. So my product, it's really something that could say something along lines of my public offer. My problem is higher quality flipped up in the ring bull off color that is not available from any other bridge. That could be a way that my problem the any other problem. So how is your product different from any other product? And then the second P is price Now, obviously best the retail price. What people may pay for that is not the only price. Maybe there's a promotion 20% off. How often do you promote? Do you have a book packed price like, for example, if I buy one cookie, it may be a dollar 50 but maybe if I buy 10 get you something $10 that is to promote the price. Or more importantly, as you're thinking about the entire pricing equation, you may not actually even determine what the retail prices you seem to turn. I. M S R P. Martin manufacturer's suggested retail price gesture. That's a way manufactured tried to influence a retail price, but ultimately a lot of time manufacturer. When we get to determine the wholesale price, which hopefully if you wholesale a margin and everything into considerations, you designed it. You turn the hit on the nail on the retail price, but if you do not price entire price in creation correctly, you may end up finding yourself and the price, price and territory that you did not intend yourself to be. But other things like finding sing planes like, if you're offering the service, do you allow people to find us, or whether or not you allow credit card that changes the burial costs in poker in your product and service and discount or end the additional cost, like shipping cost process and surcharges? All of this is part of the pricing equation that you need to decide. Therapy is promotion, which is what really people think about when they think about marketing. That includes any advertising, TV, advertising, radio advertising. But it doesn't mean that you have to have a $1,000,000 advertising budget. Any kind of products should have a promotional plan, because otherwise, how are people gonna know that your access? So it may be something as simple as a website. What you want to put on the website social media? What are you gonna help you follow about it, even if you're going to just door to door knocking on your neighbors door and say, Hey, I had now have this new product. You need to be able to tell your neighbor. What is it that your new problem kiss I should have for whether mom marketing may be the most powerful marketing. That is, particularly in this day and age. So just because you're not having a TV commercial plus not mean you do not need a promotional plan and then the last piece place where will people find you is that a retail store is that e commerce is the host of a party retail stores like Target, Moamer and or any mom and pop store that may be in your community e commerce could be SC, eBay, Amazon any type of e commerce or even host a party like many of the Tupperware Party Cosmetic Party can apart. All those are ways that people can find you. It could be even a lemon lee stand or bake sale. That is a place so car going back to the flu, simple by half. If I define all the four piece the product, is this really high quality for four mill? Bring both color may of quality ingredients, that is, that allows it to be more durable than any other competitors. That is the product price. There's a certain retail price, I said. And there's of course, a whole set of wholesale pricing every part of the other pricing equation. But since they set, designer Swift is probably going to be the more expensive one or not the cheap one Custis, higher quality and then promotion. If I have the budget, I may have a lot of advertising Prince TV commercial that if I release probably a good website, maybe a good flyer, so it really can't depend and then places probably likely going to be so a retail and maybe also on e commerce. Now all these peace tied together because is the design the football was gonna command a premium price is gonna have a certain tone and feel on the promotion is gonna be available . A places that carries a premium flip flop is probably not going to be sold at leg a dollar store. On the other hand, if it was cheap, flip flop is not going to be sell at Bloomingdale and North strong, so it kind of ties in together. But the cheap foot flop is cheap because maybe it's a little quality or it's just available in black and not much else. And then likewise doesn't have that much promotion. Go with it. Except calm. Maybe, Um, a little tag. The text on the flip level, maybe a website about the manufacturing that's saying know much about it because it doesn't have the budget, because this cheap, it doesn't have that much margin. Have the budget ever be advertising? If your name brand that name brand typically created this Brandon because of some form of advertising or public relations, Maybe that flip flop is the one that I gave unto everyone of the celebrity. So the celebrity is wearing in, so that s a lot of popular relations with it. So all four piece tied together and hopefully you actually already know your four piece for your products. And I have just given you the framework link up other for peace. But now it's where the time to think about whether you're four p mixed sense with each other. And that would be an exercise that I would like you to do for your question. Work. Lay out your four piece and then so that we can all see if it makes sense with each other and then we'll come back on the classroom. See you soon. 10. Sell Sheet: So finally, let's talk about a sell sheet. A cell? She is kind of like. Think of it as a resume for your product. You took it to your distributor or wholesaler to hopefully have them. Carrying your problem like a resume is probably only going to be one page along, so it's going to be fairly so sink and yet communicate everything they need to know about your brother. So it's not a small challenge, but it will cost. Require you to use everything you've learned so far to call. Put everything on to this one cell. She. It's also helpful to have a sell sheet doing any kind of conferences affair where your target is to your tray, where you need a one pager to cook everything you need to tell about it. It's basically a one page version off a product brochure. But if you look at all the examples have shown in the additional resource is section, you also see that it's actually not that much space. You making this up one full page. But unlike your resume, most of the cell she actually includes a very big problem from the because you want in the cell she to be visually stunning. Want to grab that attention? So you need to be really, really siccing. One way to really can't think that brought information you communicate is through the marketing mix, product price, place and promotion. Now, in the case of a cell, she product is probably the most important part of market makes. You need a good product description, and here you may want to think about it in a point parody and pointed French Asian framework Point a parody of things that they are expect from you so you don't need to communicate that point. The differentiation. What are thing that's special to you? What thing? The French au from your competitive. This is probably the must. People must need to know about your product. That's what it needs to go into the product description. Try to stay with one paragraph also. But then also, if you have before your product, we have more than one variety. You'll probably need to communicate one way. Another listed, Well, maybe a pollock. Your It would be appropriate if you have to. Home pricing etcetera price. Very important, you'll probably want to communicate a wholesale price, a small assistance retail price of the people have a mindset off what you're trying to hit and then placed in this case. While maybe you may want to say that is available. And a most mass retailer, for example, you may also most important part of saying is your company What can these whole cell again from you, So contact information. Very important promotion. For the most part, you're not going to be unless you're advertising or anything where you want to showcase your trader. Your promotional plan. You probably don't need too much detail on promotion. What you may want to include s your company website, however, so that they can get a taste of what is a promotional message that you're putting out into the marketplace. Um, so when you're doing the sell sheet, look to the example that provided you an additional resource is instead of tying into my foot, for example, I wanted to showcase you are for a wide variety of example from different industries with different level off information. Usually they all have the four piece, but sometimes they place different emphasis on each one of them because they our common kitten key messages they want their trade to know. So I wanted to show cation. Why example? So you can get inspiration on what may work best for you. So start with outlining, called Like, What are the important pieces that you must communicate and then right out in detail exactly what needs to be communicated, and then finally think about the finishing touches. Which product follow would you want to use in the one sheet this needs to be? This is your one chance to impress. So really select a really good product for the here and now while headline for My Foot, for example, and maybe best quality flip flop in the rumble of color that maybe my mom, Helen and my powerful that maybe the holy A brain both color in the fan off. Different flip flop. But what is the ball headline for you again? Look to my additional resource to really get inspired and think about your product and what we want to communicate your while headline probably should be somewhere in the 5 to 10 words long and anything longer than that, it's not a help line. So, um, think about what this the hell and that would be most important to your problem. So once you have these pieces in place, once you have this all these information in one place and I will provide a template for you to in order fill this. So this template issue brief to you a graphic designer to create the sell Shit. Of course you can do it yourself if you have a skill. What if not you can leverage site does such a task Rabbit who can offer are very easy freelance designer that will be able to take this template and turning to a professional piece for you. This is going to be a one opportunity to impress the tray, So town. So hopefully this class has given you some new insights about how to the French a your product and really through smart decision and smart thinking. Elevate your product into something that I command a premium price. If you have any questions or anything for free to reach out to me on Twitter and definitely stay in touch, I brew. Enjoy saying touch with everyone in this class and see euro. Good luck 11. Benefit Example 1: he sees Asia News. One step woman that's really one. The benefit is one step now. The packaging is designed very clearly to illustrate yummy tasting. This is tasteless from Scripture, which is mushroom Willman and then also has a little description. That's a fresh coat and button mushroom seasons with a favorable and spices and also save all natural just so that you know that is, but it's really squarely focused on one step one minute, and this is my weight graphic that helps talk to call you. This is a problem. Mine. Someone's busy and still want take, So that's plenty. But the key benefit is a one step. Okay, right is the new That's actually so many more. And that's why I like this example. Somebody, if you look at the back, is actually also Megan. No preservatives, no MSG. Kosher GMO free. The source from the local farming community and there the energy source, 80% from so problem either stops here, but this is really thing about, really. The one is real before wall. Often that not you think about the problem. Is all these wonderful goodness stuff also in the front because you said so much time developing this vegan recipes this kosher recipe in and spent so much time I then fighting your sources and you want to tell everyone about so you want for the all India, but best actually, because that was the message, your single minded on the show, this is always they don't see that people don't see that That's okay, because the benefit of your consumers is one step woman. You see now how it iss how important it is to clearly identify your consumer one single person. Because if you then clearly defined this person, someone who's busy, you may have been tempted to talk about all the sustained piece off this political problem . But now that you clearly have mind what is this first Bulls important thing to this poor service? Tasty, but fast. It's gonna be you're gonna be approaching the problem. You gonna approach Consumers wanted the first from your you may be to list all these house , but those are all great things. Not saying this is the moment to the problem belongs to the back because this is what's going to be growth, and this is what's gonna make him or her pick up this product. She picks it up. And that's what's gonna really like Cold City. A war help with repurchase. So maybe help with multiple Persian. I'm like, Oh, this is great. I look at it. Oh, wow. It's also single. Let me grab three bags. That's why some face belongs to front a single benefit. But, you know, it's gonna be really compelling to the consumer. And then what else? My mother, through this person, goes back to really help him her Make that purchase decision. Tell him over that. Yeah, it's a good idea. You should find us. 12. Benefit Example 2: in this case is a is for it's for alarm. You can see that fully half the main take away is you can't enjoy the game when you know what they are watching at home and you have this picture off game and then most of the kids this'd less offering all about peace of mind, which is extremely emotional, isn't that it could have gone functional and they could have gone problem. Benefit all the apartments. All the product feature is all here in the fine print. And the fine print is say he'll everything about alert notification, interactive security thermostat adjustment customized like control. But they hold in just this little fine print right here. I think you get I think you get But if you have from the products point of view, you have ended up listing all the future right up on the app versus really thinking about the consume, which is a piece of months, is all about. The game is more about how you can focus on you enjoying the game, but you have the peace of mind that your child is sick. Clearly, this isn't that's targeted two hands, so again, just have may have by a confusion to a lot of people, but they have targeted here. They targeted a single target consumer. But yet everyone else can understand why this, and also once a country and parents, they can then go on country, other market, which is one clearly finding a single tart. But it's not about a list of promise sections, not a list about what they have to do it's about.