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3 Videos (37m)
    • Hijack that Mind

    • Your Personal Brand

    • 4-Point Positioning Strategy


About This Class

Do you want to earn more money?

Do you also want more recognition and more satisfaction in your life?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must understand that In order to do this, it is simply not possible to walk down the same old path of doing what you had been doing since years. Change is inevitable and thus, it should be brought about in the form of your personal branding and positioning.

It is your own branding, it is simply what people think WHO you are. What we generally do is we let people brand us… That is we let them judge about what we are rather then telling them who we are… This is because we our self are scared and not sure about how we must portrait our self… So, what we do is let them judge about who we are??

Positioning is not a statement about you – It’s a statement that captures who you are, it’s not a factual claim, but rather an emotional reason for people to want to be around you.

Positioning statement should be very crisp and powerful.

The major problem with this is that half of the people might just start thinking about you in a variety of ways which might not be beneficial for your growth.





Sharda Goel

Entrepreneur || Coach || Brainscience Expert

I am a success Coach, Brainscience expert and a full-time entrepreneur.

I am a highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, working with people from all walks of life; including referrals from charities I'm involved in, to very high profile clients from all over the world.