Brand Yourself - A Quick Guide on Brand Positioning

Chris Fredricks, Brand Strategy & Content Creation

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro / What is Branding?

    • 2. Who's Your Target Market?

    • 3. Focus - What Makes You Different?

    • 4. Find Your Message & Voice

    • 5. Keeping it Consistent

    • 6. Wrap Up

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Project Description

Your project will be to complete a Brand Positioning Guide. While you will have to make some decisions, they don’t have to be permanent. Just try to get answers down, then sleep on it and go through it again, until it feels right. Sometimes, it’s extra hard to figure out what really makes you different, so talk it out with a friend or ask me to help. Having something down is better than nothing, and gives you a place to start. You will outline your Value Proposition, Target Market/Audience, and the voice of your brand. In the end this can act as a Brand Guide that you can share with your team, designers or anyone you work with in the future. It's an internal document and reference to keep you brand message consistent. 

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