Brand Your Photos: Create Your Branded Photo Prop Box

Amanda Creek, Web Designer & Business Coach

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9 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Materials & Project

    • Your Brand Personality

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Finding Props In Your Home

    • Finding Props In Your Studio or Office

    • Shopping For Props

    • Bonus Lesson - Storyboarding

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to Create Your Branded Photo Prop Box! 

Putting together a Branded Photo Prop Box for your small business will help you to create photos - for your website, for Instagram, and other social media platforms - that will continually fit your Brand Personality. I'll walk you through why you need a Branded Photo Prop Box and how to put your own prop box together. This will not only save you time when you create photos for your business, it will also help you to show your creative genius in a way that looks like you and supports the overall message of your Brand. If you like scavenger hunts, then this class is for you!

By the time this class is over, you'll have a Branded Photo Prop Box of your own that will fit your Brand Personality. You'll be able to use these props to quickly take photos for all your online platforms. 

This Class Is Ideal For:

  • Creative business owners (like painters, illustrators, jewelry makers, and crafters) who want to share whatever they create through photographs on their website and on social media,
  • Entrepreneurs who want to connect with their audience through their photography,
  • Individuals who are looking to create a cohesive style of photography with their subject matter and personality.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • A box or container
  • Objects from around your home, office, or studio
  • Things you've purchased that fit your Brand Personality
  • Backgrounds/backdrops that work well with your Brand
  • A camera or your smartphone

The lessons include how to choose items based on your Brand Personality, ideas for inspiration, what to look for when you're out shopping for props, and how to use the props in your photos.




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Amanda's teaching style is very friendly. This was a great class to start to have consistency in my Instagram account.
Short and sweet! Great information and it really helped me to not overthink this part of my business. Thank you Amanda! I hope we’ll see more of you!
Anita Van Hal

Just Be Yourself

SO helpful!!! This was a God-send and was exactly what I was wanting to learn. Thank you!





Amanda Creek

Web Designer & Business Coach

Hello, I'm Amanda. I'm the owner and designer behind Amanda Creek Creative. I've been in business - both as a photographer and web designer - for the past six years. And it has been a fun place to use my background in fine arts, design, as well as my online marketing degree.

I've always wanted to work at what I enjoy doing, with creative people like me. I love helping women to build their own creative platform that supports their lives. And my goal is that their lives can be ab...

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