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Brand Strategy: Build a Strong Brand Identity

teacher avatar Akhil B, Freelance Artist | Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Branding is Important

    • 3. Defining the Brand: Values and Promises

    • 4. Expressing the Brand: Name and Logo

    • 5. Brand Performance: Measuring and Creating Awareness

    • 6. Project

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About This Class

Want to create a strong brand identity for your business? Learn how to in this short lecture.

In this 10-minutes class, Akhil shares a powerful approach to building a unique brand identity. Akhil breaks down the brand building process into three simple steps: Defining, Expressing and Measuring. These are the three fundamental steps in creating a brand that will thrive out in the marketplace. You can apply this strategy to create a brand identity for your business. The important things that you will learn include:

  • Importance of Branding
  • Defining the Brand
  • Expressing the Brand
  • Measuring Brand Performance

If you are someone who wants to learn the basics of brand building and wants to create an efficient brand identity, look no further. This class is suitable for all students who are eager to create something unique.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Akhil B

Freelance Artist | Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: Build a strong brand that has a strong foundation, a brand that stands out from its competitors with this unique values and persona. Hi, my name is Akhil. I'm a freelance artist in India. I'm born and raised in India. And the founder of gravity, which is the first freelancing business that Alice had a. Since opening up, we have had a number of claims to whom VA, those cellular drawing or we teach how to make a drawing. I'm very passionate about the strategy and the planning side of my business. So today I'm going to be discussing with you guys the branding strategy, the three easy steps in the process of building implant. If you're wondering whether this class is for you to say it is, you don't need anything for this class outside of a decide to build something you use for anyone who wants to learn the basics of building a brand can join this class. I am very happy and grateful to share this knowledge with you guys. So let's get started. 2. Why Branding is Important: So watch the importance of branding. A strong brand creates customer loyalty that increases the value of your company. Value, which can grow if you continue to invest in your brand. Brands allow you to set higher prices for your products and services because people associate higher-quality to branded products. Moreover, customers trust the brand and products more. Once your product is branded, you typically earn a higher market share by lowering your cost of sales. And finally, with an established brand, it is very easy to launch new products when consumers see the brand logo on the new pearlite day, instantly associate the brand promises to the new per night from day one. So it is very important that your brand's identity is very unique and strong so that it can stand out in the market. 3. Defining the Brand: Values and Promises: The first step in creating a brand is to define its values. A brand is a promise, and underneath that promise must be a supporting set of values that like the foundation underneath the home for unassembled. Think of the brand values as key behaviors or reduce that needs to be expressed consistently day-in and day-out. Taken together, these values form the essence or theme of the brand. Determining the brand values starts by understanding the overall marketing strategy of your business, what kind of product and services and do your phone? What are the new trends and opportunities in your market? Who are your customers, and who are your competitors? Given that, what's your overall value proposition in your marketplace? For this course, I'm going to use a hypothetical company which wants to create a brand for one-off, it's no products. Let's assume we are in the stationary business and we're coming up with a new line of soft Paypal, which are manufactured from reused or recycled paper. Let's say our strategy is to create a paper that is ideally suited for students. We want to position our paper as the ideal one for school and college going students. For now, let's call it the green pepper. Remember, that's the name of the brand, not necessarily the name of the product itself. Now, given the marketing strategy V1 to create a brand that delivers the promise of being the ideal paper for students. We start by identifying the key values that the brand must. How, for these promised to how any meaning to it? So I start by listing the common needs that students how, when it comes to stationery items, for example, students preferred cheap products which are reliable and useful to them. By creating this list, I'm looking for one or collection of these to form and shape the main theme of my brand, I want to create a sentence that conveys what the brand is all about. Let's try this. The green pepper manufactured from a 100% recycled paper, Easter, extremely reliable and cheap, ecofriendly product that is ideal for all students. I like this. It is directly linked to my strategy and houses strong emotional appeal. Take a look at the brands that you How now or do you want to create? And ask yourself these questions, what's the belief system underneath those brands? Is it linked to a marketing strategy? Is it clear what the brand stands for now and where it wants to be in the future. Building a strong foundation is the crucial first step to bring your brand to life. So making very clear what your brand stands for. What are the values and the promises that you're going to offer. 4. Expressing the Brand: Name and Logo: At this point of the brand-building process, you had defined the brand in terms of fixed values and promises. You have positioned it in the Margaret and linked it to your marketing strategy. Now you're ready to move into the next phase, which is how you express the brand. To do that, you create and name a visual look and feel for the brand. There are certain considerations you should make while naming the brand. The name you select should do the following. Reflect the values and purpose of the brand. Create an association with the brand's persona, BEC to say, be unique and memorable. It's important to establish a clear idea of what your name needs to communicate. Dot by describing the thing that you're naming. Is it a company, a product, or a service? What do you want it to be best known for? Once you have a clear understanding of what name should represent. The next step is to map your competition. Which names are taken, which ones are good? How is the audience responding to them? Now it's time to put pen to paper, making a list of the names that come to your mind, then renamed background check to see which one of them are available. Search if these names already it says US and brand, this will most likely reduce the shortlist even further down. You should also research the names in case they haven't negative connotations in other languages or cultures. Finally, you need to check if the domain is available. Keep editing your list until you have only one, not two names left. The last step is to present your brand name. Make sure that the form you use is legible. It should be visually attractive and easy to read. The look and feel of the brand eastward consumers see when they encounter it. It's like a, we shall add an empty system. Therefore, customers to instantly recognized when the brand is present. To create the visual identity of the brand, you need some type of distinctive, local or simple. A logo can take many forms. It can be an object that represents the brand. A good assemble is the Apple logo. Or it can be averted mark, which is the verse of the company or brand set in a specific way. For example, the Google logo is considered avoid mark. To create a logo, it's best to hire a professional graphic designer. The designer needs to know the brand values. The core promises the persona of the brand and of course the brand name taken together, these elements will help the designer creating graphic look that matches with what the brand stands for. If you're interested in designing the logo all by yourself. It can be easily done by using a simple tools like Canva. It has a very simple and user friendly interface. Also, does it have a wast number of preloaded templates which are absolutely free to use. Now if you want to learn logo designing using Canva, please do. Let me know in the discussions tab. 5. Brand Performance: Measuring and Creating Awareness: To keep your brand's healthy, you need to measure their performance on several factors. First, what is the basic awareness of the brand? You need to conduct market research to measure the percentage of people that recognizes the brand when Shonda logo or hear the name of the brand after a basic awareness, you also run a measure of how well the target audience recognizes the brand. Can they tell you what the brand stands for? Do they understand its distinctive qualities and characteristics? What do they associate the brand with and how closely their seed match with the core promises and brand rebels. You may have a very broad understanding of the brand. But if customers are in understanding it the right way, then you need to go back and fix the brand promises and communicate the brand more effectively. Finally, you want to measure how well is the brand creating customer loyalty. And for these, you measure customer retention rate or repeat purchases. Or you might measure how likely they are to recommend the brand to others. Now, these are all the external indicators that you measure out in the marketplace. There are a few key internal indicators that you need to consider. For example, you need to measure the clarity that the employees, how a boat, what the brand stands for in its values and positioning, how well your employees understand the targeted audience, the customer insight and brand REI with your employees, the ones who keep the promise. So they how to, how a clear understanding of the brand. 6. Project: So that's it. These are the three fundamental steps in creating a strong brand aid. And d, d, I hope this class has been very helpful for you. And I wish all the services in your brand-building journey. Now, it's time to put this theoretical knowledge into practice. So I'm giving you a small exercise. I want you to do a small project of creating a hypothetical brand. Define your brand for what it stands for, what are its core values and promises them, create a name and a logo that matches with it. Once you are done, do share your work in the project session. This way, all of us can discuss our creative ideas and we'll help each other understand the brand building process in a vertebrae. Finally, thank you all for attending this class. Don't forget to leave your opinions in the discussions tab. Have a great day.