Brand Resolutions: Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier Brand | Faye Brown | Skillshare

Brand Resolutions: Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier Brand

Faye Brown, Faye Brown Designs

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9 Videos (30m)
    • Preview

    • Introduction to class

    • Brand Audit introduction

    • Brand Audit process

    • Your Next Steps

    • Personal Goals

    • The Big Dream

    • Setting your Resolutions

    • Last thoughts


About This Class


Start the new year off with showing your business and brand some well deserved attention, and set your brand some new year resolutions.

All successful businesses carry out regular brand audits, where they analyse and review their brand offering. We will work through some simple steps reviewing each area of your brand before setting some achievable realistic goals for the upcoming year. From looking into your target market, your brand messaging, your pricing and sales, your marketing and offering - by the end of this class you will have clear steps to take to improve each element of your business and reach your ultimate goals. 

There will be a couple of other fun exercises along the way to keep your business ideas fresh and your brain sane. 





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Faye Brown

Faye Brown Designs


Hey Everyone! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I’m a designer and animator living in the English countryside with my young family. After completing a Graphic Design degree in Bournemouth, I started my career working in London in motion graphics designing and art directing title sequences for TV and film. 10 years later I decided it was time to go freelance, shortly before we started our family. 

These days I work on a va...

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