Brand Marketing: Planning A Successful Event

Jeremy Andrews, Technology Entrepreneur

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9 Videos (60m)
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    • Doing The Research For Your Event

    • Creating A Great Amount Of Demand For Your Event!

    • Finding Sponsors and Marketing Partners For Your Event

    • Creating The Marketing And Media Kit Materials For Your Sponsors

    • Creating A Simple Budget Outline For Your Event

      Event Planning.xlsx
    • Filling In The Cost For Your Event

      Event Planning#2.xlsx
    • Choosing A Venue

      Event Planning#3.xlsx
    • Event Marketing and Selling Tickets To Your Event


About This Class


Have you ever planned an event for your brand that wasn't well attended?  If so, you may have been disappointed, especially if you thought you did everything correctly.  Not only are you most likely disappointed, but your guests may have been as well.  Now think about a time when you attended a sold out event and how alive the room was and how great you felt at the end of the night.  You probably thought the money you spent was well worth it!


In tihs class, students will gain tremendous insight into the event planning process, and learn how to create their own high event value from the customers perspective:

Topics Include:

Why Am I Planning An Event In The First Place?

Is There A Demand For My Topic Or Can I Create Demand?

How To Get Marketing Sponsors For Your Event?

Capital Budgeting Requirements (Boring I know - but necessary)

Event Marketing 101:  New Ideas To Try


If you ever wanted to pull off a successful event, no matter how large or how small, this guide will accelerate your efforts.

By the end of this course you will have a core understanding of how to plan for and execute a succesful event.

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR STUDENTS - ON NOVEMBER 1st, we will review all of the entries and events posted and select OUR FAVORITE EVENT.  THAT WINNER WILL be given the opportunity to become a FREE Sponsor of our  "HOW TO GET FUNDING FROM A SHARK 2" EVENT  in NYC and be one of MY VIP Guests!

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This class is exactly what I needed. I love all of the links to various sites and resources. Very useful information to help make our event a success this year. Although we had a lovely event last year, we didn't have a lot of attendees. The information in this course will help us to get more attendees as well as sponsorship. Thank you so much for putting this course together.
Patty Johnson

Just Wanna Be Me

The course was good and helpful, teaching the basics in event planning. I learnt several new things which will definitely be useful in the future. Thanks!





Jeremy Andrews

Technology Entrepreneur

Jeremy Andrews is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of various startups including Smart Money Entrepreneurs, and Match Capital Ventures. He is also the founder of Alpha Beta Creatives, a product agency with two market leading products, Wordpress Interns ( and Alpha Beta Commerce (

As an entrepreneur, Jeremy has worked with many investors and fellow entrepreneurs, including Daymond John from ABC show shark tank.

In 2012, Jeremy's hosted "...

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