Brand Management: Creating What Sets You Apart

Chris Bolman, Founder & CEO,

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11 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Introduction

    • Your Project

    • What Is "Brand"?

    • Vision, Mission, and Values

    • Brand Positioning

    • Voice and Tone

    • Look and Feel

    • Managing Your Brand

    • Operationalizing Your Brand Strategy

    • Finding Brand Channels to Build Community

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

What does your brand stand for? Join Chris Bolman (Director of Marketing, Percolate) to learn how to define and develop the 6 core brand pillars that will set your brand apart. From mission to culture, this 1-hour class is a must for entrepreneurs, startups, and everyone eager to grow a brand with conviction.

Bite-sized video lessons explore how we define "brand" today, actionable and useful insights for developing each brand pillar (vision, mission, values, positioning, voice and tone, look and feel), and strategies for operationalizing a brand externally and interally at a company. Everything ties back to making a brand the foundation of your company culture and brand decisions.

Every touchpoint — from your presence on social, to an experience on mobile, down to how your customer support team signs their emails — is an interaction that should be defined by your brand strategy. This class explores how to design and implement a brand strategy effectively.


Percolate is The System of Record for Marketing, a complete web and mobile software platform to manage all your marketing in one place.

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Very specific information is shared in a step by step process. All the steps reinforce one another, and therefore help you define and promote the meaning of your brand. Other classes on branding I've found don't offer this level of teaching/ information. Highly recommend!
Lesley G

artist and illustrator

This class is absolutely amazing, I've got pages and pages of notes because there are so many great points made that I want to remember. Something especially great about this class is how Chris explains how to figure out your Mission. I've listened to several other classes and read several explanations of how to figure out your Mission Statement and I've still been left confused, but Chris' explanation helped me find my answer straight away, it was suddenly so simple!!! Thank you, Chris!
Very friendly lesson and easy to learn.





Chris Bolman

Founder & CEO,

Hi there. I'm Chris, founder and CEO of Brightest ( Prior that, I led growth and marketing at Percolate (VP of Marketing / Head of Growth), a thoughtful technology company that serves as the technology system of record for many of the most iconic and successful brands.

My work and writing has been featured in publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Digiday, Inc, AdAge and The Next Web.

Previously, I created BuzzFork, a marketing automation and social sea...

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