Brand Identity Design Process: Develop an Efficient Workflow for Clients

Jason Miller, Freelance Graphic Designer

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11 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Brand Identity Design Process: Develop an Efficient Workflow for Clients

    • 2. Bookings Contracts and Meetings

    • 3. Research

    • 4. Establish the Strategy

    • 5. Concepts: Sketches

    • 6. Concepts: Logotype and Composition

    • 7. Presenting & Pitching Concepts

    • 8. Concept Development

    • 9. Final Development

    • 10. Brand Guidelines

    • 11. Handover & client aftercare

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About This Class

Do you wish you could stream-line your brand identity design process? Do you still struggle to consistently produce great results within a reasonable timeframe? Wonder how to scale the entire identity design process down to meet your clients needs/budgets? Or are you interested in producing professional identity for clients, but have no idea where to start? 

This course offers valuable insights that helped me get better, more consistent results - in half the time I used to spend. I'm sharing this with you, because I wish somebody had guided me through these processes, workflows and techniques sooner. I've collected, developed and invented these methods, mainly within the past 3 years working as a freelance graphic designer in london.

The class will take you through the entire brand identity design process from start to finish, including;

  • Booking projects, meeting clients and creating contracts
  • Research and Strategy
  • Concept generation, including sketching, composition and font exploration
  • Pitching concepts to your client
  • Concept development and refinement
  • Final touches and crossing the finish line
  • Creating attractive brand guidelines
  • Handover and client aftercare

By the end of this course, you'll be in a position to make a better informed decision about your own design process - and aware of some essential time saving hacks. You'll spend more of your time creating work your clients will value, and avoid some common time-traps.

Your process is something you'll usually develop over many years of experience, and constantly improve, refine and evolve. This class aims to give you a huge head-start, showing you the full, detailed process used by a freelance designer like you. Not the daunting process used by design agencies, or the shoot-and-burn style process used by those fighting to compete on 'bid for project' websites. This process has been carefully scaled down from agency level, and adapted to meet the needs of a small to medium sized business; likely your clients.

So if using even a few of the tips and techniques I'm going to share makes as much a difference for you as it has for me and my business the last few years - this is something you're really going to want to see! 

I'll see you in the first lesson!

P.S. Check out my website and the many projects I've been able to successfully create using the methods in this class;

P.P.S. You need clients before you can begin streamlining your workflow! This course will help you set up your freelance graphic design business for success;